Obesity Rates Climb Again

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released a new report this week showing that obesity rates are still rising. At this rate, by 2030, 50% of American adults will be classified as obese. Unfortunately, there is still widespread confusion and contradictory information about how to address the problem (even on the CDC website). Despite the disheartening statistics, there is good news. Watch this week’s vlog to hear more.


  1. Annie Taber

    Dear Susan, I love all of your blogs. And yet as one of the people who have tried bright line eating two or three different times and not succeeded in getting to my healthy weight. I finally came to the realization that there is more than just food that I have to investigate. Which I have done and have been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s autoimmune disease. I am hoping between bright line eating at a change in some meds and hormones that I will continue on the bright line journey and eventually get to a healthy and sustainable wait. Thanks for all you do and for your program which I believe is a really good one.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Happy to have you here, Annie, and wonderful that you are getting some answers. <3

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  2. Claire

    This has come up before-and it is not inspiring, insightful or worthy of when people do not take the time and the empathy and the maturity to figure out the difference between
    ~conversational speech-which these vlogs are
    ~ prepared speech
    ~and written “speech.”
    Yet-here I am-poking back at ya!
    If you “attend a class”…Susan is: ” spotonarticulateandherspeechandconnectivityflow”.

    Most of these vlogs are very spontaneous, un-prepared-some are covering rather emotional topics-which yup yup-is sometimes a bit uncomfortable-but if YOU had any brain training for body language reading-you’d realize that when the eyes roll up or to the side-the brain is actually searching for the right phrase or words, that hands help to physically express speech, that eyes down or even are also in a different emotional/body language place and yah-it is CONVERSATION…I would worry about people who can articulate perfectly on the fly all the time…and this isn’t necessary or realistic-in this genre’ of communication.

    All people have lives, are more or less tired, have “stuff on their plate” (pun intended) and other things. This wasn’t that inspiring of a vlog in the scheme of things-more informational on a topic that is near and dear to Susan’s heart, but not something I am all that interested in tracking… did I learn something? Yes I did. Did it reinforce the message of truth that ummmm….I’m not following at the moment but I know better 😉 You betcha!
    Does SPT do these vlogs from the gut most every time-yup she does-and that can be charming, inspiring, quizzical, adorable, confusing, directive, heartwarming, irritating, delightful and therefore they poke differently at different folks…SO?

    Allison and the speech nags…yeesh-sit down, hit the delete button-have a nice look at something calming and inspiring for you-and make a note to send love and peace whenever you have the urge to be so over the top nasty in public to a person you don’t even know. I hope to heckola that you are kinder to the friends and family in your neck of the woods. It is just plain old rude-and counter productive-which is far more of a foo poo in my book than “sounding un-educated and slaughtering the English Language”…I personally would rather you ponder plain old manners.

    Helen-you said the same thing-and in such an inspiring and much shorter way….thank-you too!

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Claire! Great point about the differences in prepared speech, written speech, and conversational speech. All are so different, aren’t they? 🧡

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  3. Helen Spingola

    Susan’s vlog made my day. Reading Allison’s criticisms um did the um opposite.

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  4. Allison

    All the Ya Know. Ya Know, UM, Um, Um um, um. Try training your brain Susan Pierce Thompson to lost all the Ya know s UM UM UM listening to you ramble um um um disgusting slaughter of our English language. A PHD? really???????

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  5. Janelouise

    Was given your book by a friend concerned about emotional and physical health and weight and how it was impacting my long-standing diagnosed health issues including arthritis, poly neuropathy and spondylitis. I had recently separated from husband due to my disabilities… ‘traded for much younger model’ !!!
    Anyway I digress have been following the BLE my new life for 4 weeks lost weight, sleeping better, not fretting about what to eat as decisions made night before. Everything weighed vibrant colours new textures of food.. experimenting with new things. Thank you BLE and my wonderful friend

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Happy for your newly found freedom, sleep, weight loss, and clarity, Janelouise. 🧡 Sending love to you as you navigate an emotional and challenging time.

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  6. Sarah Katzin

    Thank you for this vlog. I remember being told by a very slender doctor to lose weight. He was obviously a zero or one on the Susceptibility Scale, because he told me how he kept himself trim. It just made me feel inadequate and helpless. I am so grateful and honored to be here. I love being on this journey with you and pray that the oasis of sanity will one day water larger areas of the landscape.

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  7. Judy Dalluge

    Thank you for unlocking the mystery of food addiction with the golden key of white flower and sugar! Real food, three times a day , is simple and doable.
    Pre-measuring breakfast grains into baggies. makes breakfast simple. Just heat and serve with a fruit and a protein. A beautiful way to start each day!

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  8. Nancy Goss


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  9. Anne Hansotia

    Even when I tuned into the most recent summit where you were interviewed, those speakers were all over the place with their solutions. I simply had to stop listening because BLE is the only program that has worked for me..

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  10. Pauline

    Hi Susan, I have struggled to even complete the 14 day challenge. Have You thought about a physical boot camp where subscribers could go to kick start their program. One where nutritionalists would prepare meals and teach folks the program . As well as one where the participants stay on “campus” during the first week or two?

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Pauline! The idea of an on-site facility/program has been thrown out there in brainstorming sessions with understanding that it could positively impact and help many individuals. However, we are not in a position to move forward with in-person recovery centers at this time. 🧡🧡🧡

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  11. M Scoretz

    Hi Susan, just a note to say that (articles.mercola.com) there is an article on March 04,2020 entitled “Junk Foods Promote Hunger and Overeating” that is well-researched and absolutely “spot-on” in terms of the brain-related issues you have spoken of often.

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  12. Beth Robison

    Susan, the more that BLE has continued success, the more attention you are likely to attract. Have you thought about how you will respond when Big Sugar comes after you? I feel like it’s only a matter of time.

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  13. kris

    Dearest Susan, I love your take on the irony of advising to maintain a healthy weight as the solution to obesity!
    Kris sends….

    P.S. I do not think I received an email notice that the weekly Vlog was posted.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Kris! Yes, isn’t that ironic?! 😉
      The email went out this morning. So sorry for the delay. <3

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    2. Patricia Hampshire

      How do I start bright line eating i have Bipolar disorder and parkinsons and diabetes and an eating disorder? U

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      1. Bright Line Eating

        Hi Patricia! Welcome! We are so thrilled to have you in this space and would be honored to support you in your journey.

        There are a couple of great ways to get started:
        1. Join the 14-day Challenge, which provides you all the information you need immediately and is online. It also comes with daily videos to encourage and educate you as you get started.
        2. The Bright Line Eating Boot Camp–Boot Camp is a comprehensive 8- week, online course that comes with a private support community, coaching calls, weekly modules, a calling list, and more.  

        >>> Learn more about the 14-day Challenge here: http://ble.life/6vc7
        >>> Learn more about the Bright Line Eating Boot Camp here: http://ble.life/6zno

        Let us know if you have additional questions are need any assistance along the way! We’re cheering for you! 🧡🧡🧡

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