Committing Food

In this week’s vlog, I talk about a really helpful tool that I just returned to using in my own Bright Line Eating program. I’m shocked that I’ve never shot a vlog on this before, but better late than never! Watch to hear all about it.


  1. Denise

    I struggle with this concept A LOT. My inner Rebel absolutely throws a tantrum when I think about writing down my food the night before and eating only and exactly that. It feels constricting, confining, and then I don’t enjoy eating the food I have planned. It’s not that I necessarily eat off plan, just my inner “whatever” hates the restriction–what if that’s not what I want to eat when that meal comes?
    So, I’m trying to think through this….obviously, if you eat away from home (like at work), you either eat out every day or you have to plan what you are going to take with you to work in order to have food for that meal. My schedule is so wonky that taking my food with me is a much better idea than depending on getting to a restaurant. And, basically, I eat the same thing every morning, because it’s fast, easy to fix, and I enjoy eating it, so technically, that’s planned, too.
    Hmmmm…..that’s 2 meals down. Just have to figure out how to get the inner Rebel to calm down about supper, I guess! Just eat 2 meals/day??? That might work!
    Thanks for hearing me out. I really don’t think this problem is unique to me. My Buddy struggles with it at times, too.

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  2. Yongle

    Hi. Very useful vlog. The problem with me is that I would like to commit the food to a person I can talk to over the phone, not just to anonymous people I don t know. I live in Perth, Australia, and tried to find members who live here but had no success. So I have never committed food although I would have liked to and would like to.

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  3. Jeanette

    Hi Susan. I just Watched the vlog on committing my food. I see the value in it, I really do. Here’s my issue. I have No one to commit my food to! I know It may sound ridiculous because I am currently in the Gideon Games. I went Through Boot Camp, Bright Lifers, Bright Line Grit. Tomorrow (7/9/20) is day 200 for me. In the beginning, I had excellent results (30 pounds in the first 100 days). I had a buddy that introduced me to BLE. She has since left the program. Since COVID, my weight loss has not only stalled but I’m seeing my weight gradually creep up. I felt Like such a disappointment today when I listened to your vlog on committing my food. I dont Have many friends in general. I’m extremely introverted and really struggle with reaching out to others. Ive never ever been part of a coaching call. The thought of talking on the phone to strangers gives me extreme anxiety!! I dont Want to burden others . I just Haven’t formed lasting connections with anyone in the BLE community. I reached out in the beginning of the GG to my group and told them I’d love to form connections and commit my food to someone but no one replied. . It makes me feel awful. What do you suggest!? Thank you.

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    1. Carolyn

      Hi Jeanette

      The way you describe yourself is very much the way I think. I have become much more introverted as I get older and although others may describe me a friendly and outgoing I really would feel very uncomfortable about telling someone I don’t know about what I am going to be eating the next day! I have done a few posts on BLE Official and a lot of “likes” but I feel no need to phone anyone or join a group and would prefer to do this for myself.
      I have done really well during lockdown and lost the final pounds I have been trying to lose for years and am tentatively tackling maintenance which I find quite daunting . I kicked and screamed against giving up S&F, weighing, writing a food plan but realised it was just going to have to happen if I wanted to be happy, thin and free – and I finally am after a lifetime of being in a wrong sized body. But I just don’t ever see myself telling someone else what I am going to eat. I don’t think feel the need
      to make promises about that to anyone but myself .

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    2. Bright Line Eating

      Hi sweet Jeanette! We would lovingly urge you to reframe your thinking. You reaching out for support is not a burden on others. It is you giving an opportunity for others to be of service. And in return, you can be of service as well–buddy relationships go both ways! You have gifts and guidance and support to give too. Sometimes it takes a few tries to get just the right fit–don’t give up!

      To find a buddy or mastermind group, you can search for #buddy or #mastermind in the Bright Lifers Facebook page. Use those hashtags in your post and describe what you are looking for in a buddy or mastermind group. This way other Bright Lifers can reach out to you if they feel they’re a good fit. If you’re having trouble finding a buddy or mastermind group in the Bright Lifers Facebook page, BLE also has a special Facebook page called BLE Buddies and Masterminds Wanted. This group includes Boot Campers and Bright Lifers, and you can request to join by writing to

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  4. Sandra

    I have been writing my food the night before.( For a week or so).
    Thinking about Tomorrow’s intake just after dinner eliminates any cravings or emotions linked to food. It is like grocery shopping before or after a meal. Always better done without an empty stomach.
    Additionally it helps me keep my goals in terms of quantity and quality. I just tell my husband who is not yet watching his food totally but joins me in some dinner meals.
    I am not following bright lines specifically, although I shall be there soon. Sugar is no biggy for me, flour may be harder but not too bad.

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  5. Phyllis Johnson

    I can think of another situation where writing down & committing food is helpful. When making a modification to our food plan. I’m currently transitioning to Maintenance, and I’ve made a few adds. My meal quantities have been rather automatic until now, but these adds haven’t been. Sometimes I forget them (never thought I’d have trouble remembering to eat more food!) It made for inconsistent meals at times. So now in my food journal, I first write the quantities of each meal component (1.5 grain, 1 protein, 1 fruit, for example), then I write what I’m using for that component. Problem solved. I’m getting the appropriate quantities at each meal.

