Indiscriminate vs. Nuanced

I’ve been going through a lot lately. I think many people in the community have sensed that. Fundamentally, I’m okay, but I can’t pretend it’s been easy. Huge shifts are happening, and I had two major experiences recently that taught me an important lesson. Watch the vlog to hear all about it and how it relates to your BLE journey.


  1. Marilyn Francetich

    Dearest Susan,

    You have given us SO much. Now it is your time to give back to yourself. Thank you so much for opening my eyes and the eyes of the world to a better way of living and eating. Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability.

    I love you and all you have done,


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  2. Claudia

    Please resend the email regarding your friend who is spearheading the free workshop on promoting new projects- I think it was published this past week (9/15/19). I didn’t know I needed it but I do !

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Claudia! Yes! A member of our team just emailed that to you again! Check your inbox.

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  3. Leslie Sanders

    Thanks for all you do Susan…. I’m following and learning and am getting good info from all your previous vlogs and new ones. I wondered how you could handle all this for so long. Step out and enjoy your family till they leave home, you will never get to relive these years with them! Enjoy yourself please!

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  4. Patricia

    I am new to BLE but found this video to be very moving to me personally. I have gone through something similar in the last few years. A realization I am not living my life according to who I am and what my true needs really are. It is modest on your part to recognize and articulate your needs to your followers. I am not in any kind of work or social situation as you are but I truly understand your pain.
    One of the things that helped me immensely to understand myself better is a program called Living Your Truth by Carol Tuttle. I am not in any way affiliated with this business model but knowing the truth of who I am at heart has explained a lot of my life to me. My guess is that you are not the extrovert that you have believed yourself to be. You really are at your core an introvert and you haven’t honored that in yourself. I am a type 4 in Carol Tuttle’s Living your truth model. I am pretty sure you are that also.
    I have had to learn to honor who I am despite what others expectations are for me.
    Wishing you well on your journey!

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Thank you for sharing a resource that has been beneficial to you, Patricia. <3

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  5. Jacqueline

    You seem vulnerable but honest as always. Take good care of yourself. Your vlog made me think of adult development and it strikes me that what you’re going through is a developmental leap. It’s painful at the time but worth it at the other side. The work of Robert Keagan at Harvard might be a support. Stay well and thrive.

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  6. Nicole

    Your openness, vulnerability and love comes through in all you do. You have touched so many and helped so many on such a deeply personal level I think people forget that you do not know them in an equally intimate way. Thank you as always for your honesty and for shedding light on so many concerns and issues in such a thoughtful way. I, as I am sure many others, feel very blessed for the work you do and respect your needs and appreciate you sharing them.

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  7. Gisele

    I’m 3 days new to your group. I saw an add for something going on in Norway and my first thought was I wonder if she gets tired of traveling around. So, I was glad I found your vlog because it resonated with me so much. I have been on the verge of tears and emotions are tender lately and I don’t have near the life you have so I commend you for sharing so honestly. I’m justlearning to use boundaries. There was another word to go with boundaries and that was unity. I come from a Christian perspective and see it as a wonderful gift that we don’t use until we are in trouble sometimes. I thank you so much for your transparency to your “family”
    I have to laugh that when you were talking about your family reunion I couldn’t imagine the dysfunction present that would require a “handler” 😂 I’ve been on a self care/preservation mode for about a month now~ as to prevent me from “throwing the baby out with the bath water” which is my past coping method. My pastor says we need to “tap the brake” “create margins” Bible verse today was about Mary and Martha. Choose the better thing. Sit at Jesus’ feet more than scurry about. May you have peace beyond understanding Susan.
    God Bless,

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  8. Denise Jones


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  9. Odile

    Thank you to be you!

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  10. Linda Silvis

    Susan, this is what I got from this vlog: While listening to you (with a lump in my throat), I couldn’t help but think that you were expressing the embodiment of “principles before personalities” which, as you know, is the purpose of anonymity in the 12-step world. The courage you showed in giving up your anonymity to become a Personality with a Capital P makes me believe that yes, it is possible to be a leader in the community of recovery without the shield of anonymity. And then to create, a business, books, events, teachings, etc., etc., openly, and all the while being willing to attach your name to it is very brave. To me it feels like you are growing yourself up within the context of your BLE world. You have left the adolescence of identifying with the indiscriminate mythology of what it means to be celebrated and “larger than life” . Your willingness to walk us down your very personal path is to me a beautiful indication of a balancing between body, mind, ego, spirit and heart. Leaning energy management is key, you are so right!!!. As a bodyworker and healer, I can really relate to this journey (though I’m not famous in any circles) because I think the combination of your vulnerable humanity and your discriminating nuanced presence can only bring a wonderful balance that makes people like me feel safe.

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  11. David and Shelley

    Precious Susan,

    My husband David and I are sooo honored that you would and do trust us with this powerful, raw, honest vlog and part of yourself!

    Your excellent, awesome example here is far beyond words to describe. We’ve learned much in this few minutes ‘with you’…. Lord willing!

    We two read books together, try to read a chapter a day. Two come to mind right now. Boundaries. and Necessary Endings.

    And then The Butterfly Effect, by Andy Andrews. You are effecting such good, for eternity!

    We love you, Girl!!!

    And it’s completely okay if we never meet! Unless God has a specific plan to use us to give back into your life any tiny measure of what you have given us!


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  12. Elizabeth ann Williams

    You should live your life the way that works for you, to include what you need and want in your life. Do whatever is necessary for your business and your life, make yourself happy. Namaste

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  13. Diane

    Susan, you created the celebrity of Susan Pierce Thompson. You have promoted BLE by promoting yourself. BLE is sound and works, it doesn’t need a caricature of SPT to succeed. Pull back and take care of yourself. Allow BLE to be whatever it should be, allow it to shine rather than you. Wishing you some space to work out who you actually are and where to from here. With love and peace.

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  14. Kristina

    Someone mentioned thinking you were burning out..I reframed that …for myself really…

    “Burning out”..doesn’t sound correct to me..more like “forged in flame”…because, my perspective? are paying attention.

    And..for me anyway..(and I was classified as an “extroverted introvert” hah!)…i know emotions can be…overwhelming..that struggling to take self-care on in a suddenly..ferociously..different way..can be…frightening. But i am convinced that emotions are the major gift of being human..because emotions (“energized-motion”…) are physical..and we have physical FEEL them..and I am convinced that our highest form of honoring the Spiritual to PAY ATTENTION.

    YOU are paying attention susan!
    Thank you.
    For role modeling..and for your courage.
    When you walk those steps? Many of us can then attempt our own version.
    Or even..just applaud from the sidelines. And possibly think.
    “Hey!..Maybe I can do that too!”
    I LOVE how intelligent and thoughtful you are. I know all about having big energy..weeell..a lot about it..AND..I love your white teeth! Teehee!
    You invite me..and cause experience Love Susan. Thank you.
    You are deeply appreciated. Namaste

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  15. Carol Purdy

    That was a fantastic vlog.
    What a relief for me to feel the beginning of the end of Susan leading the movement on steroids.
    You are fighting an industry that has required this but not anymore.
    For me you have always been incredibly tender and loving to all of us fighting the battle with our food addictions.
    I can imagine you at that sacred place being contacted by Galactic forces that are helping us move forward.
    At the hot springs at 3.30 am with no interferences.
    Excited that the new cookbook will be coming out next month and I can get more help.
    Blessings and love to you,

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  16. Adele Steiger

    I am so thankful that you posted this. As one of the 50 people at the house, I was so disappointed to not hear you speak. I didn’t need a selfie or a book signed. I just wanted the opportunity to hear you wisdom in person. I wasn’t necessarily disappointed in STP but in the way things were handled. As a person who works with celebrities of all shapes and sizes, I better understood what happened. I work in TV News and have had to learn to be assertive where necessary and yielding when there might be a need for exploration. And I know that any “handler”, male or female, can help you and your staff through your, and ultimately your companies, transition. After listening to this vlog, as I prepped my lunch’s for the week, I felt I understood so much better about what happened. I truly believe that truth will out. Thank you again for your openness , and mostly your honesty and authenticity.

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  17. Camilla Greene

    Susan, You are a product of your whiteness. Brightline Eating program while informative has troubled me as a Black woman. The whole program is a white space. There are a smattering of people in dark skin identity in BrightLine Eating. Those folks are marginalized and must demonstrate the extent to which they can assimilate into the dominant culture.
    I have always felt that you exemplify white womanhood’s perceived politeness and perfection. No judgement; just a comment from someone who is on her own journey with her dark skin identity living in North Amerikkka.

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  18. Sarah Luella Baker

    Susan this is your life. You get to choose how you want to interact with it. You are a sensitive visionary- something I can relate to. Your choice. Take time, restructure. you have already given a lifetime of gifts to the world. XO

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  19. Jessica Jade Hunter

    Dear Susan – I feel like you are a very dear friend. As my friend I can see you have given too much and now you need to step back and recover your energy and strength. At times I have given too much. I needed to learn to take care of myself first so I would have enough strength, energy and desire left over to help others. Since you fly a lot — put your own breathing mask on first so you can breathe and then you can help others to put on their breathing masks. You have built a beautiful and life-saving community by giving so much of yourself. Now in this next phase of your journey / movement you need to figure out the logistics of continuing to help vast numbers of people that need it and still keep your psyche and soul safe and well. You can do it. It is hard. Take all the time you need. Ask for help. We who love you and who are your friends will welcome and accept whatever you decide to do. I love to listen to your vlogs because I learn so much about myself and get so many great ideas about how to live authentically. I can’t get that advice from anyone else on the planet. You are beautiful, giving and unique. Take care of yourself so you can continue to share your wisdom, insights and fun in whatever manner you decide. The face of BLE doesn’t just have to be you. One of my favorite vlogs was the one you did with the woman from Norway. I would absolutely love to hear from her again. Her vision of BLE in Norway was so inspiring. You can find others. Let go a little. It will turn out ok – even better than ok. You will be ok. You will learn and grow and be better and happier. Spend a lot of time in nature and doing things you love to do. Go outside to your favorite beautiful place and take a deep breath and enjoy life and nature. Go there often. Make room for more joy in your life. I love you!

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  20. A. King

    I’m an introvert so I easily relate you how you feel. Boundaries are a blessing because humans are not suited to celebrity. Place the mask over your head and mouth first then you can assist those around you. Fly free for as long as is needed! We’ll be here when you get back ❤️

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  21. Mimi Hanzel

    You have been blessed with your insight and need to pull back Susan. I am impressed with you and your ability to be so open and honest about the need to pull back. Take care of yourself and it is o.k. To set boundaries.
    Mimi Hanzel, Ph.D.

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  22. Tina

    Thank you for taking time to communicate and be so transparent. Wishing you all the very best – take good care.

