Pick Your Sad

A short while ago, I was talking to a Bright Liner and she shared a really powerful awareness that she’d recently had. I made a note to include it in a weekly Vlog because I thought it was so relevant to our collective Bright Line Eating journeys, especially during the holidays. Watch to hear my thoughts.


  1. Marti

    So appropriate and so very true! I will always remember this: Pick your sad!

    When I am confronted with NMFs and NMDs I tell myself: “You know exactly how this NMF/NMD tastes because you have tasted it a million times before. But the pain and consequences of obesity is much harder than the pain of NOT being able to have this NMF/NMD right now.” And then I walk away and find a distraction and carry on with my life. The FREEDOM from food and my good health is worth much more than a NMF/NMD which will just cause emotional and mental and physical problems for me.

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  2. Molly Sanchez

    I love this. Very helpful. Thank you, Susan! Another way I have heard it said is, “We must all suffer one of two pains: the pain of discipline, or the pain of regret.”

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Thank you for sharing this, Molly. Certainly gives you something to think about!

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  3. Ariann

    Very helpful. Inspiring.

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  4. Pat

    Great vlog, true and helpful! Thank you Susan!

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  5. Linda

    I wasn’t going to open this VLOG this week as I didn
    t have 20 minutes. And in 5 short minutes this hit home with a
    punch. The point hit loud and clear. NMF and not worth the
    SAD. I will continue to pick my sad or pick my hard! I have been
    fighting to get back to clean bright lines for 3 weeks now and
    one hard or two hards leads to a terrible spiral downwards
    where i say WTF … I will begin later as every day gets worse and
    worse. Such a relevant subject matter. Thank-you

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  6. Cindy Hauffe

    JOMO beats FOMO EVERY time😉

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  7. Stefi

    Wonderful vlog , nice topic by the Bright Line member . 😊👍

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  8. Mani

    Dang it Susan — why do have to be so right — all the time!! I chose short-term happiness last week during thanksgiving and I am still fighting to be bright, 6 days later.

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    1. Mani Chawla

      And oh btw, thank you, very timely! Another set of holidays is around the corner.

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  9. marianne honan

    JOMO (joy of missing out;)

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  10. Teresa Logan

    Great timing-God timing. Thanks

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  11. Mandy

    I love the weekly vlogs! They completely hit home!

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  12. Beth

    It’s not worth the 10 minutes of eating the wrong food!

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  13. Monica Dean

    Great Vlog! So true!

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  14. Rosemarie Norton

    My go-to phrase is that , “Yes, I can have this. But do I want to go back down that road?” One of my biggest trials is, once in awhile, I feel sorry for myself because I’m “missing out.” FOMO! But then I remember what I’m NOT missing…all those 89 pounds, all that misery, those medications, that dread that hit me every morning when I woke up in the food, that sense of guilt that I was abusing the body God gave me. Heavens it is so wonderful to be free!

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