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Colleen Egan’s Story

BLE Start Date: February 23, 2015
Goal Weight Achievement Date: July 1, 2015
Highest Weight: 197 pounds
Current Weight: 142 pounds
Height: 5'9"
Age: 63

At age five I climbed up on a countertop to reach into the cupboard for the box of brown sugar and started eating it. In elementary school my uncle worked for Frito Lay and he would bring cartons of chips when he visited. I wanted to eat them all, but settled for eating as much as I could before it was taken away from me. Then I snuck back to eat some more.

I was eleven when I realized eating was a problem for me. I ate more than anyone else and always wanted to keep eating after everyone else was done. I was taller than my mom, my older sisters, my brother and my girlfriends. I was called the Jolly Green Giant by a boy in the neighborhood and that label stuck for many years. In high school I remember we all wanted to be like Twiggy. We tried not to eat so we could be like her. That didn’t work! But, since Twiggy was so revered in the media, she became the model to emulate. I felt huge and like a failure in comparison.

After high school I started hiding my eating, all the while bingeing on sugar and flour. I also think that the introduction of frozen foods and fast foods during my youth had a huge impact on me. Easy grab and go. No preparation needed, just put it in the oven; if one is not enough it’s easy to have two. They’re small after all. I remember it became unpopular to cook. The media only showed the benefits of processed foods.

As I aged I invested more and more energy into trying to lose weight. I bought multiple books and magazines and would follow their plans with some short-lived effect. I tried quick-loss schemes like the cabbage soup diet. I even tried eating only ice cream, cookies, and cake so that I’d develop an aversion to them—it didn’t work. I started serving meals on smaller plates. I put my fork down between bites and chewed my food for a ridiculously long time. I tried to drink a liter of water before dinner. I ate only one meal a day. I ate an apple one hour before dinner. I switched to low-fat processed foods. I ate only packaged foods so I could accurately measure my calories—yuck! I read labels and tried to avoid high sugar and hydrogenated oils. I started using olive oil, the healthy oil. I listened to people who I thought had the answers and tried to follow their advice. I tried to eat “healthy.” I went on vacation with one of my sisters. Since she controls her weight, I tried to mimic her eating pattern but it just wasn’t enough food for me.

I desperately tried to find the balance, but nothing ever worked. I got more and more frustrated, angry and disillusioned. Then, a few years ago, just after the New Year’s, I decided I could not make any more weight loss goals. I could not ‘diet’ anymore. I gave away over thirty diet and nutrition books! I would not go back to Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig. I just could not face any more deprivation, rebound weight gain, or failure. I had to accept myself as I was; I just wasn’t capable of controlling my eating.

But at the same time I knew I had to improve my health. I had high cholesterol and pre-diabetes. It was a time of great conflict. My doctor said if I didn’t lose weight she’d just keep increasing my medications until I was finally on insulin, but I couldn’t lose weight. After forty years of dieting, I was still more than thirty pounds overweight. I decided to try to learn how to cook vegetables via an on-line cooking class with Katie Mae, in the hope that increasing my vegetable intake would help somehow.

That vegan cooking class was the turning point. Several weeks in, Susan Peirce Thompson was a surprise guest speaker. Serendipity!!! I felt understood finally; the science she presented made sense. I knew I was high on The Susceptibility Scale™. I took one more chance…and it worked. I’m still working it!

When I started Bright Line Eating™ my A1c was down to 5.2 from 5.6 but I was taking Metformin and my doctor said if I didn’t lose the excess weight she would just keep increasing my Metformin, adding new drugs and eventually insulin. At that time I was also taking Simvistatin with a total cholesterol of 307, Triglycerides 126, and LDL 216.

I was able to stop the Metformin when I started Bright Line Eating™. Six months later, after having lost thirty pounds, my A1c was 4.9! I also stopped taking Simvistatin. Six months later my total cholesterol was 205 and one year later it’s 193 with Triglycerides down at 73 and LDL at 113. My HDL remained unchanged at 66 to 65.

I love how I feel. I love not having to struggle with clothes. I feel a level of confidence that I’ve never felt before. I’m enjoying the variety and quantity of foods I eat. I’m able to entertain, dine out and travel while maintaining my Bright Lines!

Best of all, I’m more calm and accepting now. I’m more gentle and honest with myself, and with others. I’m not as driven to “get it right,” which has improved my relationships. I truly feel like I got a second chance at life.

Thank you, Susan and Bright Line Eating™. You have brought me peace and hope.