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Bright Line Eating is here to support you through this unprecedented and difficult time. Together we will navigate the unfamiliar territory and find connection in the chaos. To that end, we’re making these free resources available to our BLE community. We hope they can bring you some moments of positivity and peace.

We’ll be adding new resources several times a week in chronological order at the top of this page. After being in “What’s New?” for about a month, resources will be moved further down the page into categories. 

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Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual Recovery

Most people come into Bright Line Eating for physical recovery—in other words, weight loss and everything that goes along with it. But in this week’s Vlog, I talk about the other realms of recovery that exist for us to pursue along our journeys.

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Natural Flavors

I’ve covered the topic of refined sugar extensively over the years, but what I haven’t talked about is the idea of “natural flavors” and how they might affect you. Believe it or not, companies can sneak refined sugar into products

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How Sunlight Suppresses Appetite

I was in New York City with one of my kids this past weekend, and the trip reminded me of a piece of science that I learned recently but haven’t shared with you yet. Watch this week’s Vlog to hear

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Does Bright Line Eating Get Easier?

Here at Bright Line Eating, we just wrapped up the Food Freedom launch and welcomed a whole new cohort of Boot Campers into the fold. During the festivities, someone asked me an excellent question on a Facebook Live session, and

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The Science of Eating What You Committed

On a recent Facebook Live session, I was asked a question that I thought would be a fantastic topic for this week’s Vlog because over 30,000 people new to Bright Line Eating have joined the fold during our current Food

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