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  1. Linda Adkins

    Much of what you have shared makes sense to me.

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  2. Aurelia

    As a diabetic with health concerns I need nutritional information to make wise food choices. Thank you so much .

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  3. Rocío Herron

    You are my real heroes. W e need more people like you , people that help others to open their eyes and really weak up ….and understand that we are surrounded for a delusion of what is real food .

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  4. Ramona Scott

    I look forward to your emails. Thank you for the work you are doing and the encouragement to all of us to CONSCIOUSLY purchase and eat real, natural food.

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  5. Betty

    I’m very interested, please add me to your list

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  6. Stephanie

    You both are terrific in getting the message out. The food industry is in for one heck of a fight. Maybe they will come to realize, “you can’t beat them.,so might just as well join them.” The bottom line should be healthful food and not bottom line profits. Here is where everyone can shop with their pocketbook, decreased sales will cause a positive change. Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your emails. Stephanie

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  7. Janette Christmas

    Thank You! This is all new and I am looking forward to learning.

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  8. Randy Diner

    You are both such a delight to watch-love your enthusiasm. Glad to join you.

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  9. Kathy Holst

    Thank you both for all the work you do, love you both.
    Don’t stop!

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  10. Jeri

    As a differently abled person with cancer, I am already realizing the benefits of Bright Line Eating and The Food Revolution Network. It is financially difficult in today’s world as a single senior, but………from the Divine’s mind – when I say “impossible” – the Divine say “I’mpossible”. Love you both and thank you with love.

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  11. fransie Honiball

    Hi Susan We are pensioners and stay in South Africa.We try to live a healthy lifestyle by walking,no sugar,well trying to cut it out completely,but to cut it out after you have learned your body for sooo many years that it is ‘nice’ and so with ALL the wrong things, bread, chips,margarine,milk etc etc the list of wrong things just go on and on. But now at this age we realize it and for the last 3 years we are really trying to change our lifestyle. I lost my 25kg and my husband his 10kg and working hard EVERY DAY to keep it up…………..
    AND SUSAN THIS IS WHERE YOU WILL COME IN …to help us to stay this way and just to get better by UNDERSTAND why and how to stay this way. We just hope that it will stay affordable, because for us to buy something from overseas is just to expensive and I never know how to buy overseas because with all our fraud of credit card theft here ,we NEVER buy anything with our card ONLY cash.
    But Susan many many thanks that you people ate caring about us that is SO AWESOME, and may God just Bless you all in what you want to achieve.
    We are looking forward in what you are going to teach us.
    God Bless
    Gary and Fransie
    South Africa

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  12. Carol Goon

    Thank you Susan and Ocean for sharing all the wonderful information about how one needs to eat correctly to prevent illness. Susan, you are beautiful and I have enjoyed your four videos. You have encouraged me to continue eating like I have been eating since January 2016, following Dr. Kellyann’s Bone Broth Diet..

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  13. Susana Pelayo

    Thanks so much for including me in this Food Revolution Network. I am very much looking forward to receiving all the info by email which I’m. pretty sure will be very helpful

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  14. Tracey

    I want to hang out with you two 😉 I am a Chiropractor/Functional Medicine Practitioner and believe strongly in everything you talked about in this video. It will take all of us to stand together to make the change and have our voices heard. Thank you for sharing your passion with us.

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  15. Elaine Giron

    Thank you!

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  16. lois port

    wonderful keep up

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  17. Debbie Scheel

    Thank you, ! Look interesting

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  18. Polly

    Have watched all of the videos, they are informative and I have gained new insight. I did not sign up for Boot Camp but will apply much of what you have shared with us.
    Thank you for the gift you are sharinetg with so many of us. Especially appreciated the insight into addiction.

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  19. Anne Reeves

    Thank you both. I enjoy every video, and every learning and educational information you give. You are making a big help in my life. Greatly appreciated.

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  20. Renee Benton

    Thank you Ocean and Susan. I really want to know more about the Bright Line Eating Plan. I cannot afford Bootcamp as a Senior Citizen .Is there another plan to learn about the program which is cheaper. I look forward to future emails. Bless you both

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  21. Shantha Kasturi

    Thank you for all that you guys are doing. Awesome.

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  22. Spring

    Thank You both for your vast wisdom & for passing it on to others so openly. It is a true gift. Thanks again for all the wonderful knowledge I’m acquiring through this.

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  23. deb kuster

    Thank you,
    Susan, you have helped me so much, I admit I am not quite ready to commit to the boot camp.
    My life has changed because of your advice.
    Thank you,

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  24. Margaret Terris

    The message was so informative thank you so much

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  25. sr. c.

    hello susan and ocean and team,
    the information is useful and helpful. i would ask you to be a bit more aware of the use of ‘um’ 12 in one minute and the ‘you know’ it indeed deters from the important message. i look forward to becoming more educated and being able to share the info with others. thank you.
    real food for real living… in wellness and health. the ‘exercise ‘ of gathering real food is a great body ‘movement’ without the thought of exercise – words themselves do make a difference in how we take in information and infuse the topic. take care. rejoice in the moments!

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  26. Laureen

    simply glorious!! thank you both!!!!

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  27. Louise Terry

    What a wonderful healthy world you are aiming for.
    Thank you. Thank you.
    Here’s to the food revolution.
    Let’s get at it!

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  28. Eleanor Roome

    Will so look forward to the next episode – great pairing you getting together on this and letting everyone know what is in their best interest to be healthy.
    Many thanks for your commitment to us all.

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  29. Carol Facey

    You guys make a Great team! Thanks for All the wonderful work you both do for all of us!

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  30. Mary

    So happy to be a part of this movement. Also, a GREAT BIG thanks to both of you, for your dedication and efforts in making our world more knowledable in the healthiest, safest food choices for the world we live in.

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  31. Joelene

    Thank you thank you

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  32. Hilda

    Appreciate to remain on the email list for future ‘ food revolution and bright line eating’ info. I find just listing to you helps keep me grounded. Thank you for sharing what you have learned with us..

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  33. Lani MacDonald

    Thank you, Ocean and Susan, for the life-saving work that you have dedicated yourselves to. — I am eternally grateful.

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  34. Virgil

    Cheers 4-u guys (Y)

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  35. Therese

    Thank for being such empowering leaders so we can empower ourselves and spread the goodness!!!!

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  36. Dyan McMiller

    Hello: I am a Certified Nutrition Educator & Certified Health Coach with my own website & online coaching. I was wondering if you have an affiliate program? If so please email me at the below address and let me know what your qualifications would be, for I would also like to spread the word. Thanks, Dyan NE CHHC

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    thank you OCEAN thank you SUSAN

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  38. Hélène Danièle

    Thank you to both of you for ALL of this !

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  39. jacqueline

    Thank you both!! What a partnership!!!!!!!!!!!

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  40. Louisa Bruder

    I am so honored to be able to participate in The Food Revolution Network and the Bright Line Eating Community. What amazing, caring beings you guys are. I look forward to helping spread the good news as well!

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  41. Margaret Jablonski

    Thank you for all you do!

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  42. Marsha Kannry

    you are very important to this world, your sincere caring for others, graciousness, and intelligence shared with so many, you bring hope and its fruits…


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  43. Tammy

    Hi thank you for your hard work I too read every email from you,I just wanted to share that my Dr, Dr Daniel Wallace from Cambridge medical center in Cambridge mn, he shares with me what flour to eat and why to chose that one and eatting natural sugars is best so on

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    1. Hillary

      He’s my doctor too but in L.A. He’s the best! Treats my sister too.

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  44. Bernice

    Thank you for all you do❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

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