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Have you struggled with weight, dieting, or body image in the past? If so…​YOUR BRAIN MAY BE BLOCKING YOU FROM LOSING WEIGHT. ​Foods today are highly addictive, but not everyone is equally affected. Discovering your susceptibility to addictive foods is the first step to getting Happy, Thin, and Free™. How susceptible are you?

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New York Times Bestselling Books

Bright Line Eating: The Science of Living Happy, Thin, and Free by Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.

The Official Bright Line Eating Cookbook: 
Weight Loss Made Simple 
by Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.

Susan’s Story

Weight struggles were the riddle of my life. It baffled me that I could be successful in so many areas, but never with my weight.

Finally, in 2003, I was taught a method for getting slender and staying slender. Since then, I have been researching the psychology and neuroscience of sustainable weight loss and helping thousands of people to live “Happy, Thin, and Free™.” Bright Line Eating® began as an idea in my deepest meditation…an idea to take what I was teaching in my college course on The Psychology of Eating, along with my years of experience helping people one-on-one, and share it with the masses in the form of a book. Little did I realize that the idea to write a book would ultimately take shape as the growing, thriving Bright Line Eating® community that exists today…

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The Science of Eating What You Committed

On a recent Facebook Live session, I was asked a question that I thought would be a fantastic topic for this week’s Vlog because over 30,000 people new to Bright Line Eating have joined the fold during our current Food Freedom launch. That makes this the perfect opportunity to share some science that I’ve never presented before. Watch to hear all about it.



Episode: The Science of Eating What You Committed | Bright Line Living | The Official Bright Line Eating Podcast

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Can You Eat Fruit on Bright Line Eating?

Right now, at the time of recording this podcast, we’re in the middle of the Food Freedom Masterclass Series launch. During Facebook Lives I’ve done as part of the festivities, I’ve been asked a particular question multiple times, so I decided to answer it in this week’s episode for everyone to hear.

Episode: Can You Eat Fruit on Bright Line Eating? | Bright Line Living | The Official Bright Line Eating Podcast

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Moderators vs. Abstainers

Gretchen Rubin, the author of The Happiness Project, among many other fantastic books, wrote in her blog about the concept of how some people are abstainers and some people are moderators by nature. I think it’s pretty interesting to look

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