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  23. Bobbie Ligon

    WOW! Thank you for sharing. I, too, am an extrovert but there are times I need to pull away and have some alone/me time…..basically to fill my gas tank if you will. You need to take care of yourself. I often use the example of being on an airplane with small children – you put the oxygen mask on you first in an emergency, then your children. Otherwise, you can’t take care of them. A lot of us have the tendency to take care of those around us, sometimes at our own expense. While I’m sorry you had to go through this experience to regain balance in your life, I’m thankful you are coming out the other side wiser and well. Healing may take a while but that’s OK. Like our weight loss – it comes at different speeds for different people. I so appreciate and respect you and thankful that I have found BLE. Take whatever time you need for Susan. You are worth it – remember God doesn’t make junk!

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  24. Megan Hawthorne

    Thank you Susan. Mary Pipher wrote About this in her book called Seeking Peace: Chronicles of the worst Buddhist in the world. She had a very similar experience at a conference where she was speaking. And then there’s Byron Katie: “A no to you is a yes to me.”

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  25. Maureen

    I was at the last house visit you referred to, as a BLE guest, invited by a friend, anticipating what I expected – a small intimate gathering with the author of the book I just read. At first I thought, what a waste of my time to be here. I walked by that dining room table with a quick glance to see who you were, sat in the crowded room to get a group photo with you, and then headed home. This vlog is a reflection of everything I really gained from that evening. Thank you Susan. Thanks for coming in later than expected. Thanks for saying no to photos, and interaction, and yes to your deepest needs. Those hours in waiting allowed me to have meaningful conversations with people I had never met, people I would not normally associate with. I discovered a new tribe of people who have much to offer; who add value to life; who have successfully made a transformation. I used to own a large organization with team leaders and members, so I know the value of letting them be the voice, and take the lead, as I watched what I initially started and exhaustively invested in. grow. I applaud you for listening to that inner voice, and your experiences with others, to help reshape your choices in the future. In 2014, when you first started this movement, I had watched your original videos. Here I am five years later just beginning this journey. Thank you!

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  26. Sue

    You are growing and it is so good to see you are getting through it. Oprah had something similar where she would say yes to every request until she realised she didn’t feel good about it. She reshaped her life and grew from it. We are privileged to get your perspective as you change and make new choices for you, your family and your business. My mum was in business for fifty years and she didn’t change and grow or delegate which was sad for all of us. Good luck.

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  27. Rachel Burwell

    All I can say is thank-you, as always not only for your clear authentic perspective but for the vulnerability to share it. I found this most enlightening and persuasive for more reasons than I care to enumerate.

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  28. Sally J Mittelstadt

    My metaphor for indiscriminate is streaking. For over 20 yrs of my life I lived a very public life as a cross-cultural missionary. Response and greater participation came in response to my openness and vulnerability. In my mid 50’s I realized that for the most part, no one else lived so publicly. I realized that my public life and presentations were emotional streaking. I lost that life due to divorce. Adjustment to a private life and learning to have a private life was slow and eventually good. Welcome to wisdom and nuance. Let this aspect of journey unfold. Be all their for your kids and husband. BLE will find its place.

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  29. Kerrie Hayes

    You. Are. Human. We all get it – take the time you need. Rely on others in your staff to keep this tribe going – they are so very capable! We love you and are her for you as you are/were here to us!


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  30. Christine Yount Jones

    Susan, love that you’re doing good self work and being true to who you are. Thank you for modeling such great authenticity. Grateful for you!

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  31. Wendy

    I understand what you are saying but this is the price for having people pay. You did not just write a book you gave people the option to pay for your personal counsel. That is how you sold the boot camp , bright lifer and other programs. When you charge people more than a small fee you have to give what you advertise. If you sent an email asking people to join you at a retreat you are implying they will be spending time with you. It is really invasive and I can only imagine how difficult this is but you have also made a lot of money and it is up to you to decide if it is worth it

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  32. Alexandra

    “Ego-restructuring”. The work ahead.

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  33. Nic D

    A perspective if you wish to receive it – I offer it with love, but am also aware that not just in person, even in this setting, you constantly receive ‘advice’, suggestions, others sharing their own similar stories, and what can sound and feel like your peeps out here giving you ‘permission’ in some way – “take all the time you need”! That is not our permission to give ….

    Anyway, here is my thought on listening to your words, after only watching an occasional vlog and stopping altogether since you were holed up in a room at your dad’s house. I thought then, this lady is in a difficult place …

    I am post breast cancer, 53 years old, struggled with weight all my life and post-chemo I piled on the kilos (I’m in Australia).
    I read your book and did 14 day challenge last September, on the 11th actually, so anniversary coming up.
    I stuck to it, still do, lost 18 kilos, I look freakin amazing and my oncologists are so happy with my health.
    I talk about BLE all the time – I run a small cafe and now have some customers who follow BLE after they saw my transformation and were interested.

    You wrote the book.
    I read it.
    It worked.
    I’m healthy.
    That shows.
    Others see it.
    They buy the book.
    They read it.
    And so it goes on.

    I don’t need the piece of you that you no longer feel able to give.
    I wish for you to be able instead to keep it safe and close.

    From my heart to yours XXX

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  34. Julie M

    Good for you! I’m excited for you in this time of shifting. Sounds like refocusing your energy onto what’s really important to you might be underway. It’s totally understandable to need to pull back from the always on lifestyle it sounds like you’ve been putting into things. Take care of yourself and I’m excited to see how you and BLE evolve!

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  35. Donna McAdams

    I am always so touched by your willingness to be real, honest with us and with yourself. Your generosity in sharing this journey with all of us is so unselfish. We are all on a journey in this life. We find ourselves on open highways and hidden paths. BLE is a brightly lit avenue to me. You created it. But it’s your journey, too. It’s ok to find out where this journey is taking you next. Know we love you. Take all the time you need.❤️❤️❤️

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  36. Claudia Brauer

    Susan, you are just going through a transition from quantitative presence to qualitative presence. Growth or destruction is gradual until the point of a transition from one proportion to another, the leap into a different quality of the thing. The interruption of the gradual process makes the quality of your presence be different from what preceded that state. I am sure this will eventually be a win-win for you and the BLE community. Thanks for your honesty.

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  37. Valeri Marsh

    P.S. Your vlog where you holed up at your dad’s place helped me see my need to do the same in my own life at the very time you shared your experience.. I couldn’t have taken that much needed next week off guilt-free without your example. Likewise, this vlog may empower and give permission to others to deeply re-evaluate their own trajectories. I know that wasn’t your intent, but certainly might be some positive fallout from your self-examination and candor. So…thank you! xoxo

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Glad you were able to get the rest and restoration your body was asking for, Valeri.

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  38. Linda

    Besides overwhelming you — these things TAKE your energy.
    You give so much.

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  39. Eileen

    I feel like the rap experience crushed you. Unintended hurt and you apologized but it was public thus so much worse. I’ve worked in healthcare for 40 years and have had to learn not to use binary pronouns when addressing any person. I’m trying hard to eliminate the “good morning sir or Ms” from my repertoire but I’m human and fail. I hope that people will be gentle with me as I unlearn a lifetime of previously accepted verbiage. Love is the answer. I’m happier, thinner and freer than I was six months ago. Thank you. I see a magazine in your future. I would be the first to subscribe. May you be surrounded by love and gentleness.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      We did a digital magazine last holiday season! Did you see that, Eileen? It was beautiful! <3

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  40. Heather Hudson/Victor Riemland

    Love you girl, more and more and more. Take care of yourself Susan. You are so super special. xoxoxoxo

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  41. Karen Cole

    Susan, I totally understand where you are coming from. You need to do what is best for you. As they say on the plane, put the mask on yourself before you Help others. We are all here for you!

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  42. Paula Haas

    Susan, we don’t own you or ever have the right to barge into your space when the time is not good for you. Thank you for taking care of yourself! I am so grateful that you started BLE, a debt I can never repay. Namaste.

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  43. barb conte

    <3 Susan

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  44. Marjorie Weiss

    Thank you so much for sharing this stage of your life with so much honesty and vulnerability. We love you Susan and I, for, one saw this coming in your life way before the Reunion. When I listened to your parts-work session at the beginning of the Freedom Course in May, I was talking out loud to you, begging you to start setting boundaries, honoring limits, and stop saying yes to everything. . While I under the discomfort that comes with re-working our inner selves, I am so happy to see you on this journey. And it is a remarkable gift you share with us to learn from you, as you model such a process with self-compassion, clarity and ciur.

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  45. Jen Girard-Krebs

    Thank you for sharing your process. Your candor is powerful beyond words. You touch my soul with many of your videos, inspiring me to keep searching for my path within myself. Thank you for making the world brighter! And, YAY for pausing to take care of you. The whole world will be better as we all learn to care for ourselves.

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  46. Clausene

    Love to you Susan. It sounds like burn out and compassion fatigue. It develops when you give your all to the point you run out. You have always displayed incredible compassion and love to us, the BLE family. Now it is time to show yourself that same compassion and love to begin to refill yourself. It is okay to prioritize your needs and your family’s needs. I will be praying for you.

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  47. Lisa Crume

    Wow! Sounds like the river ran dry. Take time for yourself. No one should question that, let yourself fall from the pedestal. Thank you for creating the program.

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  48. Rhonda Wolf

    Your honesty and vulnerability are appreciated. You have a right to ask for what you need from yourself and the BLE community. I’m glad your exploring what this shift means for you. You have built an amazing movement and developed and amazing team of people, TRUST it and them to be able to do as much as you need.

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  49. Alice


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  50. Alicia Fultz

    All this is okay and will be okay. Time for balance. It seems like an inflection point.. Bright Lines are somewhat by their nature “all or nothing” thinking. They are Bright Lines – not to be crossed!It might have felt like everything you do has to be all or nothing. That isn’t true. Thanks for sharing. I get it. And your relating it to celebrity totally opened my eyes.

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  51. Riad Ghanma

    one of your problems, is that you are dealing with us, food addicts, and so are you, so it is not easy to deal with a food addict.
    i would give you the benefit of the doubt, in all you do, and so anyone of the community,
    one doing what you are doing, he will be overwhelmed,
    what matters, is to take care of your abstinence, and that goes for all of us

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  52. Kaye Bast Hanson Sitko

    My dear Susan,
    I listen to you in today ‘s vlog. I began to listen to the Vlog with you being the representative. Somewhere mid vlog, I began to listen to you as a human being. I listened with compassion, curiosity, and a longing to provide comfort for you.

    As a fellow extrovert, I totally understand how your mouth can get you into trouble. Learning to think before you speak has to be the hardest lesson to learn for a extrovert.

