What Bright Liners Eat for Dinner

This week is the final installment in the 3-part Vlog series all about what Bright Liners eat for their meals. Watch to hear what Susan and several of our beloved community members eat for their dinners.


  1. María Lux

    This was very helpful. I wold like even more examples and ideas. Please do another for lunch and dinner!
    Thank you so much!!!

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  2. kh

    I’m with you Charlette– I noticed the same thing for me. Very triggering. But yay for us for having the awareness to notice that and thus take better care of ourselves in the future!
    Blessings and health to everyone.

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  3. Charlette Sears

    I truly appreciate all of the effort (the idea, all the contributors time and effort to create their videos, the editing, etc.)…high quality. Well done. However, I’m going to weigh in from someone that has been in BLE for 3.5 years and on maintenance for over 2.5 years. Watching these was quite triggering for me. Being steeped in the food visuals felt like binge watching food commercials, albeit ones that are BLE friendly, but still food, food, food. It overloaded me and as a result, I struggled with food thoughts for several days after watching the first video. I tried to watch the second video, with similar results. My lesson learned, I cannot participate in visual food prep or intensive food commercials (like when i choose to watch sports with my hubby). I hope I am the only one that reacted this way…but i doubt it.

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  4. Marty Brookman

    I wish that there was a library of little videos that one could draw on for meal ideas–these are great but they are not set up so that one can easily find them again…like a search by ingredients?

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  5. Clare Gomez Edington

    Hey Susan,
    When did you stop being WFPB and why? I think that would be a really interesting topic for a VLOG. I think there are a lot of people like myself who were very surprised by this information that was just slipped in there in this VLOG. I would like to know why you have decided to be no longer WFPB and include meat and such in your diet? I know this must have been a considered decision. Did I miss this on a previous VLOG?

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  6. Terri White

    I so appreciated this series….I’m 8 months in and welcome the inspiration!

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  7. Stephanie Smith

    The first video was Food Network quality. She had a great camera operator.

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  8. Tina

    This is awesome. I found it very helpful.

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  9. Toni LaChine


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  10. Betty Reinders

    Not much here for those of us who are meat eaters!

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  11. Ginger

    Wal-Mere!! haha

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  12. Nancy W. Goss


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  13. Joanne

    Thank you for sharing all these great ideas for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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  14. Becca

    Thank you for this whole series with Bright Liners sharing what they enjoy for breakfast, lunch and dinner! Love all those bright, healthy, happy faces! 💗

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