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Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re not sure whether Bright Line Eating is right for you, you can try it on for free for 14 days. Cancel within the first 14 days, and you won’t be charged a penny. After 14 days, you’ll be charged for the membership you selected ($20 for monthly or $200 for annual), and you’ll be well on your way to your Bright Transformation.

There are two important reasons we collect your credit card information up front. First, we don’t want your experience to be disrupted once you get started. Second, research shows that taking one small step and having some skin in the game will help you be successful in the long run. By throwing your backpack over the wall and going all in, you’re committing to your highest self that you’ll truly give this a fair shot.

We don’t currently have an app available, but we have a global team working on the friendliest, most useful app to deliver your BLE experience on Apple and Android smart devices. It’s a massive undertaking to develop and it should be ready to launch in 2023, but you won’t have to wait that long to see some of the improvements to our online infrastructure, as they’ll be rolled out on our website over the coming months. We are incredibly excited and know you will be, too! Sign up for our email list RIGHT HERE, and we will keep you updated. In the meantime, you can check out our podcast channel on your favorite podcast platform.

You can access all your membership materials in the Bright Liners’ Hub. If you’re having trouble logging in, please use the contact form below, and our Customer Support Team will be happy to assist you.

Questions about compliant foods, how to count certain foods, and other program-specific details are available to our members within the Bright Liners’ Hub. If you need more information about our programs before you decide to join, please contact Customer Support using the form below and they’ll be happy to assist you. 

All of Bright Line Eating’s Coaching Calls, Accountability Calls, and coaches’ Office Hours occur on Zoom, so if you connect with video, you can view live captioning during the calls.

In addition, our programs are delivered through close-captioned videos so that they are accessible to our deaf and hard of hearing community members.

We also have a Special Interest Group (SIG) within our membership community specifically for those who are deaf or hard of hearing, so you can connect with and support one another. 

We have worked really hard to ensure that we are inclusive and inviting to the deaf community. One of our coaches recently received this feedback from one of our community members: “Just a quick note to thank you for all you’ve done to get more accessibility into the BLE program… Using Zoom for calls is great. The captioning is so helpful, and there is the ability to have an interpreter on the call easily. I actually watched my first-ever Accountability Call recording the other morning. I cannot tell you how wonderful it feels to truly be included. I’m very grateful. I’ll be spreading the word!”

You can start today when you join our Core Membership. Your first 14 days are free, so you can try Bright Line Eating on for size and see if it’s a good fit for your needs. Click here to see what’s included.

You can access Bright Line Eating from any phone, tablet, or computer with internet access. All you need besides that is a digital food scale and some place to record your food like a notebook or notepad app. You will not need to buy special meals, shakes, bars, medications, supplements, DVDs, books, or equipment.

Bright Line Eating will work for you regardless of your age or gender. It doesn’t matter if you’re diabetic or if you’ve had gastric bypass surgery. You’ll find success even if you’re pre-menopausal, menopausal, or post-menopausal. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, nutritarian, or paleo, or if you have allergies or avoid certain foods, your way of eating can be accommodated within the BLE plan. NOTE: If you have a medical condition, please consult with your medical care provider(s) and ask them if BLE is a good fit for you.

You will eat abundant quantities of whole, real foods. No food group is off-limits! Meals consist of whole grains, vegetables, fruits, proteins, and healthy fats. We recommend keeping your meals simple—there’s no need for complicated recipes. Whether you’re an omnivore, vegan, vegetarian, nutritarian, pescatarian, paleo, or anything in between…BLE will work for you.

No! In fact, exercising can prevent you from losing weight during the weight-loss phase of Bright Line Eating. However, if you already have an exercise regimen firmly in place, especially if it’s a habit so automatic that it takes zero willpower to complete your workouts, you can keep exercising while you start BLE without sabotaging your success.

People following the Bright Line Eating program lose an average of 1-2 pounds per week. On average, they also experience significant reductions in hunger and food cravings. Based on research studies published in the Journal of Nutrition & Weight Loss, results show that the significant weight losses our members see are maintained for more than 12 months in 90% of BLE research program participants.

Excess weight and food obsession are not moral shortcomings. They also aren’t issues that you can solve through sheer willpower. Bright Line Eating is a research-based, science-backed program that has solved the problem of how modern processed foods impact the addiction centers of the brain. We will show you how to rewire your brain and break the yo-yo dieting cycle.

Bright Line Eating’s live group coaching calls are held on Zoom, and they are included as part of the Core Membership. There are several different types of calls that address various needs you’ll encounter along your journey, from Daily Accountability Calls (where you can check in for a boost of connection) to Office Hours (where you can ask any questions that might be weighing on you). We also offer calls with an Eating Disorder Specialist and calls focused on Maintenance for those who have transitioned out of the weight-loss phase. Susan herself holds monthly Bright Nuance Coaching Calls where she addresses the issues that arise along the long BLE journey like unusual circumstances or entrenched habits. You have access to all of these and more with the Core Membership.

All the Bright Line Eating food plans, coaching calls, community support, and course materials are included with your Core Membership. Besides that, you’ll need a digital food scale and a notebook. That’s it. We won’t ask you to pay for anything else. However, if you want to buy some additional items like journals, meditation tools, etc., you’re more than welcome to.

If you’re here reading this, you’re likely considering taking this journey. You know you want to take some steps to change your relationship with food. It can be daunting—scary, even—to make changes. Often it feels like no time will ever be “the perfect time,” so why not make now the right time for you. You can get started today with no risk because the first 14 days are free. You really don’t have anything to lose…except, perhaps, some excess weight and the emotional baggage that comes along with it.

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For Members:

If you have a food- or program-related question (or if you need help with your BLE account, course content, or membership materials), please log into the Bright Liners’ Hub to view our comprehensive, members-only FAQ library. You will also find a contact form there in case the FAQs don’t provide the answer you need.

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, send us a question through the contact form below:

Important note!

You are viewing this website in English and our Membership materials are currently only available in English. We have a goal to translate the Membership into many other languages as soon as possible, but for now, if you join the Bright Lifers Membership, please note that our programs will be delivered in English.

Important note!

You are viewing this website in English and our Membership materials are currently only available in English. We have a goal to translate the Membership into many other languages as soon as possible, but for now, if you join the Bright Lifers Membership, please note that our programs will be delivered in English.

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