2020 Into 2021

It’s the last Vlog of 2020. How does one encapsulate such a year? Sometimes when I’m about to record a Vlog like this, I feel so underprepared for the task. Luckily, a quote from Walt Disney gave me the inspiration I needed. Watch the Vlog to hear it along with my reflections as we move into the new year.



  1. Elizabeth Garcia

    I have been following BLE for years, and wonder if there will be more links to Facebook Live interviews coming in future emails? I do not use Facebook, but have REALLY enjoyed learning more about the people in the community by listening to Susan interview them. I sure hope you will be putting future interviews into the email distribution as they are done. (Maybe there was just a long break due to Covid? and they will resume soon?)
    Elizabeth from Arlington Heights, IL

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  2. Jacqueline

    Wow, you are an inspiration. Ive commented before, that I am not a food addict nor overweight but your messages still resonate with me.
    Your recovery and entrepreneurial journey is incredible.
    What do you think is the difference between you/your journey and the many street people trapped in a life of drugs, begging and prostitution?
    There wouldnt be too many like you who have made an phenomenal successful turnaround.
    Congratulations and thank you.

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  3. Kristin

    Beautiful vlog, Susan! Bright Line Eating has changed my life! Sending you so much love and gratitude. ~

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  4. Alice

    I am wondering how I can take the knowledge of bright lines, learn how to overcome the addiction, and pair it with the E4 Diabetes Solution food plan, which is different than your bright lines. I am a 10+++++ on the susceptibility scale, have been working with E4 now for over a year, have come a long way towards improving my health, am down almost 100 lbs from 4 years ago, but am REALLY struggling with the pull of wrong food choices. Have you worked with others who are not following the actual plan, but NEED to be able to set and keep some bright lines in what we should and should not do? I have been following you now for months.

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  5. Tommie Kay

    Great and encouraging VLOG! But, you mentioned a concierge link that I cannot find on this or other pages. I am very interested. Can you help me?

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  6. AMS

    I remember, several years ago, while I was on a hike, I came across a beautiful sight. On a fairly fresh cow paddy in the middle of a meadow were dozens of beautiful butterflies. These beautiful butterflies on a big hunk of manure.

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  7. Monica Dean

    Thank you, and Happy New Year to all my BLE family. You were all a bright part of that past year that I could count on, when the whole world couldn’t count on much All the Best for 2021.

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  8. Nancy W. Goss

    Thanks, Susan!

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  9. jill k

    Susan, thank you for your honest sharing. Whenever we try to make our past look shinier & more virtuous, it lessens the miracle of our transformation.
    I’m sure there are people watching you now who were or are sex workers. Can you imagine how much your true past & subsequent transformation must inspire them?
    Keep speaking the truth.

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  10. Peggie Brousseau

    Love: “it is our struggles that show us who we are”! Thank you

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  11. Kate

    Thank you for your honesty! I saw my dad turn to sugar when he went into recovery for alcoholism. I am beginning to eat the brightline way as of yesterday although I cannot buy a food scale here in MTL Canada because it is not an essential item under the COVID lockdown. It is not stopping me from eliminating flour & sugar from my food. I feel like a little seed under the earth awakening to a new way of life, energized and free.

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  12. Maria

    I sooo needed to hear this vlog…makes me very hopeful for the year ahead & my BLE journey…thank you beyond words can say !

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  13. Patti

    Thank you for your vulnerability. It has been the thing that keeps me reaching towards my own bright lines. I haven’t had many bright days, but I know that this is the only chance I have to not die of my fat and food addiction . Morning after a binge gave me more hope than I have words for. I won’t give up!

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  14. Kathy La viola

    hi! I was not able to find the free concierge page. Please advise where it can be located. I’m very interested. Thank you

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  15. Kathy La viola

    Thank you

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  16. Laura

    Thank you for the great vlog. I watch each week. And as a Bright Lifer I am so happy to be a part of this movement. I am excited about Reboot-Rezoom.

    I would love to find that Concierge page SPT talks about. I agree with the previous commenter that it does not appear to be present here.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi, Laura! The Concierge Page is the button below the vlog, “Learn More About Reboot Rezoom.” Here’s a direct link for you: https://ble.life/ga7r

      Let us know if you have other questions we can help you with. <3

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  17. Marian McGurran-Scott

    Hi Susan,

    You are such an inspiration , as I work in the funeral industry, 2020 has been a very unique year. So many changes, and as a Family Service Counselor, I have tried my best to help families during a difficult time in a very different time. Watching your last 4 videos and tonight watching your vlog is so helpful. I wish things could allow me to join a boot camp, however, with only one income I will have to do my best solo.
    Thank you for everything you inspire us to do,
    Stay safe and warm,
    Marian McGurran-Scott

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi, Marian!

      We wanted to let you know we can understand your position and invite you to begin an application for a scholarship. You can find the application here: scholarship.brightlineeating.com. <3

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  18. Kara D Nelson

    I don’t see the concierge link anywhere on the page. Has it been removed?