    It also occurred to me by the end of the Vlog, That I representation shift needs to be made. For example, Geico uses a gecko, progressive uses a box. Yes Toyota uses Jan. Yes progressive also uses Flo. But we all know they are not leading those companies. You need a representative for bright line eating so that it doesn’t matter who is speaking to people on a topic they look at that object as the representative leading the company. An idea off the top of my head, a bumblebee/lightning bug. The bumblebee being the “B”for BLE . The lightning bug can zip around across a screen leaving a bright line behind.

    Just food for thought.

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    1. Seamonkey

      Love the idea of the lightning bug !bb

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  53. Susan J Edwards

    Hello, heard the ego-shattering comment; a process which really sucks. I know you probably won’t read this, but would like to propose that most of the process of the shift began right after the “piece of work” that you did with Everett in your car on the 1st BLF call. This is “inner Child” work and the onset of a journey for mid-life. You are brilliant and gifted. I want to celebrate your Recovery Journey from Alchohol and Drugs; that impresses me. I bless you, Another Susan

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  54. Mary Byam-Smith

    Wow! So powerful! The long pauses as you spoke, the deep sighs you released inviting me to breathe with you and release shackles of misunderstanding within my own journey .What you said and how you delivered it, are/ were /shall serve as healing .It is crazy as I have never done bright line eating or read your book but fell upon your vlog from an email sent to me from Jonathan Ott! I came here seeking wisdom/recipes/protocols/? on “how “to maintain a 90 pound weight loss. I am walking away with so much more! I want to become a part of BLE tribe by following your principles and Embracing the how to’s. I will do that but for now I am journeying with you as a Fellow spiritual sojourner! I was so blown away with the concept of construct of an individual or image that we hold in our minds of others I
    realized I have done this with the divine creator( and entity I call God ) who holds all life energy force in his/her/their hand. I was indiscriminate for most of my life with my beliefs, following schemes set down for me by others. Ii’m now understanding there are nuances that are waiting to bloom with inside of me. Thank you for the water of the seats. They have been in darkness long enough. It is time to grow! There is a time for building in a time for tearing down. I’m thankful for both!

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      We’re glad you’er here in whatever way serves you Mary. ❤️

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  55. Karen

    Maybe there are lessons to learn here from celebrities. They do not make themselves available to all fans whenever fans demand. It is a matter of scale. When it’s small and manageable it does not deplete the person. When the scale changes then you are right to pull back and determine the new terms of engagement. It’s another set of bright lines for a different purposes. We all have them in our lives, yours is no different. Take care.
    Love and respect.

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  56. H. Scott

    Thank you for this video. As an introvert I so understand your need to be introverted at this time. You need to heal. Your being has been assaulted in so many ways. You are the founder of this amazing movement of BLE but you cannot carry it in the way have indefinitely.
    Thank God you may have averted a nervous breakdown. Please set boundaries. Lots of boundaries. Know yourself in a new way.
    We all need you here with us. You are my encourager every day. I recognize your frailty. You are not super human.
    You are a wonderful human being who has brought something very special to the world.
    God bless. Recover well my friend.

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  57. MG

    Thank you, Susan. Love you. Take care of yourself. 💗

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  58. Jeri DeTillio

    I just simply Love you.
    Please know that everything is going to be okay. ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Appreciate your confidence and message of serenity. ❤️

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  59. Penny Dittmar

    Susan, your baby has grown! BLE has been a life saver for me and my family and of course for the thousands of others out there. I know its cliché buy you simply cannot be all things to all people. Hand over some of the reins of the company to those you trust – that’s what all of us with small businesses that have grown have had to do to survive. When you do that, I think you will be able to do those parts of the business that you choose to do, when you choose to do them. Breathe, rest and enjoy your life – BLE has made that a reality for me and I feel thankful for that.

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  60. Gloria Green

    This is self care, wisdom & maturity speaking. Oh that each of us would come to this
    reality before our health or family are lost! Much love & support Susan

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  61. Nance Johnson

    Good for you! A lot of people change their perspective (and reflect on their personality) in their forty’s. I’m thankful that you see that it’s about time you step back from being SPT and allow your life to include “you”. I appreciate your willingness to be vulnerable…keep it up. You’re on a more healthy road for yourself and BLE so go for it!

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  62. Riadh Asaad Ghanma

    i myself had to remove myself from the community, to keep my abstinent
    to me abstinent is first
    i feel the model of aa meetings each group do their meeting in their area, is one way of keeping things go on, provided the fact that tere is a general meeting, say every 6 months

    Reply ·
  63. chris

    boundary stuff has become huge in the new energy shift. i think you’re good to own maybe 10% of this, in that you ave previously been very accessible.

    but the other 90% is just people being _rude_. please don’t be afraid to re-evaluate your needs; you should NOT have to hide. informing people of your boundaries is huge, and VALID, especially when they are changing.

    my suggestions, as an LMT who gets hit up for health advice all the time:

    (1) what you did in calling ahead is wonderful. VERY good idea. for me, i set expectations where i know i’m not going to be able to “perform.”
    (2) intentionally set your energy to “I’m not here” when you’re in a crowd and you don’t wish to/can’t energetically afford to be “on.”
    (3) people have other people they can turn to – punt them in the right direction if you can’t handle the energy drain.
    (4) skip what you need to skip.

    this is probably a great transition for you. IMVHO, putting yourself first is something all caregivers need to learn sooner or later.

    Reply ·
  64. GAIL

    Peace and love

    Reply ·
  65. Irene

    We love you too!

    Reply ·
  66. Jen

    Always appreciate your candor and ability to be authentic about your experiences. I think it’s great for others to understand things from this perspective. I’ve never experienced any kind of fame, but in my role as a counselor, I can relate to being expected to always be “on” and approachable. I was taught in my training as a counselor that there are times when it is important for everyone involved, to be candid with others when these feelings come up. As a counselor, the rule is to share what’s coming up for us, when it’s blocking our ability to be in that role., for example, I’ve been candid about it, when I’ve had an emotional reaction to what a client is saying to me to the point it interferes with my ability to be objective, (but it could be anything that comes up). Every time I’ve given voice to this, from a true place, it’s been received well and often ultimately very healing for both parties. People seem to innately understand and respond to authenticity, and above all else Susan, you are authentic. Keep speaking your truth and needs and I think once they are understood, they will continue to be overwhelmingly respected received well.

    Reply ·
  67. cheryl coan

    Susan, I for one like the Susan that is just like a real person, the same as the rest of us. We are on the same page, usually boxes get knocked out from under people and they fall on their face. Don’t change Susan we are here because of what we have seen in the beginning of the program. Also, since are 45 yrs old, maybe you might start thinking of hormones changing and with that comes life changing situations. Thank you Susan for all you are doing for all of us.

    Reply ·
  68. Beth

    “A lack of boundaries invites a lack of respect….” I’m not sure who said it, but they were so right on so many levels – inside and out….. And, ultimately, isn’t this at the center of the proverbial lollipop for anyone struggling with their weight? Boundaries = self respect/self worth ….. Susan, you are the genuine article – and whatever boundaries you create for yourself, everyone who’ has benefitted from your knowledge and willingness to share, should be happy to leave their tokens of gratitude at the gate😉😘♥️

    Reply ·
    1. chris


      Reply ·
  69. Diana Miller

    Dear Susan – I thought you did the rap at the reunion because you like doing it and it is fun and light for you. Given who I think I know who you are, you did not mean to hurt anyone by doing this rap. You have taken what it meant to some to heart but please know that it is not you to hurt anyone. Almost everything you do is super important to BLE movement. Getting a business off the ground is a big deal and there is a constant attention that needs to be paid to keep the wheels turning – if you take off on something that is fun for you and then get hit in the gut for stepping away for a few minutes that has got to be super hard for your insides. I listened to the VLOG right after when you talked about having done the rap and felt at the time that what came out of that admittedly self indulgent moment in time (you deserve to have a few self indulgent moments) was you being too hard on yourself. You said that you were going to pay more attention to inclusion which is the exactly the right reaction and a wonderful response. I think at this point you are flagellating yourself – wearing the hair shirt – and, you are just done in. Everything inside you has been dedicated to doing right by all of us in the BLE movement and this one thing does not mean that you do not have the entire BLE movement and all of us inside that movement deeply in your heart. I have been a part of BLE for a little over two years at this point and my observation is this: you got a punch in the gut and perhaps came out of it feeling that you do not need or deserve any light heartedness. This would be enough to fry anyone, total burn out. you have given and given and given. When you were hit with the reaction from your rap instead of recognizing that woman (from when you were a girl) simply wanting a light hearted space here you are again trying to give and trying to figure it all out and do right, always meaning to do the right thing. I think it is important for you to go back to that “girl that likes to rap” and remember that it is simply fun for you to do and not you making a public comment about your belief system. I honor that you are listening to whomever was hurt by that rap but please know that you were in a light hearted space. It seems to me that the thing just needs to fade; you are paying more attention to the inclusion aspect of BLE which we all appreciate. For me I want to hold that little one inside you that got hit so hard and I want to reassure you that you get to have light hearted times and spaces where you are just yourself, Susan. PS – I am also very sorry to read some of the responses above not understanding that you’ve been hit pretty hard – most of us in BLE support you and know that you are, like us, a human being trying to do the right thing every single day.

    Reply ·
  70. Steve

    Dear Susan,
    For you mental and physical safety, business survival and future growth you need a full time “handler”/no person by your side, always.

    Having worked in media and the speaking world and met and worked with many “stars” I can tell you that the survivors know they are on the stage the moment they leave their personal space and set clear boundaries that work for them personally. Your growth has taken you to a knew level of awareness! I’m sure Reid Tracy (Hay House) can tell you stories and perhaps provide some supportive knowledge on handling this better, for you.

    It’s a testament to your heart and success that many feel they know you intimately and certainly your raw vlogs give many of us great insight to your psyche and this in part explains the enthusiasm and ease with which many approach you. That said, I think you need to manage your time/space and SPT/Brightline branding to care for your needs first. The growing tribe will still love you and receive the support the came to get.

    Best Wishes

    Reply ·
  71. Martha Sharon

    Susan, I am amazed that you lasted this long with all the activity. It is ok; at 45, you are really going through incredible changes, physically, and emotionally, in addition to family and work! You just can’t go full steam anymore.
    One comes to need more silence in life.

    You have given so much, and ridden this wave; so many of us are so grateful to you, and you have helped us find who we really are; it can be depleting to you, on such a big stage.

    I had a funny image when you were talking: remember Betty Crocker? I used to think that she must be very busy; her face on all those packages of mix cakes, etc. America’s baker. She never even existed! HaHA, maybe you should have structured BLE that way, and you could go about your life.

    Fond thoughts; thanks, and when you get your strength back, proceed in your new nuanced approach!