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  6. Constance Joy

    Interestingly enough, I wrote down my food for Thursday which is tomorrow, this morning— instead of the afternoon or evening., which is when I usually do .To me, it doesn’t really matter when I decide to write in the food journal, as long as I do it the day before. I agree, it is best the day before because then breakfast is all planned out. My habit of writing food down is very important to me and I really don’t need to habit stack it… I know I will write it down because it is front and center in my kitchen. Thank you 🙏❤️for your post. Can’t thank you enough for this stabilizing and freeing program. For me, being on maintenance, has made all the difference. That extra grain at lunch really helps. And a little extra at breakfast too. Hope I stabilize at just these two adds.

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  7. Cathy

    So spot on… I’ve crashed and burned a good few times testing the BLE boundaries and slowly realising there is no other way but to submit… I could really use an accountability buddy. I’m on Day 5. Anyone out there looking for a partner?

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  8. Judy Dalluge

    I’m SO resistant to committing my food. I need psychological help to break my will. Committing food the night before to someone is a baby steps, the giant step happens the next day! Why am I SO resistant ?

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  9. Melissa Kerby

    You are so luminous and your smile is gorgeous. Thank you as always for your positive encouraging message!

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  10. Margo Stewart

    I both write and commit in the morning. That is what works for me. I had not previously heard anything about reporting changes, e.g. the slimy asparagus mentioned in the vlog, as it happens. I text my buddy morning and night, so I report any meaningful changes then.
    I tend to do the minimum in the way of reports, lists and conversations. It works for me because the endless lists, conversations, lists and to-dos are just tiring to me. It may not be optimal re:weight loss. For me, however, I cannot take the constant failure of neglecting or missing the oh so important many to-dos. When I am tired and need to go to bed, the realization that I forgot or missed doing something is worse than Keeping it simple and doing it in the morning.

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  11. Carol Marie

    Committing my food during the first week of GRIT was a game changer, and 4 months later we still commit every day!! Also an incredibly important time to start committing food again would be at the start of the maintenance transition. You’re breaking your automaticity, and for me, maintenance threw everything off. But if I had known to start committing again at the start of maintenance, I could have saved myself 6 months of struggle. Thanks for all you do!

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  12. Celine Horan

    Hello Susan,

    Thank you for calling us back to the basics. They never fail us.

    I have been writing down my food since I started in October 2015. For me, I feel really off if I don’t write down my food the night before. I clean the kitchen up after dinner and I write down my food in my commitment book. It sits right beside my scales on the counter in the same place it has done from the beginning.

    I too have found over the years that committing to another human being has been pivotal in getting back on track when things have gotten off track.

    Even now I have someone I commit my food to, in the morning, after I have written down my food the night before. I have even committed what I will buy when I go shopping sometimes. To ensure that I do not eat or buy anything I should not be buying when in those binge-fest events. And have found it has helped me not buy or eat outside my home when doing the twice-weekly shop.

    The idea of committing my food before God sounds a wonderful idea. I will start doing that. Sometimes I remember to say the little script that is written in the NC Sheet. I found that super helpful to say out loud to God.

    I have enjoyed committing my food to another person over the years and by far feel its the one thing, besides writing down my food the night before that has kept me going these past four and a half years.

    These simple techniques work, I can certainly attest to that.

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  13. cheryl coan

    Boy did I need this, thank you Susan

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  14. Leann Stiles

    I’d like to commit my food to someone and would like it to be someone familiar with Bright LInes. Any suggestions for connecting with someone?

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    1. Julie Gutowski

      Hi, Leann- Not sure what will be suggested about connecting with someone, but I wanted to jump in and offer to help. I’m in the Eastern US. 51yo, married mother of a 13yo son, working full time. I’ve done BLE since March 2016 and at goal weight/maintenance since January 2020 after upping my support. If you’re interested in setting up a commitment structure together, feel free to shoot me an email –

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      1. Karen S.

        Hi, Julie–This is obnoxious, but I’m seeing your offer to Leann and thought, “Hey, if Leann doesn’t respond … I could use a commitment buddy!” Let me know if your offer extends. (I’m a 59-year-old mother of two grown kids, BLE for two years, need to tighten up my program. Have committed in a FB group, but it does not make me feel responsible to fulfilling the commitment.)
        Of course, if Leanne responded, that’s great. Just figured i’d ask. Thanks!

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    2. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Leann, We’d suggest searching for someone in your Boot Camp house or if you haven’t done Boot Camp yet, you can search for a buddy in the Bright Line Eating OFFICIAL Facebook group. 🧡

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  15. Karen Kutensky

    Susan pt knows what works! I can attest to this. Down 8 lbs this month after doing the work. Is it always easy? Of course not; but is it worth it? You bet it is plan for success 💕

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  16. Rickie Friedli/Giono

    This was exactly what I needed to hear!!
    Bless you!!🥰

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  17. Sandi Cather

    Thank you for this. I haven’t done that in a long time. I am starting to commit my food again. Thanks for the reminder. I feel energized again.

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  18. Mercedes (from Argentina)

    Hello Susan! Your vlog is always so useful! I’ll try committing my food again. Since you talked to me on Monday I’ve been bright. Your eyes looking at ME and you talking to ME has given me strength. Thank you for that.
    As to committing, I’ve done it many times and in different ways, but I seem to feel that I outsource the responsibility. You know what I mean?
    So that’s why I’m not committing my food these days. But after this vlog I’ll try again. Let’s see…
    Eternal thanks ,Susan!

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      We’re so glad you’re staying bright, Mercedes, and that Susan was able to help you in the last Facebook Live Q&A. So lovely. Experiment with the committing, and see how it works for you! Sending you love. 🧡

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