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Bright Line Eating is here to support you through this unprecedented and difficult time. Together we will navigate the unfamiliar territory and find connection in the chaos. To that end, we’re making these free resources available to our BLE community. We hope they can bring you some moments of positivity and peace.

We’ll be adding new resources several times a week in chronological order at the top of this page. After being in “What’s New?” for about a month, resources will be moved further down the page into categories. 

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Automaticity and Self-Care

Right now, I’m in a cabin in the middle of nowhere in upstate New York on a writer’s retreat where I’m putting the finishing touches on the manuscript for the third Bright Line Eating book, Rezoom. While I’ve been secluded

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4 Things You Might Not Know About the Book

This week’s Vlog is special because we’re celebrating the first Bright Line Eating book being published in paperback. To commemorate the occasion, I decided to share with you some interesting tidbits that you might not know about how the book

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Handling Food Cravings Successfully

I know that we have a lot of people starting or Rezooming Bright Line Eating right now, because that’s how this time of year usually goes—everyone is kicking off their resolutions. So for the first Vlog of 2021, I decided

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2020 Into 2021

It’s the last Vlog of 2020. How does one encapsulate such a year? Sometimes when I’m about to record a Vlog like this, I feel so underprepared for the task. Luckily, a quote from Walt Disney gave me the inspiration

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Enjoying Our Food

I was doing a Facebook Live session recently, and someone asked me a very interesting question. They wanted to know if they should be concerned that they take a lot of pleasure in their Bright Line meals—is that still considered

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One of the things I do here at Bright Line Eating is keep my finger on the pulse of our community and collect data, both formal and informal, on what’s happening among us. In this week’s Vlog, I talk about

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