Suddenly Willing

Last month, a series of events cracked me open like never before. A radical perspective shift resulted, making me suddenly willing to surrender to exactly what I needed. On the 5th anniversary of Bright Line Eating™, I talk about how the movement has evolved and the critical role of perspective, willingness, and self-care. Watch to find out what I have to say (from a special surprise location!).


  1. Daniela

    Wow Susan, I’ve just watched this now…and I’m not even a bright life eater, I’m just someone that is interested in eating healthier and listening to advice from the experts, but I keep watching your vlogs from the day I discovered you. I suppose this was about 3-4 years ago. I’m a researcher just as you (on a different topic) and I always appreciated the scientific side of BLE…but you should know (and I hope you do), that you have a special aura and this is why you have achieved such hights with your program. Stay true to yourself, it’s gotten you everything you have and it has delighted us! Hope you charged your batteries and are ready for the next step 💪🏻

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  2. Yvette Hoyt

    Susan~ I have not took the step as of “yet”. I was told about you 4 months ago, paid for the 28 day challenge and never got back on the site. Yes I was working 6 days a week, raising my family, trying to help many around me (not my self~ avoiding, neglect, self abuse and so on) remodeling an old cabin that is my retirement, getting ready to move across country from Seattle to Virginia… busy, oh let me tell you! Yes so very busy lost in a soul sucking job, getting out of a abusive relationship, and just struggling inside with self worth, self love and self abuse now 50 and 50 pounds over weight and 6 children later! WTF… What happened to me??? If you ask anyone and check my yelp and trip advisor reviews~ I am an amazing, powerful woman that inspires many and always is always nurturing of everyone around me.
    But the truth… yes what is truth?! It is my own damn box… one that has prevented me from so very much! LIFE!!! I have truly been blessed in so very many ways… but the shame, belittling and abuse has haunted me now for so long yet I know this…I am a “life coach, holistic/alternative healer, on humans and animals, and so on. I know the possibilities and I have gifts~ I know better damn it!!! Shame on me…. I know better! Yet breaking through~ breaking free!!! Fear? Will power? Strength? Addiction? Oh I’m too old to look good… I’m over the hill! No energy…. no strength! The power of dark is real! I so very much desire and a must if I want to continue my life as healthy and happy! So what is that moment!? I still don’t have the answer….
    As I ramble and write this mini novel I want to say that this is the first “vblog” that I have ever watched of anyone and most definitely of you. I have not had time to read your emails or books, listen to any of your videos except for the first couple as I was referred to you by my Chiropractor in CleElum, WA, no to write, let alone follow your program!
    Tonight I looked you up just so I could learn a lil bit more or hear your thoughts. So so so so many different diets out there and motivational people that ALL seem to have good intentions. Enough rambling and I shall get to the point!
    Susan~ your vlog was what I call; “RAW and GRITTY”! Yes I am raw and gritty and don’t play games and I definitely shoot straight; thus commend you for speaking your “TRUTH”! It was pure, real, “raw and gritty” no bs and above all; It was the “REAL” you! Simply put, BEAUTIFUL and I so respect you for holding your truth and sharing it with the world!
    It is women (men) like you that make a difference in the world and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! I felt you soul sister and it was beautiful!
    Much more success on your journey… please follow through and write you next 5 years! It works and it matters!
    Blessings to you soul sister.
    Always with Love,

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  3. Michelle

    I’m glad you took the time you needed to replenish your batteries. We all need that once in a while.

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  4. Diane Lynn Clark

    My 3 year goal weight anniversary is coming on November 1st. I never thought it was possible. Thank you, thank you, thank you for showing us the way and keeping it real. Love you.

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  5. Nancy Somer

    Hi Susan!
    I have been following BLE for about 550 days and I have not missed one of your vlogs during that time
    I have read your book and did the 14 day challenge which helped me lose 70 lbs
    I am now in the 8 th week of the Boot camp and have followed my bright lines 95 percent of the time ( except with a few deviations)
    Sadly I do not have a buddy yet and don’t use all the tools consistently but am working on it
    Have not seen that survey you talked about for the boot camp completion
    Sorry that I did not complete mine along the way
    I know it is important
    I so appreciate what you do for me and everyone else
    I wish for you to continue you for the next 5 yrs!
    Thank you
    Love Nancy

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  6. Fay Thompson

    Dear Susan. Thank you for this vlog and for all of them. Your sharing of all your experiences good and bad is important and much appreciated. You have made me think – maybe I need to just get away from it all for a few days and just chill. My life is feeling a bit stale and I’m doing things because I think I should. Oh, the tyranny of “should”! On theBLE front, I’m within a couple of pounds of goal weight according to the French formula. I’ll blast the good news from the rooftops when I get there. In one sense it has taken me a year to reach this point. In another sense, it has taken me 30 years of yo-yo dieting before I found Bright Line Eating. God bless you Susan, You happen to be the same age as my daughter, so here’s a mother’s advice: don’t get stressed! Whatever it is, we can wait. God bless you xx

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  7. Mary

    Hello. I am hoping to join Bright Lifers but I don’t know if I can afford it, so I thought following the blog and commenting may help me get back on the program. I am inspired by your 5-year plan comments and so I have decided to write my own 5-year plan and share it here.

    In 5 years (on Aug 24, 2024):

    -I will have maintained no sugar/flour, 3 meals a day with no eating/tasting in between and measured quantities for 5 years without a break
    -I will have maintained veganism for 5 years without a break
    -I will have maintained a weight under 120 lbs for 5 years (minus the time it takes me to lose the 10 lbs I have regained

    There, I’m committed!

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  8. Kristy

    Thank you for sharing this Susan, you are always such an inspiration to me. I have been doing Bright Line Eating for a little over 2.5 years. About 1 year of those years were in my right sized body, but around a year ago a combination of extreme anxiety/stress and some physical issues got me off track a little and I gained some weight back. But it’s okay, I know I have the tools to take care of myself and get back to my right sized body soon enough – thanks to you and your great team! I love you and am looking forward to the next five years!

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  9. Jenny Gaff

    Susan, you are my inspiration. Thanks for being you and thanks for having the courage to start this movement and sticking with it. It is successful because of you and your genuine personality. October 2nd will be my 2 year anniversary. I still am not in my right size body but life is so much healthier and happier for me since I started this journey with you. I really look forward to your weekly Vlog and always learn something new. Thanks so much.

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  10. Ruth Teufel

    This vlog is the first time I’ve been inspired to comment. You are so completely excited about what you’ve created that it makes sense you needed to be “cracked” in order to take time for yourself. Thank goodness for moms and dads who know us enough to invite us to just be for when we need it. Had you of stayed home, you would have felt compelled to continue with your busy schedule. Mostly because you love what you do and recognize the importance of your message. Both are very important, but always remember that you are important too and without you, this movement can’t move forward. So thank you for resting, taking time for yourself, sharing this story and for thinking about the next five years. We need you excited not exhausted. Thank you for all you do for your vision. I would still be getting heavier and heavier had I not stumbled upon brightline eating. (I literally stumbled upon it and it saved my feelings about myself – thank you!). I work with deadlines for creating financial results, forecasts and budgets for a billion dollar company, travel, have a husband and kids so I understand needing to recharge the brain and body. You’re blessed that you are excited about what you do and create. I’m doing my job to pay the bills and give s nice life for my family. You are doing life the right way. Thank you for the inspiration and thank you for the weekly blogs. You rock!!

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  11. Kimberly Davis

    Congrats to BLE and you and your amazing visions
    Of what this movement could be!
    The sky is always the limit!!!
    I am blessed beyond measure to be a part of
    all of this wonderful vision! Thank you from
    the bottom of my heart!
    Please remember self care is vital! So glad you
    listened to the need for it!
    I am now 19 months as a Bright Lifer and enjoying
    the benefits of you lovely vision!
    With so much love,
    Kimberly Davis

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  12. Monica

    The teddy bear face plant made me laugh SO HARD. Wrocester (how do you spell it again?) was just OVER IT and had to take an emergency nap. So funny. Thanks for the laugh!

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  13. Leslie Lax

    Susan I could listen to you talk forever!!!! Not only do I LOVE your authenticity and candor and humor and knowledge and perspective and insight and non-judgement and openness and sparkling blue eyes but I LOVE your voice!!!! When you speak I just feel so peaceful and relaxed. I settle in to hear what’s on your mind and I feel like you’re my dear friend. Someone I’ve known forever and trust completely. You are down to earth and genuine and I can’t imagine my life without you now!! I can’t wait to hear your plans for the next five years of BLE!!!! One day at a time of course…LOL!! 🙂 Love and gratitude, Leslie Lax xoxoxo

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  14. Carol Mitchell

    Amazing vlog….really earthy, gutsy and heartfelt…….so glad your Dad had the insight and wisdom to offer you what you needed and that you had the wisdom to accept it. You inspire so many people, me included, you are an amazingly strong and loving soul, the creator of this wonderful movement that is Bright Line Eating, sending you lots of love, hugs and bunny slippers XX

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  15. Linda Silvis

    I love all your vlogs, even the ones that call me out and make me feel uncomfortable. I procrastinated watching this one because I knew from the title “Suddenly Willing” that it was going to get me right where I live. I am struggling with being willing in several major areas right now. I love the image of the imaginary box. That is my takeaway, although I did love your ability to share how you were broken open by everything “going wrong”. BTW, poor Teddy on the pillow behind you apparently became overwhelmed and fell over at 4:30 on your recording. (I’m sure you are well aware by now haha) – even that had an effect on me. There is something about your fearless and unapologetic honesty that draws me back over and over. I am willing to be willing. I have a lot of mental BS happening that tells me otherwise but I am not giving up on the hope that I can do this program one day.

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  16. Breanna Quinn

    Oh my goodness. I have been putting off watching this blog until I had time to appreciate it because I knew from the title that it would mean something to me. I am now hiding in the bathroom from my beautiful 4 children so that I may thank you. The discussion of placing one’s self in a box spoke to me. I am a professional box fabricator. I love to create hard rules for myself arbitrarily or not. I can then blame the rules instead of take personal responsibility. The rules hold the power and I am their weak servant. I am so grateful to what you said and how you said it. I am empowered by the overdue realization that I am choosing these things and therefore I have the power and the choice every day to love myself or not. Thank you!

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  17. JH

    I am super new to BLE – actually I just finished the audiobook and started with cutting out sugar and flour and just sticking to 3 meals – I’ve been doing that for 4 weeks and plan on now implementing the scale, being more disciplined with how you laid it out. I just wanted to say that I am a very spiritual person and I’ve studied a lot about mental health and spirituality. I am saying this because I wanted to validate what you are doing – I won’t tell you that you should delegate more – actually leaving an area and going back into it breeds productivity and helps evolution occur – so this was very smart and I have no doubt your growth will boom and statistics will rise once you go back into the area, because of you leaving the space and going back to it. Anyhow, thank you for what you’re doing – you are helping mankind and that is really something admirable and wonderful.

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  18. Robin

    Susan – I get what you are saying, I’ve been there but didn’t take the time off. Not healthy! I’m glad you took the time to yourself. We need you to guide and motivate us. I’m just coming up on 3 months with BLE and almost half way to my goal. I’m excited to see what the future holds. Thank you so much for all you do!

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  19. Bettina Clarke

    Dear Susan, I have been in BLE for 2 years this October and although I haven’t reach goal due to my own doing I have kept at it and rezoomed many times. Your vlogs keep me going and that is the main reason I keep plugging along as I feel so connected to you and the program because you have the ups and down we all face and admit it . You have created this wonderful program and continue to reach out every week to us all that I have never found in any of the other programs I’ve tried in the past. I like that human connection and thank you so very much. Be well and do take care of yourself.

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  20. JEA

    I did not sign up for the emails in August 5, 2014. HOWEVER, I did start reading the book on August 5, 2019 and took out as a good sign when I read it was the anniversary of the email list. My husband and I are anxious to get started with Bright Line Eating, though we are waiting another two weeks. We have a visit with family scheduled that will take up all the willpower we have. After that we are all in. Five years from now I see us keeping our bright lines and living free. We are so looking forward to this positive change!

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  21. LM

    Just catching on up on emails and saw your vlog. Thanks for sharing your courage, vulnerability and your humanity; its so inspiring.
    Your reminder that ultimately the key is that “we choose”, is also so empowering and timely for me right now. A tickler that we are the creator and responsible for what we have power over, and we have a lot of power over what we want to create, do and be – – and so often, we forget.
    Thank you again for continuing to be such an inspirational example, and reminding us that there are striking and healthful alternatives on how we choose to be.

    With love, Linda

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  22. Eva Olsen

    What an amazing program, amazing insight, and an AMAZAING leader!! So glad that you are at your dads…ahhhh the comfort, peace and security that comes from “HOME”!!! Can’t wait to see and be a part of the next 5 years of BLE <3
    CONGRATULATIONS & Happy 5th Birthday!!!

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  23. Susan Olsen

    Susan and team,
    Congrats and Happy 5th. Your work has not been in vain…I’m from the Oct., 2016 bootcamp (hello Hazel House) I got to goal weight in 11 months, released 70 pounds and do not intend to take it back. It hasn’t been a straight line journey (not a news flash there) but happy, thin and free is attainable and maintainable. You guys are awesome; I could not have done it without you, and my MM group (hey Hazelnuts) J. M. T. Love you all. Here’s to another successful 5 years and beyond.

