The Science of Eating What You Committed

On a recent Facebook Live session, I was asked a question that I thought would be a fantastic topic for this week’s Vlog because over 30,000 people new to Bright Line Eating have joined the fold during our current Food Freedom launch. That makes this the perfect opportunity to share some science that I’ve never presented before. Watch to hear all about it.



  1. jessi

    I am not sure I get this. What is the connection between the brain of a food addict having more dopamine during the pursuit of food than when tasting it on the one hand, and having to eat what you wrote down on the other hand?

    Also, I am a vegan. All of my food is sort of the same. Dinner option 1 is veggies with beans / tofu and dinner option 2 is also veggies with beans / tofu. Same for lunch. The tastes are not that different that I would prefer one over the other. And I tend to find it handy to just grab whatever is easiest to make from the fridge… So I copy the weight loss plan from the book each night and then eat the agreed types and amounts of food but I only chose what veggie or what kind of beans it will be while preparing the meal. It would be extra work for me to plan the meal in advance and somewhat of a hassle to have to eat just what I wrote down the night before. And making and planning food is a problem already, as it is.
    So, I wonder, am I now just writing down a bunch of excuses and should I just try to write down at night what I’ll have (which type of veggie, what type of beans)… Or, am I then needlessly making my life (even) harder than it already is?

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  2. marlene lopez

    Awesome information! I haven’t heard this anywhere else. I joined the program this week. It is an answered prayer.

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  3. Beth Kiester

    Interesting Topic. Helped in beginning needed portion control, just what I needed in 2018. Had Buddy, committed. Separated because we realized we were committed and lying about it. Did not get abstinant until I quit writing my food down.


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  4. Beth Kiester

    Interesting Topic. Helped in beginning needed portion control, just what I needed in 2018. Had Buddy, committed. Separated because we realized we were committed and lying about it. Did not get abstinant until I quit writing my food down.

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  5. Sherry

    Crazy good, insightful information.
    I think I had a dopamine hit just from seeing the video.
    Soooo helpful!

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  6. Paige stonerock

    Thanks for this blog! I feel a bit called out (but , then again, I am here because you are always relevant). There were two pieces I wish you had added/explored (because I want to know more).

    1. If our morals, ethics and beliefs are our map in life, we have to remember that emotions are our compass. Emotions guide in the moment decisions. No one makes in the moment decisions based entirely on our guiding principals or planning- we make them based on emotions. Emotions (and this is from Grit) are trauma developed responses..
    I have joined bootcamp to get build a recovery program that will allow me to take Freedom and do the AEDP and parts work here – 3 years in.
    2. The science of building integrity. For some of us addicts, lying on the floor with nothing but a handful of shame, this practice helped me to develop self worth and start showing up. . It was the daily commitment and keeping it that made me realize all the voices who told me I was unreliable and worthless were wrong. I started succeeding because of the commitment and keep- one day at a time. I would love to hear more of how that works!

    Thank you, Susan. This truly program saved my life. I am here for life.
    If anyone is on the fence- jump in. Life awaits when you learn to look up from your plate and step in.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Thank you for sharing your insights and reflections, Paige. We’re honored to have you with us. 🧡

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  7. Debra Hill

    Needed this Vlog to rezoom!! Thank you Susan! Never eat that thing, when our brain is looking for entertainment in our food. It’s not about when, or what, it’s about WHY. Why do I keep sneaking the chickpeas after dinner. Why do i have to justify them. Why did I change to shrimp instead of soy…..if it’s because my husband ate all the soy, that is ok. The Why is not because my brain wants entertained. That’s how it will work for me. Why.

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  8. Stefi

    Really ❤️ this vlog!!😁

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  9. diane

    One of the top VLOG’s ever! Wowee! I always “blow off” committing my foods the night before . . . life changing VLOG in more ways than one. Thanks!

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  10. Lauren

    Thanks so much Susan. I really appreciate all your time, enthusiasm, and passionate energy you have put into the bright line eating concept. It is a new format for me and I’m really grateful that I was introduced to you and your vlogs and videos.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Welcome, Lauren!!! We’re glad you made your way here! 🧡

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  11. Terry McNally

    Lordy! what fabulous information. I read voraciously and had never heard this before. I now see the why of the pre-planning and as they say– knowledge is power! Thank you!

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  12. Faith L'Heureux

    Really good Vlog Susan! I am glad you explained more of the science. Thank you so much for all you do!

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  13. Kristin

    Thank you, Susan – Bright Line Eating is helping so many of us! Love your vlogs! Cheers from Oregon. 🌼

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  14. Suzan Hill

    Thank you for this missing piece of the puzzle! Give me insight into my struggles at dinner time – looking for that something & not quite believing that my food is enough.

    It also reminded me of what a binge can feel like.

    Here’s to only & precisely!

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  15. Rebecca

    Painful! Brings me to the edge of tears.

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  16. Cathy M

    Incredible information.

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  17. Arvella Witherspoon

    Holy Smoke Susan, Can I tell you how much I loved this?! The look of love when you delivered this and the way you spoke about how we are supposed to talk back to our brain….MIND BLOWING! I just love you to pieces. You are my jam.

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