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Dori Peloquin’s Story

BLE Start Date: June 8, 2015
Goal Weight Achievement Date: April 2, 2016
Highest Weight: 176 pounds
Current Weight: 115 pounds
Height: 5'2 ½"
Age: 60

As a child, I loved to bake. I made peanut butter fudge every other day, along with other sweet treats. My four siblings and I would eat what I had made, but I ate the most. In a family with five children, carbohydrates were a major component of our meals. I loved eating a bowl of pasta with lots of butter or noodles with an English muffin on the side. We also had dessert nearly every night. I was addicted to sugar from a very young age.

I was heavier than my siblings. When I look back at photos of myself as a child, I was not as overweight as I remember, but I felt much larger than my brothers and sisters. I can vividly remember wanting to buy a certain pair of boots and not being able to because they wouldn’t fit over my calves. My older sister was pretty, thin, and constantly had a boyfriend, and I was not very popular, so I was especially jealous of her.

When I started to like boys, I paid more attention to my weight, but that mostly involved skipping meals or eating very small amounts of food. I was an extremely picky eater. I did not like any vegetables and rarely ate fruit. As I began dating, I chose boyfriends who weren’t healthy for me because my self-esteem was very low. I married at the age of 30, had a couple of kids, and divorced 12 years later. I continued to seek out food for comfort and my weight continued to rise.

My thoughts were centered around food. I felt fat from the moment I woke up until the time I went to sleep. I was either thinking about my weight, what I was or wasn’t going to eat, or why I couldn’t stick to a diet. It was horrible and I was tired all the time. When I went to any social functions, I went for the food and really didn’t want to socialize. I was constantly worried about whether other people noticed how much I was eating.

I was so uncomfortable in my clothes. I could not wait to put on my pajamas when I got home from work. I cleaned houses for a living and this work became so much harder as I continued to gain weight. I was very unhappy. I would feel content briefly while I was eating something I liked, but immediately afterward I felt horrible. I so envied people who could have just one or two cookies.

I tried to lose weight many, many times before I found Bright Line Eating™. Whenever I did start to lose weight, I would stop my diet before reaching my goal. Diets that were low-carb or low-fat left me feeling deprived, and I would inevitably end up eating those foods again.

I started going to 12-step meetings for food addicts over a couple of months with a friend, but it didn’t feel like the right fit. The only people who could talk at meetings were those who had 90 or more days of abstinence, and there did not seem to be many people who fit that criteria. The meetings did increase my awareness, but I didn’t change my eating habits. One evening, the friend I had been attending meetings with invited me to watch one of Susan Peirce Thompson’s webinars. Right away, it spoke to me. It felt like Susan was the first to explain to me why I could not keep the weight off. Even though a few of the principles she outlined (like no flour and sugar and eating only three meals a day) were ones I had learned in 12-step recovery, I heard so much more. I thought, “I can do this with her help.” I signed up the next day.

I knew the transition would be big. At that point, I was eating only a few vegetables and virtually no fruit. The first few days I felt tired and achy, but as early as the fourth day I began to feel better. After one week on the program, I went to the movies and was not even tempted by the snacks. My energy levels varied during those early days, but my mental state improved dramatically. I was happier and more social than I had been in years.

Spending time on food preparation was also an adjustment. I was used to eating a lot of convenience foods. However, that did get easier as time went on. I learned to cook proteins and vegetables in volume so not every meal had to be made at the time of consumption. So much of this way of eating has become automatic to me. There are a wide variety of real, whole food options on this plan; it’s easy to make it fit for anyone.

Celebrations and social functions have taken on new meaning. I’ve found myself really listening when people talk. I used to spend much of my time at home by myself, but I’ve started inviting friends over for dinner and movies.

The weight continued to drop and the rewards were incredible. If I had any thoughts of eating off my plan, I was quickly reminded of what I would stand to lose if I did. Those who knew me were completely shocked by the change in my eating habits. Food began to taste good to me—even the vegetables and fruit I had avoided for so long. I found I much preferred cooked vegetables to raw, and it was a relief to me when Susan explained that either worked on the plan.

The modules, coaching calls, and Online Support Community were all instrumental in my success. In the modules, Susan covers just about anything that might come up during your BLE journey. She talks about common pitfalls, what you can eat when dining out, how to deal with family members, what to do when people say you are losing too much weight, and much more. One of Susan’s modules even talks about how if you have an easy time with BLE, you should treat that like a beautiful vase and put it safely in the middle of the table. You should protect it at all costs so that it doesn’t break, because you never know if it will come back together.

I have lost 56 pounds since starting Bright Line Eating™, and I’m 61 pounds lighter than my highest weight. I’ve been at my goal weight for fifteen months now. I went from a size 16 to a size 6. My skin is softer and clearer, and my clothes look good on me. I have grown to appreciate my healthy body and plan to start a regular exercise program soon.

I never want to go back to the way I felt physically or emotionally—that is an integral part of my motivation. I am definitely happier and my mood is almost always lighter than it ever was. I don’t get as angry or stressed about things that come up in my life. I have faith that things will work out. I have a sense of integrity and a respect for myself that I’ve never had before.

I am also much more social; I recently took a 12-day vacation and visited many old friends I hadn’t seen in years. I also joined the Bright Lifers group after finishing my Boot Camp. I love being part of this group with the support it offers, and I love watching new people come into BLE and witnessing their success.

I’m so grateful that I was led to Bright Line Eating™. It has changed my life in so many ways, and I feel Happy, Thin, and Free™, as promised. People in my life see the physical and emotional changes in me. My two grown children are very proud of me, and most importantly I am proud of myself. I will continue to hold onto my precious “vase” carefully—I don’t take anything about this program for granted. I ask for help every day and thank God every night. If I can do this, I know that anyone can.