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  24. Ramona Scott

    Congratulations on BLE 5-year anniversary, Susan. Very grateful you are taking care of yourself so your incredible vision, courage, leadership and energy continue for another successful 5 years. When I think about 10 year anniversary of BLE I have said to people enquiring about BLE: “I predict in 10 years the world will look to BLE as the most effective program in the world to MAINTAIN weight loss and the research results will bear this out”. This is Day 212 of BLE for me. Last week I reached my goal weight. I have been doing the transition to maintenance dance for about 8 weeks – still feeling pretty vulnerable and very cautious, but oh so optimistic and grateful for having the means to maintain my weight for the first time in my life — total loss since Boot Camp Jan 1 2019: 67 pounds. Shed total of 101 pounds since 2014 after losing 90 pounds then gaining back nearly 60 pounds before committing to BLE. Yoyo dieting since I was 10 years old (now 70 yrs) and have never weighed this little since I was pre-teen. My body, heart, mind and soul are so happy!

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  25. Susan J Edwards

    I love “being” with you every Wednesday. I joined your email list and the 14-day challenge to get the “free book” before it was published and watched to see if it hit the “best seller list.” I am in a “decent-sized” body for the first time in OVER 30 years. The big key for me was NO SUGAR and that resulted in a 55+ weight loss that I have maintained for over 2 years. I do hope to lose 20 more pounds by my 78th birthday in February 2020. Also, when you shot the vlog about Oprah’s interview with Barbara Walters and her struggle with weight loss and how you tried to contact her years ago, I resonated with that. I truly believe that she was not ready for YOU at that time, but that she is moving in that direction. I think it is important that she accomplish “healing the wounded inner child” first. My wish, hope and dream is that one day the following will occur: On a Super Soul Sunday, Dr. Andrea Pennington with co-host with Oprah and on the panel will be: SPT, Everett, Pat Wyman and me, Susan Edwards. I am a “One-Trick Pony,” but my expertise for 35 years has been “Healing Those Hidden Wounds.” (The wounds and pain from childhood.) I wish you well. After hearing you, I am going to take a “staybattical” for an as yet undetermined length of time. Blessings, Susan

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  26. Susan

    You have confirmed what Benjamin Hardy says in his book, Willpower Doesn’t Work – best creativity come when one is resting NOT working!
    Your talk about the box reduced me to tears. I see I am in a box of my own creation. I did not make it to happy thin and free. (Lost 70 pounds and gained all back two years ago.) I am willing to get out of the box and to have maintained a right sized body for a few years by BLE’s 10th anniversary.

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  27. Naomi

    Girl, I feel u. I’ve taken off MONTHS to relax, recover from stress and trauma, and process and fix my life. Take as much time as you need. And idk if u’d heard this before. It’s a common saying in black culture to say “u ain’t got to do nothin but stay black and die.” Unfortunately, u can’t stay black, but u can understand the sentiment. As u have witnessed, Every action u take is your choice. U can cancel plans whenever u get ready. U don’t have to be “responsible” or “keep your word” or whatever else gets u thinking u MUST show up. U can runaway and never come back if u choose. More power to u!

    Also, I feel the impact of what u are reflecting on. You are amazing, and I’m really grateful u took the time to be brave and follow your purpose because u have indeed CHANGED MY LIFE. Just from following the bright lines (or trying to lol). And I have used the concept of a bright line to assist in other aspects of my life from sleep to abusive relationships. It is a useful term and concept, and it’s helped me tremendously to practice with it. It’s helped me learn how to set boundaries, which is the issue my therapist told me I had. Thank u.! And please know if u choose to shut down BLE tonight, rest easy knowing: u’ve done ENOUGH!

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  28. Kate Scammell-Anderson

    Love right back at you Susan and sending you so much gratitude for the sacrifices you have made to save my life and so many of us from food addiction.

    Thank you for sharing your experiences with us and the lessons- as a business/growth strategist I can see the massively challenging start up growth phases you have navigated and the pressure that causes as a founder- you should be so proud of how you have navigated this and I hope you can create the conditions you need for the next phase of growth for you and the BLE organisation- sometimes when we’re in it we can’t see our experiences and transition phases as natural parts of growth, I certainly resist this on a personal level, but can see it clearly for other businesses! Enjoy this liberating process and thanks again xx

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  29. Beth

    Great heartfelt vlog!

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  30. Carole A. Loll

    Susan, thank you, thank you so much for this very open, heart rending vlog ( & yes, I saw the Teddy Bear face plant when it happened. It was as though it couldn’t take much more of what went wrong for you – like Murphy’s law that if anything can go wrong, it surely will. Very similar to my initial journey starting to come to the Family Reunion in San Diego at the DTW airport. Now I can just laugh at all that happened.). You are so open, down to earth & I am with you all the way even though not perfectly. I do choose, willingly, to do BLE & cannot imagine being without it. I have been on maintenance since early June of 2018 & just renewed my Bright Lifers membership because I want & need the community support. I tell everyone about my BLE experience because it has made me feel so good about myself, very happily & in my right size body, thanks to you, SPT & your vision, goals & everything that has been created since. Always stay as open & as caring about the health & welfare of others. I was elated to have met you in person in the flesh & am still basking in the afterglow from Family Reunion 2019, meeting a lot of staff & taking hoards of photos with you & them. It was great! I was there with my three cousins as well. We call ourselves the Family BLEssings & I even had special T-shirts embroidered with a logo I designed similar to the BLE logo which we wore on the last day of the reunion. You deserve a genuine time out from time to time just to unplug, unwind & dream new visions of what you want in your life as well as for BLE. Thank you for this vision that really works for so many of us.

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  31. Paul Beaulieu

    Thank you Susan, I have been arguing with myself about heading out into the wilderness on a solo journey. Especially the need to get away and go within. Always be true to thyself girl. Blessings, the program works for me. Maintenance since last September. Big smile for sure.

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  32. Peggy A garrett

    I am forever grateful for BLE. It really was a “last ditch effort” to be free from weight issues. I’m on day 222 and it’s so much a part of me that I don’t even think about the fact that I eat differently than others–the only time it comes up at all is when somebody asks me. I’m more than happy to share! It’s a remarkable thing! Susan, you are the BEST! Thank you for all you do to help the rest of us get and stay on track. Thank you for your honesty and openness–it helps to know that the expectation of perfection is truly not required to be successful. I’m sorry–I know you were struggling before you went to your dad’s, but truthfully I could absolutely picture what you were saying and I was cracking up at the being sealed in your office! I’m glad you took the time away. You are loved!

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  33. Robin Friedman

    Susan, your willingness to be vulnerable is a real tribute to your generosity and the wonderful person you are. I lost ~50 lbs on BLE and maintained my weight loss for a year until I lost my way six months ago. I have been hiding, wallowing in self-pity and shame. I have been justifying excuses and believing the untrue story I tell myself about who I am. After staying off line and avoiding all thing BLE, today’s VLOG title caught my eye, and so I listened. As always, your words seem to speak to me just when I most need to hear them. Today, I wrote a five-year vision for the first time in my life. I look forward to realizing one of my goals – to see you at the 2024 BLE reunion and tell you how today’s blog lead me back to four more years of Happy Thin and Free. Thanks for taking care of you. As you do, you take care of us. With love and gratitude….

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  34. Virginia Forgatsch

    I have been with BLE for 732 days. I am in my right size body. I have not touch sugar and flour for over 732 days. I follow the 4 bright lines. I am a bright lifer. I am very grateful to you for what you do. I enjoy your blogs and I choose to do bright line eating. Thank you.

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  35. Dianne

    Of course you need time to rest! You need to schedule this first each and every day, and vacations every couple months. Welcome to burnout, have been there! You will be a phoenix, but please take care of yourself!

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  36. Elizabeth Wright

    Cute sidebar: as you were delving into those matters that all went “egregiously wrong”, your Teddy Bear flopped over in empathy❤️ Whoa, thank God the craziness pinnacles, reached its apex, so that you could finally reach the wisdom of extricating yourself “far from the madding crowd” of people, things, projects, responsibilities…long enough to restore your mind and soul. You are loveable, Susan, and those of us who benefit from access to your vision are grateful. However, my sudden willingness has stopped full throttle and I have regained that weight loss and am now the heaviest I have ever been in my life. It is my silent prayer that those who follow you in earnest with pure hearts remain strong and enjoy their lives in their right-sized bodies. And I have fervent prayers for the same for me…

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  37. Holly

    God Bless

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  38. Beth

    Ah Susan,
    I am one of the people who say „I can’t do that!“ Yet I am so intrigued by your honesty and beautiful story-telling that I am addicted to listening to you. And just maybe I will eventually reach that moment where I CAN!
    On the funny side, did you all notice that at the very moment Susan mentioned the 31-page book disaster, the teddy bear fell over onto its face? 😂
    I adore your vlogs, I am so glad you are here, Susan!

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  39. Angele Robichaud

    Hi Susan, I’ve been listening to your blog almost since the beginning. Even though I don’t follow the BLÉ lines all the time, I know it’s helped me feel better and more energized. I need to go home on the east coast at least once a year to recharge and feel focused again. My parents aren’t there anymore, but when I meet with my 6 siblings, it feels like they are there with us. When we moved halfway across the country my husband said I could and should go back as I need. To this day, 31 years later, I still do.
    So enjoy being your dad’s daughter because that’s what you need now. When ready, you will take this world by storm again. You project energy any optimism In the best way.
    So bonne fête BLE . I wish you many more successes in the next 5, 10 and more years

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  40. Stephanie Stickford

    Happy Birthday BLE!! I am forever grateful to you, Susan, for sharing your brilliant, clever, hard-earned knowledge of how to recover from food obsession and get into a right-size body… you saved my life. And I’m not just being poetic. I started my BLE journey on June 26, 2016 in a BLE boot camp. I quickly lost my obsession with food, and have been living in my right-sized body for about 2 and a half years. I have not eaten sugar or flour since that first day of boot camp. What made me suddenly willing? Terrifying desperation. What an incredible gift you shower on this planet. You have absolutely accomplished your 5-year goals! I know this must be an incredibly demanding life for you and your family, but I hope you keep going. You and your message shine a bright light, and YOU ARE CHANGING THIS WORLD EVERY SECOND OF EVERY DAY!! We’ve never met, but you are one of the most important people in my life—you helped me make unimaginable changes, changes that have catapulted me in all kinds of new directions with my health and well-being. I send love, love, love from afar every time I think of you!! Thank you for being brave. I am so grateful!!

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  41. Elaine Read

    Susan, I had lost my bright line eating but after listening to this vlog, tomorrow I’ll be a “come-back” bright line eater. Anxiously awaiting your cookbook! You are great! Thanks and love you!

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Welcome back, Elaine! Cookbook comes out in October! We can’t wait to put it out into the wild! 😉

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  42. Maureen

    Nope! Didn’t get here until Jan. 3, 2017 when I got an email from Bill Harris of Centerpointe, (God rest his sweet soul) promoting your video about not eating wheat (flour) or sugar and 23 days later on Jan 26th, I had lost 26 pounds. I’m crying writing this because I had struggled and struggled trying to lose weight before that & without your video I probably would have accomplished my goal of putting myself out of my own misery. I lost ninety pounds following your guidance and have been stuck since then despite needing to lose about forty pounds more. I love you Susan Peirce Thompson and love what you’re doing for people around the world who have struggled as I have. God Bless You and Keep you and Love you as much as I do! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  43. Jennifer Antick

    I was there from the beginning or very close to it! Than you!!!

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  44. Donna

    Wow! My last week has been so similar. My impetus was an emergency surgery. I have felt a train wreck coming, but did not hear the voices telling me to get off. Work, family, community….all so important. In this first week of recovery I joined the BLE boot camp. I have spent hours sitting still in total silence. Life around me is not ending without me, but a new life for me is beginning. I am grateful for this upheaval that has changed my perspective. I don’t want to forget it. I know you won’t forget yours Susan. Thanks for the honesty. I have to admit that I do not look nearly as lovely as you though. Be well!

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  45. Jen

    I have the same sigh patterns when I speak at length about a subject dear to my heart. I find that interesting, and in my personal experience, those sighs are a tool to manage my vibrational level. We love you too, Susan.

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  46. Catherine

    Susan, you are such an awesome woman. I read your book 2 years ago, lost 30 pounds and have kept it off. I appreciate the effort you make to be of service even when you are tapped out yourself. But would also love and appreciate you if you decide to let this all go. Just as Bill W stepped back and allowed AA to carry on without his direct involvement, you may choose to just be one of us, and not carry the responsibility for this huge program. Live your life! It’s shorter than you think! Sometimes the energy changes and we need to surrender to it. You were chosen to bring this forward to the masses and you’ve done that, beautifully. But it’s got so large, will you get off the merry Go Round? Your dad sounds like a fabulous, kind, support. It must be genetic. Love you, thank you, get your buns into an AA meeting too if you haven’t lately. (My recovery date is Sept. 20, 1983 and I still need the support of my peeps). Balance is the hardest lesson of all.
    God is driving the bus and you are a beautiful passenger.

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  47. Heather Hudson

    Great to hear that you’re taking care of yourself and doing what you need to do honey. You have inspired me to do the same. God bless you always. xoxoxox

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  48. Karen Runng, San Francisco

    Dear Susan,

    I’m so grateful to you and the inspiration from your HP that you started BLE and had the sticktoitiveness to grow it to where it is today. 5 years! Congratulations, Susan!

