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The Bright Line Eating 14-Day Challenge

Bright Line Eating is not a diet and not a food plan—it’s an entirely new way of living. Automatic habits, wired into the brain over a period of time, quickly transform a challenging and confusing landscape of food choices into a simple, structured system that results in dramatic weight loss, reduced cravings, and increased peace around food. If you aren’t sure that you’re ready for the full Bright Line Eating Boot Camp, we encourage you to sign up for the 14-Day Challenge to experience for yourself what Bright Line living feels like.

The 14-Day Challenge provides a detailed Getting Started Roadmap that comes before your 14 days begin, so you’re ready to hit the ground running on Day 1 of your Challenge. You will then be guided, step-by-step, through each day of your two-week experience with lessons that are both scientifically grounded and incredibly practical. This is the fastest, most targeted way to get launched on your new way of living.



The Bright Line Eating Boot Camp

FoodThe Bright Line Eating Boot Camp is a comprehensive 8-week program, delivered 100% online, that rewires your brain so you can finally live Happy, Thin, and Free.

One of the obvious benefits is weight loss—on average, people lose 17 pounds during the program, but weight loss of 25 pounds or more is not uncommon. We offered three Boot Camps in 2015, and in them participants collectively lost 43,000 pounds!

Bright Line Eating is neither a short-term solution nor a weight-loss gimmick. It’s a comprehensive system that delivers a life-altering transformation, and because of this, it’s common for people to continue losing weight long after the Boot Camp ends until they get all the way down to goal weight…and then we teach them how to stay there long-term. See below for the continuity programs we offer.

But our Boot Campers agree—weight loss isn’t nearly the best benefit. Our tagline is Happy, Thin, and Free for a reason: “thin” is not “well,” and being thin is pretty worthless if you’re not also happy and free. By the time the Boot Camp ends, over 90% of Boot Campers report that not only has their eating gotten easier, but they now experience little to no food cravings.

Another enormous benefit of the Boot Camp is the support. This is a very high-touch, hands-on, well-structured program. Boot Campers quickly realize they’ve become a part of a massive, loving, welcoming family that is always there to support them in times of need and genuinely wants to help them succeed. Boot Campers truly fall in love with the program and the Bright Line Eating way of living, and frequently choose to stick around for life. It’s an amazing journey, and it all starts here. Simply put, the Bright Line Eating Boot Camp is the experience of a lifetime.


Your Journey Continues


Bright Lifers is a program for people who have experienced the profound transformation Bright Line Eating offers and have committed themselves to BLE as a way of life. The Bright Lifers program includes a special, separate online support community where Susan herself often comments and participates. It also comes with a host of special benefits including discounts, ongoing group coaching calls, access to our BLE Library Archives, and first-to-know privileges for everything new that comes down the pike from Bright Line Eating.


BRIGHT LINE HEALING: Happy, Free, and Whole

start-3-heartWhen we stop relying on food as a crutch to get through the day, comfort ourselves, or numb our emotions, we are often left needing to deal with all the feelings we used to stuff down with food. We have to develop new ways of coping with our emotions and new tools for comforting ourselves.

Enter Bright Line Healing: Happy, Free, and Whole. It’s a two-part, deep-dive course that delivers a comprehensive inner transformation by facilitating the inner work of becoming comfortable in your own skin, of coming home. Learn how to acknowledge and align with your deepest desires, how to release self-destructive behaviors, and how to transform your inner critic into your greatest ally. Make peace with your past, yourself, and your loved ones. Learn to experience life directly, free of barriers and crutches, allowing for a complete sense of ease, freedom, and vitality. Bright Line Healing transforms your inner world so you can cement your weight-loss success and finally live Happy, Free, and Whole.

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We receive emails almost on a daily basis from practitioners, doctors, healers, psychologists, and laypeople alike, expressing their interest in becoming certified to teach the Bright Line Eating method. We are in the process of developing a Coach Certification Training Program to meet that demand, and a lot of careful thought and planning are going into it. The Bright Line Eating movement is growing incredibly rapidly, and we fully anticipate that the Coach Certification Training Program will be an exciting and transformative next step. Stay tuned!

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Work With Us


Private coaching is a good fit for members who desire a more exclusive experience—who really prefer to work one-on-one and feel they would be more successful with that kind of targeted support and accountability. Our private coaching clients get access to the Boot Camp AND a personal, customized guide through the entire experience. We have a limited number of Bright Line Eating coaches on staff, of whom only take two or three private clients at a time. Susan herself does private coaching, but because she prefers to personally witness and facilitate the full transformation, she only accepts one or two clients per year and requires a one-year commitment up front. The investment is significant, but the results are priceless. To learn more about private coaching, click the button below.

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