In this week’s Vlog, I talk about a concept that every single one of us will likely experience at some point in our Bright Line Eating journeys, particularly as we transition to maintenance. Watch to hear my thoughts about interpreting data as you adjust your food plan and how often to weigh yourself as you go through that process.


  1. Kellie Thieman

    Thank you for this. It makes sense to me as I travel into my maintenance journey. I am 8 pounds from goal weight and enjoyed listening to the boat analogy ( points for your husband!). Thanks again for all the hard work and dedication you and everyone in the BLE community give us. 🙏❤️

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  2. Beth Baugh

    Hi Susan, Thanks for all your help that you share! So, I have been wondering about becoming hungry while trying to cook a recipe. If you’re saying we can only eat at the actual meal time… well, that would be very difficult for me. I tend to have hypoglycemia episodes and have had them all my life (I’m 67). So when I’m cooking, I will often use that time to eat a piece of fruit to hold me over until the meal is ready (possibly an hour away). Would that work okay on Bright Line Eating? What do y’all generally recommend for that? (p.s. I’m already on your email list.)

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  3. Katherine

    Interesting! I wonder what you think of the idea of weighing every day but recording the only the weekly average on the trendline? Avoids anomalous blips that might be on one of the weighing days. Thanks!

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  4. Shana

    Have you seen the app Happy Scale? It gives you over all trends. Then there is Shapa Scale. A numberless scale that provides color feedback. It is amazing.

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  5. Eileen Lass

    Dear Susa,

    This was perfect timing for me, thanks! It was April 5 that I reached the middle of my original weight goal range (140), and the next day we talked on the Accountability Call! You recommended I weigh in weekly and that has worked well. You also coached me on the three possibilities with my weight: I could gain weight, stay the same, or keep losing even with the added grain at lunch (which you suggested NOT be Triscuits!). You encouraged me to pay attention to my hunger and my energy levels.

    In the first four weeks I lost 2.6 pounds even with the addition of the grain, a few days of breaking my bright lines, and one binge. Recently I’ve noticed much more hunger (often more than an hour before mealtime). So I’ve added 5 ounces of veggies to two or three meals a day, and that seems to be working well.

    This week I gained 0.2 ounces, but I see that as “noise” and not a dangerous trend, since I traveled this week, broke my lines one day, ate meals that I didn’t weigh, etc. I’m thrilled with the pattern.

    Thanks again for this!

    Love and gratitude,

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  6. Bree

    Thank you Susan, that indeed was really helpful. I actually didn’t start BLE for weight , but more for health reasons. And it went so well from the start, I even lost weight without wanting to and felt fantastic. Then I stopped again because I just wanted to try it for a while, but then gradually I felt my energy drop significantly again. Now I’m back on BLE, but the initial euphoria from the first time is no longer there, it’s just very tough. But this vlog gives me confidence, and since I know a bit about statistics, I know what you mean about the trend line.
    And control circuits are complex, but the most important thing is always to regulate very carefully and slowly! And what is more important then be careful with myself? 🙂

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  7. Mary Byam-Smith

    This was very helpful. I’m considering a change on my food plan compositionally not because of weight I’ve been stable since January within less than 2 pounds 1 pound on either side. I am taking this very slow and will let the auto pilot that’s on right now continue it’s guidance.

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  8. Deb Paine

    Great boat analogy!!

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