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Bright Line Eating is here to support you through this unprecedented and difficult time. Together we will navigate the unfamiliar territory and find connection in the chaos. To that end, we’re making these free resources available to our BLE community. We hope they can bring you some moments of positivity and peace.

We’ll be adding new resources several times a week in chronological order at the top of this page. After being in “What’s New?” for about a month, resources will be moved further down the page into categories. 

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The New Bright Line Eating – Part 1 – THE MISSION

The time has come. In this Vlog (and in every Vlog over the next few weeks), I’m going to reveal in stages what’s changing at Bright Line Eating. The first stage is big-picture level—I’ll share how the mission of BLE has become clearer and different than what it used to be. Watch to hear everything I can tell you so far.

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In 1951, a study was published that has become incredibly famous to the point of being cited in every Psych 101 textbook. It was all about conformity. Watch this week’s Vlog to learn how the study was conducted and how it relates to your BLE journey.

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RESEARCH UPDATE – How to Lose Weight After Menopause

It’s time for another research update! In this week’s Vlog, I present more findings from our Research Program and share a study that we recently published in Current Developments in Nutrition addressing weight loss success as we age. Watch to hear all about it.

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How Bright Line Eating Supports Cognitive Function

The members of the Bright Line Eating Team hold a book club meeting once a month, and the book we’re currently reading is called The Distracted Mind. I gleaned an insight from it that blew my mind, and I want to share it with you in this week’s Vlog because it relates to your BLE journey and clearly illustrates what differentiates BLE from other weight-loss solutions.

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The Acne Analogy

My third book, Rezoom, is going to be published this year on December 28th, and in the third chapter, I talk about the unique reasons why food addiction is, in my professional opinion, the hardest addiction to kick. In this week’s Vlog, I talk about one of those reasons and present it to you with an analogy. Watch to hear it.

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RESEARCH UPDATE – Hunger and Cravings

I owe you an apology. I’ve been slacking on my obligations to regularly present findings from the Bright Line Eating Research Program in the Vlog. Starting this week, I’m going to consistently update you with the data we collect and what we’re learning from it. Watch to hear about one of our publications from 2020 and how it relates to your BLE journey.

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