The Bright Line Freedom course kicked off yesterday, and because we were launching, Everett Considine and I have been on Facebook Lives talking about Parts Work a lot. During these Q&A sessions, a topic came up several times that prompted a discussion about the key difference between Parts Work and other modalities of inner work. I think it’s quite fascinating, and you can watch this week’s vlog to hear all about it.


  1. Madeline Caporale

    This vlog TOTALLY makes it sound as if there is no reason to do therapy and no real reason for someone to experience resistance. This is so false. There are many persons who develop disordered eating behaviors due to serious traumas, which if repressed, are what underlie the resistance. Even Everette (whose credentials do NOT include a degree in psychology) admits in his Witnessed Parts Q&As that there are persons for whom work with a LICENSED professional is more appropriate than simply doing parts work.

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  2. Naome

    Very good Susan.
    Yes, that is how we can come out of our addictions, by filling our time with something more productive.
    I would like you to talk about the “C” words more.
    A very interesting and productive Vlog.

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  3. Bernice

    I’ve taken BLFreedom and found it very helpful. This vlog was a good refresher that summarized IFS. Thank you.

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  4. Sarah

    When is the next Freedom course starting? I missed this one.

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    1. Heather Hudson

      I’d like to sign up fr the next Freedom course Susan. Also, I’m up here in Canada but would love to get involved with you folks in the U.S. With all of this COVID stuff right now, it might not be the time but I’d sure love to get together with you kindred Spirits.
      Please let me know.
      I want to thank you so much for your work and your sharing. You’ve helped me and so many of us who are on “the path”. God bless you always Bella.
      Love you to the moon and back.
      Heather xoxoxo

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  5. Don Benedik

    thumbs up, again! Our demons(food) need to be actualized.

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  6. Elizabeth

    Susan I must respectfully disagree with your portrayal of “therapy.” I am a psychiatrist and psychoanalyst with expertise in psychodynamic and interpersonal therapy. It is not at all about “dredging up the past” and dragging up wounded parts. That is an archaic and stereotyped depiction of ” bad” therapy. Dynamic work is about seeing what comes up in the present – “trailheads” as you call them – and perhaps linking it to the past when it is helpful. It is gentle and attuned when done well, and goes deeper when appropriate. BTW I am signed up for Bright Line Freedom as it offers some different terms that I would like to learn more about and use. So I am not against it at all, but see it as a helpful angle to supplement other approaches. From what I’ve experienced so far in BLE, it is based on object relations theory, which has been around for decades, with some new terminology and particular emphases. So in my mind “not so different” but still useful.

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  7. Elena

    I’ve seen other vlogs about parts work, and I still found this vlog very interesting. Always learning something! Thanks!

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  8. Phyllis Johnson

    Good explaining, Susan! Thank you. I’m beginning to understand more about parts work.

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  9. Stephanie Smith

    I found the topic fascinating. My mind will have discussions with itself.
    So to me it made sense.

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  10. Sarah Sobocinski

    I think this is a bit much for a weekly vlog , Susan . People in the general public aren’t ready for this . Too much ., I’ve been introduced slowly but to some it might sound a little wack a doodle . Just sayin .

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  11. Vicky Goddard

    Thank you, Susan! In 61days I’ve lost 24+ ponds! With no sweat! I’m sharing this book, cookbook, and daily journal , and accolades with everyone who asks what I’m doing to lose weight! My VA doctor, and my primary care Physician are thrilled ( really!) with my amazing health improvement! Thank you! Vicky Goddard

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  12. Nancy W. Goss

    Superb vlog!

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  13. Ms Amina

    Hi, I’m still on my 14 day experience. I’m on day 6. Does this mean I can not join the boot camp until the next go around? Which will be October 21st?

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Ms Amina, Boot Camp is open year round–you can sign up at any time. We welcome you to do so and would be honored to support you on your journey! 🧡

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