Meet Matt W.

I am 39 years old and have struggled with weight my entire life. Ever since I was old enough to realize that I was overweight, I have tried various methods of dieting. I would push myself, force myself, but when I started seeing results, my willpower dropped and I rewarded myself with food—lots of NMF. I had no idea how much to eat and how much my body needed to be fueled.

So I made excuses and kept gaining weight. With high blood pressure, high cholesterol, low vitamin D, depression, and anxiety, I was at my highest weight ever: 353 pounds. Close to the age of 40, I knew I needed a change or I was going to head down a dangerous road.

In December, one of my students, an exchange student, asked me how old I was. Not ashamed, I told him I was 38. He said he thought I was 50. Here is a person from around the world, and by his diverse standards, I looked like a 50-year-old American. I was unhealthy and I felt like I was at least 10 years older than I was. So I gathered my scale, shopping list, and journal, purged my cupboards, and went shopping.

On 1/2/20, I started a life that changed me. I am currently at 236 pounds, and I’m still going. It was tough. My body struggled, but I survived. People started noticing around the time I celebrated 75 pounds released. I hit 100 pounds released and climbed mountains. Now, I’m nearing 125 pounds* released, and I’m looking forward to new clothes and new routines as I start to tone up my loose skin. My skin is healthier (no bags!), I have had increased hair growth all over, I have been able to get sun in my skin and raise my vitamin D, and, of course, all my blood work is great and I’M NOT PRE-DIABETIC.

My students see me how I want them to: as a positive role model in their life and someone who lives a life they can look towards. I want to be present for my students and my community, and I can’t do that unless I am living my best life. BLE has helped me see that, and I now have the tools to be forever healthy.

*People following the Bright Line Eating program lose an average of 1-2 pounds per week.