    You’ve helped sooooo many people. And so it is fitting that you took some precious time for yourself. Sounds like the universe had to take a 2×4 to your head to help you see you needed a break. It’s funny now, but I’m sure that day 2 weeks ago , it didn’t seem one bit funny. Thank you for being so vulnerable. It’s so refreshing that you can be so real in a world where we’re conditioned not to be.

    I am in a right sized body for 3 years now. And loving the Freedom.
    Thank you. I’m looking forward to hear what you cook up for the next 5 years. Pardon the pun!!


    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Love this, Karen! Congrats on your freedom. We LOVE to hear that! <3

      Reply ·
  49. Cindy Sarandis

    Wow, great blog. I have been struggling keeping my lines bright. I have been using excuses such as work stresses etc. those excuses are my box. I just realized that. 🙏 Thank you!

    Reply ·
  50. Monique

    I was worried about you. I have enjoyed your vlogs these past few years. You are incredibly honest and you inspire me. I am not part of the bright line eating club, although I eat a whole food plant based diet, no oil sugar and salt. I knew you had a very busy life with your work and family and you always seemed to be going at hundred miles an hour every single day and I thought , How do you do it? And I knew if I was in your shoes that I would crash at some point as it is not normal to keep going at high speed forever. Thank god you took this time out for yourself and you and your family and friends will benefit from the rejuvenated you. Hope you are doing well and I look forward to your next vlog.
    Love you lots and take care of yourself

    Reply ·
  51. Wendy Fullerton

    Wow! That was very moving! You are such an inspiration for me and I believe that Bright Line Eating has saved my life, bringing me so much relief and bringing me back to myself – showing me the way home. I am only 5 months in, and I was one who said I couldn’t do it, but I am super happy that I have made this choice. It gets easier each day to stick with it.

    Thank you for giving so much of yourself! And thank you for taking care of yourself so that there is something left for you too. I wait for your Vlog every week and every week it fills me up and reinforces my perseverance.

    Reply ·
  52. Jennifer

    I love you, too, Susan! Thank you for opening up a wonderful world of possibility to all of us. My life has changed for the better since I found your first book one year ago. The difference you make is amazing! Thank you for doing what you do.

    Reply ·
  53. Diane

    I was in the 2nd boot camp of 2014 just about five years ago, having come from FA, and I had lost 100 lbs., but had not yet surrendered completely and continued to engage in serious painful and regular binge eating with some ups and downs in my weight. I just kept trying, and I believe now I have finally surrendered. I became “suddenly willing”! I am at goal weight in my goal body and have kept my bright lines with no bingeing for a very long time now. Wow! What happiness! I’ve been using the Bright Line Eating community and its many offerings to make dramatic improvements in many areas of my life. It would be impossible to tell you in this short message just how my life has improved for the better in so many remarkable ways. When I first heard about Susan I told my husband, “this lady is going to change the world,” and so she has. I know she has changed my world; and, of course, I know about the thousands whose worlds have also changed dramatically as well; I believe the future will see millions yet to experience these joyous outcomes. The most powerful motivator for me has been that Susan Pierce Thompson continues year after year to show up as herself sharing even her most vulnerable parts for all to see. She has endured graciously any criticisms that have came her way, and has not wavered in her efforts to continually try to improve the program and she has appreciated and incorporated many suggestions from others. She has put every good thing she could think of in it to help us all along our way. Her courage is becoming my courage and has been a great example for me in my own life. I can’t wait to see what else she may be planning. I’m so excited about the unique soon to come out cookbook! Some wonderful things about Bright Line Eating (other than the astounding successes so many have had with dramatic long term weight loss and improved physical health) are the deep love extended to all, no matter what, and the acceptance of each one’s individual path. I believe it is because of the strong underlying philosophy of unconditional love that so many are doing remarkably well not only with their weight loss journeys, but other areas of their lives too. And, most important for me is that I’ve finally just learned to begin loving myself deeply (after years of flatly hating myself). I’m working on those areas that still need improving this go round with love and tenderness thanks to what I’ve learned in this movement. Louise Hay, the founder of Hay House, Susan’s book publisher, and great example of all we’re about in Bright Line Eating, often said: “Love is the miracle cure, and loving ourselves works miracles in our lives.” I am forever indebted to Bright Line Eating, and the kindness, love, and practical helpfulness coming from all employees and from the ladies and gentlemen who’re traveling along the way with me. We say “I love you” a lot to each other. I give much credit to what I’ve learned in Bright Line Eating that I can honestly say I love all of you out there so much as well, and if you haven’t tried this program yet, jump on board, ’cause you’re in for the ride of your lives!

    Reply ·
  54. Erin

    Such an inspiration, allowing yourself to just be. Just Be.
    Now go get those kids from Camp and enjoy the last days of Summer with your family. 😊

    Reply ·
  55. Dorie

    Wow wow wow
    So…. I don’t know the word to discribe
    Except to say you are AWESOME
    I am not on ble But trying to follow it losely
    I really loved this blog today so many important points
    God Bless you for. U. Do and will continue
    In this lifelong. Journey
    God Bless you dear Lady 🥰🌸💖

    Reply ·
  56. Donya

    Susan, thank you so much for being human! You started this movement with a dollar and a dream, and you have change the lives of so many. Keep your chin up and know that we are all cheering you on!

    Reply ·
  57. Jeff

    Thank you for sharing your current downtime and that being unplugged from our busy world and the boxes we create for ourselves is just as important s being busy. BLE has been very helpful for me and has made an incredible difference in my life. Thank you for your work, your love and your dedication. You are an inspiration to many.

    Reply ·
  58. Barbara A Beauregard

    You are my ROCK STAR! Sending so much love to you.

    Reply ·
  59. Susan LeBlanc

    Susan, Bravo! You are true to yourself and that is who you have to answer to, that person in the mirror…no matter who might criticize. I have 2 heroes, one is Oprah and one is YOU. You are a hard worker, a confident, smart woman, mother, wife, daughter, boss, & business owner/leader. Above all, you are human and are not perfect and you admit it. Utmost respect and love for you. Great things come to people like you. Because YOU are who you are! Thank you for taking time for you. And to your Dad who invited you and to your husband and kids who support you doing it :).

    Reply ·
  60. Karen Poltera

    Well done for listening to your inner voice. We all need to learn that the wisdom to retain our sanity is within us. Your journey is a remarkable one and I commend you for your tenacity, belief, and vision. I suspect you believe in a higher power and it certainly sounds like that power has filled you and used you to help countless others. Thank you Susan xxx

    Reply ·
  61. Teri Madsen

    Thank you. Just been here a year in June. However, been rocky lately and finally had to unplug from everything (FB houses) to take care of me and get back within my lines. I will take 30 days instead of your 11-but it feels right. It is amazing how each vlog talks specifically to me, you are amazing.

    Reply ·
  62. Don Benedik

    For my spouse and myself, our BL journey began about 6-7 weeks ago when a friend told us about BLE and the book which turned out to become our bible. We have lost an average of 1 1/2 lbs./wk, I’ve cut my diabetic meds in 1/2(only 1 day was my blood glucose level above 100)! We are fine, discovering vegetables and grains we didn’t know about before, feel satisfied and no need to snack between meals, even while watching something on TV.
    We took our scale with us when we traveled up North, weighed our food portions and even went to a few restaurants yet maintained our BLE!
    Thank you for your inspiration, sharing your knowledge and your vBlogs.

    Reply ·
  63. Rosemary McCullough

    Susan, this helped me SO much. I had a VERY similar set of stressors hit me last week and this really put everything into perspective. Lots of love!

    Reply ·
  64. Lynda Lemmon

    I want you to look after yourself Susan. Selfish reasons of course. Re the nay sayers and hard critical comments….I asked my musician friend who has started up many community bands to have them branch off and start their own….”How does it make you feel that you put in all that time and they go off and start their own gig?” He said, “well I just don’t attach any ego to it.” I love that!!! My new mantra.

    Reply ·
  65. Bonnie Anderson

    Thank you, Susan, for your unwavering commitment to your vision. You are changing the world and so many lives. I am struggling right now, and your talk was a powerful reminder of the power of the vision. We dare to dream big!

    Reply ·
  66. Helen Spingola

    We need you Susan and we need your powerful vlogs! Taking care of yourself is like taking care of us!! Bless you….

    Reply ·
  67. Kyla

    Thank you for this ! I just discovered you . I went and bought your book but have been putting off looking at it! I’ve tried so many diets in my 59 yrs. and spent more money than I want to admit!
    This vlog was so inspiring to me. I too work all the time and rarely take time for just me! Today I’m off work and sitting outside with the cool breeze and watching this.
    It was perfect! Thank you!
    I’m thinking of joining your boot camp just so I know what to do everyday! I would love to weigh what I used to again! God bless you! Kyla

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Welcome Kyla! If you have any questions, be sure to let us know! For more immediate answers, message us on Facebook or Instagram or go to!

      Reply ·
  68. I am Truth Vigilante

    Incredible & thank you 🙏

    Reply ·
  69. Jennifer

    So powerful! Thank you for BLE. It’s made a difference for me, I’m healthier, in a right size body and it’s worth it.

    Reply ·
  70. Suzy Holmes

    I’m so thankful for your amazing brain and the choices you’ve made that are helping to heal mine!❤️

    Reply ·
  71. Cat

    Susan, your vlog today, changed my thinking. Thank you so much for you’re honesty . Your right the “ box” we have around us is of our own choosing! Such a great analogy. I’m breaking open my box, getting back to my bright lines around food, and other areas of my life, that I have created bright lines for. Thank you. I ordered your initial booklet on line, but am unsure of the date. Today I start rereading it and your book, again, to keep those wisdoms top of mind❣️ Love your vlogs, they keep me aware of my goals, THANK YOU

    Reply ·
  72. Peter W Smith

    This vlog was perfect timing for me. I’m ready to claw my way out of the box I have made. I’m ready to return to Happy, Thin, and Free. And I’m so grateful to you, dear Susan, for all you do to make it possible for people like me to find hope. <3

    Reply ·
  73. Janice Bittner

    I was one of those people who said “I can’t do that. But something inside me kept saying “you NEED to do this.” I began journaling my thoughts in the form of a letter to God, and during that writing session I came to the conclusion that I needed to be honest and say that my real feeling was “I don’t WANT to do this.” Big difference. It took 2 days of writing that letter to God, and at the end I decided, “I can do anything for 2 weeks.” And I did. That’s all I paid attention to. 2 weeks. I was able to admit, freely and out loud, that I am addicted to sugar and flour. At the end of that 2 weeks, I started another 2 weeks. Then another. Then another. I’m coming up on my 1-year anniversary. I no longer struggle with wanting sugar, but I am still struggling with the flour issue. If I’m honest, I think it is because I’m telling myself that if it is gluten free flour, it’s not the same. AND I MISS PIZZA!!! (sorry for the shouting :-D) I think I’m going to start another letter to God, so that I can get to that point again where I became suddenly willing to just do it. I may not be anywhere near as successful as so many people who are following Bright Line Eating, but I am so proud of myself for what I have actually overcome in the last year. Long story, won’t bore you here. 🙂

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      You really hit something special there: “I can’t do that” is really “I don’t want to do that.” You’ve certainly proven you can, Janice! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

      Reply ·
  74. Ann

    Three years in a right-sized body! Thank you, Susan, for all you do! You have changed my life ❤️

    Reply ·
  75. Penny Roberts

    I started BLE on July 8, 2019. Thus far I have lost 13lbs. I love the program. It works so good for me. I’m a very structured, almost rigid, and I love it that I have a plan to follow that keeps me in check.

    I still have about 15 to 20 more pounds to go. I’m continuing to stay on this path to get to my feel good for me body weight and then maintain.

    Reply ·
  76. Florence Palumbo Zilka

    Thank you so very much for BLE. It has been a gift from heaven to me.

    Reply ·
  77. Laurie Lay

    I’m so glad you listened to that still small voice to go to your Dad’s house and rest and reflect. I joined BLE October 3, 2016 & have released about 70 pounds. I am in a right sized body and living Happy, Thin & Free. Thanks to You. I love my new life!!
    I haven’t had sugar or flour since day 1. (Woohoo!). I love my BLE life & am so so grateful for YOU, your team, this beautiful loving community. So many lives have been changed. Thank you so much. Sending you so much love ❤️ & prayers 🙏🏻. I am a Bright Lifer, for Life.!!! Can’t wait to see what the next 5 years bring our way. We are doing this journey of life together, arm in arm, one day at a time. Love and Blessings!!

    Reply ·
  78. Slavka

    Susan, THANK YOU, YOU are AMAZING! WOW! God bless you and your family for everything you have done! My best wishes to you!

    Reply ·
  79. Marilyn Stevens

    I remember the moment when my perspective shifted. I stood in front of the mirror so unhappy with my body. It was mid-June, 2018. I said, “ Here I go again. It’s time to get back on the diet train and cut calories so I can drop some weight. I’m tired of this, I don’t want to do this anymore.” The following Sunday I learned what a friend at church was doing that resulted in an amazing transformation. I went online, read about BLE and ordered the book. Then the 14 Day Challenge and on July 12,2018 Boot Camp. I have been Happy, Thin and Free since November 4, 2018! It wasn’t the amount of weight, it was staying off that train. Thank you, Susan, so much! I love you. At 78 I discovered freedom .

    Reply ·
  80. Charlette Sears

    Susan, your example of self care, leadership, willingness to do the unthinkable are allowing others to do the same‼️❤️♥️😎. Through your sharing of your experiences you tacitly give all that hear/see you permission. Wonderful leadership…thank you‼️👏👏👏👏🎉🎉🎉🎉🙏🏻💪💪✨‼️♥️❤️♥️❤️♥️😘

    Reply ·
  81. Meryl

    Susan I have been watching and listening. Admire your chutzpah . What is the difference between bright line and Overeaters Anonymous which started the no sugar, flour, weighing and measuring, and 3 meals a day in addition to the spiritual component 50 years ago?