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Had no idea about Betty Crocker! Never.even.existed! 😉

      Reply ·
  72. Debbie

    I have viewed/listened to the weekly vlog each week for almost two years. Never before have I felt called to leave a comment. I strongly wish to say that this “pause/shift” feels so “healthy and right on” to me. Your courage to honor your energy and question your former way of being in the world, (whether this is your intention or not) models a path for others to do the same should they want to. You are walking a tightrope between 1) being the face of a “brand” in the business sense which from a marketing standpoint kind of “should” be a fixed/count-on-able entity that doesn’t shift and change too much 2) being the leader of a movement of comprised of thousands of human beings who will naturally project all sorts of things on to you, and 3) most importantly being a human yourself with human needs and wants. It seems to me that you are doing all of this with so much courage and grace that I am in awe. I respect you and your journey so much. I’m all for a brand and leader that 1) embraces her/his humanity and 2) is willing to question everything and 3) honor her/his energy. Thank you!

    Reply ·
  73. Dee Fay

    Susan: My opinion of you remains the same. . . YOU ARE AMAZING AND I LOVE YOU!

    Reply ·
  74. Kim McDougall

    I feel your pain on this having overextended myself so much in the past. Recognizing it & acting on how to take care of ourselves is very painful as it causes those around us to question what we’ve become. Stay strong & know your wisdom is inspiring. Love to you & your family…. Kim

    Reply ·
  75. Christine

    I am struggling to have compassion for your dilemma, Susan, but didn’t you deliberately create the “construct” of “Susan Peirce Thompson” when you named her? I’m so sorry to hear you are hurting, but it’s nearly impossible for me to hear this as anything but “celebrity boo hoo”. Too famous, , too desired, too precious…oh my.

    Reply ·
    1. chris

      wow. this feels like… a surprising lack of empathy. 🙁

      Reply ·
  76. Lauren

    I was recently at an crowded airport terminal waiting with about a hundred others for their various flights, when Sam Elliot walks past. The mustache and shock of silver hair were immediately recognizable. He was by himself (no handler) but had his head slightly down and walked with a purposeful stride towards a vacant seat, making no eye contact. In his wake were soft, excited whispers and more than a few elbow jabs and pointing fingers. I have to say, being a huge fan of his drool-worthy self, I was sooo tempted to approach him but thought better of it. I was sincerely amazed that during the entirety of his 15 minute seated vulnerability in such a public space that no one approached him. He sat and talked quietly with two shocked young women who had the good fortune of being in the right place at the right time to become his sole focus.
    It can be done. We can be respectful even in crowds of people with huge celebrity presence.
    With Sam, we know that he is a face on the big screen and we don’t have a personal relationship with him. With Susan, we feel more of a heart connection with the intimate way she shares her deepest stories and touches our lives. For me, her message and presence literally changed the trajectory of my life from one of misery, desperation, and illness, to living a life that is happy, thin, and free (and 65 pounds lighter!). The connection I feel with her is like a sacred sister and the fact that we have never met makes no difference. I know I would be hard pressed to restrain myself from approaching her but would NEVER want to cause her a moment’s pain or undue stress, either. My prayer is that she finds ways to find balance and clear boundaries for herself and is able to convey that to those around her who only want the best for her.
    Blessings, dear Susan.

    Reply ·
  77. Joanna Carichner

    Dear Susan, that was a truly beautiful blog! Yes nuanced is the word of 2019 for sure! Thank you for your incredible wisdom and sharing of your continued learning. As a teacher and retreat leader with a small amount of celebrity within my community, I can relate.

    Reply ·
  78. Shelley

    Just finished your Vlog! Thank you for being willing to show up and be honest and vulnerable! I am in the middle of a very sad family event as my brother-in-law passed away suddenly on Sunday! I was thrown back into family dynamics that are the root cause of my eating disorder,addiction! Initially I fell right back into the old eating, comforting patterns! However, after 36 hours I have been able to right the ship and see where the leaks in the ship were. If it weren’t for you and your hard work and immense willingness to share I would be a mess! You have birthed the babe, been attentive during the infancy and teenage years of this program and now we are able to fly! You have people and structures in place to support us and we have to choose to avail ourselves of the opportunity. I loved your Mother’s wise diddy and it will now be a part of my guidance before I say anything! All of this to say, you are allowed to take care of yourself ,your family, your personal relationships! Good boundaries equal good, healthy relationships. Take care of yourself and meet your needs. Sending you love and “ no strings attached” support.

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Sending loads of love to you at this painful time, Shelley. So much love and wishes of peace. ❤️

      Reply ·
  79. Joelene

    You are great! Love you!

    Reply ·
  80. Mayra Garza-Hitchens

    ‘……largely on pause’ yes…that’s exactly what it feels like…just about all of it..

    Thank you for sharing this and so vulnerably…

    Reply ·
  81. Hilde

    Thank you, Susan, for this vlog. Heh, finaly … Now I can follow you. I couldn’t because of the ‘strictness’ of your concept. Now I feel that I fit in, even if I can’t follow all of it all the time. This vlog gave me what I needed to go for it. I’ve watched you change, from very strickt to less strickt, from the always sure one to the sometimes doubting one. And that last person, that the one I can follow, for I’m also like that. So, thank you, thank you very much … for showing this ‘becoming more human’. Love, Hilde

    Reply ·
  82. Sharon

    This is a very interesting blog. You use words like community, movement and even call your meetings a family reunion, when in reality, BLE is a business and a lucrative one at that. I think that is fantastic.
    “Susan Pierce Thompson” is s brand you worked hard to build and it is synonymous with BLE. No harm in rethinking your interactions with your customers, or setting a new strategy for your company. Your resentment of customers who seek you out, or call you out on public conduct they dislike, is understandable. Publicly whining about it to a customer base that invests its hard-earned money in your products and services is bad for business.
    I keep thinking about the Queen song, We are the Champions…”you’ve given me fame and fortune and everything that goes with it — I thank you all.”

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Interesting thoughts, Sharon. Thanks for watching and for chiming in!

      Reply ·
  83. sue

    I see you!

    Reply ·
  84. Charlette Sears

    Oh, Susan🙏🏻😘. I applaud your vulnerability and willingness to share this very personal part of your journey. I also am ecstatic about you maturation as a change agent/organizational leader. Energy management, boundary enforcement, doing what is best for the good of the movement ( which as you are learning means taking care of you and your own energy flow) are all lessons to be learned in the dynamic world of changing the world 😘✨🙏🏻 Yay, you👏👏👏👏✨💪💪💪💪🙏🏻‼️ I’m with you , Sister💪🙏🏻✨👏‼️ So glad you are giving yourself permission to slow it down, listening to what your higher self is telling you😎✨‼️ Love, always❤️💙💛😘

    Reply ·
  85. Elizabeth

    I also think you’re falling prey to the blowing up of social constructs, norms, and mores that is happening around the world; manners just don’t seem to be a “thing” anymore. It’s so weird how people think they “know” celebrities…just because they see them on TV or the internet. This is currently happening on your Official BLE Facebook group too – where people are “channeling” you in their responses (e.g. actually putting “quotes” around their responses, like they know you so well they know what you would say…bizarre). I am hopeful that this is all part of the growing pains that come out of building a movement. I am also hopeful that you will continue to listen to your mind and body – as you get and take what you need… Please remember: we are here to help you too 🙂

    Reply ·
  86. Janice Bittner

    Heavenly Father, I lift up my sister, Susan, to You. Be with her, Lord, as she journeys through this particular valley of shadows. Give her Your wisdom and discernment as she seeks to revamp areas of her life. Shower her with Your grace and mercy as she grapples with the feelings of being shattered, of being tender and vulnerable. Surround her with Your love and help her to take it in and find the healing she desires and deserves, so that she can again share that love with people around her. Infuse her with Your strength to meet this stage of her life with the courage and perseverance she has used to overcome the many challenges she has already faced. Thank You for the gift that Susan has been to so many people. Thank You for her willingness to follow Your path for her. Thank You for helping her to remember that she is never alone. I ask this through Christ, our Lord, Amen.

    Reply ·
  87. Anne

    I just wanted to say that when you create something, start a business, whatever you want to call it, you have to be the ONE. It does center around you for the nurturing, care, and work to make it successful. What has happened now, is it a business, “thing” that is morphing into what you may not have thought of at the time, but a community that has the potential to operate on it’s own. Yes, in the beginning it was about you because it was your “baby”, but just as our children become less and less dependent on us as they grow, so has BLE. Because of what it has become, you are a celebrity, just like Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, anyone who dreams, creates something ….you are at the core;but, just as people of all walks of celebrity, no matter how big or small, must learn at some point, it really has to be a bit separated from your personal welfare. Everyone needs alone time. We all imagine that celebrity is so cool because of the attention, the perks, etc., however, if you allow yourself to become ego centrisized, then it will not allow you to become what you wanted in the first place, just help people to lose weight and learn from your lessons and knowledge. You’ll be overwhelmed, angry and bitter. Step back, take time, and keep thinking, something you’re also good at. I think all of us appreciate your honesty and cancor.

    Reply ·
  88. Jan

    I am so glad you shared this. I am 68 and a nurse practitioner. I’ve been a nurse 40 years and working in healthcare 53 years. I am tired and with the changes in healthcare I have to keep up the pace. I’m in school for my doctorate and plan to teach from home in the near future.
    Working in healthcare has been one of the most unforgiving professions to work in. By that I mean we are not allowed to break down, be vulnerable and tender, choose our families and selves when we need to. We are the machines at the front line of corporations, clinics with CEOs and middle managers, hospitals with short staffing and scary incidents because of staffing.
    Good for you to back off and take a look. That’s what I’m doing and it feels great!
    Hugs to you and shared tears

    Reply ·
    1. chris

      i just wanted to leave you a virtual hug. i’m (only) an LMT, but this resonates a lot. i think there’s a lot of boundary-setting stuff going on energetically, and trying to prioritize self-care is always a “thing” for caregivers.

      i’m so sorry that staffing issues and other BS are adding to your stress. *HUG* good luck on the doctorate!

      Reply ·
  89. Carol deNeufville

    Feeling so much love and respect and gratitude for you ❤️✨

    Reply ·
  90. Beth Robison

    Thanks for reminding me that periods of growth require growth pains. I’m going through one of those times myself right now, and your vlog was very valuable to me. Shattered ego is painful, but necessary. I appreciate your honesty and vulnerability in sharing. I admire your choice to take a step back and let others step up. That’s real leadership. Namaste.

    Reply ·
  91. Carolyn

    Trying to find my boundaries is what brought me to Bright Line Minds and the BLE community.

