Bright Line Eating® is transforming lives.

Getting into a bright body is only the beginning. Those who commit to the Bright Line Eating lifestyle also benefit from loads of non-scale victories that include everything from greater happiness to balancing health metrics.** These are a few inspiring stories from real BLE Rockstars. Their staggering results speak for themselves.

We want to hear about your Bright Line Eating journey.

Cynthia is back to her college weight

On Cynthia’s 2-year Bright Line Eating anniversary, there was certainly a big difference in her “before” and “after” pictures, but more so in her life. Before BLE, Cynthia would get out of breath as she walked up the stairs. Now, she runs up the stairs and can’t help but laugh with joy when she gets to the top. Cynthia used to look at the scale approaching 200 pounds with no hope, and now she looks at the scale and remembers weighing that little in college, 22 years and 4 kids ago! The non-scale victories abound as well. A few years ago, Cynthia’s head would always hurt and she’d be up until 1-2 a.m. with no self-care. Now, her head rarely bothers her, and she’s in bed between 10-11:30 p.m. She meditates, takes hot baths, makes gratitude lists, practices affirmations, attends bible study, and more. Cynthia is so thankful for this transformation, inside and out.

Rob released 200 pounds

Rob is the father of seven children and lives in Massachusetts. He began the Bright Line Eating program in June 2018 at 368 pounds (his highest recorded weight was 384 pounds). He joined a Bright Line Eating Boot Camp in December of 2018, and by October of 2019, Rob reached his goal weight of 168 pounds. He has been successfully maintaining his bright-sized body for over 7 months. Rob attributes his success to the science of the Bright Line Eating program, the amazing support of the Boot Camp and its Online Support Community, and the principles of identity change. In his words, “Bright Line Eating was literally an answer to prayer. Thanks in large part to Dr. Susan Peirce Thompson, I am statistically likely to live about three decades longer than I would have otherwise, and those three decades will be much more enjoyable!”

Samanta is off all blood pressure medication

Bright Line Eating changed Samanta’s life, and she wants to share her transformation with the world. Before BLE, Samanta’s knees and blood pressure were in bad shape. She happily reports that after just a few months on BLE, the improvements were noticeable. Today, Samanta no longer experiences the pain in her knees, and her blood pressure is back to normal. She’s also off all blood pressure medications. She has donated over 70 pounds to the universe, and she will continue to donate until she’s in a bright-sized body for her. Samanta’s creating a life she loves—one that allows her to be fully self-expressed.

Kirsten has maintained goal weight for more than a year

Kirsten started Bright Line Eating in October of 2017. When she listened to Susan talk about the program, she was enthralled by the science. Then Susan said the plan included no sugar and no flour. She thought, “Nope! I can’t do that”. But everything Susan said stayed with Kirsten, including how one of the ways Bright Line Eating® is different is that it gets easier over time. Kirsten bought the book and read it in two days. She had tears in her eyes feeling like Susan was talking directly to her. She immediately started with the 14-Day Challenge. A year later, Kirsten realized she needed some more support to get to her bright-sized body and joined a Bright Line Eating Boot Camp. She has now been on maintenance for over a year! Kirsten is so grateful for the incredible, deep connections she has made in this loving community. She has been held and supported during her highs and lows. The weight loss was amazing, but the other benefits are why BLE has been life-changing for her. When she follows the plan, she has such peace around food that she’s able to be more present in life. One of the reasons Kirsten has been successful in her journey is because she took to heart that she isn’t called to be perfect—she’s called to be unstoppaBLE!

Tony released 153 pounds

Tony Wade began his Bright Life Eating journey in May of 2019 after reading Susan’s book and feeling 100% confident that this plan would work where so many others had failed. He weighed close to 400 pounds at the start, but has released 150 of those pesky pounds since then and recently began the maintenance plan. Tony resides in Fairfield, California (halfway between Sacramento and San Francisco) with his wife of 25 years, Beth, and his Chiweenie, Chunky Tiberius Wade.

*People following the Bright Line Eating program lose an average of 1-2 pounds per week. 
**Visit our Research Publications page to learn more about how BLE transforms lives.