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Teresa Stawicki’s Story

BLE Start Date: November 3, 2014
Goal Weight Achievement Date: November 3, 2015
Highest Weight: 230 pounds
Current Weight: 125 pounds
Height: 5’1 ½”
Age: 52

I’m from an Italian family. Pasta was the way we related and connected with one another. You couldn’t come by to drop off a package at our house without my mom offering to feed you. Eating was encouraged, but by age twelve I remember being told I couldn’t eat as much as I wanted to. All of a sudden my dad would tell me, “You shouldn’t eat so much.” My mom was overweight, so I think my dad was probably trying to protect me from getting as heavy as her. Of course, when they started trying to control my portions, I started looking for food elsewhere.

I started eating outside the home. If I had a few extra dollars I’d spend it on treating myself. We didn’t have a lot of money and we weren’t given a whole lot of extras growing up, so I’d go to a fast food place and treat myself in private or sneak something from the vending machine at school. I was always trying to hide it.

When I was fourteen I first started trying to lose weight. I got a book and tried to follow it. I didn’t even fully understand it, but I did lose ten pounds. Of course, as soon as I lost that weight I gave up on it and went back to my usual ways.

Then I tried Weight Watchers at eighteen. I went on and off of it a few times, even managing to get down to 128 pounds when I was trying to attract my first boyfriend. But once I landed him I stopped trying. We got married, I relaxed my habits, and the next thing I knew I had blossomed up to 170 pounds. So I rejoined Weight watchers and I got down to 134 pounds, but I could never stay there without being on a diet. Every time I lost weight I’d go back up, plus 10.

In my head I could hear my mother saying, “If you’re not thin, no one’s going to like you.” I thought the weight made me who I was.

When I was 27 I got pregnant with my first daughter. I was afraid of getting any fatter, so I tried to stay on Weight Watchers throughout the pregnancy. But then I got pregnant again five months later. I had two babies in the house, a new home, and I ate. By my second’s daughter’s second birthday I weighed 230 pounds. I was 30.

I joined Weight Watchers again. I only lost about 26 pounds because, of course, I saved all my points for desserts. Every time I allowed sweets to come into the program my mentality would shift from dieting to hopelessness and it would be over.

Three years later I joined again, but I wasn’t losing. I was eating sugar. I was eating flour. I could never stay true. I gained it all back.

In my early 40’s I started exercising, but all it did was give me permission to keep eating. I maintained between 205 and 215 for about six years. I couldn’t seem to get below 200. In 2014 I tried Dr. Jonny Bowden’s program and lost 24 pounds, but then I went on vacation and by the end of the cruise I was eating full portions of dessert. I started gaining again. I felt so hopeless.

Then I found Bright Line Eating™. Once I understood that sugar was working like a drug in my brain, honestly, everything was smooth sailing.

My biggest challenge was social. In my Italian community I had to defend myself and say, “No thank you, that’s not how I eat anymore.” I’d get belligerent at times because people kept saying, “Oh, just have a little cake. It won’t hurt you.” Before Bright Line Eating™ I would have given in. But now I knew it would definitely hurt me. I had to be very direct with my mother and father, but when they finally saw my weight loss they understood and started supporting me. In fact, my mother joined me and now she’s lost 25 pounds! Her health has improved dramatically.

My life is beautiful now. I feel in control and very, very energetic. I’m happy with myself. I’m really a different person. I have no more aches and pains in my knees and heels. My cholesterol numbers are fabulous. My resting heart rate is better. My blood pressure is low.

Best of all, the weight loss has given me so much more confidence. I’m not afraid anymore. I’ve enrolled in a course for becoming a life coach. Once I got clear-headed I realized I have a lot to give and I want to help people. Bright Line Eating™ has changed my life. This program works and I am a living testimonial to prove it.