    Reply ·
    1. Flor Zilka

      For 30 yrs I did OA. Only white flour was not allowed. Ate whole wheat all the time. Artificial sweeteners were ok. So was dried fruit. So, for some of us that was enough to keep the cravings alive and active, thus causing “slips” and breaks in abstinence.

      Reply ·
  82. Margy

    Thank you Susan for your vulnerability, courage and Bright Line Eating. My life is forever changed, thanks to you. 💖

    Reply ·
  83. Nancy Nardelli

    I’ve said it on the July Coaching call I’ll say it again….”You are wise beyond your years”. I’m old enough to be your mom so I think I can say that with respect and life experiences. I’ve scuffed and joked about “ five year plans”. Not only did you write it but you had the courage and determination to make it happen.
    Congrats to you on this milestone but I can’t help but feel there will be many more milestones to celebrate
    I’m blessed to have you in my life. I’m going to go write my five year plan. Luv you, Nancy Nardelli

    Reply ·
  84. Monica Dean

    You and BLE changed my life’s in ways you will never know. You gave me the key, but I walked through the door. I am grateful to be now in my third year with over a thousand days in the program and over nine hundred in maintenance. If you had told me back in 2014 I would become part of this lifestyle I would have called you a liar and believed it. Now everyday I choose this box one day at a time. Looking forward to the next five years.Hugs to you and all the people who help you make this program what it is.

    Reply ·
  85. Susan Blumenfeld

    Proud of you for recognizing you needed the self care, and rest- you and everyone around you will be better for it. Touched that your Dad knew. Touched that you went to your Dad, where you can relax. He must be a superstar like his kid! Good luck on re-entry! You’re creativity is flowing, I can see it in your beautiful smile. Xoxo I’m Susan B and I’m HTF. You’re making miracles here lady!

    Reply ·
  86. Teresa May

    I have been with you since 2014…you were even so kind to be a host on my telesummit on education back in 2016! What you have manifested is amazing… learning how to eat to live, to be hungry for life… not food is what you demonstrate… and most importantly how to surrender to God…the Creator… to guide our steps is essential… otherwise we fill ourselves with food rather than the light and spirit from source… and no matter what we do when we try and fill ourselves from the external world….we are never really satisfied or filled with what we need to grow our healthy selves… You dear Susan model how to love God, your husband, your children, your family, your friends, your tribe and the world…. so thank you 🙏🏻 And, thank your dad for modeling how to be a great father and give his daughter what she needed… space to rest, restore, and surrender… hug your dad from all of us!!!

    Reply ·
  87. Lorie McMasters

    Thank you Susan! I learn something every time I listen to your vlogs.
    This time I kept hearing ” I’m a human being, not a human doing” . Big validation to not bounce off the walls of the
    ” have to and should” box I tend to place around my existence.

    Love your heart,

    Reply ·
  88. Teri

    Love you and so glad you stopped the merry go round to do self-care!! xxoo

    Reply ·
  89. Maayan Newman

    Dear Susan…I follow your vlogs regularly and always end up smiling saying to myself, she is real…you are out there playing the game of Life as powerfully as can be and that includes humility, loving kindness and dreams…you are in possession of all that and an inspiration…may you and yours be protected and cared for…

    Reply ·
  90. Richard Huffmon

    I just want to add my two cents worth into the conversation. “I Love You.” That’s it.

    Reply ·
  91. Michelle

    The main thing to do is to not forget the main thing — and the main thing is to take care of yourself and your health. You’re no good to this BLE community, your family, or yourself if you run yourself into the ground, LOL. We love you and need your wisdom and insights,, so do whatever is needed to stay physically and mentally healthy!

    Reply ·
  92. Viktoria

    Yes, “Making it work” sometimes requires slowing right down and doing the opposite of what we think we have to do. Good on you for having the courage to step outside the box you created and seeing things from various perspectives. Loved this vlog! ❤️

    Reply ·
  93. Dale Levy

    Susan I feel you are growing up with this vlog! Brava!
    Sometimes yes we box ourselves… in the last few days I have made a decision to break my bread line because I could only do it with peace of mind! Weird not eating on the plan, but the bread think we’ll, one thing that kept coming up was there are no food police around in BLE…I don’t do it everyday… and after the day I do it I go back to no breads again…& I feel fine. I guess I never was a crystal vaser… but I for myself, am happy and not kicking myself and thin and free to chose… I go back to Europe on 14th of this month and will be fine getting back to my regime. I make my decisions and I am strong! Bless!

    Reply ·
  94. Doris

    I love you, Susan

    Reply ·
  95. Lois

    Good you are resting but make sure those around you who enable you to do this also get the time ❤️

    Reply ·
  96. Judith

    Susan, your Dad is a very wise man. You are very fortunate to have him. I bought a few of your books when it first came out. I read my copy, and then bought 2 as gifts, so I could get the 2-week challenges that went with them. I used one of them (actually, only half),and still have one coming. Truthfully, I don’t know why I watched your vlog tonight, but I’m glad I did. It really seemed as though you were speaking directly to me. I have all kinds of boxes around me, but I don’t know how to break out of them. Thank you for being such a caring woman, and for all the good work you do. Please slow down a little, so you aren’t stressed…too many deadlines all at once.

    Reply ·
  97. Sherie Cooper

    Susan, I love you! You have changed my life. I started BLE on March 27, 2019, thanks to my daughter sharing the information with me. She is 49 years old. She was doing so incredibly well with this program and encouraged me to try it. Oh, my goodness. Nothing I had ever tried worked so I was not sure it would work for me. No will power, Thank goodness will power has NOTHING to do with it. I am 77 years old, and I lost 21 pounds in the first month. I did even better than my daughter did. (by the way, she is on maintenance now). Of course, it slowed down after that, but I have kept my bright lines all along the way and have so far, lost a total of 26 pounds. I was a little nervous the first time I went to the grocery store but was just cracking up as I pushed my shopping cart long looking left to right and saying “Not my food, not my food.” It made it so easy for me to shop with that mantra in my head. It has carried me through all of my grocery shopping trips since. I have total confidence in the fact that I will be in my right size body. I have about 40 more pounds to go, but it is so very doable. All along the way even when the scale doesn’t show any improvement, I just know that things are happening and do not get discouraged. All the good that is coming from eating properly is such a blessing, and it keeps me going on this plan. Thank you so very much for your selfless dedication to this. You have given such hope to so many of us who did not have any hope. Considering the diabetes epidemic and all of the health problems that accompany it, you have saved many lives. I am one of the ones who did not have diabetes or even pre-diabetes, but I know looking back, it was just a matter of time until I would have had. Thank you again!

    Reply ·
  98. Elli Anastasiou

    Susan, you showed up more human than ever and I just adored that!
    I watched your vlog last night and in my sleep I dreamt that you and me had arranged to meet with a few other BLEers and stay at my house in Greece for a few days, and it felt so real and so heartwarming, just as if it was with my best friends!
    I’ve been in BLE for a year and a half and the lessons I’ve learnt from you go far beyond eating and losing weight. They ‘ve made me learn how to be gentle with myself and my human nature, and made my life way more meaningful and enjoyable in countless ways.
    Thank you for making this world a better place!

    Reply ·
  99. Bonnie

    Susan You were in my thoughts all week. So happy for you that you were up to sending out a vlog this week. You are amazingly exceptional person. You and your life’s journey is an inspiration for me and so many others. I am so happy for you that your allowed yourself to have this time off ‘private retreat’ . Often we need to go back inside and reconnect to ourselves in order to once again blossom. Thank you for who you are and all that you do.

    Reply ·
  100. Susan Clow

    You are doing just what you need to at all times and this time was just what you needed. Nice your Dad said I think you need to come home. You do look quite relaxed and happy in this video.

    Reply ·
  101. Kristin

    Brand new, 14 day challenge, lost 5 pounds. Going for another two weeks, then another and another, for life :0) Love your Vlogs, thank you for being REAL!!!!!

    Reply ·
  102. donna Stone

    you and BLE have changed my life. Thank you 112 lbs down 45 more to go. Please keep sharing it is life changing.

    Reply ·
  103. Helaine Ring

    Sending you loads of gratitude and lots of love! I have been ever so much closer to a right sized body since Jan. 2016.

    Thank you so muchl

    Reply ·
  104. We

    Sending you loads of gratitude and lots of love! I have been ever so much closer to a right sized body since Jan. 2016.

    Thank you so much

    Reply ·
  105. Lulu

    When do you spend time with your husband

    Reply ·
  106. Barb

    A lengthy visit with your dad seems like a huge gift to you both. It gladdens my heart to hear that you gave yourself that time with him.

    Reply ·
  107. Ann h McCormick

    Congratulations on envisioning five years then pulling it off so magnificently. I appreciate Bright Line Eating profoundly after doing Boot Camp and losing 22 pounds, and much better, actually doing the program. Now I know I can do it. I am 76 and tried lots of approaches to weight loss and diet before BLE without success, like going to Weight Watchers faithfully every week for a year and not losing one pound in the end. I will thank you again when I reach goal weight. I have some rezooming coming up.

    You are a n amazing role model, sharing authentically and doing the work. I love to listen to you. Thank you. As my Croation friend’s mom says, a Million Kisses!

    Ann H McCormick, PhD
    Kids’ app developer, from Reader Rabbit to Reader Bee

    Reply ·
  108. Corinne Lyons

    That was an unexpected share. ” Don’t just do something – sit there” seems to be an appropriate reaction to the overload that you experienced.
    I have been with Bright lines for three years. I have kept the weight off. I don’t weigh food but I stay off sugar and flour. My friends are amazed and say they could never do what I do. The whole cookbook thing seems to be a block. Maybe people have more sense of agency without it!

    Reply ·
  109. Aldona Ruppert

    Susan! I am impressed that you found your safety net and we’re able rest your brain. Now it’s time to rezoom?!!

    Your honestly is refreshing and a good example of how to balance things knowing that many deadlines are made up !!

    Reply ·
  110. Marilyn

    I just finished the 14 Day Challenge and at 74, lost 5 pounds. I also just signed up for the Boot Camp, as I didn’t want to get off track. I am also in chemotherapy for a lung cancer, now essentially gone – though under less treatment , thank God. ( Of course I got permission from my Oncology MD to do Bright Line before the start) I am feeling wonderful about my two week progress – It has really helped my confidence that I can do this! My daughter went to your San Diego conference and loved it – the initial reason I began this journey. As a retired therapist I love that you are introducing us to the research and to all the assets we have available to help in this process – especially spirituality. I also really appreciate this vlog and your vulnerability ! You are the right model for everyone in this excellent ( though challenging🙃) program!

    Reply ·
  111. kelly a aurand

    You are such an inspiration!
    Thank you

    Reply ·
  112. Christine

    Susan I have been following yours vlogs fo 2 years, I am not a part of the BL crew, but I find you inspirational and an AMAZING woman…thank you for your thoughts, information and being you! I’ve learned so much with you that I feel close to you. Thank you…you do you! God bless you and thank you!

    Reply ·
  113. Lynn Brown

    I was moved to tears of gratitude deep within my heart as you shared your story in this Vlog. I am grateful for your authenticity and your presence in my life. I have been living Happy, Thin, and Free since joining Bright Line Eating December 2, 20l8 because of the confidence that you gave me that maintenance was nor only
    possible but attainable. With BLE I have released the pounds and I am currently navigating a smooth landing into maintenance knowing that I will succeed. I became
    a Bright Lifer and I am committed for the rest of my life, one day at a time. Susan, your knowledge, experience, and authenticity have been a guiding light showing
    me The Way. My age is 74, and my life’s journey prepared me to embrace this opportunity when you introduced it to me. I Love you Susan so much, and the BLE Team
    that support you and this program. Thank You! With Heartfelt Love and Appreciation, Lynn Brown. OXOXOX

    Reply ·
  114. Tanya

    The power of the pause! In the silence the asnswers come. I am by your side for the next five years. The magic that out you abdvthis program into my life is awesome. Congratulations!

    Reply ·
  115. Jennifer DunLany

    I am so glad you stopped and took time for yourself. For 41 years I did not and now at age 66 and retired, I am trying to recover from the crazy, busy, insane life I had. It is not worth it. Other people including my Dad tried to tell me this , but I refused to listen. Thank God you listened to your Dad. My body fell apart when I retired. It is the grace of God and BLE that I am getting my health back. I am getting my normal weight back. I never was overweight until late 40’s. Then stress took over and I ate to calm my emotions. Thank you for everything you have done to change my life for the better.

    Reply ·
  116. Jennifer Oliver

    Kick on good sister!!! We are listening !!!

    Reply ·
  117. C.B. Chachere

    Hi, Susan!
    I just joined your BLE Boot Camp – not even a week ago. I have been percolating on it since April. Your comments are so true and real. Keep on keepin’ on. You got this!
    Love, Catherine

    Reply ·
  118. juliana

    Thanks for doing this to us. Many people in the world are getting healthier and happy with your dedication, work, and love.

