Rezoom Challenges

I Need Your Input on this ONE QUESTION…

I’m preparing to roll out a new course called “Reboot Rezoom” at the end of the year.

The course is designed to get you truly rooted in what it takes to live Happy, Thin, and Free™ for a lifetime. I created it especially for people who have given Bright Line Eating™ a chance in the past but are now struggling, but it’s even going to help those who are feeling very successful with BLE and just want to refine and refocus their program.

Here are the details:

Registration is going to open on December 28th and end on January 3rd.

If you want to start the course on January 1st, you’ll want to be ready to register on December 28th so that on New Year’s Day, you’ll have made it through the Clean Start Process and will be all ready to launch 2019 right.

Also, for one full month before registration opens on December 28th, we’ll be leading up to the launch of the course with a lot of amazing online community events, helpful information, and a ton of free stuff, so stay tuned to your email one week after Thanksgiving for the details on how to partake.

In the meantime, here’s where I need your help…

You’ll see two boxes below where you can fill in your answers to the following question:

  • When you fall off the wagon with your food plan and try to get back on track, what are your TWO biggest challenges with Rezooming?