I just got my laptop out and searched all the Bright Line Eating Vlogs that I’ve shot, and I was shocked to discover that there is not a single one on acceptance. And there should be. So today’s the day. Watch to hear my thoughts on how acceptance relates to the question of identifying as a food addict, personal relationships, and anything else in your life that you may find troubling.


  1. Helen Roberts. Spingola

    If a beloved daughter or son betrays you, you are supposed to accept their betrayal? How can you?? Acceptance will never erase the
    hurt you suffered….

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  2. Helen Roberts Spingola

    Am having a hard time with this “accepting” thing. So many things I will NEVER accept…does that make me a bad person?? Don’t know but I guess I am
    not the ‘accepting’ kind.I feel like it would be lowering my standards to accept every thing as just being what they are….i.e. having people doing other
    things, etc. as Susan pointed out. She accepts. I can’t. But what I DO accept is my total admiration for Susan! I love her, no matter what she says (Aha!!
    I’m accepting!!OMG!!).

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  3. Kathy Lrhman

    Exactly! You do NOT need to feel ashamed of being an addict! You have a disease, not a moral failing. It’s not your fault. It’s not fair. But it is your responsibility to treat your disease, which begins with accepting you have that disease and that you deserve to feel better and live a longer and happier life!

    I love you, and I love ME 💕

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  4. Deb Morgan

    I think this will be my word for 2021…acceptance

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  5. Marietta Luckman

    Ok, so this is the second time I have watched this. My question is this how are surrender and acceptance different? Can we have one without the other or do they work together? I believe I must accept and surrender to life’s challenges. When I accept, I can surrender then navigate. Am I way off?

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  6. Tanya Sorum

    Beautiful and much needed reminder! Thank you and much love to you SPT!

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  7. Cindy Hauffe

    I prefer food overcomer. Love the accept the now as being just right for today. Kinda reminds me of the serenity prayer. Thanks once again Susan; I needed that

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  8. nowell

    The level of my acceptance is equal to the level of my serenity

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  9. sassimint grace

    And acceptance is the answer to all my problems today. When I am disturbed, it is because I find some person, place, thing, or situation “some fact of my life” unacceptable to me, and I can find no serenity until I accept that person, place, thing, or situation as being exactly the way it is supposed to be at this moment.”
    ― Alcoholics Anonymous, Alcoholics Anonymous

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  10. Nancy Goss

    Super vlog

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  11. Cat

    Susan, your vlog today made me sit up and notice what I’m not accepting. You know the saying if I could change but 1 thing, everything else would be perfect? My come to realization involves a weird thing – my hair. I thought, if I grow my hair longer, then I’ll look better and be happier. I’ve always had a short pixie type cut. What growing my hair has made me realize is that my hair has become more difficult to manage as it grows, and I haven’t put in the time to try and find the right style which doesn’t require, blow drying, product etc. Now here’s where the light went on with your blog. My hair was never the problem, my heavier chin and change of face shape due to overeating is the problem. Until today I yo-yo’d way to much, when it came to accepting that I’m a food addict. My daughter goes to a 12 step program, and has learned she can conquer anything. She recently decided to accept that her weight gain, although only 30 lbs, has replaced her original addiction. She decided only a month ago to accept that fact and has through following your book, lost 12 lbs. I do believe if I could accept my addiction, I too would stick to your plan on a consistent daily basis. Acceptance is hard, it changes the way I look at myself, and what I’ve accomplished in other fields of my life by committing to doing the work! So I’m working on accepting what I’ve become vs the image of control I’ve always thought I had, even though I recognize now, that I’m not that person anymore, and thinking I am has held me back. Thanks Susan, you are always insightful❣️

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Beautiful, Cat. Thank you for taking the time to watch and then share what’s on your heart. All the best to you and your daughter. <3

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  12. Cilla

    Brilliant Susan!
    Just what I need to come to peace with.
    Thanks. Again!

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  13. Cindy Tejeda

    I so needed this today! You made me cry on this one but definitely made me realize that I also need to apply this to the people in my life and I need to accept them the way they are and to trust that they are where they need to be and where God has them for now. Thank you so much Susan for all your weekly vlogs.

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  14. Melody Mains

    Thank you, Susan. Needed this today.

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  15. Karen Arbel

    Truer wiser words have not been spoken. I love you too SPT.

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  16. Stefi

    THANK YOU!! Very true

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  17. Jeanne

    So apposite for me for today. I have come through heart wrenching turmoil, realising that my husband if 44 years did not love me! Why? So I have to accept that and look into my soul and accept myself for me.
    See what I mean, your vlog was so on point. Thank you
    No excuse to pog (Yorkshire for being a greedy guts.)

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  18. Gisela Bottcher

    Hi thank you for sharing this. The question of awareness in interaction, or the lack of it, concerns every teacher in a way, and I am going to be more grateful of their présence that gives a fresh sens to our experience , even if sometimes they can be exhausting. But this happens mainly when we identify too much with our external role. We create the desire to get the real Us. And there is no shelter. Future is them. Being personnally at peace with this, I observe that a healthy measure of distance reinstalls. I am finally allowed to grow old! Nice discovery for my sixties, isn’t it? You helped me to come to this awareness. Thank you very much again and al the best!

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  19. Theresa Burnett

    As always Susan…. Great VLOG… a wonderful reminder!

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  20. Paula Randles

    You are a truly good person, Susan. Thank you for sharing so much with others. I have benefitted in many ways from the knowledge and the intimate thoughts that you express and share.

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  21. M

    Hi Susan – the first time I took the susceptibility quiz I was a 6. I did bright lines eating for 3-4 years following the 2 week challenge. Not a Crystal Vaser the whole time, but a couple of pretty perfect years and pretty damn good after that. Certainly no flour or sugar. I haven’t done boot camp or joined bright lifers as I don’t do Facebook and don’t lfeel comfortable with the social media support thing. I haven’t needed an accountability buddy until this year.. somehow I accidentally and pretty completely lost all my bright lines. I’m accepting of the situation of the past few months and have remained exquisitely calm and found lots of silver linings…but I dropped my bright lines little by little over the last months and am now the heaviest I’ve ever been. Plus I just took the susceptibility quiz again and now it puts me at a 10. I am accepting that everything is exactly as it needs to be in this moment but wondering have I cracked the vase one time too many!

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    1. Lynn

      Nope never. You can always start again. Love yourself and take care of you Good health to you!

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    2. Bright Line Eating

      Holding you and loving you, M. We can feel your sense of calm in your message. The road is just a few feet from the ditch. We’re here for you, should you choose. <3

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  22. Fabiola Matteini-roberts

    Thank you Susan for reminding me why I started this in the first place.
    You are an amazing inspiration for all of us that are on this journey to a better life.
    God bless

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    1. Vicky

      Loved what you wrote to Susan. You took the words right out of my heart! Thank you!

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  23. Lisa Rowe

    Taking a breath. Noticing everything within me right now. It is what it is. Thanks for the reminder.

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