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A few years ago, I shot a vlog about a super effective tool in Bright Line Eating called stickk contracts. I’ve recently been using them a lot and found them very helpful, and I realized there’s probably a lot of people in our community who haven’t heard about them yet or might need a refresher. Watch this week’s vlog to learn more.


  1. Sammy

    I much prefer a positive approach than a punishment based approach. I don’t want to stick to my commitments to avoid “pain”. I want to stick to them to have positive reward! (much like how I would teach children or train dogs, I suppose). But to each his own.

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  2. Diane Boissett

    Thank you! I Don’t recall hearing about this tool before.. I have just downloaded the app and have added a goal for this weekend, food related that has seen me gain back weight that I’d lost. This is the accountability that I need to get me out of the ditch and back on track. Definitely setting short term goals to help limit the overwhelm.

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  3. Daniel Reeves

    I’m excited to see the Beeminder love in the comments here (thanks y’all!) and figured I’d repeat my comment from Youtube since this is probably a better place for such discussion:

    Powerful testimonial for StickK! Data nerds will of course prefer Beeminder (I’m a founder of Beeminder) and we have a collection of similar tools at

    One question: StickK’s code is open source?

    And a comment: the problem you point out about long-term contracts, Beeminder has what we immodestly think is a brilliant solution for. Namely, goals are long-term by default but you can change the commitment at any time — with a one-week delay. We call it the akrasia horizon. Would love to nerd out with you more about these things!

    PS: We’re huge fans of bright lines and mention them a lot on our blog and in the Beeminder forum. 🙂

    PPS: I mean bright lines generally; I’ve just now learned of the 4 specific ones that comprise Bright Line Eating. I think they make a ton of sense!

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Daniel! Thanks for sharing about Beeminder! Sounds like another great tool! <3

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  4. Janeen Jackson

    Just what I needed. I have been having difficulty staying motivated to write down foods, and to do my daily stretching/physio exercises. I didn’t know what to do. Have downloaded stick app. Fingers crossed.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Let us know how it goes for you, Janeen, and what you think! <3

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  5. Shel Barker

    Here’s my experience the sticKkcontract. In the beginning it was working really well but the goal that I chose was to lose weight. Using stickK for losing weight is a not a good option just because our weight fluctuates. Fire the first 3 weeks, I was keeping my lines bright, the weight was coming off at a reasonable clip and I exceeded the goals set for the first 3 of 9 weeks, corresponds with RBRZ 2020. As I get closer to my menstruation cycle , I typically put on anywhere from 3 to 5#. This time, I weighed in at 1.1# gain which was amazing but according to the expected 0.8# weight loss for the week,
    I failed that week’s goal and had to pay a fine. That was enough to trigger a WTF throw in the towel tantrum into a mini ditch.
    I’ve since regained some semblance of normalcy and back bright for the last 3 days (period ended 2 days ago, so that helps). The bloat has begun to recede and in starting to feel more like myself as the weight goes back down. So lesson learned: it’s good for behavior adjustment, it’s good for commitments but I don’t believe it’s good for weight loss graduate weight loss is NOT linear. I gave myself 9 weeks to drop those last few pounds but sheer will and dedication to maintaining my lines is not enough to overcome basic physiology. Now I know. Great video Dr. SPT!

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    1. Susan Peirce Thompson

      Right! Great point!
      StickK contracts are best used for behaviors we can 100% control. (Our weight loss isn’t in that category….but maintaining shiny bright lines is.)
      I learned that lesson the hard way once too, just like you describe here.

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  6. Doris Vorndran

    Excellent tool and appreciated! Thank you for sharing! I can see this coming in quite handy and effectively! Much love and gratitude Susan

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  7. Claudia Brauer

    Yes, I must have heard your first blog on Stickk some months ago because I have several Stickk contracts at present. As you say, i made the mistake of entering long-term commitments and reporting frequently and have had to pay several undeserved penalties for failing to report on travel days or days when I have been exhausted, so yes, it is s wonderful tool when we use it for short-term commitments or commitments that have a one or two-time reporting events. Thanks so much for finding this wonderful tool, it dies help a lot if you use it appropriately.

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    1. Stephanie

      Beeminder is my favorite web service ever. I have written custom scripts in Zapier and Heroku to get data into Beeminder where they do not already have integreations.

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    2. Bright Line Eating

      Thanks for the recommendation, Justin! Always fun to learn about new resources. <3

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  8. Sally white

    Thank you Susan.. another creative and extremely useful tool..

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