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi, Kara! The link to the Concierge Page is right below the video on the tab that says “Learn More about Reboot Rezoom.” Here’s a link for you as well: https://ble.life/ga7r. <3

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  19. Teresa

    Loving BLE just finishing Boot Camp not sure where to head next. I thought I heard in one on the vlogs or Q&A to go to bright lifers? I am still working my goals in boot camp. Any suggestions? Thank you!!

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi, Teresa! Great job on your boot camp! You’ll receive an invitation to sign up for Bright Lifers at the end of your Boot Camp! That’s the next step! <3

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  20. Casandra L Farley

    It came to me at the end of your vlog that you should put out a calendar that could be used for writhing down your food for the day but would have as the art work a seed being planted. Then each month show the seed going through each of its stages from planing to blooming in the winter of 2021. Just a random thought I wanted to share.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Thanks for your idea, Casandra! Did you know we have food journals and daily tracking sheets? They aren’t quite what you’ve described, but you might enjoy journaling and documenting on what we do have available. <3

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  21. Sarah Katzin

    “From the Ashes of Disaster Grow the Roses of Success” a song by the same Sherman brothers who wrote some of Walt Disney’s personal favorite songs.
    We can do this. You show us this over and over, Susan! Thank you!

    One more comment/question: Susan, how about a different way of opening the vlog for 2021? I feel you may have matured out of the current one. With love, your fan, Sarah Katzin

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  22. Marcia

    Thank you for your honesty! You are a shining example of self-made, and a leader that empowers us.

    The Energetic House (Bootcamp from end of 2019/beginning of 2020) are going through Bootcamp together in the New Year! Thank you for bringing us together into a community and for being so generous with your knowledge.

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  23. Jo

    This is my story: I am that Rose. On my walk one day I passed this rose bush/ no leaves, only dry stems and thorns, To others it would definitely not look like a thing of beauty, in fact most people would have cut that bush down and removed the stump and moved on.
    But I saw it as a object of beauty and a testimony of resilience for on one bare stem was a small single reddish/ orange rose. My mind began to race. I am that rose. Not every rose bush is cared for by a master Gardner, planted in the most fertile soil , mulched and pruned with care, sprayed for fungus and Blythe and watered before the roots become the least bit stressed.
    Some struggle and the strength it took to produce just that one small rose is something not everyone can relate to,well I can- and even though our journeys in life are all different, I am still a rose, Our Blythe maybe depression, anxiety, or addiction, but don’t give up you are still a rose and you are resilient/ don’t give up, bloom. I took a picture of that rose and I named it residence. Beauty is in the eye if the beholder.

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  24. Susan

    Happy New Year to all my BLE cohorts. We are Unstoppable!
    Wonderful vlog, as always, Susan.

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  25. Stella

    I’m a little confused as to why you would need to reframe things into a “reboot rezoom” program, if the statistics that you’ve been quoting for years about BLE being the most successful diet program out there for “getting down to goal and staying there” is true.

    Why the need to reframe anything if the program has proven to be so successful just the way it is ?

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    1. Patricia

      Stella – from my personal experience, once you lose all the weight, the maintenance journey is one that no weight loss company has done but BLE has. Once you are in maintenance, the challenges are different and it is about sustaining a habit. And to do so, requires to strengthen different habits and introduce some new – we learn that it is not about perfection (never breaking a line) but about being unsttopable and learning how to create an environment and habits that support it around food, actions, support. There is a lot to learn. I have lost weight over 5 times (30-50 pounds). I was very successful with bootcamp (lost all my excess weight) and was in maintenance for 3 years when reboot rezoom started and it was a very good set of concepts to refresh what I knew and add some new tools to my belt. I have been in maintenance now for 4 years and the latest year has been the strong ever. In previous attempts to lose weight, I lost and over time regained (usually over one or two years). I hope this helps you.

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      1. Stella

        Thank you so much, Patricia, for your thoughtful and helpful reply. That makes so much sense. If this is going to be a lifelong journey, you are right. There are inevitably going to be some blips and challenges along the way,
        We can always use more tools in our toolbox. Thanks again for your help.

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    2. Bright Line Eating

      Hi, Stella! This is a great question. Susan addressed weight loss recidivism in a previous vlog and we invite you to view it here: https://brightlineeating.com/2019/01/weight-loss-recidivism/

      Another factor is that the relapse cycle is always in effect within addiction, to some degree, and Reboot Rezoom teaches you how to stay above the “danger and destruction zone” so any relapse can be gentle and within safe boundaries. <3

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  26. Elisabeth

    Thank you do much Susan from Norway. You have helped me see why I have excess weight and how to get rid of it. I am starting January 4 with the BLE journey. Thank you again and I wish you a beautiful and bright new year.

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  27. Heather McBride

    Susan, I discovered BLE boot camp 4 hours before registration closed. I started 10/6/20 and have lost 15 pounds, down to 148. I have never gotten this thin in a healthy way. I have another 15 to lose and know I will do it.. I am committed to participating in the follow up research to help out.

    This program has literally saved my life and I love you and your whole crew too! 🙂

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  28. Carol Hoeppner

    Yay, Susan. Yes.

    Thank you.

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  29. Julie

    HI, Susan!
    Actually it was Confucius who said: “Out of the mud grows the Lotus”. I thin Walt might have done a bit of plagiarism…
    Love your vlogs! They get me through the week.

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