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The 14-Day Food Freedom Challenge

Course includes: the Rapid Release Loss Food Plan and the Food Freedom Forever Food Plan, plus 2 weeks of daily videos with guidance to help you succeed.

Susan’s Story

Weight struggles were the riddle of my life. It baffled me that I could be successful in so many areas, but never with my weight.

Finally, in 2003, I was taught a method for getting slender and staying slender. Since then, I have been researching the psychology and neuroscience of sustainable weight loss and helping thousands of people to live “Happy, Thin, and Free.” Bright Line Eating began as an idea in my deepest meditation…an idea to take what I was teaching in my college course on The Psychology of Eating, along with my years of experience helping people one-on-one, and share it with the masses in the form of a book. Little did I realize that the idea to write a book would ultimately take shape as the growing, thriving Bright Line Eating community that exists today…


  • Bright Line Eating Nightly Checklist


  • Five-Year Journal
    Five-Year Journal

    I have been writing in my Five-Year Journal every single night without exception for over five years now. I recommend this practice to every human being on the planet. This is my current recommendation for a five-year journal, but the truth is I think we can do better. In the future, I’ll create a Bright Line Eating Five-Year Journal. But for now, this one’s pretty cool.

  • Withings Wireless Bathroom Scale
    Withings Wireless Bathroom Scale

    Research out of Cornell University shows that viewing a graph of your weight history after you step on the scale is the most effective way to keep your weight where you want it. This bathroom scale wirelessly transmits your weight each day to an app that shows you a graph of your weight trajectory. It’s a pretty snazzy device and I recommend it.

  • OXO Digital Food Scale
    OXO Digital Food Scale

    Not all digital scales are created equal. This one is my favorite by far. It doesn’t shut off too quickly when you’re adding ingredients to a big salad, and the extendable faceplate allows you to see what you are weighing, even if you have a huge bowl or plate on top. Trust me, this is the best scale on the market.

  • OXO Compact Digital Food Scale
    OXO Compact Digital Food Scale

    This smaller and lighter version of the OXO digital food scale has all of the great properties of the larger one, but is light enough to travel. When I’m on the road, I keep one in my purse.

Daily Readers

Daily Readers that are Inspirational but not Explicitly Religious or Spiritual

Meditation Resources


    Mindfulness meditation is a form of meditation that encourages us to pay attention to what is happening to us externally and internally with acceptance, patience and compassion.

  • i-Qi Clock
    Meditation Clock

    i-Qi products are tools for relaxation, stress reduction and an increase of personal chi (Qi).

  • Folding Mediation Bench

    Folding Meditation Bench is stable, yet conveniently folds so you can easily slip it into a backpack or suitcase.

Free Conference Calling Services

There are a number of Free Conference call services, each with its pros and cons. I have used the following and found them to be useful for various reasons, especially for connecting with support buddies and mastermind groups.

Support Center

If you need additional support, please visit our support center.

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