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Food Policy and BLE’s First Op-Ed

Welcome to the first Vlog of 2022! This year, I’m committed to being more publicly vocal about topics like food addiction and the types of programs that will be successful in treating it. I’ve been on TV a few times a week for the last couple weeks, I have a ton of podcast interviews scheduled, and…I just published my first op-ed piece! Watch this week’s Vlog to hear all about it.

Podcast Audio

Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D. is a New York Times bestselling author and an expert in the psychology and neuroscience of eating. Susan is the Founder and CEO of Bright Line Eating®, a scientifically grounded program that teaches you a simple process for getting your brain on board so you can finally find freedom from food.  Read Susan’s Full Story

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  1. Paula Haas

    Love the op-ed! Truth telling at its finest. I did wonder if the end of the last sentence is missing the word “it” and if it should have a colon instead of a semicolon. The sentence:

    “But for us to attain that, and begin to reverse the escalating trend, we must call eating ourselves to death what is; addiction.”

    Should the last few words be this instead? “…what it is: addiction.”

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  2. Phyllis J

    I’m so pleased to see you address this issue. I know you’re preaching to the choir here, but I have suspected the intent of major food conglomerates and the complicity of food retailers, all to assure their increasing revenues, for several years, as I have struggled with my food addiction for at least 50 years now. Time for the rest of the population to begin considering the implications. It wont happen over night.

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  3. Renate

    Concise and clear! It will make people think about their struggle with weight and obesity as a cultural/economic/political problem.
    Thank You!

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  4. Mariah

    Susan, wonderful. I hope your voice is spread and heard far and wide.

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  5. Karen Sandstrom

    Loved the op-ed, and shared it on Facebook. Thank you so much for leading on this essential issue.

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  6. Emily K

    I’m not on Facebook or a BLE member (yet) just going to finish breastfeeding and wait until my children are a bit less demanding before jumping in. In the meantime I have been doing the 14 day challenge and re reading the book to keep me on track. Also look forward to the vlog each week. Anyway, just thought I would share a funny story of a quick trip to the store a day or two after Xmas day. The check out guy felt free to comment on me slipping through a small gap saying wow you didn’t eat enough Xmas desserts if you can fit through that space! I replied na I didn’t have any… the look on his face Lol! … waiting to see if I was joking. Of course I wasn’t. He took a look at the salad and berries I was purchasing and said are you sure you dont want to run back into the sweets isle and get something nice for yourself? ‘No thanks, i don’t eat sugar’I replied with a smile… he was bamboozled …I got back to the car and had such a laugh. Happy new year fellow brightliners, I hope you are all feeling as happy, free and healthy as I am! (3 dress sizes maller now than I was on my wedding day 12 years ago but more importantly, so much more energy and time for my little family) and thank you for all you are doing Susan. X

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      1. Emily K

        Yes, I found that vlog helpful thank you. Take care x

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  7. Sharon Miller

    So thrilled about the changes at BLE… membership model, affordable, the end of marketing new classes with an all access model. Then modules that include members along with SPT… a wonderful addition. Lastly, a public outcry of the food addiction problem. Thank you for moving forward with a new vision for BLE… so happy for you but also for this food addicted community.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Yay! We’re excited that you’re excited. Thanks for being here with us as part of the movement, Sharon! 🥰

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  8. Clare Gomez

    Great VLOG Susan! Do a TED talk.
    Taxing the #@%& out of fast food soft drinks and junk food needs to happen. Getting it out of school lunches also needs to happen. As well not allowing fast food food business to be in any part of the inner cities or in any part of lower income neighbourhoods would also be a great help as well. Also we need governments to stop subsidizing the meat and dairy industries and start subsidizing the farmers that grow vegetables especial the organic farmers.

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  9. Stefi

    Excellent op-ed ( as expected) Big exhale & congratulations on you’re drive , let alone knowledge . This is as big as conquering the pandemic ( IMO ) Happy Healthy 2022 Susan & family!! 🥳🥰

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  10. Patricia Santana

    Warning; Just an FYI- when I went to look at the op ed, there was an overlay video ad for “Changing America “ summarizing the article. The imagery was like the worst junk food addever, full of various sweet and savory NMF food company-advetising-like footage. Pretty darn triggering . I scrolled past quickly to get the article- but it was a bit jarring.

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  11. Teresa

    Susan I admire your determination to make great changes in our society, changes so many lives for the better with your vlogs.. thank you thank you

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  12. Alice

    I saw your sweatshirt and I purchased one immediately! Love that color on you

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  13. Sherri Healey

    Amazing op-ed Susan!! You are changing the world one vlog, article, interview, book and course at a time and I am thrilled to be here supporting you! Together we are unstoppaBLE!

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  14. Nancy W Goss

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading your Op-Ed piece. I hope it helps many of those suffering with food addiction a staring place to seek help.

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  15. Em

    Keep on sharing Susan! Thank you!!!

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  16. Cheryl Jean Coan

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Susan, I’m behind you 100 %, If you want to catch the drug pusher ya gotta go for the Kingpin.

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  17. Carol

    Great op-ed. I’ve already forwarded it to others.

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  18. Kathy

    I had to pause the vlog and go check out what an “op-ed piece” was! But Wikipedia had the answer – no problem.

    It’s a well-written op-ed piece. Go check it out!

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  19. Cat

    Susan, I hope you are very successful in your endeavours to convince government/heath care practitioners and the general public that food addiction is a serious heath concern and needs to be addressed.

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Important note!

You are viewing this website in English and our Membership materials are currently only available in English. We have a goal to translate the Membership into many other languages as soon as possible, but for now, if you join the Bright Lifers Membership, please note that our programs will be delivered in English.

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