    Reply ·
  92. Cat

    Susan, I love you, and wish you well, but you cannot be all things to all people. As an entrepreneur you’ve built a successful business, and many of your followers have benefited so much.,including me. In the process you’ve been very personal with everyone through your blogs, and we all feel, I’m sure, like you’re our best friend. In fact as I’ve been looking forward to your weekly blogs for the past 5 years, I think I’ve learned more about your personal life than some people I’ve known for years. I’ve sent your vlogs to friends and family, who have expressed an interest in eating healthily, and changing their lives. Lately though, my feedback from these friends/family, who haven’t read your books are asking me to stop sending them the link, because they feel, and I agree, that the subject matter has changed, and they’re not getting the original message of how and why BLE works. Your original blogs were so insightful, and I loved the professor, teaching me the lesson. Your knowledge helped me so much. Keeping on track is probably very hard to do. My husband as an entrepreneur for the past 39 years explained to me that at the beginning, he helped people (he’s a business accountant, with not only their corporate filing, but they came to rely on him as a kind of psychiatrist, telling him all their problems, he eventually, like you had to change for his well being, as everyone’s problems whether business or personal matters got to be overwhelming for him. It was hard at first, backing away, but he stopped being everything to everyone and went back to helping them with their businesses. I now understand how doctors, lawyers, police etc., seem to remain distant from people they serve. You cannot stay healthy when drawn in too closely and trying to be emotionally supportive to everyone. I’m rambling a bit, sorry. I wish you health and happiness

    Reply ·
  93. Ann Whittaker

    I’m a failed bright lifer, but I always listen to your vlogs because they help me get by and choose better food and add to my health journey (I have heart problems). I listened to the whole vlog because I realized how important it was. I am 72 and have been through that yes period myself, being all things to all people particularly to my family and its hard, its too much for one person and I realized I needed to do things for myself, take time out and just chill out. Some people learn all this and adapt their lives, others don’t and burn out. I’m very glad that you have come to this realization because I think you are one of the most honest and caring people I have ever known. All power to you Susan and your family.

    Reply ·
  94. Theresa

    Wow!!! I never even thought about this… The celebrity. analogy was the perfect way to put it into perspective! Now I can see that this was bound to happen as the years go by and the tribe continues to grow.
    I always say everything happens for a reason… And being able to look back , reflect and learn. Is crucial….
    Thank you for sharing yourself for so long and so willingly… I’m glad that an adjusted path has been found… Theresa

    Reply ·
  95. Karen

    I work in a church, and we often talk about this : it is our job to work ourselves out of a job by enabling others to lead. That frees us up to be creative and put time into developing new programs. It sounds like you have done a good job entrusting BLE to your team of 33 who are capable of letting you step back and tap into your creativity again.
    I was entranced by this vlog. My work is very small scale compared to yours, but after saying “yes” to everything at church and for my sons and their activities for 25 years, I hit a wall but have not been able to put into words what I’m feeling. This vlog helped me see that it’s not just burn out or losing my motivation since I became an empty nester 3 years ago. This is small scale compared to your worldwide movement, but I think I poured so much of myself into what I felt called to do that I forgot to say no once in a while and figure out who I am outside of those 2 roles. I’ll be rewatching this vlog. Thank you.

    Reply ·
  96. Kammi

    Susan, Thank you for sharing.

    I am an introvert and I view this period of time for you as a blessing though it may feel uncomfortable and alarming as an extrovert. It’s okay though, it’s just different and a form of growing, evolving and rebalancing…Quieting and observing and connecting to who you are.

    Extroverts can go and go and have the energy to do so. However, just as we know winter comes and storms come, we should always be prepared for the burn out or the need to pull back. As an introvert, I tend to like being up late or up very, very early. But eventually, I need to catch up on sleep even though I don’t feel tired for many weeks. Just because I can, doesn’t mean I should. So now I have a better balance.

    Your story is a lesson for everyone. Just because someone is in the public eye, is extroverted, higher energy, they are still a person with a life, limits and personal boundaries. We should never expect anyone to give of their time and energy endlessly and without respect. If we do, then we need to be working on boundaries and respect. To a degree, we teach people how to treat us and our lives/personal lives. Those who are higher energy, enthusiastic, passionate and energetic are a gift to us, but I do not see the need to always be “on” intensely and somehow our culture expects that. We are all gifted in different ways and we give the best of those gifts to the best place and time but we are always us at the foundation.

    I see a wife and a mother who is a health motivator. You are a beautiful, complex and real person. You have a fundamental way about you as God made you and you are also a human. Accept both. We love you here and expect nothing but you as you are and thankful for your help and encouragement. More importantly we want you to have those healthy boundaries and and limits. That is actually the best encouragement you can give us.

    You teach healthy eating and balance ( for you ) and slowing down and listening to our cues. The same is of life.

    Keep growing, and give yourself grace. Jesus even needed to retreat. Our cups can overflow without having a lot going on in life and I assume His did even more in those quiet times before the Father.

    Love and prayers for you.

    Reply ·
  97. Esmarie Cooper

    Thank you Susan for being human. Thank you for making the choice of not stepping onto the pedastel that othwrs had created for you. So happy that you choose to be there for your family as well…they are after all the most important part of your life. I love you and take whatever time you need. Im sure the BLE Group will coupe. BIG HUG to you!

    Reply ·
  98. Kristin

    Thank you so much, Susan😍

    Reply ·
  99. Robert Roepke

    Hi Susan. Thanks for being so candid again. It appears to me that you have a very high “burned out” point and that you have reached it. That is very understandable considering everything you do. Throttle back for awhile and heal the psyche.
    Love you for who you are,

    Reply ·
  100. Giovanna

    SOOO glad your listened to your soul speaking through your body as this means we’ll have you very long time with us 🙂
    Much love to you in this new stage of your being

    Reply ·
  101. Hanna

    I want to say to you as you have so often to us: hey sweetie! And I want to hug you and tell you thank you for being so honest and vulnerable. Thank you for wanting to be yourself. Making you evermore authentic.
    Thank you for being human.
    I so know what you mean- even if I’ m not you. Do take time for yourself and your family 😘

    Reply ·
  102. Vanessa Tobias

    Beautiful Susan. Read psalm 23. Take time out to do so. Much love. Vanessa

    Reply ·
  103. b

    I started watching you because we all have issues with food. I’m stopping following you because you are so FULL of yourself. The people who went to that retreat and PAID– got what? Poor you they asked of you- what you were paid to provide. Sorry for the people who came/paid. Listening to you – demand your handlers, your green room, your space is nauseating. Hilarious and pathetic is watching you figure out who you are for the little people as you continually turn over who is The Susan Pierce Blah blah blah. Get a grip, get a real job, and get a therapist. Finally, you are so BLANK that you don’t know how many people you have just turned off.

    Reply ·
    1. seamonkey

      I scrolled through the comments on this vlog hoping someone else out there thought it was so self indulgent. Finally found one. I’m not hating on SPT, I forget how privileged I am too, but I honestly don’t have time and energy to be her therapist dealing with her first-world problems. I rarely listen to the vlogs anymore as they are deviating more and more from helping me with my bright lines.

      Reply ·
    2. Christine

      I have commented for myself but I need to tell you THANKS for your honesty and courage. I’m afraid I agree with every word you said.

      Reply ·
    3. chris

      wow. when did slavery become a thing again? i didn’t realize that buying into an eating program meant you were entitled to the entirety of a person. i’ll have to reconsider paying for Boot Camp if it entitles me to run up to someone and shove my needs into their face whenever i want!

      seriously, did you EVER stop to think that paying for the program is *your* chance to do the work, entitling you to a *reasonable* amount of help, yet not _on-demand_ access? seriously, this isn’t your mother, this is a health care worker. even your GP/Dr. isn’t on-call whenever you want. they have a calling service; they get back to you.

      just how entitled are you?

      Reply ·
      1. Christine

        Clearly less entitled than Susan Peirce Thompson.

        Reply ·
    4. K

      Wow. Lotta pain huh?

      Reply ·
  104. KHani

    As always, dear Susan, thank you thank you for your authenticity!
    I support you as you’ve always supported us/me.
    Do what you need to do, Love!
    Do what you need to do!

    Reply ·
  105. Marilyn

    Hundreds of thousands of children don’t even have food in their stomachs or a safe shelter tonight.

    Reply ·
  106. Samantha

    Susan please be assured this comment comes from a loving place. When I was listening to this vlog I repeatedly thought about EGO and then you mentioned it yourself, at the family reunion your ego was shattered. I strongly believe that this movement was born out of your genuine desire to reach people who where suffering and what you have achieved for the people it serves is astonishing, but for you an addict I think you’ve created a monster. And I believe that being on that pedestal you speak about fed that monster in some way or other, you the addict got something from that. And then at the family reunion you where painfully faced with yourself. I’m an addict of 40 years and I will use anything to remove myself from reality and my authenticity and the way you’ve been living is not reality and now you’ve been forced back into yourself. Your higher power has burst the ego bubble and I can totally relate to the raw vulnerability you must be feeling.
    I send you love, you to me are just another addict Susan that’s why I’m here. You spoke to me no differently than if I was in an NA or AA meeting you are just the same as me.

    Reply ·
  107. Stefi

    ❤️🤗❤️🤗 love & hugs & love & hugs to you Susan !!

    Reply ·
  108. Abigail Stewart

    Just adding my comment to reinforce what many others have said. Take the time you need to recharge and regroup. Decide how much you can give and where and how you can get the recharging you need.
    I am very much and introvert and unfortunately a little too much of an empath. Have seen and felt this coming and consequently have stopped watching your vlogs. It has been like watching a bit of a train wreck setting up to happen.
    Yes, you are an extrovert and from that perspective I cannot even imagine doing what you have over the last few years to get this book, program up and running while managing your marriage and children. Your children have seen it, I remember one of your vlogs mentioning at least one of your daughters expressing that they wanted / needed more of your energy.
    The program is based on your own experiences. Drugs, alcohol, food addiction. Yes, you have an amazing story and BLE is all based on your book where you share your own transition, recovery and sharing your program.
    To many of the BLE boot campers / Bright Lifers, you are a rock star.
    But behind all your messages it has been apparent you are burning out. We have all seen movies or watched in real life where celebrities, actresses, rock stars who eventually burn out because they give too much of themselves away.
    You can still run BLE but not give yourself away to the point you have nothing left for a small intimate group of friends, family, your children.
    The framework is built.
    Heed your own lessons. Get some guidance from others who have the same experiences. Or, just think of teachers, celebrities who give a great deal of themselves on stage, but protect their own integrity / self protection.
    I am sorry you have gone through this draining experiences, but as an addictive personality, sometimes we don’t know what our limits are until we crash.
    We have your book. We have your programs. No one has a right to your soul.
    Please back up and recharge. Perhaps back off on the weekly vlogs (Supernatural has been on heading into their 15th and last season. They just can’t do it anymore. But there are reruns on Netflix and fans can watch the old seasons over and over again.) Get one of your staff to flip through your old vlogs and play some reruns of your better vlogs. Anyone who is in bootcamp or bright lifers know they have access to old vlogs. So just have someone highlight previous vlogs in a curator form, so a “new” vlog is a available as a “greatest hits” form for newbies.
    You are intelligent / well educated. You know where you need to go for guidance and you know how to take care of yourself. Just trying to suggest you do it. You have build the programs, the videos that go with boot camp, reboot – rezoom, etc.
    Better to let the reruns provide the info. and give yourself some time to recharge and transform once again. You may be a little less accessible, but we need your knowledge / experience / resources – but you owe no one your soul.
    Do the bare minimum to maintain your face / your image to identify with the program, it is your brand. But, you are giving too much of your self away.
    I hope things get better for you. If you take a break, the inspiration will come on how to do this. Keep the program going without giving away your soul, write another book (not now, you need a break) but the point is prepare “surrogates” that get our message, your teachings out, without burning out.
    Use your team for suggestions. You are the brand. But, you can find people to promote different aspects of the programs while you stay in the background a bit. You need to strike a balance.
    As an introvert and empath, I have had to learn how much I can give away. You can and need to learn how to set some limits for yourself.
    Wishing you well and that you recover and come back to us with a little more insulation and self protection..

