Too Much Support

In this week’s Vlog, I tackle a complicated question: is it possible to have too much support in Bright Line Eating? You might think you know what I would say, but my answer will probably surprise you…


  1. Harry

    I’m pretty sure you misspelled the word “diane” on your site. You might want to check out a site like or which have helped me with problems like this in the past.

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    1. Helen Roberts

      What site are you talking about??

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    2. Bright Line Eating

      Hi, Harry! We’re not sure what you’re referring to. Please share the exact reference with us so we can check it out! Thank you! 🧡

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  2. Helen Roberts

    Great straight stuff!!

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  3. Suzan Hill

    As addicts, I think we’re capable of being obsessive or compulsive about even good things. Compulsively participating in BLE is possible. AND there’s no one right formula. We each find our way..
    There’s also an important distinction between BLE connection for support and BLE connection as service – being aware of our intention around the connections.
    As compulsive people, it’s also easy for us to get a rush from over committing.
    As with all BLE habits & actions, I think the surest test is “am I at peace?” “How free do I want to be?”

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    1. Shawna

      Thanks Suzan! Great things to consider!! “Am I at Peace”? ” How free do I want to be”? I’d add to that,, “Is my cup being filled , or drained”? Thanks again for your wise observations.

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  4. Trish

    Susan, thank you for the honesty in addressing this topic! I appreciate that you are acknowledging the risk of obsessive, disordered eating and orthorexia in a group that, let’s face it, can’t moderate. I have observed this slippery slope in the FB group with members posting many times per day! What wise words that balance and a need to reflect on what you are distracting yourself away from is the key to recovery.

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  5. Carol

    Wow Susan, that was so on the money. Sometimes it is like an obsession and can lead to burn out. I was just
    Feeling this last week. I was ready to chuck the whole BLE “thing”. I chose to pull back on a couple of things and feel so much
    Brighter and peaceful. Thank you for confirming these feelings.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      We’re so glad you didn’t chuck the whole thing, Carol, and that you were able to see clearly what it was that you needed at this time. Wishing you well! 🧡

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  6. Deborah Bussewitz

    Wise vlog this week, Susan. Thank you.

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  7. Ariann

    You always make good sense. Love your approach to balancing your life.

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  8. Krysta

    I love your balanced approach! Too much of anything isn’t a good thing! 🙂 great topic.

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  9. Linda murphy

    This makes sense. Replacing one addiction with another!

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  10. Klara Levine

    That was brilliant!! Being that we’re dealing with addictive brains, yes, anything to excess would be a big warning bell!!! Like always, every part of this plan needs to be looked at individually, and see what is working!!!! and what isn’t!

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