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Beth Kerrick’s Story

BLE Start Date: October 8, 2015
Goal Weight Achievement Date: May 18, 2016
Highest Weight: 168 pounds
Current Weight: 129 pounds
Height: 5'5 ½"
Age: 56

I began Bright Line Eating™ on October 8, 2015 when I weighed 168 pounds (my highest weight), with a strong desire to find a permanent solution to my struggles with food. I had successfully lost weight many times through various weight-loss, exercise, and nutrition programs, but not one of those programs proved to be sustainable. I always regained the weight, blamed myself, and suffered more. I actually never considered myself addicted to food until Bright Line Eating™. I thought I simply had no willpower or that I was lazy. I believed there was something wrong with me.

Growing up in our home, we ate dinners family-style. My mom cooked for us every night, but because she had six kids to feed on a budget she had to stretch our meals by serving lots of starches—casseroles and desserts at most meals. We were raised Catholic and were told we needed to clean our plates because there were starving children in Africa. Because there were so many of us, we all ate fast to make sure we all got enough. And there was always enough, but for some reason there seemed to be a competition for it, a feeling of scarcity that we’d better hurry up and grab food before it was gone. Then, when I was nine years old, my eight-year-old brother died. Neighbors brought over tons of desserts, and I quickly learned that when I felt like I was going to cry, I could go down to the kitchen, eat those desserts, and I wouldn’t feel like crying anymore.

I was often teased as a child for being overweight, but I couldn’t figure out what to do about it. As I got older, I tried again and again to lose my excess weight, upwards of fifteen attempts in all. Only two times did I get down to my current weight, both through extreme exercise, neither of which was sustainable. Both times I eventually suffered adrenal exhaustion.

Then I received an email from Ocean Robbins about a woman named Susan Peirce Thompson who was helping people lose all their excess weight through a program called Bright Line Eating™. I was so impressed with her story and the information she provided in the Food Freedom video series, I signed up for the next Boot Camp.

When I first began the program I was tired, headachy, and worried that it wouldn’t work. I had cravings. I wanted to snack. But I also felt committed to BLE and stuck with the program 100%. My early focus was on the food—the prep and planning, writing down what I was going to eat the next day and sticking to eating only that, listening to the modules and coaching calls. I lost most of my weight—thirty-nine pounds—in the first five months. My weight-loss did stall a couple of times and I panicked, but I worked through it with the support of the Online Support Community.

As my food habits became more automatic, I began meditating, journaling, and doing a nightly checklist. I joined a Mastermind group, became a Bright Lifer, and went to the first Family Reunion. I also made friends participating in Bright Line Eating™ locally in Los Angeles (via the Online Support Community) and we now meet up in a group of ten or so monthly. I really like the in-person connection. I’m also focusing on deepening my connections with my husband, kids, and friends. I used to hide my eating, yes, but I also hid many other aspects of myself. I am working on becoming more authentic and open and honest. Many days I feel happy. Most days I feel free.

If you’ve already tried a lot of things to lose weight, I promise you this is different. In five months, I went from a size fourteen to a size six, and sometimes I am still shocked when I look in the mirror. Surrender to this program and follow it. Stay close to the support and the community. Things will get better for you, like they did for me. It has been such a relief to have found my people and a solid program that’s sustainable, one that truly works.