Meet Rob R.

Rob is the father of seven children and lives in Massachusetts. He began the Bright Line Eating program in June 2018 at 368 pounds (his highest recorded weight was 384 pounds). He joined a Bright Line Eating Boot Camp in December of 2018, and by October of 2019, Rob reached his goal weight of 168 pounds*. He has been successfully maintaining his Bright Body for over 7 months. Rob attributes his success to the science of the Bright Line Eating program, the amazing support of the Boot Camp and its Online Support Community, and the principles of identity change. In his words, “Bright Line Eating was literally an answer to prayer. Thanks in large part to Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson, I am statistically likely to live about three decades longer than I would have otherwise, and those three decades will be much more enjoyable!”

*People following the Bright Line Eating program lose an average of 1-2 pounds per week. Featured participants expended more time and effort than required and were asked to share their experiences to help promote the program because of the extraordinary results they achieved.