    Reply ·
  119. Mari

    “Let’s keep doing this thing.” I’m in. Take care of yourself. We are all blessed by your love for us. Love you back😘

    Reply ·
  120. Lisa Wold

    Hi Susan,
    I’m pretty sure that I signed up 5 years ago because I’ve been watching and enjoying your vlogs every Wednesday for a long time!
    I’m unable to follow the plan over a long period of time as of yet. I bought your book. I get the idea of bright lines and was able to hold my bright lines from sugar and flour for 4 months, but Christmas came, and one bite of something sweet ended that. That was December of 2017. I was almost (10 lbs.) to goal weight and feeling pretty happy thin and free, but unfortunately I’ve allowed other circumstances to become more important than holding my bright lines. I’m not in a strong place emotionally, so I succumb to indulgences from time to time but not regularly. One day (maybe soon) I’ll get the gumption to give it another go.
    Thanks for your devotion and dedication to this cause so many people feel with you! Love, Lisa

    Reply ·
  121. Jacqui

    You look great. You look healthy. Nice to see you with a tan and in plain clothes. More relaxed too. Re delegation you probably have a high mental energy, you are capable of many things and you do them well. Obviously, you delegate the phone calls and the shop. A lot of behind the scenes stuff too. But you are the face of BLE and it’s nice to see that face with a ‘ton of colour’, knowing it was from hiking in nature with your supportive and loving dad. I was in a right size body in my teens and 20s up until age 37 years. (I’m 42) I shifted from say flexitarian to plantbased (vegan) and gained so much weight! Other issues too like higher study & divorce increased my weight) and I weighed 90K+ for a whole year. It was mortifying. Since finding BLE my weight is shedding. At first I included meat again, it was nice to have that flexibility. Now I am only having meat occasionally and I have lost 10kg. Still 20kg to go! (or 25 via the French formula) BLE is the only way to go for me! Although, I do occasionally drink coffee with milk between meals and occasional glass of champagne – it is a forever lifestyle and I am not willing to give up social drinks entirely (maybe that will change). Best x

    Reply ·
  122. Cathy

    I feel like your Dad was inspired to invite you to his home. I am so glad you took time for yourself and put your cares in God’s hands. You are such an amazing woman. I hope one day I get to meet you in person!! Take care of yourself! Your bear falling over was perfect timing!!

    Reply ·
  123. Sylvia

    Wow Susan
    Congratulations. It your honesty is the greatly.You are very inspiring. Thank you .I been fellowing you since somewhere during 2014 .

    Reply ·
  124. Mel

    Thank you for BLE and thank you for the message in this vlog on the importance of taking the time to smell the roses. You look so happy – even when you were relating your cascade of disasters (I’m glad I’m not the only one who noticed your teddy bear coming out in sympathy :-)).
    I was interested in nutrition generally so I my diet wasn’t dreadful but I was in the obese range (“I’m tall so I can carry it”). I’d tried intermittent fasting and that worked fairly well for a while but it took your information on the psychology of eating and the physiology of sugar, and particularly that flour was also addictive, to finally get happy thin and free.
    I’ve been in my right sized body for nearly two years now and don’t really even have to think about it – it’s just who I am and how I eat.
    I’m only a 7 so I can afford to have fuzzier lines and not weigh my food but I decide what goes in my mouth on merit rather than entertainment – this is what you are building your body out of so it had better be the right stuff.

    Reply ·
  125. Debbie Bishop

    I was on your first email list and have been following you faithfully for five years. I love all your Vlogs and perspectives on life. You are an amazing woman and have certainly helped hundreds if not thousands of people. Please keep doing what you’re doing. You are making a difference. Praying for much success for you in the next years to come!

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Love to hear from those of you who have been here from Day 1. So fun!

      Reply ·
  126. Liza

    I love your blogs. BLE works wonderfully for me. Although not at my goal weight yet, I have lost 50 lbs in just over 1 year and been at a stable weight for the past 6 months. I am going for the next 30 lbs right now and hope to get to my first goal weight at that time. Either way, I feel great, I look much better, I can stand to see myself in photos, mirrors and shop windows. I am working on upping my fashion game as all I could wear in the past were stretch pants and loose tops to hide the rolls. Now I want to start to show my shape more. Something I have longed to do for many years. The change in how I feel about myself is huge. BLE is a god send for me. Thank you Susan and your staff.

    Reply ·
  127. Marcy

    Let’s do it! Love you! Thank you for all you do, especially for dreaming, listening to that inner voice, and taking care of yourself! Xoxo

    Reply ·
  128. Tracy D

    I did not start ed in October 2017 and am 70 pounds down, maintaining and have done maintenance on BLE far longer now than the previous FOUR programs I was on. Yes I lost 40 to 50 pounds on each one and like so many, gained it all back plus some. Susan is right that it is hard, but seriously, if it weren’t hard I really think I wouldn’t be so willing to do it. 🙂 Love you too, Susan. I’m a much better me because of you!

    Reply ·
  129. Phyllis Johnson

    Susan, your vulnerability brought tears to my eyes at the end of this vlog. I know why I feel somewhat maternal towards you; I think a lot of BLE members may do so, too. It’s because you share so much of yourself with all of us. We can relate to the dreams and concerns that you so readily voice to the tribe, and this inspires our trust and our loyalty. I worry about your ability to keep pushing yourself in the ways you do; so I’m happy (another reason to feel happy!) to know you are taking care of yourself at this time. Selfishly, I want you to take care of yourself so you are here for all of us! Please make this at least an annual retreat! With loving concern, Phyllis

    Reply ·
  130. Victoria Miller

    Hi Susan, I’m so glad you’re taking time for you! I’ve certainly missed you. You continue to do such good in this world, don’t forget that, I never will as I live H, T & F by following your amazing program 🥰Sending you lots of love and thanks on this very special 5 year anniversary! I cannot wait to see what’s in store for all of us🧡✨🧡

    Reply ·
  131. Mara Schwartz

    Happy 5 years and yes lets keep doing this thing because you and BLE are amazing.

    Reply ·
  132. Virginia

    Susan, So glad to hear that you took this time for yourself because you really needed it. Your thoughts about “suddenly willing” definitely resonated with me as I have been battling anxiety and things in life. I have had the same thoughts about many things not always being as important as we think, too. God is helping me put things in more perspective.
    I have been on the BLE journey since 2015 October and am grateful to you and to the community! Congratulations! I pray that the next 5 years will reach more people! Maybe it will spread to Japan. People here really do need it as I see more overweight and obese people than there used to be!

    Reply ·
  133. Kimberly Henderson

    You are my person! I enjoy your authenticity. Thank you

    Reply ·
  134. Lorraine McQuerry

    So glad you are taking care of yourself!! Sending love and hugs.

    Reply ·
  135. Laura Ulrich

    I am on day 263 and have lost 56 pounds; about 30 to go. The numbers are not important and they don’t tell the story of the transition from hopelessness to hope; from despair to joy; from so many layers of sickness to health; from shame to a quiet, glowing pride. I have been trying to find an answer to my struggle with food all my life, and nothing has ever given me what BLE has. All I can say is thank you, and I hope you keep taking care of yourself. You’ve given me–and the world–such huge gifts. Blessings.

    Reply ·
  136. Angela Andrews

    NO negative comments here. You are amazing, and I love you even more for your willingness to be so authentic.

    Thank you for what you do.

    I’m down 46 pounds in 5 months and for the first time a few weeks ago, I suddenly became willing to consider eating NS/NF for the REST of my life.

    Before that I was taking it one day at a time, telling myself I could do it for sure until I lose all my weight (I have another 48 to go). I just “couldn’t” commit to forever.

    Then, I had an accidental exposure to sugar – not on the label of my tea!!! – and I succumbed to crazy-A** cravings that were unbelievable after just two mornings of exposure to what was probably less than 1/2 teaspoon of sugar. (I’m a 10 on the SQ, if you hadn’t already guessed!)

    I immediately quit drinking the tea and after 24 hours was back to freedom in my thinking and mind. Phew!

    That’s when I SUDDENLY knew I would be willing to do NS/NF forever if it meant I never had to feel that crazy again!

    So, not only is your message timely for me, but I am so glad you acted upon your suddenly to take care of you. We need you!

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      What a valuable experience for you to have, Angela! Look at what you learned!

      Reply ·
  137. Jade Neely

    Susan I love your very real authentic and inspiring story. I think I did join your email list on the first day…. and I’m sure not sorry.
    You have helped me immensely.
    My story has not been one of always keeping my bright lines, but it has been one of not giving up. I’ve changed from eating everything and a lot of stuff I was allergic to to being whole food plant based… no animals. I’m not perfect at this but but I’m enjoying living in a healthy slim body. Able to sit on the floor with my 8 month old granddaughter and keep up with her. Such a wonderful gift. I was thinking the other day I was carrying around three of her…Thanks again for being you Susan… What a great gift to yourself and others to be who you really are; loving, honest, and authentic.
    With love, Jade ❤️🙏❤️

    Reply ·
  138. Diane Howard

    GREAT video! I’m glad you got the rest and restoration you needed. Kudos to David who I know must have supported you in it. I’ve been on Maintenance for 417 days. I feel good enough to restart my running program that I gave up 5 years ago. I’m going on my first run August 12th which will be my 71st birthday! Never thought I could give up sugar, but BLE’s guidance has made that possible. Thank you SO MUCH!

    Reply ·
  139. Kelli Smith

    I’d be surprised if I wasn’t one of your very early subscribers… I’ve been following for what seems like ages as another Jeff Walker launch devotee. My only comment for you as a fellow entrepreneur is GOOD FOR YOU! I’m just so happy for you that you’ve done this for yourself. Taking this time of reflection both to rest, and to really take in everything you’ve accomplished in these five years is just so important. I hope you’re really proud and that this rest and time will recharge you to keep being the boss woman you are!! So proud of you and rooting for your continued success!

    Reply ·
  140. Ellen Moyer

    Thanks Susan for your vlog!!!!!

    Reply ·
  141. Carol

    Susan, thanks for the relevant and helpful blog. Best one in a while.

    Reply ·
  142. Judy

    At 4min. and 27sec. into your taping, Teddy Bear fell over onto his face—as if on cue to emphasize (and agree) that about everything was going wrong that could have, all at once, at the time you were recalling! It was so funny to see the bear helping with the taping …no wonder you take it with you everywhere!!

    Anyhow, congratulations on BLE’s 5 year milestone! Thank you for your honesty and the warmth of this vlog. I felt the same kind of warmth when you greeted me Sat. evening, July 13, at an early AFR “meet and greet” session. You don’t know me from “Eve” but you are an expert at putting strangers at ease around you—thank you. May you continue to take care of yourself with times of refreshing when you are in need of going onto R & R (rest and recuperation)!

    Much love and many hugs,

    Reply ·
  143. Beth Culp

    Your visions are extraordinary in that they are now reality – or most of them are. (Wink) And while you say this movement wouldn’t be here without us, it most certainly wouldn’t be here without you my dear. Your knowledge and understanding is so very important to delivering Bright Line Eating, but it’s not just your knowledge, it’s how you deliver the messages, the information, to us. You are an inspiration to us and in turn, I believe we hope to be an inspiration to others. Thank you for helping me change my life and numerous folks around me. Happy Birthday BLE. Loves Ya, Beth

    Reply ·
  144. Patti Bennett

    I am so grateful to have you in my life. I look so forward to your weekly vlog. Take care dear friend.

    Reply ·
  145. Jamie Keith

    Bless your heart, Susan. I am so glad you are taking care of yourself. Thank you so much for everything.

    Reply ·
  146. Jeanne Smith

    Susan, Golda Meier said: If I am not for me, who will be? Thank God you chose to be for you. Thank you for sharing and thereby giving permission for each of us to be for our selves and to re define our boxes. Happy Anniversaries!!!🎊🎉 Keep up your fabulous work. And thank you ….know that you are deeply loved. Never forget, God is NEVER late.😘

    Reply ·
  147. Suzanne Deveney

    No advice from me, just sending love and peace. 💕

    Reply ·
  148. Barbara

    I’m so glad you listened to your Dads advice to go out west to his house. It is clear you need some time to refuel. I joined BLE October 11, 2015 & lost 90-95 pounds. I reached goal August 2016 & haven’t had sugar or flour since day 1. I love my ble life & am so grateful for you & this lifestyle you’ve created for us. So many lives have been changed. Thank you so much. Sending you so much love & healing energy.


    Reply ·
  149. Rhonda Super

    Susan…sending peace and love your way. You have no idea how this hit home fir me ans my life in the past month…it never ceases to amaze me how you touch my heart and life so much. You are so real on so many levels and articulate it in such a way that touches so many. Keep it up girl…you have such a gift. Xoxoxo

    Reply ·
  150. Willa Klyne

    Thank you for showing us the way, Susan. Again. You are amazing.

    Reply ·
  151. Jan Saunders

    Sending love and hugs. Thank you for all of your love and care for all of us who struggle with extra weight and for wanting to make a difference in the world. Your willingness to be vulnerable and to show the world your reality is just so powerful. We are all so sorry for any negative comments. Please don’t take them personally. It says a lot about the person making those comments. . So glad you took out time for yourself. We wish you wonderful things for the next 5 years Much love Jan.

    Reply ·
  152. Draxie Bolam

    Thank you for what you are and who you are. May our Lord Jesus Christ continue to speak to you that will enhance your walk with Him and the journey you have undertaken with BLE. You are an amazing woman, an amazing mother, and amazing wife. This 11 days is not a coincidence, but an avenue to be taken by you to regroup, and make your next 5-year plan. My prayer for you will be for the wisdom and knowledge needed to do so. Not everyone can be as open and transparent as you are, but you have raised the bar on that which opens doors for many that can say, “she spoke it, I feel it, and I’m going to break free as she did.”
    What a privilege to be a part of BLE for several years now and I’m in a Rezoom mode now. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

    Reply ·
  153. melanie

    I signed up in 2014 🙂 maybe for the webinar for the 2nd boot camp?! I have watched all of your vlogs 🙂

    Reply ·
  154. Darla

    Today I cracked so your vlog was perfect. Thank you for showing up as you!

