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Are you ready to find out if your brain is blocking you from losing weight?

Valerie Conner’s Story

BLE Start Date: October 9, 2015
Goal Weight Achievement Date: February 15, 2016
Highest Weight: 182 pounds
Current Weight: 128 pounds
Height: 5’6”
Age: 64

Finding Bright Line Eating™ was the best thing that happened to me, and I am lucky it came along when it did. I am a 10 on The Susceptibility Scale™—I was never full, seemed to always choose the wrong foods, and ate all day long. At one point in my forties, I weighed 182 pounds and was a size fourteen. I am 5’6”.

I have done every diet on the market, but the results never lasted. I found Bright Line Eating™ to be so easy for me because it showed me I had a problem eating the wrong foods. Bascially, BLE taught me the right way to eat!

In the beginning, writing down my food and completing a nightly checklist were two of the most helpful tools I learned in the Boot Camp. I absolutely loved the Online Support Community, and being part of the research program helped keep me honest with my food. I have found now that I know which foods I can safely eat and in what amounts, I haven’t found those tools quite as necessary as I once did.  However, I still commit to three bright line meals in the Online Support Community every day. It keeps me accountable. I also feel really good about going out to eat and asking for what I want from the waitress, and I never feel bad about bringing my own food to social engagements if I know “Not My Foods” will be there.

I reached goal weight in 130 days and have maintained my weight since that date with no breaks in my bright lines. I love being a size four now—no matter what I try on in the store, it fits! Never in my life had that happened before BLE. I’ve also found I have much more energy and am sleeping much better at night.

I love how I look and feel now. I’m so proud of who I am and who I have become with the help of Bright Line Eating™. Thank you, Susan, for changing my life for the better!