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Are you ready to find out if your brain is blocking you from losing weight?

Peter Flipsen’s Story

BLE Start Date: January 2, 2016
Goal Weight Achievement Date: March 22, 2016
Highest Weight: 221 pounds
Current Weight: 165 pounds
Height: 6’0 ½”
Age: 59

Although I never really considered myself as having a weight problem, I had slowly gained weight and inches since high school. Most people probably wouldn’t have said I was overweight, but I began to notice the impact of the extra weight I was carrying around because I became easily winded climbing stairs and experienced increasing joint pain.

I hadn’t thought much about being addicted to food until I saw Susan Thompson’s Food Freedom videos. Interestingly enough, I am only a four on The Susceptibility Scale™, but her presentation made me realize I was addicted—especially to sweets. I also started to realize I was trying to hide my addiction. When sweets were present, I would help myself. If I was alone, I would just keep eating. But if I was in a social situation, I would strategize about how to have more—I would walk away, think about how I could get my next portion, and go back. Clear signs of addiction!

Still, I never seriously tried to lose weight until my wife received an email from Ocean Robbins and we watched the first of Susan’s videos together. That’s when we both decided to try Bright Line Eating™.

I felt a little tired for the first month of the program and a bit hungry before lunch each day, but I didn’t have too many difficulties. The structure and unambiguous bright lines made it fairly easy. We had to think about planning for meals a bit more, but the Katie Mae Bright Line Eating™ eCookbook really helped keep us on track, and now we’ve even started adapting other recipes to be BLE-friendly.

Bright Line Eating™ also granted me the “permission to be human.” Too many times, I’ve watched others on weight loss programs struggle, fail, and then give up. Not sticking to the plan was seen as a serious personal failure, rather than a temporary setback. The idea of “simply resuming” is brilliant!

But the biggest surprise of doing the BLE program was that my anxiety, which had plagued me for at least fifteen years, greatly reduced. There was a lifting of a mental fog I hadn’t really seen was there before. I don’t worry about food anymore. Now I see a plate of sweets and very quickly I say to myself, “That’s not my food,” and walk away. As a result of feeling far less anxious, I even took on a leadership role at the University where I work, something I never would have considered previously. It’s been empowering.

The Bright Line Eating™ system works because the neuroscience behind it is solid. Join the Boot Camp, watch all the videos, and do what Susan suggests. The results will follow.