    Reply ·
  155. Stefi

    Good call on that pause /reset – love the self care. I too signed up on the email list Day1 – thank you Susan 🥰

    Reply ·
  156. Susie

    Can’t believe it. This is the second flaky video in a row. She can’t really be suggesting that everyone abandon their family and responsibilities and run home to Dad when things get tough. Ugh! Hopefully the lady with the vision and the will makes it back to BLE to run the ship or it won’t make it one more year let alone 5.

    Reply ·
    1. Sara Anderson

      Wow. The woman pours her heart out and makes herself vulnerable and real every. single. time. And all you can do is heckle from the cheap seats? Don’t like? Don’t watch. That solve ain’t rocket science. Consider giving up trolling and getting a life.

      Reply ·
  157. Carolyn Baker

    Just listened to your vlog & my heart goes out to you; sending you love, blessings, comfort & strength; it’s hard to walk your walk without the loving support of their community & mine is with you; thanks for all you give to us & for your wisdom to surrender to the Universe to allow yourself to be replenished & given back to…🥰💕

    Reply ·
  158. Bernice

    Love you , SPT. Have been with you for almost 3 years and plan to be with you in the future. Why? Because I get
    A LOT from you which makes me want to continue. Thank you 🌷

    Reply ·
  159. Peg

    You are an inspiration and BLE has been a life changer for me. Take as much time as you need, whenever you need for whatever you need.Thank you for all you do!!

    Reply ·
  160. Tally

    You have a lot of responsibilities on your shoulders. Hope you got enough rest. Parents help when nothing else will. Here’s to better days…

    Reply ·
  161. Birgit Peet-Bleys

    It’s so sweet that your teddy fell over hearing all that went wrong!🤣🤣🤣Susan you are amazing! Love
    Birgit Peet
    The Netherlands

    Reply ·
  162. Joanne Lee

    As I watched your vlog, I noticed this tweet from Ram Dass pop up on my phone: “Once you see the trip your mind is laying on you, it’s just unbelievable how you’ve been had.” My life seems unfolds in the heart of synchronicity . I’m grateful for BLE, especially as imperfectly as I’ve done it; I’m grateful for your authenticity, ferocity, and leadership. And I’m excited that another 5 year vision is hatching. May it be so!

    Reply ·
  163. Anne Greenwood

    I started BLE in October of 2015, and achieved goal weight in 3 mos. and have been in a right sized body ever since. I choose to do this and I thank you so much for making it available. I look forward to your blogs, am a Bright Lifer and have had a bit of success in sharing with some friends who now are right sized too. My husband and I were doing this together, and he died in May. So now I find my motivations have shifted, since I don’t have him to share with, and keep each other on track. But I am still committed to this lifestyle for myself because it works and I give myself permission to invent it newly each day. I love you too. Thank you.

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Oh Anne! We are so very sorry to hear about the loss of your dear husband. Lean in for support! We’re here for you! <3

      Reply ·
  164. Valerie Davis

    I am curious if you will ever try to find a solution to the really difficult cases. The small percentage that don’t make it. The people who aren’t a good fit for BLE. Because I feel a little misled and abandoned. I lost 40 pounds with BLE. I fell off one day and gained 70 pounds. I sincerely wish I had never tried BLE to begin with. I know you have shared your story of going off of BLE and gaining so much weight that you reached a new highest weight (me too), but I think I missed part of the message… because you ending up getting back on track. For someone who can’t/hasn’t/won’t get back on track, I’m in a worse place than when I started. I wasn’t terribly unhealthy before. I felt comfortable in my body. I could easily find clothing that fit me. Now those things are not true. And I’m feeling like an unfortunate statistic. I wish I had understood the risk I was taking when I participated in such severe restriction. Though it felt easy when it was easy, once I slipped, it became the hardest thing I’ve ever tried to do.

    Reply ·
    1. Sandie Lynn

      I think the answer is to do what you first did. Do it one day at a time only. Just give up sugar and flour for one day. Then decide to do it again the next day. Best of luck to you.

      Reply ·
    2. Jae

      That’s not an unusual experience (to gain it back and more). That’s the normal course for “dieting”. I believe it’s well documented so you are not alone, you are in the majority of Americans. Those who are successful in BLE have adopted this as a lifestyle. We stay in the community with like minded people because it is extraordinarily difficult to not gain it back. It’s amazing what that connection with like minded people does to keep you going. Join us again.

      Reply ·
    3. Bright Line Eating

      Dearest Valerie,

      One of our coaches wanted to reply to you! <3

      Our hearts and hands go out to you, dear friend. Isn’t that the truest definition and a common experience of addiction???!!! We so often want to externalize, not just an experience such as this but anything else we may struggle with.

      Do you have any idea what might work for you at this point? I suspect “anything” though the entry point is always willlingness and surrender and trust. In my experience that is not something we can think our way into. It is an aspect of “grace.”

      Praying and hoping that at the bare minimum you not give up on yourself...since the “miracle” cannot happen if you doesn’t step into the ring!!!

      Sending sooooo much love! We are here for you should you ever want to try a re-entry into the world of BLE. <3

      Reply ·
    4. Sonja Johansen Waters

      Oh, my sweet Valerie! This food addiction can absolutely grab us by the throat and throttle the life out of us. I’d love to talk with you, if you have the inclination? I might be able to offer a lifeline, or at least an ear to hearvall you’ve experienced. If you’re willing, please reach out at I’d love to hear more about your challenges. Hopefully we connect soon.

      Reply ·
  165. Susan Parrish

    Yaaaaaa! Way to go, AGAIN, Susan! I’m so proud of you!

    Reply ·
  166. Susan Pfeil

    Love you!❤️ So grateful that I found and joined ble eighteen months ago!

    Reply ·
  167. Dee Fay

    Susan: You continue to be an inspiration to me.

    I came into BLE with 11 years of bright lines, although I didn’t call them so. I’ve listened to the BLOGS since 2015, but not sure exactly when I started. However, I didn’t have the free.

    I have 875 days of bright lines here on top of the others, but the biggest difference is the sense of community, love and support I receive on a daily basis in our awesome movement. You have changed my life, free and happy grow each day within me.


    Love, Dee Fay

    Reply ·
  168. Betty

    Started BLE on October 7, 2015, been in a right-sized body since June 2016, after losing 60+ pounds. I love you and this program! Thank you and happy birthday! Keep on being YOU!

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      You’ve been here a long time, Betty! Thanks for your support!

      Reply ·
  169. Tina G

    Thank you Susan for all you do, and all you share!

    When I saw the email that you weren’t putting out a Vlog last week I thought, OMG she is finally getting some “me” time! Some very much earned and needed. We all must remember we can’t keep going at 150 mph all the time. I do look forward to your Vlogs though, thank you for taking time to put them out. Thank you also for the reminder to set myself some five year goals, as well as review previous goals I have set!

    Reply ·
  170. Teri Kneppar

    Susan, today was my Day 1 (although I began “practicing” 17 days ago. I’ve already released 2.3 lbs. I am very excited to be on this journey. I do have a few fears. It it’s too soon to worry about them. So thank you for cultivating this “movement” and if you need a few days to do nothing, take ‘me!

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Good for you, Teri! That fear is totally normal! We’ve all been there! <3

      Reply ·
  171. Julia Goldstein

    I felt moved listening to your vlog. I live how genuine and open you are and how you take care of yourself and this tribe. Feeling grateful to have chosen and continue to choose this path. Thank you. Sending you a hug.

    Reply ·
  172. Penny Dennison

    Thanks. For everything. Glad you took a time out. Rezooming today. Again. For making that a possibility, I salute you. May God continue to bring folks like me to your shores of wisdom love grace and thin happy freedom!

    Reply ·
  173. Cathy Ireland

    So glad you can recognize when you need to look after the most important person in the world, you! Everything else can wait. We’ll be much better for it.
    Love you lots

    Reply ·
  174. Nancy Goss

    I am so glad you listened to that voice in your head. You love yourself enough to take care of yourself. Your father is very attuned to you. I am happy you shared this with us.

    Reply ·
  175. Lynne Hudson

    I so want to be a one of your success stories in August 2024. I am desperate to release the hold sugar has on my life … and desperate to be in a right size body.
    Just starting BLE Challenge but already in love with your heartfelt honesty. I can so relate to this video cause I had a day in my personal/professional life I’ll never forget where things went wrong from the moment I woke up. It was a train wreck I couldn’t get off of. Good for you to act on what you needed to do to recharge.

    Reply ·
  176. Leslie

    I just cried. Thank you for being so real and raw. So hard to unplug and I wish I still had my dad that I could go to. Thank you!

    Reply ·
  177. Kara Sommer

    I love you, Susan Pierce Thompson. You and your Bright Line Eating movement have lit the way for me. Aug 7, 2019 is my 2 year BLE anniversary. It didn’t start for me in 2014, but I’m grateful I found it when I did. A true answer to prayer. I’m sticking around for the next 5 years. I wouldn’t want to miss it.

    Reply ·
  178. Diane

    Thank you so much for sharing your experiences with us. I’ve been off track with my eating after a brain injury 11 months ago, but everything is improving now and I’m on my way back to what I know works, BLE! I’ve felt that the weekly vlogs have been just about marketing in the past few months. I suspect that is more about my guilt around not following the plan than the actual vlogs themselves. Watching this vlog made me “suddenly willing” to really see you and be grateful for what you have done and continue to do through BLE. I don’t want to sound trite, I truly appreciate this movement and the work that has gone into it by you, your family and your team. This is a real and sustainable solution to the issue of food addiction. Wishing you all continued success and much love 💕

    Reply ·
  179. Leslee Feiwus

    You must take care of yourself first, before you can take care of anyone else! You should do this every few months or at least twice a year! You do so much for everyone else, you need this for yourself! You deserve this, you need this! You have a very smart dad to have asked you to come visit him. You will be so much more energized now and be better able to help us in the future!

    Reply ·
  180. Rhonda Black

    I have chills listening to the affirmations you made. WOW. This program expands so far BEYOND the right size body. Let’s hear those visions. Let’s go girl. I’m ready. LOVE you, too. Let’s keep doing this thing. <3

    Reply ·
  181. Jennifer Jozwiak

    I love you SPT….you are a natural born story teller. Your ability to bring truth and vulnerable transparency to everything you do is inspiring. Thank you for taking the chance 5 years ago to live your truth by sharing BLE with world at large. I am 6 pounds from goal weight and finally for the first time living with freedom and peace around food. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your courage , tenacity and honesty. Here’s to the next 5 years of this amazing BLE journey!! 🙂

    Reply ·
  182. Nancy Rhodes

    Susan, you are one amazing, giving, loving lady. Thank you for al that you do.!

    Reply ·
  183. Trisha

    just wanted to say how much i enjoy watching your vlog… and the Loma Prieta Earthquake was in 1989…

    Reply ·
    1. Susan Peirce Thompson

      Hahaha….indeed it was.
      I’m surprised more people aren’t commenting on that.
      I was 15 when it happened. Born in 1974. Hence, yeah, 1989.
      I think I’ve been saying “1987” for years. Not sure where I got that notion, but I’m officially clear now.
      Good catch. 😉

      Reply ·
    2. Ramona

      yes, I noticed that, too Trisha — October, 1989. I was in Oakland studying for a year when the earthquake happened around 5:00 pm just before dinner time. My books fell off the shelves, everything shook. The aftershocks were worse. I live on Vancouver Island, British Columbia — same high risk zone for earthquakes as the Bay area — so it actually was a good learning experience for me for when the ‘big’ hits here.

      Reply ·
  184. dt

    3 years ago I lost 22 # in a BLE boot camp. Kept it all off. Lost an additional 15 # also. It works.

    Reply ·
  185. Sharon Walker

    My dear Susan, no judgements here…just love and hugs to you. Congrats on 5 years! That is huge. Look how far your journey has taken you. I pray that you can sit back and find the JOY and relish in what you have done. Your vision, your plan, your success—I am so blessed that I have been here with you for just this small part. I hope you realize that this movement is YOU. Without you, it’s just another program. YOU are what makes this program work. So…with that said….sit back a while, look and reflect on this ride with this. You don’t have to make if any bigger- you don’t have to stress on where it’s going every second. Sit back and enjoy the love and support that we all get from you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hear you…I see and hear the gratitude however I am also feeling something else from you. Find your JOY Susan. Work it out. You are human..just like the rest of us and we love you. Take care and reach out to your tribe—we love you and we are here for you ❤️

    Reply ·
  186. Shelley

    S p a c e….for You…. awesome! I have received so much with Bright Line Eating since April’18 and Bright Line Freedom /Family Reunion since July’18. Receiving so much and noticing it so that I can feel it and actually receive it like never before because you envision and opened doors to communities of happy thin and free lives to be created, as you say….by Us. Thank you for the past five years and the next – woot, Woot, WOOT!!!

    Reply ·
  187. Christina Taylor

    What an excellent leader and inspiration you are!!!

    Reply ·
  188. Krissy

    Wow what an incredible message! I also Do visioning and really related to what you said. Also so good to hear all the challenges that you have gone through- sometime we think others we admire don’t go through it too thank you for being so vulnerable. Your message it’s really helped change my life and perspective on things and I’m so grateful – thank you for continuing to do your good work.

