Wash. Rinse. Repeat.

These days, I have a buddy that I check in with every night. We have similar goals around our bodies and our health, and we hold each other accountable for sticking to routines like exercise. We use some language that I really want to share with you, because it’s so illustrative of the way we orient to life each day when we’re strong in our BLE program. Watch this week’s vlog to hear more.


  1. Carole

    This is such a great reminder and almost a trigger for me. I’m one who likes routine but I can also get a bit obsessed about it in that I feel like I’ve failed if I don’t do the thing(s) I’ve scheduled for the day. Even though I didn’t use Wash, Rinse, Repeat as a mantra….from day one of my BLE journey, I feel like this is what I’ve been doing, when I’ve been bright. I also find though that in these COVID times, this is kind of my life too. I Wash (get up, get dressed and eat breakfast, go into my now home office, work, eat dinner, watch tv), Rinse (go to bed ) and Repeat (same as yesterday) and I’m struggling with this. I have automaticity but I also want a bit of variety, especially now. Always a work in progress. Thanks SPT!

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  2. Chana Gorenstein

    Love it. Wash. Rise. Repeat. So you can, Eat. Digest and Move on .. I looked up that Blog (sunset is a sign) yesterday before this vlog cane out! That’s what I call synchronicity…

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  3. Nancy Goss


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  4. Allie B

    I’ve been thinking about this a lot. I both want and resist routine (how complex we are) but am taking baby steps to bring it into my day. I don’t really understand why I resist because I see the benefits, but a part of me stamps her foot and pushes back so I’m trying to figure that out. On the other hand, I feel impatient and want the automaticity that I know will develop as I’m persistent with this process. My food is pretty dialed in, immaculate lines for 48 days (I’m 11 months in but my lines got very blurry so I enrolled in bootcamp which is so helpful!). It’s more my routine that needs settling. Thank you for the encouragement to keep going with it.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      What complex creatures we are, Allie! We’re so glad it sounds like Boot Camp is helping. 💗

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  5. Cheryl Vest

    I just realized in my Activity Log for Mind, I’m leaving out many automaticitied things like Gratitudes, checking Bright Liners Land while Icing my back. I did catch showers & Meditation. Hmmn. I am not as aware of my day as I thought.

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  6. Constance Joy

    Love the vlog! Thank you! 💗

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