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Abigail, thank you for caring enough to spend the time to brainstorm and share your ideas for Bright Line Eating and Susan. You’ve got some good ones. 😉

      Reply ·
  109. Chris Ward

    Dear Susan . . . . . I almost didn’t watch/listen to this vlog when I saw the length of it. But something said, “You need to hear this.” So I did. What you have just described reminds me so much of the process and joy of becoming pregnant (especially if that journey has been difficult), carrying the child, giving birth, being totally responsible for feeding this beautiful infant as well as most other care (even when friends and family lend a hand), guiding her through early childhood and then tween years and then teenager with all the expanding requirements of motherhood while encouraging independence in a very careful way. Then comes the day to take this beautiful daughter to college and leave her there. LEAVE. HER. THERE. For me on that day, there was an internal (yet hidden) explosion of emotion, pride, anxiousness, love. She was so ready for this and so happy to be there. And I had to leave her there trusting and praying that she would be okay and make the right choices that would have such an impact on her entire future. And I wouldn’t be there to help. I felt so empty for the first semester when I would come home and her bedroom light was not on. She was not there to greet me and share her day with me. I resisted temptation to call, to text, to email. I left most of that up to her until we settled into a routine. Christmas break came and went. This time it wasn’t so hard to leave her there. This time it didn’t hurt so much when I noticed her bedroom light was not on. I knew she would call, text or email. I knew she was okay and making right choices (at least for the moment) and even asking advice on occasion because she knew I trusted her. She now had professors and fellow students who were good mentors. Her sphere of influence was increasing. She still needed me, and I needed her. But our horizons were broadening. It was so different, but so good. Now she is a splendid wife and mother of my two precious grandchildren. And we still call, text and email. Our relationship is stronger than ever. When she went to college 14 years ago, it was like tearing my heart out. But being willing to leave her there has turned out to be one of the most rewarding parts of my life.

    Susan, it seems that at that reunion you realized for the first time that the time had come to leave your “child” at college for the first time. It changed your whole life’s purpose in an instant. The emotions are so raw, like an open wound that won’t heal. But it is healing a little at a time. Your role is changing little by little. You trust your “child,” and your “child” trusts you. We at BLE will always need our “Mom.” But you now have babies who have grown up and can help nurture the new babies coming along. You are now willing to turn over a great deal of responsibility to your staff and your first “children”. It is a brave and sometimes difficult thing you are doing. And one day you will literally do the same with your own three little girls. We love you and thank you for your honesty and transparency. We are going to be okay, and so are you.

    Reply ·
    1. Sarah Katzin

      Thank you Susan for sharing in such a vulnerable way. I was about to make a comment similar to this one by Chris Ward. You have given birth to this program and have been nurturing it with your all. For as long as you live, you will always be its founder and will be behind it. But you will feel the most satisfaction when you see it take off with wings and spread globally with leaders everywhere. You will be like a proud matriarch watching your amazing family develop and make a difference in the world!

      Reply ·
  110. Jacqui Grace

    PS: If you need to be indiscriminate and rigid with your newly acquired ‘no’ we can weather that! I know your discrimination in this area will grow/is growing. I can’t help but feel you are being a bit hard on yourself about this (and your rap). You are not alone. Thanks for your openness with your journey. xx

    Reply ·
  111. Katerina Seligman

    Great ! Wonderful ! So good that you are no longer allowing yourself to be on the pedestal that others have created for you! The BLE movement MUST be healthy ans sustainable without you! So this is good for all of us. Congratulations for honoring your limits! With much love and appreciation to you Susan. Katerina New Zealand

    Reply ·
  112. Jacqui Grace

    Hi, Susan: Please take all the time you need. I would highly recommend Karen L Anderson’s blog. She writes about a specific relationship (between mother’s and daughters) but it’s the best information I’ve found about boundaries for any kind of adult relationship. Also, if you haven’t read Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In her chapter 3 explains some of the social constraints women are up against and some strategies to manage that. Best to you and lots of love, Jacqui

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Thanks for the recommendations Jacqui! Lean In has some terrific points! <3

      Reply ·
  113. TrinityB

    Dear Susan,

    Thank you for risking to be vulnerable. You have such a tender heart. Thank god for you. You’re tired….kids need to rest, play and grow…so do we. Go rest now,…you’ve been Mama to your three and all of us, for years now. Come back after you’ve nourished yourself and have grown some more and learned to not only set boundaries. but maintain them (kindly). 💞🙏 Getting feedback like the kind you got about your rap was information….food for thought about behaviour, not who you are. There’s a beautiful difference. When you’re going somewhere with a clear destination in mind you need directions…signposts along the way.. That’s what you received that day …it was a signpost, ‘you’re going the wrong way, turn around’ and your integrity, higher self has called you to step up to evaluate, and you’re answering the call. Good for you. . Keep it simple hun, practice the principles (steps, traditions, especially tradition 1)…in all your affairs. I include myself in this… sending you love, warm, safe hugs that only give, ..not take..and prayers for healing, understanding and the clarity you seek. You’ll get there… PS) if you ever want to try tapping, I can help. With much love and gratitude, Trinity B from Vancouver…old timer, former counselor/ promoted to Mama, BrightLifer.

    Reply ·
  114. Jen Cook

    I have never met “Susan Peirce Thompson,” and it’s likely that I never will. I’m okay with that though because, today in this vlog, I met an even more amazing human being named Susan. You have never met me, and it’s unlikely that you ever will. I’m okay with that too, as long as I get to say “thank you” for having a profound, positive impact on my challenging, precious life.

    After years of insidious weight gain due to MS-induced immobility, and 14-months of treatment for breast cancer, I am making steady progress toward life in a healthy, right-sized body. The structure and encouragement my 14-Day Challenge provided were a catalyst to change . After three months, I’m more than half-way to my goal weight.

    I find great comfort and inspiration in a simple mantra: I am Brave, Strong, True and Loved (BSTL). Whether whispered prayerfully or shouted in defiance, “I am BSTL” can inspire and encourage. In the pivotal months ahead, please remember that YOU, dear Susan, are BSTL.

    Reply ·
  115. Susan Lock

    Dear Susan

    Reply ·
  116. Joy O’Brien

    We love you too. And because of the wonderful way you and your staff share BLE, we, the BLE community, will continue. You’re right. It’s not just about you. We believe in the plan, the new life that BLE gives us. So take time to take care of you and your family. Say “no” sometimes. We will still be here, ready to support you just as you have done for us. And thank you for being vulnerable. It’s the most courageous thing you can ever do.

    Reply ·
  117. Jacqie Shartier

    Oh Susan, how I love you and your tenderness. As a therapist, I too say, it’s your time for healing and do whatever you need to do for you! We are all adults, capable of taking care of ourselves. It is now your turn to take good care of you. May you have massage and cranial sacral work for your healing. God Loves YOU, and so do I!
    Thanx so much for your vulnerability and openness! You so deserve a break, so please enjoy it.

    Love and Blessings

    Reply ·
    1. chris


      Reply ·
  118. Carol Palmer

    If I had been there I would have helped run interference for you. I’m little but as my daughter says “don’t mess with my mama!” Please take care of yourself. Self care is very important. Blessings. Carol, Texas

    Reply ·
  119. Lelan

    Feeling very honored to have watched this vlog and that you’re sharing the unfolding of your journey with this movement, and what you are learning along the way. You get to be human and to have all your needs respected. Your delivery of your evolving needs and boundaries was beautiful and inspiring.

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Thank you for taking the time to watch Lelan and for your thoughtful and kind words. <3

      Reply ·
  120. Angela Magnotti Andrews

    The shattering of the ego is a painful, beautiful, and agonizing time. For a time you may find you see all your flaws front and center, all the ways you thought you loved others but really were just serving yourself. So normal! And an integral part of the restructuring of your ego toward maturity and health. You are such a gift to all of us Bright Line Eaters! I am so grateful for your authenticity, even when you look back and think you maybe weren’t being so authentic, you were! Authentically indiscriminate!!! Love and peace and ease and rest to you as you continue to grow “new skin.”

    Reply ·
  121. Billie

    I so admire your honesty and courage. Often with people we admire, we only see the polished finished product. They often have their tales of struggle, but the true reality of that struggle is often glossed over as part of a nice triumph over adversity story. The middle of anything great is always messy – really messy. Thank you for sharing that reality with us. It’s interesting as a natural extrovert you are being pulled into introversion to find your answers. My natural preference is introversion and I’m finding myself being pushed to expand in more extroverted territories as part of my own struggles. Just another reminder that labels are so limiting when really we are just part of a complex spectrum. So pleased you are taking care of yourself, so many people will benefit because of the time you are taking for yourself now.

    Reply ·
  122. Rem

    Congratulations .concur you can not be scapegoated. The movement will
    Produce more leaders now that you see clearly. You were needed to start something unique and great
    Time to surrender all and see what the Mystery of Life allows to manifest. Timing must be Perfect
    Welcome to a calm and ordinary life where you can fully enjoy your family and intimates
    Thank you for your service to the collective
    I love you too

    Reply ·
  123. Linda

    Thank you for this wonderful vlog. Take all the time you need for your sanity.
    We are strong thanks to you and all your staff.
    God bless.
    Loveya too,

    Reply ·
  124. Tina

    Gurl…you need a body guard. Get someone on that right away. 🙂

    Reply ·
  125. Sharon Goodman

    Dear Susan,

    I think you are heroic in having been so honest with your community of BLE participants on this Vlog. It is very important to regroup and become stronger each and every day by taking care of yourself in a new and powerful way. I will be praying for you, and cheering you on while you take time to be okay with a period of solitude. Allow yourself walks into nature, visiting a calming lake, listening to light music, and being whole with your family. You are an amazingly giving and gifted woman. God bless you and protect you during this much needed stage of development—a transformative period indeed.
    Thank you ever for having begun the BLE movement which has changed my life significantly.