    Reply ·
  189. Elisabeth Handler

    You will no doubt get harsh comments, and I hope the nice ones have just as much impact. I appreciate your sharing the wall that you hit, the voice you heard and the surrender you experienced. Good for you. Good for the program. Good for us. Much love.

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Thank you, Elisabeth! Kindness is a beautiful thing, isn’t it?

      Reply ·
  190. Carolyn

    If you follow anything in astrology, you’ll know that mercury has been in a powerful retrograde between two eclipses from July 7 until July 31. When mercury is in retrograde you can experience really frustrating weird stuff related to travel issues, communication mishaps, and technological difficulties. With this one in particular, there was a call to turn inwards and align your attention with heartfelt matters (see the link below). I don’t like to think that the position of the planets has any real influence in my life, but this was a particularly challenging month for me with communication and technology issues, so I’m just saying,,,,how do I know what’s really going on. As I listened to your list I thought….well it was a powerful mercury retrograde and she’s been pushing it pretty hard. Something was bound to crack. But I also know that you listen to your higher guidance, so good for you. Sounds like you did exactly what you were supposed to do. As a note from me…I know you get a lot of thank yous, but I want to add one more. I was also a person who said “I could NEVER do what BLE outlines and have a happy life”. I’m still in the process of getting healthy and listening to my higher self for guidance and being “happy” with my new patterns related to eating and being in the world, but it’s much better. I’m much more calm about routines, treating my body to good food and not stuffing myself to discomfort. You caught my attention by providing the science behind my eating behavior and the way the body responds. I layered BLE with the elimination diet to help decrease inflammation and the weight came off as well as my labs falling back to normal. I’ve done a couple of boot camps. There were stops and starts, “experimenting” with my food, some success and some disasters, but learning the whole time. I finally surrendered AGAIN in January during reboot/resume when you did the video on “one day at a time” and I’m now really close to goal weight and normal lab values. I’m struggling with how to transition to maintenance and looking for more information on that. I don’t like the plan outlined in the book. (how silly of me to push against your plan, but that’s what I’m doing) Seems like grains fatten you up and I want more protein and fruit….maybe more veggies. But I’ll reach out and get some help. I’m glad you took the time. You and Wraucetur needed it.

    If you think astrology is B.S., then just ignore this part.
    “All Mercury retrogrades are different, as Mercury is moving through different signs and forming different transits as it moonwalks through the zodiac,” she explains. During the last Mercury retrograde in March, Mercury was moving through Pisces. However, “this transit will be through Leo and Cancer, and is happening during eclipse season. It’s a call to turn inwards and align your thinking and attention with heartfelt matters.”

    Reply ·
  191. Bren

    Thank you for sharing and encouraging us all to dream and write them down! To take time to reconnect with what makes us happy and healthy. What a wise Daddy knowing his baby girl needed rest. The comfort and protection provided in the arms of our Father❤️

    Reply ·
  192. Barbara Stones

    You sound so vibrant Susan. I love your phrase about there being no ceiling to life. It just gets better and better. Not offering any unsolicited advice. But want you to know that I count you as a friend , a scientist, a brilliant teacher, a bold and courageous woman, a passionate soul and so much more. I’ll be with you in 5 years time God willing. Achieving goal weight and restoring my health certainly improve my chances. Offering another quote that I hope speaks to you at this point in your life. (Bert Hellinger ). Only in humility will you recognise your greatness. Thank you so so much. You are truly great. And you are helping so many of us recognise our greatness too

    Reply ·
  193. carrie

    I signed up for your email list — Was it on August 5, 2014? Could it be that long ago? Perhaps!
    I don’t practice Bright Line Eating but I listen to your blog regularly. I love your candid observations on life and self.
    You are a model of courage for how to show up authentically.

    Reply ·
  194. Sharon Mack

    Signed up on August 5th for the emails 🙂

    Reply ·
  195. Shelley Hess

    Susan. Thank. You. Sooo. Very. Much!!!!!

    I am at SUCH a loss for words. We listen to, are mentored by some of the same people as you, clearly. So as we prepare for this very unplugging you just did, your message, from the depths of your soul, resonates like nothing other. I can’t wait to listen to it again with’ my’ David. Later. TODAY.

    I’m no fool to even imagine I can ‘counsel’ or ‘advise’ you! Hah! God’s got this, you, all the way! I’m DELIGHTED to not interfere!!!

    But I rejoice in sharing the journey, living the dream, your dream, my dream, with you, Sweet Sister!!!

    Thanks for the incredible encouragement. And example!!! On. Every. Single. Level.

    Sooooo grateful to ‘know’ you!!!

    I love you, too!


    Reply ·
  196. Bonnie Eastman

    Sometimes a person has to step back for awhile to heal and renew. There’s nothing wrong with that. You give so much to others so that we can have a successful weight loss program. I will always be indebted to you for giving me a life plan for eating. Thank you Susan Pierce Thompson. ❤️🙏🏻

    Reply ·
  197. Margaret Terris

    Hello Susan… I’ve been doing BLE since June 2016 and still maintaining my ideal weight…Happy Birthday to Bight Line Eating x

    Reply ·
  198. Lyn

    Thank you for introducing me to BLE. I feel better and it is my way. I like your vulnerability and consider it life stories. I feel we learn from each other’s life stories. Some call it drama . I choose to listen. Love you Susan.

    Reply ·
  199. Annie Taber

    Congratulations for taking the brave step to take a break when your mind, spirit and body told you it needed it. All I could think of when I listen to you was the courage you had to take that step regardless of all you are “to do“ list and things. We all have those things but we are not always all smart enough to recognize when we need to stop and breathe and do something like you did That allows our mind to expand and open to ideas that might never have come to us had we stayed in that old durable treadmill. Congratulations – you make my heart sing with your bravery.

    Reply ·
  200. Louise

    You are so special to me Susan ! Thank you for all you share. You are such an inspiration ! ❤️👍

    Reply ·
  201. Bobbye Britsch

    I adore your honesty and transparency in this video. I’m thankful that you started this wonderful, life giving program. And, although I cannot say if I will still be doing this five years from now, for today I’m keeping my Bright Lines.

    Reply ·
  202. Krissy Hirtz

    Susan, you won’t hear anything scathing from me! I’m so happy that you took the time to rest, and recuperate after these very busy, and exceptionally wonderful past five years. Thank you for all that you do, and most importantly for the love and kindness you share. You have greatly enriched my life, and therefore improved the happiness of my family as well. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

    Reply ·
  203. Gail

    What a beautiful example of how we create our own reality.
    From the overwhelm “ box” to the success of your business. Creation ………………..
    You are so precious ❤️

    Reply ·
  204. Lindy

    Wow! Has it only been 5 years? Since your appearance on my horizon, as a primary care physician, I’ve lost count haow many times you’ve come up in conversations with others. Your BrightLine Eating and philosophy of living works for anyone open and willing. I remain a loyal supporter. Thank you for your creative, practical, healing work. <3

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Thank you Lindy! We are so grateful for your role in this movement!

      Reply ·

    Desperate times call for desperate measures. I was desperate when I broke my hip 2015 and realized my health was not up to par to handle recovery from the 2 surgeries that followed. Not getting any younger, I became “suddenly willing”. I decided I WOUND find something that would work and I WOULD implement it immediately. That was December 15, 2019 and I am 35 pounds lighter and heading toward maintenance.
    Thanks Susan, I’m glad you took some time to ponder the next 5 years and I will do the same.

    Reply ·
  206. Patti Klein,

    Watching the video I suddenly realized Teddy had done a face plant. On cue, for emphasis around 4:25 “31 pages single-spaced edits…” it was too much to “bear” and Teddy toppled. Not sure he is the original whose phonetically spelled name I cant remember, but he is sweet. Thanks for the vllog and reminder that we need to create space for things to come in, pause to be present. Hapoy birthday BLE.

    Reply ·
  207. Sara Lawson

    My bright lines are a little fuzzy, but I never miss your weekly vlog! I greatly admire and appreciate your insight and your sincerity, and your integrity. I look forward to buying your Cookbook.

    Reply ·
  208. Lynda Vowell

    I am new to BLE, after a 10 year lapse from losing my abstinence after losing ~85 pounds in a similar program. ( and regaining most back!)

    I LOVE this message!
    Thank you for your honesty and the admitting you are vulnerable,; you are real!

    I am only on day 7 but committed to this life choice! Filled with gratitude for the day I found you..

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Welcome Lynda! We are cheering for you! (Can you hear us?!) We are here for you!

      Reply ·
  209. Melissa Kerby

    Congrats on 5 years and hurray for you getting away! Loved this vlog, especially comment at end about NOT doing a vlog last week. An important life lesson for me happened over 40 years ago when I allowed myself to not just get less than an “A” in a class, I failed a class. I had to stop my rigid performance. Similarly, as you acknowledge “to BLE or not!)” is a freewill decision, I find validation that I have never been all in on this journey – fearing of my own rigidity – perhaps a “healthy fear,” as I believe I was saved from falling into a pit of anorexia in my teens Over the 3 years since I have employed many tools of BLE, and run various “experiments,“ i just “happen “ to lean into BLE of living more increasingly and consistently to BLE. . Hallelujah and amen, sista Susan.

    Reply ·
  210. GG

    I am not in the program but listen to you every week (except last week 😉 ) and you have provided so much valuable information, suggestions and just food for my brain that makes sense. Listening to you today was like me watching me, weird I know. I have been feeling off for a while now and I keep thinking (in the back of my mind somewhere way deep in there) that one day I may just “break”. And I wonder what that will be like. Will I stop trying to be there for everyone like I always am, will I just not go to work, not cook, not clean, not help my elderly parents and let my siblings do it themselves, not worry about everything I worry about like how smart will my grandchildren be when they go to school, will they be okay. Will my son find a good woman to marry and stop being so irresponsible with his spending. Will I some day find a way to help my mother’s daily pain and find a way to get her to lose weight and move around more, find a way to make sure everyone is okay. What about me? Even as I write this I’m worried about others. Anyway, much of this probably didn’t make sense cuz I could go on and on blabbing and not making sense to others but that’s how my brain feels right now. So I just want to say that you are wonderful, you are inspirational and you are human. So what if you had to take a break, good for you. I wish, no I pray, that someday I will do the same. I just hope that I learn how to do that now and slowly so that life doesn’t drastically change for me and those around me and before I break. See, there I go again, trying to make sure those around me are okay. Anyways, love you and good for you. Hope you rested and God bless.

    Reply ·
  211. Cathi Till

    Thanks so much for posting this video today. I really needed it! I’ve got 9+ months with no sugar and no flour, but I’ve messed up lately with quantities and eating at the wrong time. One thing I’ve skipped is watching your videos, so now I’m back for sure!

    Keep up the great work!

    Reply ·
  212. Jan

    Love you too, Susan. I am so amazed at your willingness to be open about your life. I’m taking a lesson. I’m one of those who finds it difficult to open up even to closest friends.

    Reply ·
  213. Sonja Johansen Waters

    I’ve been here for 801 of the 1825 days having released 168 pounds, at maintenance since November, 2018. Most importantly, I’m free of the food obsession, the fog, the clutter food created in my beautiful brain. I’m standing here, with you, today, because of your vision and because of the science and mostly the connection and community of incredible support you’ve birthed and mothered and nurtured. A simple thank you is all I can say. As I trust that my food is enough, so I know this, too, is enough. Simple and powerful and grateful. Thank you, dear Susan.

    Reply ·
  214. Bonnie

    Susan, I am so thankful that you created BLE 5 years ago! I did the Feb 2015 Bootcamp and 6 1/2 months later was down 50 pounds and in a right sized body at 52 years old. I never believed that it could happen for me, but I knew then that it was for life. My weight yo-yoed dramatically since about the age of 10. I realized years ago that I had to be on some type of diet or plan, otherwise my weight would be out of control. But no plan or diet worked long term because no other plan addressed the problem of addiction. As a 10 on the susceptibility scale, a cheat meal or cheat day would throw off any progress I made and I would spend the next week(s) getting my cravings back under control. BLE is a God send! The idea of it was unthinkably hard, but I knew that it was my last hope! When there was no Vlog last Wednesday I knew something serious was up with you. I’m so glad that you have taken this time for yourself. Please know that you have changed and saved countless lives. There will always be criticism, but just know there are many more supporters and admirers who love you and appreciate your efforts. I’ll admit the cost of the bootcamp was daunting for me, but it was the best money I’ve ever spent and was a great investment in myself. Others don’t understand addiction, but thanks to you it has a name and a solution. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Sending love your way!

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Thank you so much Bonnie! <3 You've been in the community a very long time! So happy you're here with us!

      Reply ·
  215. Shirley Jolly

    My husband and I have been doing BLE for 2 years and will continue forever (we’re in our late 60’s). We might have been dead already without it. We always refer people to BLE since my husband has lost 100lbs. I am off diabetes medication. We owe you our lives! Thanks aren’t enough, but we spread the message to honor what you have done. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

    Reply ·
  216. Carol Stone


    Reply ·
  217. Shannon Wallace

    By opening up yourself you are giving other people permission to do the same. I just got back from my parent’s house doing the same thing. I am a hypnotist and one of my clients who came in for help with weight loss was doing your program so i got curious and looked you up. So glad I did! Way to go and thank you!

