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Bright Line Eating is here to support you through this unprecedented and difficult time. Together we will navigate the unfamiliar territory and find connection in the chaos. To that end, we’re making these free resources available to our BLE community. We hope they can bring you some moments of positivity and peace.

We’ll be adding new resources several times a week in chronological order at the top of this page. After being in “What’s New?” for about a month, resources will be moved further down the page into categories. 

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The Weekly Vlog & Podcast

Doing BLE When You’re Pregnant or Breastfeeding

The topic of this week’s Vlog is long overdue. We receive questions all the time from women who are pregnant or breastfeeding and wondering how to do Bright Line Eating successfully. Watch to hear my thorough response. Follow on Pinterest

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Indulgence Culture in a Pandemic

Here at Bright Line Eating, our amazing Social Media Team combs through our various feeds to gain an understanding of what our community is thinking and wondering about. They suggested this week’s Vlog topic based on a question they were

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Should You Start a New Diet on January 1st?

You’ll notice right away that I look a little different…because I chopped all my hair off again! The topic of this week’s Vlog actually relates to me cutting my hair off, and I’m going to share some research on how

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Risk Forward

I’m so excited for what I get to share with you this week, because I’ve been sitting on it for the last couple of months. There is a book that I’ve experienced (yes, experienced) that has changed my life, and

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What Bright Liners Eat for Dinner

This week is the final installment in the 3-part Vlog series all about what Bright Liners eat for their meals. Watch to hear what Susan and several of our beloved community members eat for their dinners. Follow on Pinterest

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What Bright Liners Eat for Lunch

We are back this week with the second installment of the 3-part Vlog series all about what Bright Liners eat for their meals. Watch to learn some delicious BLE meal ideas for lunch. Follow on Pinterest Follow

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