    Courage, dear Susan. And may the Creator pour renewed energy upon you and deep inner calm.

    much love and blessings,

    Reply ·
  126. Mare

    I am so very happy that you are taking care of yourself now! BLE will be just fine. I hope you get a lot of rest and rejuvenation. I hope you get to be just Susan and Mom and be present for yourself in whatever way you need, with whomever you need. Know you are loved.😘😘

    Reply ·
  127. Susan

    Oh Susan! I see you.

    Reply ·
  128. Janet

    Just wanted to say that what you were saying about your crash and burn this summer was so much what I was feeling this summer. Not BLE related. But as mother and grandmother and chief cook and bottle washer. My cup of life force was dry. I spent the summer introverted and reflective and this is the first time I “came out” to watch you. And you bonked me on the head. Your boundaries shaken. Indiscriminate vs. nuanced. A very different context. But the same. So thank you. I heard myself in what you had to say. And your so-what is mine too.

    Reply ·
  129. Beth

    There’s a time and a season for everything. Good for you for being in tune!

    Reply ·
  130. Ronnie Hacken

    I’m a therapist and have been for 35 years. Something I have said to many clients over the years is, “If you can’t say no, you can’t really say yes”. Boundaries are really important.

    Reply ·
    1. Jo

      Ditto. This is all about boundaries. I wonder if it would be helpful to you SPT, to clarify personal and professional boundaries, in the context of IFS parts of self. I’ve struggled with my own judgment of your lack of boundaries and your level of self disclosure, and though I found it difficult to listen to this entire blog, I appreciate your effort to find your way toward creating better boundaries for yourself. It might be helpful to utilize attachment theory to help frame this with self compassion. All best wishes.

      Reply ·
  131. Barbara Kleeb

    It was a very valuable vlog to watch for me because I didn’t understand why Ryan Eliason reacted the way he did after traveling 12 time zones to hold a meeting. And because I am creating a program on how to say no from the core, called authentic No.

    What happenes making videos, I also have a YouTube channel is, people watching videos get to know you, hearing your voice, watching your body language, sensing the energy you put out. Then they approach you as if they really knew you, with the energy they would meet a friend, because that’s what has happened within them through watching your videos. You say they made up their story. They are reacting to the relationship that has been created through your presence in all you publish. Sometimes I meet a celebrity on the street. My first thought is ” I know this person from somewhere”. And only the second thought is no, I don’t really, I know him/her from the press etc. Now the persona you created is the “I’m authentically and openly Susan Pierce Thompson”. And you put out a lot of energy all the time. Is it to be loved? Anyway people now love you, like you originally have wanted to. That’s how your movement works. I’m a bright light myself. Nearly always. Until one day someone could influence me to not be the light anymore. I disconnected from the eternal well of energy. And then I had to take 2 weeks off to prevent worse to replenish. Time change, sleep deprivation does the rest in your case, to make you vulnerable. And maybe all the interactions with you as an “already well known person ” who you are and are not from your side makes the energy depletion worse. Talk to Ari, he may give you tipps to recover your mitochondria. Maybe now YOU need some help instead of constantly giving to others. I hope this is helpful. I know you won’t even read it, but at least a member of your team will. Sending you love. Barbara

    Reply ·
  132. Summer Lull

    Susan you have my upmost respect and I totally accept where you are in this well – life journey! You so clearly expressed your process you are and what you need to take care of yourself. What a great example of what being human and real is!! So much love to you! Summer Lull

    Reply ·
  133. Sylvia

    Susan you are very genuine. I love just the way you are.Saying things the way you feels
    . You are the best. You are human.we call it the evolution and it serve us too
    Thank you….

    Reply ·
  134. Juli

    This was an amazing blog for many reasons for me! I can totally relate to hitting the wall and not having any more energy to give to people (as predominantly an introvert, I hit it a lot sooner than you do!). You expressed with such clarity the experience of the high energy coming at you – each person feeling like “it’s just this one little thing I need” – with no sense that you were completely tapped out by then. Chuckled at your experience of revisiting judgements about celebrities after this experience! One of the things I notice in my journey is that my judgements of others often come back in the form of putting me in their shoes…in fact gaining excess weight only after I was in my 50’s was one such experience (previously could eat without thought or concern about weight and stay slim. I had lots of judgement on people who were overweight – until my weight went out of control. ) I appreciate your authenticity with this experience and your thoughtful presentation of it – I liked the explanation of indiscriminate vs nuanced application of principles – I hadn’t looked at it that way, and it has me reflecting. That might be why boundaries are so hard in interpersonal relationships – it’s not black and white, but black and white is so much easier than being available to discriminate the nuances of the moment. Thanks for all you do – have done – for this movement. I personally have benefitted from the book and a number of my friends have as well.

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Isn’t it interesting how our judgments can shift once we find ourselves on the other side! 😉

      Reply ·
  135. Diane Howard

    The enemy of the “best” is the “good”.

    Reply ·
  136. Becky

    I’m definitely feeling your pain and your rawness. I can totally relate. Be you, that’s all you can be. And everyone will continue to know and understand that. Take your time and be you.

    Reply ·
  137. Ann

    Dear Susan, Thank you for this powerful and insightful vlog. Your humility and acceptance, and willingness to evolve in public, “warts and all” is inspiring to me.
    I so appreciate you taking time for yourself. Sending love.

    Reply ·
  138. Lena V

    Balance is the wellspring of life! Thank U for your giving nature! Praying for you , your family and the restoration that you need! Shaloam my friend

    Reply ·
  139. Theresa Dickens Cavuoto


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  140. Judy McQuinn

    It took a lot of courage to do this vlog. You have proven your authenticity. I can only respect you more and more. Thank you for being there.

    Reply ·
  141. Liz Moore

    Susan, I wondered where this was going to go and I’ve never commented on one of your vlogs before but I want you to know I loved this. I have a great respect for boundaries and for people who set them. I believe bright line eating cannot grow in the way it needs to and in the way you desire it to without this work and these boundaries. By not carrying all of b l e in your hands and feeding it with your soul, you really do allow it to become something on its own that is much larger than you and probably much larger than you could ever imagine. I also hear you deciding to not be a victim of success or perception or accessibility. I personally believe it’s far healthier to go ahead and set the boundaries then it is to get used up and feel like a victim. I guess the word that comes to mind is this phrase we’ve been hearing more of lately, adulting. That’s what I heard here and bravo. also, I went to the reunions and I did not come and see you for the very reasons you speak about in this vlog. I appreciate your body of work and I believe your presents and vulnerability are integral to where ble is right now. But for myself, my journey is about me, and it will rise and fall on my shoulders rather than yours. Thank you for sharing this particular insight today, it happens to be timely and spot-on for me in a variety of ways. I appreciate you doing your hard work and I believe pain is often the growing edge.

    Reply ·
    1. Kellye Wood

      Wow, your comments resonate, Liz. Teachers have a tendency to pour themselves into their students. The very reason they became teachers is why they can get depleted. Susan, you are a true teacher. I am here to learn from the profound insights you synthesize about the science of weight loss. I do not want to breach the personal divide though. It is a boundary that helps me stay accountable to myself. Your scholarly contributions and empathy for the struggle are more than enough. I am grateful for your work.

      Reply ·
  142. Karen

    Thank you for letting go to live your life , and letting BLE live forever!!

    Reply ·
  143. Ronna

    Susan, spiritual emergencies like this happen in leadership. I am so glad you are taking this seriously and giving yourself time and space to heal and understand. Thank you so much for your honesty here; it’s going to help many of your listeners set appropriate boundaries and recognize the holy nature of human limits in the path of the servant leader. Even though it was on a less public level than yours, I remember my big “learning crash” after 6 years university teaching (…a job that got bigger than I ever expected…so fast….it got bigger than my dreams and I hadn’t taken the time to do the spiritual work to know what to do with that!) while working on a PhD at night and on weekends, interspersed with facilitating church retreats and workshops on breaks. Insanity for someone like me, who struggles with anxiety by nature. My crash surprised me, it followed some failed judgment calls I made out of exhaustion, and , like you, it felt like a wake up call from God’s universe for a shift (and pause) that i could not ignore any longer. I learned so much, and am still understanding and learning from that (what felt like a) weird turn in my path. You seem like you’re downloading the lessons much faster than I did. Well done. But I wanted to encourage you with a quote that has helped me understand that time with more clarity and self-compassion: “It’s when the ego says ‘It’s all over’ that God says ‘Now, we can begin.’ ” (Marianne Williamson “From Tears to Triumph”) Breathe in the healing that God has for you in this. Love and respect, dear Sensei!

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      “Spiritual emergencies…” that’s a point to ponder. <3

      Reply ·
  144. Amanda

    I, like most, have loved your personal, vulnerable and brave vlogs, but I’ve often wondered how can being so public not eventually “backfire”. I love all your self discovery over these past months. I feel I can say with some assurance that BLE and your vblogs will be just as affective and successful if you start to choose to leave Susan out and just give us Dr. SPT. The way you explain the science and the “isim” is invaluable. Perhaps then people won’t feel as if they actually know you and will make an effort in the future to better respect your needs. I can feel how torn you are to have to step back. You really do love us, but you are only human. I appreciate you, I am grateful for all you have given and I honor you. Many blessings to you and yours.

    Reply ·
  145. Debbi Neher

    I love your clarity, as always, and your willingness to share the truths that you have paid a price to learn. Thank you for this vlog; I’m glad you are reaching a stage of maturity and flexibility that will produce benefits for your personal life and for BLE as a movement. I’m in for the duration 🙂 <3

    Reply ·
  146. Ann

    Thank you for your courage and candor. Separating the personal from the professional can be very hard in some lines of work. Thirty five years as a social worker and later as a foster parent helped me draw some bright lines! Also, being female means often giving until we are lost. Do whatever it takes to rescue your authentic self. You are in there and it matters.

    Reply ·
  147. Jean

    Take all the time you need to figure out where you need to go.

    Reply ·
  148. Sharyl

    Wonderful Vlog Susan! Thank you for your honesty and vulnerability. I’m glad you are taking care of yourself. Sending some of that love you’ve so freely shared with the world right back at ya!

    Reply ·
  149. Betsy Hayes

    Oh, and I love you, too! : )

    Reply ·
  150. Lee Ann Hunter

    You are one smart lady! Respect you more than ever! Your inner peace is most important.

    Reply ·
  151. Anne Hurley

    Your sharing this is so empowering. We all need time and space to reset, to be, to self-present. I’m happy for you and know this is a strong and real part of your path. And ours. Hugs. Anne

    Reply ·
  152. Betsy Hayes

    Thank you very much! I appreciate this vlog and find it meaningful and important. Take your time and space and breathe. I’m so grateful for your vulnerability and ability to teach.

