Goal Weight Gallery

Are you ready to find out if your brain is blocking you from losing weight?


Name: Linden Morris Delrio
Highest Weight: 188.6 pounds
Current Weight: 126 pounds
Linden’s Story:

When Linden started Bright Line Eating on October 30th, 2014, she was miserably overweight and had a heart condition that was diminishing her quality of life. She was so uncomfortable in her own skin that she couldn’t bear to take a before picture, but now she’s the resident BLE team fashionista! She loves showing off her snazzy outfits in her healthy, lean body, and is expressing her blooming creativity and productivity through painting and music.

Name: Jan Deutsch
Highest Weight: 333 pounds
Current Weight: 141 pounds
Jan’s Story:

Jan never wants to forget the shame, despair, and pain that her relationship with food caused her. She is grateful every day that is all behind her now. She works hard to make her neural grooves as deep and strong as the ones she laid down before discovering Bright Line Eating so she can live Happy, Thin, and Free forever.

Name: Nat Denkin
Highest Weight: 235 pounds
Current Weight: 155 pounds
Nat’s Story:

Nat used to think gaining weight as he got older was inevitable, but through Bright Line Eating he learned it’s not inevitable at all. He was relieved to hear his genes weren’t writing his destiny either. Since achieving goal weight in July of 2015, he knows that he controls his destiny with food.

Name: Sharon M.
Highest Weight: 165 pounds
Current Weight: 110 pounds
Sharon’s Story:

After losing a small amount of weight by following the basic principles of Bright Lines laid out in the Food Freedom video series, Sharon joined the October 2015 Boot Camp. She began realizing old behavior patterns that kept her stuck and can see clearly how food was her drug of choice. Now, at her goal weight, she is living Happy, Thin, and Free.

Name: Lynda Hahn
Highest Weight: 243 pounds
Current Weight: 125 pounds
Lynda’s Story:

Lynda started Bright Line Eating on March 1, 2015, longing for a solution that would allow her to lose all of her excess weight and keep it off long-term. She could never have imagined that she’d be able to lose a collective 38 inches from her neck, bust, waist, and hips, or feel 20 years younger.

Name: Angelique Beauregard
Highest Weight: 271 pounds
Current Weight: 131 pounds
Angelique’s Story:

Angelique had unsuccessfully tried to reach her goal weight at least sixteen times over the course of her life, but once she discovered Bright Line Eating she was able to lose all her excess weight and keep it off.

Name: Barbara Hughes
Highest Weight: 174 pounds
Current Weight: 115 pounds
Barbara’s Story:

Barbara is so happy to have reached her goal weight rather than just dreaming about it. She’s confident about the future because how to lose weight is no longer a mystery for her. With Bright Line Eating, she has a legitimate plan to utilize for the rest of her life.

Name: Beth Kerrick
Highest Weight: 168 pounds
Current Weight: 129 pounds
Beth’s Story:

Beth had successfully lost all her excess weight many times in the past, but was never able to keep it off long-term until she found Bright Line Eating.

Name: Colleen Egan
Highest Weight: 197 pounds
Current Weight: 142 pounds
Colleen’s Story:

Colleen tried every diet she could find with no success and had given up hope of ever losing all her excess weight until she saw Susan speak as a guest on Katie Mae’s cooking class.

Name: Corina Flora
Highest Weight: 225 pounds
Current Weight: 134 pounds
Corina’s Story:

Corina started Bright Line Eating in the February 2015 Boot Camp with her mother, Lorna Grant. Before BLE, she barely wanted to get out of bed in the morning. Now, she has so much energy that she wakes up before the sun to meditate and start her day. She feels so in control of her food and her life.

Name: Donna Montgomery
Highest Weight: 199 pounds
Current Weight: 137 pounds
Donna’s Story:

Donna struggled with weight her entire life until she watched the Food Freedom video series and learned the missing piece of the puzzle: food addiction.

Name: Ellen Weinman
Highest Weight: 189 pounds
Current Weight: 145 pounds
Ellen’s Story:

Ellen was unhappy with her weight for as long as she could remember, unsuccessfully dieting many, many times over the course of fifty years. With Bright Line Eating, she was finally able to lose all her excess weight and keep it off.

Name: Jody Platt
Highest Weight: 156 pounds
Current Weight: 128 pounds
Jody’s Story:

Jody watched from the sidelines as a good friend lost all her excess weight and started living Happy, Thin, and Free. She longed for the same results, so she took the plunge and signed up for the Boot Camp.

Name: Julia Carol
Highest Weight: 204 pounds
Current Weight: 122 pounds
Julia’s Story:

Julia never thought that she would be a thin person helping other people to find success, but with Bright Line Eating, she has reached goal weight for the first time in her adult life.

Name: Lorna Grant
Highest Weight: 193 pounds
Current Weight: 124 pounds
Lorna’s Story:

Lorna started Bright Line Eating in the February 2015 Boot Camp with her daughter, Corina Flora. She feels a deep sense of compassion for those newer on the BLE path and wants to encourage them all to not give up, no matter their age or what challenges they may face.

Name: Lynn Coulston
Highest Weight: 250 pounds
Current Weight: 103 pounds
Lynn’s Story:

At her heaviest point, Lynn weighed over 250 pounds. It was then that she stopped weighing herself and stopped allowing pictures of her to be taken, ever. For over thirty-five years, she gained and lost and gained and lost, trying every diet imaginable, and always gained the weight back. Bright Line Eating saved her life.

Name: Peter Flipsen
Highest Weight: 221 pounds
Current Weight: 165 pounds
Peter’s Story:

Peter had no idea he was addicted to sugar until he watched the Food Freedom video series. He decided to try losing weight for the first time ever with Bright Line Eating.

Name: Scott Steinhorst
Highest Weight: 163 pounds
Current Weight: 147 pounds
Scott’s Story:

Scott has experienced wonderful health improvements while practicing Bright Line Eating – his energy is significantly higher and steady, his mood is elevated and solid, his brain fog has cleared, and he is more motivated. He feels more like himself and has a growing sense of self-respect, integrity, and hope.

Name: Teresa Stawicki
Highest Weight: 230 pounds
Current Weight: 125 pounds
Teresa’s Story:

Teresa used to be afraid to approach strangers because she was afraid they’d judge her as a fat, lazy person. Now, as a slender woman, she has so much more confidence! She has inspired many people around her to want to get healthy and she became a better version of herself in 2015 thanks to Bright Line Eating.

Name: Valerie Conner
Highest Weight: 182 pounds
Current Weight: 128 pounds
Valerie’s Story:

Valerie had tried every diet available with no lasting results. Bright Line Eating changed everything for her because she learned the right way to eat.

Name: Jenny Hazelton
Highest Weight: 216 pounds
Current Weight: 142 pounds
Jenny’s Story:

Before finding Bright Line Eating, Jenny’s life was dominated by thoughts of food. Now, free of food obsession, she is able to achieve things she never thought possible.

Name: Dori Peloquin
Highest Weight: 176 pounds
Current Weight: 115 pounds
Name: Christa Krideras
Highest Weight: 196 pounds
Current Weight: 145 pounds
Name: Patricia Smith
Highest Weight: 280 pounds
Current Weight: 133 pounds
Name: Irina Lee
Highest Weight: 176 pounds
Current Weight: 136 pounds

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