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Bright Line Eating is here to support you through this unprecedented and difficult time. Together we will navigate the unfamiliar territory and find connection in the chaos. To that end, we’re making these free resources available to our BLE community. We hope they can bring you some moments of positivity and peace.

We’ll be adding new resources several times a week in chronological order at the top of this page. After being in “What’s New?” for about a month, resources will be moved further down the page into categories. 

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Meal Times and Your Circadian Rhythm

I’m so excited to announce that my dear friend, Ari Whitten, has published an amazing new book. It’s called Eat for Energy: How to Beat Fatigue, Supercharge Your Mitochondria, and Unlock All-Day Energy. In this week’s Vlog, I’m going to share with you what he discusses in chapter 2, which is all about the science of how the food you eat (and WHEN you eat it) affects your circadian rhythm.

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Four Lessons from the Gideon Games

A new round of the Gideon Games starts this week. These games are fun, 90-day contests available to all members that promote accountability, support, and connection. During the first-ever round, I was a participant. This time, I’ve decided to be a Team Leader, and I’m already learning so much. Watch the Vlog to hear my thoughts.

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Transitioning to Maintenance Without the Bathroom Scale

I was on a coaching call a few days ago and spoke with one of our incredible Bright Lifers who drew my attention to an interesting Maintenance topic that I hadn’t covered at all before in the Vlog. Since we’ve spent the last couple of weeks in BLE Land talking about all things Maintenance, it seemed like the perfect time to discuss it. Watch the Vlog to hear my thoughts.

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The Art of Maintenance

A few weeks ago, while I was battling COVID, our refrigerator ended up breaking. Due to my extreme fatigue and the reality of our unfortunate appliance situation, I ended up ordering takeout for dinner nearly a month straight. Over time, this started to mess with my head. Watch this week’s Vlog to hear what I did about it and how it relates to our Art of Maintenance extravaganza that’s happening right now.

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The Negotiator and the Mediator

I was coaching a Bright Lifer recently on the daily Accountability Call, and she shared an experience with her food that she’d just had at a party. I strongly related to the internal struggle she described, so I decided to shoot a Vlog all about it. Watch to hear my thoughts.

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The concept of the “10++” on the Susceptibility Scale has come up twice in my life recently, so I took that as a sign it was time to shoot a Vlog on it. Watch to hear my thoughts.

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