    Reply ·
  153. Deborah R Apter

    Susan, I continue to admire your candor, intelligence and humanity. All good things will come to you from this time I believe. Sending you much love. From Debbie Apter, (met you at the Family Reunion from Pittsford!!)

    Reply ·
  154. Claire Coppel

    Susan, after 5 years of giving w/o boundaries, you’ve discovered nuance. I would call it self-care. As any introvert could tell you (myself included), balancing your energies is essential for mental peace and good health. You are a shining light, please give yourself permission to do self care. Love, Claire Coppel, Alaska

    Reply ·
  155. Beth Rodriguez

    So glad you realized it’s time for major self-care!

    Reply ·
  156. Wendy

    Thank you for sharing.

    Reply ·
  157. Barb J

    So very happy to hear this vlog. As always your learnings are learnings for us all. It is reassuring to me to hear your vision for the movement is that it will continue and grow, that there is plenty of room for others to lead and that you will be living a less hectic life with boundaries that protect the loving and giving person you are. You will always be the founder of BLE, a life changer for so many.

    Reply ·
  158. Bev Gunn

    You sound like you are totally exhausted and mentally and physically worn out! Set your boundaries and stick to them. Take time off and get to know your hubby and girls again, I am sure the kiddos have grown an inch or so since last spring! Thank you for being there for the last couple of years and now take time for YOURSELF!

    Reply ·
  159. Nancy W. Goss

    Not too long ago you described a phone call where someone asked you how you would know if you were all right. Even then people close to you could see this shift coming upon you.

    You are surrounded by very grounded people who have your best interests at heart.

    The soul’s appointed means of growth are often complicated and uncomfortable. But oh so necessary.

    Be kind to yourself.

    Reply ·
  160. Mindy Palmer

    I am so impressed by you! You are real. You are honest. You have taken the time to reflect on how this “fame” has affected you. At the end of the day, you are Susan. You are a wife and a mom. And, you’ve created a program that WORKS! So refreshing to see that you are keeping it all in perspective and are creating a support system that can help sustain this! All the best to you, Susan! ❤️

    Reply ·
  161. LuAnne

    I’m sorry you’re hurting. Take the time you need, then take some more. You mean so much to so many. For all the times I’ve felt unlovable, there you were with a big smile on your face saying, “I love you.” My turn…. I love you. Thank you for helping me and sharing so much with me that I feel you are my friend even tho we’ve never met. Thanks for letting us know where you’re at right now. You’re in my prayers.

    Reply ·
  162. Norm Ely

    Susan…so insightful and true. On this topic, stanza 38 from Tao Te Ching:

    When the Tao is lost, there is goodness.
    When goodness is lost, there is morality.
    When morality is lost, there is ritual.
    Ritual is the husk of true faith,
    the beginning of chaos.

    I think what you’re aiming for is true authenticity and attunement with both your needs and each situation, with no pre-imposition of faith, ritual, morality, or even trying to be good. This is difficult. I am with you.

    Where does BLE fit into this stanza and our evolution away from chaos and towards freedom, I wonder?

    Reply ·
  163. Valeri Marsh

    In a way, I think this is your best vlog ever! Thank you for coming forth to share what needed to be shared. It makes perfect sense and I bet most if not all of us who’ve been with you completely GET it! Praying for you and sending you love! Val

    Reply ·
  164. Jody Kramer


    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Jody! Susan has talked about how she delegates in previous vlogs! She does a great job of delegating the things that can be done by others!!! <3

      Reply ·
  165. Marie Hawkins

    Hi Susan, thank you for this very personal vlog. I love you , and respect you tremendously

    Reply ·
  166. Elizabeth Beekman

    Thank goodness! I have been waiting for this moment – you are brilliant and this honesty and willingness is what I have been waiting for and what ensures that this movement WILL survive and grow!

    Reply ·
  167. Kaytlin Davis

    Thank you so much for making this vlog. I’m grateful that you’re sharing your experiences and lessons! I really hope that you are feeling better and more rejuvenated soon! I feel your love. Please let me know if there is anything that I can do for you! Love and warm energy to you!

    Reply ·
  168. Ann

    Dearest Susan,
    Now you seem more like one of us while you seemed to be on a higher plane before – we thought of you more like a Star, and were in awe of everything you were able to do to make BLE happen. I’m so relieved that you are feeling more like a human these days. Please take all the time to tend to your needs just as you have been tending to ours for 5 years. Now it’s your turn! Finally! You’ve birthed the BLE movement, including a book, and everything that entails. It’s time to rest from that miraculous birthing, and recover. We’re all coasting along in our new lives, thanks to you! So much love and gratitude to you, Susan! ♥️

    Reply ·
    1. debra zawadski

      Nice, Ann.

      Reply ·
  169. debra zawadski

    Wow! What growth! What maturity! This is PERFECT timing in MY life thus divine intervention. See my transformation on BLEOfficial. I so appreciate you SPT. Thank you and I continue to preach to anyone who’s ready, the benefits of losing 82lbs with the BLE Lifestyle and kicking 2 addictions due to YOUR science.

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      You gotta be feeling terrific, Debra! Sending you heaps of congratulations! <3

      Reply ·
  170. Linda

    Just listened to your vlog, thank you for being so vulnerable. I saw myself in what you were saying, I have been overly proud of myself, I see now how that can come across to others as being somehow superior. I dont like that about me. So I’m making a change and being more real and considering how I come across to others
    Thank you for helping me to see myself , and wanting to make a change and show more love and concern for others feelings.
    Blessings to you and your ministry

    Reply ·
    1. debra zawadski

      Linda, way to go! That’s awesome

      Reply ·
  171. Tina Costello

    Susan you are a gem. You are real and honest. You have always been this way. The huge responsibility of being the “ face “ of BLE is something that we can only imagine. Take the time that you need as you enter this phase of your life both professionally and personally. You have touched so many lives and your wisdom continues to do so. If you decided to run off to an ashram and live out the rest of your life you can be assured that your life purpose has been served. And served extremely well my dear. All the love and light in the world to you ,

    Reply ·
    1. debra zawadski

      Tina Costello, sooooo well said.

      Reply ·
  172. debra zawadski

    Self-care! Congrats for learning mom’s diddy…which I’m learning myself presently at 55 and will share with pride.

    Reply ·
    1. J

      I was at that retreat and felt your fragility, almost from the first day. Something felt off, even from a distance. It must have been the morning after the late night in the meadow. It was me and two other women sitting in the lodge one early morning before most people were up and about, enjoying a couple of cups of coffee and you walked in, readied your morning beverage then sat down with us for an hour and I was almost afraid to say anything or disturb too much because of the fragility I felt and saw. It would have been an intrusion. That’s what it felt like to me. Was it that fragility I saw in your eyes or maybe it was pure exhaustion, but something was telling in your eyes. The need to self protect was part of it. Then this vlog. Confirmation. Wow. Take care of yourself and your family first and foremost. You do have a knowledgeable staff and much material out there to keep the idea of ble going forever. Seasons come and go, We love and admire you for bringing this idea to those of us who so needed to find a way to bring that sanity to our lives. Thank you. Peace ❤

      Reply ·
      1. Janine Wanee

        Dear Susan, the dream I have inside of me is to write a book on self-care for artistic personalities, working artists, and the excessively famous. I want to call it The Illusion of Fame, which I think does not just effect artists, but our society and our government. And intellectuals are not immune. It infiltrates our collective unconscious. We associate ultimate success with fame, and we worship the personas that move us to identify with therm as energetic archetypes, and the people who wield those archetypes experience an energy drain from all the people who ‘suckle’ from it. I’ve been studying the psychology of fame and your blog was absolutely dead on in terms of the kinds of pains that people who suddenly wake up and realize they’re no longer just moderately famous, but excessively famous, go through. You have done a supremely brilliant and disciplined job of “self-branding” Bright Line Eating, and of course you are absolutely right that the spiritually healthy purpose of that brand is to build a legacy that is bigger than just you, but imagine how what you’re going through must take it’s toll on actors and singers, especially the closer their persona is to their actual self. You are absolutely doing the right thing for yourself and asking the right questions. 22 year-old hip-hop artists and athletes often don’t have the language and experiential understanding to even suss out what’s happening to them. Imagine meth-addicted you at 20 trying to figure this one out. Keep doing what you’re doing. Figure out in nuanced ways where Susan Pierce Thompson the persona ends, and where Susan the human being begins, and don’t let the persona rob you of your humanity and the intimacy of your closest familial bonds. I would consult energy workers, even Shamans, on what you can do to call on energetic protection. If you ‘resonate’ with the Archangel Michael, call on him. If you ‘resonate’ with Christ, call on the energy of Christ. John Edwards noticed exactly this kind of shift happening, in which he was feeling drained and exhausted when he started his Television show. Approaching the world energetically the way he approached individuals in his private practice just wasn’t working for him, and he felt that on an energetic level. The prayer I say quickly when I’m feeling violated, “May the love and light of God wash over me. May the love and light of God enfold me. May the love and light of God protect me. May the love and light of God, enter cleanse, heal, open, and protect every cell in my body and in my being.” Take good care. And know that the feelings you are experiencing are completely normal. And thank you for articulating so beautifully why we all need to have more compassion for leaders and celebrities who are constantly fielding requests and can no longer spend any downtime time in public. I don’t envy them. With gratitude and love, Janine

        Reply ·
  173. C clark

    Well Susan, you started out to share some facts and guidelines on eating with people who.Were struggling as you have struggled. You used science to help frame your approach, set up an organization to help handle the huge volume of souls desperately seeking answers and solutions and you sewed the seeds of deeper scientific scrutiny af all the data that flooded in.. Not unlike a dear and gifted kindergarten teacher with a class of fifty shining faces, you are being overwhelmed….pecked to pieces by chicks as it were.. I think people understand. You have set in place some good structure to help them as they need it. You don’t have to be Elvis too and risk killing yourself with the lifestyle.. no need to justify yourself. it turns out you are human after all. Not a bad thing.

    Reply ·
  174. Ariann

    Thank you again for your vulnerability. This is a huge lesson you shared about self-respect and boundaries. We all need to accept out limitations and gifts. No one can be all things, to all people, all the time. Discernment is a tremendous lesson. Take care of yourself then you can be available for others.

    Reply ·
  175. Julia Carol


    Reply ·
  176. Riva

    The right words at the right time. Blessings on your journey.

    Reply ·
  177. Erin Connelly

    Thank you for all of the energy and passion you have poured into BLE and the tribe. Please take care of yourself. ❤️❤️❤️

    Reply ·
  178. Kathy Hallinan

    Take all the time and space you need. As a nurse, I get the same way. I have to show up, and be a yes to everyone and everything all day long, for 12 hours a day. My days off, are my days. Be good to yourself and know that setting boundaries is the healthiest thing you can do. Best wishes and lots of love.


    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Thank you Kathy. All the best to you in your challenges as well. xoxo

      Reply ·
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