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      So interesting, Shannon! Glad you found your way here and that you got some rest from your concerns for a time. <3

      Reply ·
  218. Mary Ann Grenard

    You touch my heart…. and I thank you…

    Reply ·
  219. Jennifer Powell

    You’re amazing, just amazing. If everyone showed up the way you show up, this world would be a better place.

    Reply ·
  220. Ki Hani

    Love you too!
    Thank you for always being so authentic with us! Your sharing empowers us all.
    Yes, most people think no way to no flour/no sugar because it’s impossible/extreme/etc, but I needed to do it for my health, and because of you and all the others that live like this, I know it’s not just me making up some crazy rules for myself.
    Thank you so much for all that you have done and continue to do!
    Welcome back, and from personal experience of many breaking points, I hope that you will be able to hear your little voice sooner next time so that you can take care of your very precious self and not have to go through all that stress. We push ourselves so hard that we don’t notice the subtle warnings that come ahead of time…
    Take care of you! The world needs you!!!
    With much gratitude and love,

    Reply ·
  221. Claire

    Thank you, Susan!!

    Reply ·
  222. Annick King

    So glad you’ve put yourself 1st! Take great care of yourself, you are such a special person in so many people’s heart! Xx

    Reply ·
  223. Mimi Hanzel

    I admire and respect you Susan Pierce Thompson for taking time off. Are you aware when you stick your tongue in your cheek it means “fuck you?”

    Best regards,
    Mimi Hanzel, Ph.D.

    Reply ·
    1. Kayla

      I can’t find a single source to validate that your statement is true. Maybe you can stick to helpful comments in the future?

      Reply ·
      1. Karen

        Hi Kayla, I had not heard of it either, but found an example that corroborates Mimi Hanzel’s concern in the Urban Dictionary online. It’s actually the last example shown, under the heading “Tongue in Cheek.” Had to scroll quite a few screens down to find this one.

        I don’t think Ms. Hanzel meant to be disrespectful to Susan. She explicity noted that she admires and respects Susan. She was just pointing out one interpretation (obviously, not commonly known or used in our circle) for one of Susan’s ordinary facial expressions. An analogy would be letting somebody know that there is spinach in his or her teeth. It is meant to alert a person to something that could prove embarassing. It is not intended as a direct criticism of someone.

        Reply ·
    2. Kristina

      yeah; who in the WORLD told you that? I’ve never heard of such a thing; and its Susan!

      Reply ·
  224. AMANDA

    I am so in awe of your presence, honesty and articulate way you share your deepest most emotive thoughts. I read a book many years ago, Veronika decides to die, it’s spoke about how some of us are water tanks and some fountains. I’ve never been able to be boxed in but on the other hand some fountains can splash too much. You are so lucky to have your Dad to go do nothing with. It’s hard being without parents or family. Thank you, it’s so important to hear from someone as respected and accomplished as yourself, that it’s all an illusion. I’m grateful that you are able to help so many people while growing and getting to help yourself, which in turn also helps so many. Anyone who could possibly criticise you obviously needs a lot of work compassion and loving cos they must be in a bad place not to get what depths you open with your offering. Such a gift to humanity. Thank you.

    Reply ·
  225. Joyce

    You need to take breaks to be creative. It’s like blinking to grasp what you are reading. I’ve been doing well for over a year. Thanks. Joyce

    Reply ·
  226. D m y

    You are magnificent. This vlog has spoken to me in ways i never considered .
    I have been struggling with giving up several things one being sugar.

    I am suddenly willing to give it up.

    I don’t have to keep you posted, because it is already done.

    Thanks for all that you share. God bless.

    Reply ·
  227. Catherine Kessler

    Oops the frowning faces should have been hearts. ❤️

    Reply ·
  228. Ofira

    Your vulnerability makes me cry! You Re an amazing inspiration of what is possible. Wishing you tremendous success and impact in the years to come!!!

    Reply ·
  229. Catherine Kessler


    Reply ·
  230. Jane Scott

    Just what I needed to hear today…
    As I am swimming in a sea of change right
    now…some good…some not so good…staring
    at my ceiling fan ❤️
    I am going to reach for my journal and write
    down my next 5 year goals that I know
    will manifest. and swim right through these
    turbulent waters … thank you Susan for this

    Reply ·
  231. Kamille Kessel

    Thank you so much, Susan, for your heart, for your visions, for your truth, and for your expertise. I’m glad you took some time off and I’m glad to hear you are coming back to it. 🙂 I feel sad to learn that the comments on your vlogs can be searing. I never read comments so I didn’t realize this was happening and I just want to encourage you 100%! And thank you another 100%! The bright lines helped me lose the final seven pounds that I had given up on, and I have been in this body for about a year. Also very importantly, my food obsessions and confusions are almost completely and persistently gone. I feel so happy, thin and free, thanks to your work. I feel confident that I can keep living this way, one day at a time. Sending love! Kamille

    Reply ·
  232. Angel Tucker

    Thank you Susan for another great vlog. The content in this video is so valuable to me. The man in the arena is one of my favorite quotes! I will not comment from the cheap seats. I wish you well and the best for your next 5 year vision! Thanks for the vlogs! I love them. I listen every week. ♥️

    Reply ·
  233. Julia Carol

    I’m on Day 1524 of no flour or sugar… and over 3 years in goal weight range… because of my own surrender and because of the courage you have shown every day of this glorious Bright Line Eating journey.

    Can’t ever find enough words or the right words… my appreciation for you AND the team is so wide, so high and so deep that my words just can’t measure up so I end up just crying fuhklempt tears.


    Reply ·
  234. Barbara Hirschfeld

    As always, greatly appreciate your work on yourself and your honesty in sharing your process.
    You are a beacon of light in the vast sea of mental confusion.
    Keep shining.
    Basha. (Formerly Barbara)

    Reply ·
  235. Caren Fisher

    You are so on point.. if you choose to see eating healthy as being inside a box you will never succeed. I have been watching your Vlog’s for a few years and thought to myself BLE was so restrictive in what I could eat. Having been diagnosed having a neuro condition, atrial fibrillation and two congestive heart failures in the last four years I decided to see a functional medicine doctor to improve my health and hope to illuminate the toxic drugs I take to feel well. Susan, interestingly the doctor put me on a food track that is just like BLE! I don’t miss eating floor, dairy or sugar today and am feeling better than I have for a decade! Having started two months ago I am at the beginning of my journey to better health and have a hundred pounds to lose before I am on track with a healthy body and mind. Your Suddenly Willing segment today has boost my confidence. Thank you for being there for us all, most appreciated! Happy b-day BLE!

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Happy for you and your newfound health, Caren! <3 Keep on keeping on!

      Reply ·
  236. Jacqie Shartier

    Susan, God Bless YOU forever! I absolutely love your vulnerability. May the memories and dreams of being at your Dad’s house be with you in the days and months ahead. Thank you for listening to that small voice and acting on it. I am so blessed you shot this vlog! You are such an inspiration!

    Love you special! No, I am not in the right size body, however, I will get there!

    Reply ·
  237. Carol Marie

    Susan, you are an incredible leader. I’m forever grateful for your time and investment in this mission. You’re a beautiful visionary for a world desperately in need of a heart like yours and a lifestyle like Bright Line Eating. Love to you today. I didn’t realize how much I missed you and the vlog last week, but so grateful you took time to unplug. We will always be here, happily awaiting your return. You deserve every moment of rest you can get and can make. The time away made this vlog that much sweeter! Looking forward to being on this journey of the next five years and beyond. Love you so much!

    Reply ·
  238. Julie Lamere

    Ok, first off, your sweet bear actually face planted at the perfect time! It was when you were laying out your horrendous week and asked us to picture 31 pages of single spaced edits not getting in the book! LOL it was as if it was even all too much for him! So funny.
    Anyway, so far no ones left you any crappy comments, thank God, but if/when they do, I saw the following on a meme today and I think it appropriate for you.
    “You will never be criticized by someone who is doing more than you. You will only be criticized by someone who is doing less.
    Read that again. “ 🙂
    Sending you so much love today and every day Susan. You are on a very public journey, you’re so brave to share so much of yourself with so many of us. Thank you, and, from the fullness of my being, I wish you strength, love and protection for you, your marriage and your family always. xoxo Jules

    Reply ·
    1. Ki Hani

      lol you saw the face plant too!
      I wondered if anyone else noticed… 😉

      Reply ·
  239. Vee

    Hi Susan,

    I’m not a Bright Lifer but I did adopt your tenet on no snacking between meals.
    I’ve lost 40 plus pounds in 15 months and when I tell persons who ask me how that
    I do not snack. Their eyes open wide.

    I am on your email list and I get your weekly vlog posts and though I miss a few here
    and there, I’m glad I saw this one. You’re so right, we tie ourselves up in our self made
    beliefs, rules and deadlines about what we should, shouldn’t can and cannot do. And often it’s
    the wrong things we cling to.

    Congratulations on your 5 hour milestone! I’m looking forward to see what comes forth in the next
    5 years.

    Take care and be well.


    Reply ·
  240. Lynn

    You know…. I have been following you for 3 years because of the principles your share apply to everyone…. somewhere in the last year I just got tired of the me me me of your blogs …. I know there are principles there still but really don’t want to listen to long stories to sift thru…. just not a goupee type…. would love less personal drama….we have our own

    Reply ·
  241. Ruth Copely

    I am so proud of you for pausing your hectic life and taking care of yourself. Often life has to put a big stop sign in our path to get our attention. Thank you for being so authentic! You are an inspiration to many of us. ♥

    Reply ·
  242. Donna Akerson

    Such a journey. I hear you and relate so much. Take good care of yourself. Love and hugs

    Reply ·
  243. Annie

    4:28 – Teddy feels for you with all the stress and he can’t take it either.

    Reply ·
  244. Tonya Wilson

    YES! You do for you! Whatever it takes, WE GOT THIS! You have blessed us all with your vision of hope for our new way of living so you deserve to take care of yourself and patiently wait for your rejuvenation. You are soooo loved!

    Many prayers, Tonya

    Reply ·
    1. Tonya Wilson

      Day 902 of BLE! Happy, thin ‘n Free!

      Reply ·
  245. Patricia O'Connor

    Susan, I call it, First Rule of Fight Club: put your program first! And that is how I’m looking at what you have done here in taking care of yourself as putting your program first!!
    I have been at maintenance for 3 years now, and have been the same weight since May of 2016. Am totally indebted to this program.
    I love Ana totally trust you!

    Reply ·
  246. Lyn Wynters

    Wow, Susan! I’ve been following you awhile–lost track of time ’cause of my own interrupted journey. Anyway, I am amazed and inspired by ALL that you have shared and I wish you the Very BEST in the days ahead! YOU are one of my most admired and inspiring mentors of life! I don’t say that lightly! Blessings, Lyn

    Reply ·
  247. Elaine Schneider

    Why don’t you consider letting some of your employees make a guest weekly vlog to take some of the pressure off you?

    Reply ·
  248. Edris Thomas

    May I also add the end of the video made me melt in tears. I’m sure a little has to do with knowing this is what I should do to get to where I want to be. Along with sadness over the fact that my five year forecast did not turn out so well. Yet, I think the bulk of my cry was the fact that we get to watch you live, walk out and figure out your dream. You are making a difference and if no one has told you. I love you, Susan Thompson!

    Reply ·
  249. Sandy

    Wise! Wise!! WISE!!! Bless you, Susan!

    Reply ·
  250. Marby

    I loved it when your teddy bear went face down as you recounted your experiences and frustrations. No accidents.

    Reply ·
    1. Carol

      First thought: “Susan’s teddy bear looks sad?…” 🧸 And then face plant in the middle of the overwhelming stories. ❤️ Just remember: your bear needs breaks to watch the ceiling fan with you…😘

      Reply ·
    2. Betsy McConkey

      Totally was wondering if others saw that. Poor guy, he was sad for Susan too! SPT – So glad you took some time for you.

      Reply ·
  251. Pamela D. Emard

    I’m very happy to be a ble girl since 6.28.14!
    Thank you SPT. You’re a joy in this world of chaos.
    You have made a real difference in my life.

    Reply ·
    1. Penny Roberts

      What is SPT?

      Reply ·
  252. Michael Bowers`

    I just finished in about 24 hours your book Bright Line Editing that I got from the library. Great, wonderful work that I plan to implement! Thank you, Susan!!

    Reply ·
  253. Laura Carlanell

    Good for you, glad when you skipped the weekly VLOG and took time for yourself. Love you Susan. No advice or criticism for you AT ALL 🙂 Hugs {{{Susan}}} Love your candor.

    Reply ·
  254. Nat Denkin

    Taking care of yourself is not doing nothing!

    Reply ·
    1. Kristina

      yeah! 😉

      Reply ·
  255. Edris Thomas

    I love your honesty and transparency. I have not yet committed to BLE and I watch your VLOG every.single.week. Without fail because you address life and heart issues using your life as an example. Thereby making you one of the coolest, bravest and kindest people that I have never ever met. Thank you!

    Reply ·
    1. Claire

      Me too! inspiring!

      Reply ·
    2. Jodi

      Me too.We love you. May God continue to bless you and your family.

      Reply ·
    3. Maida

      Yes there is so much Honesty , so real , so strong and so vulnerable with so much courage …..
      Thank you for your huge contribution ……..

      Very inspiring

      Reply ·
    4. Tracy D

      Edris, you have discovered SPT’s best kept secret. It’s definitely not just about BLE. She is severely relatable and her perspectives apply to all facets of our lives. I hope you will someday trust her enough to take the BLE plunge, but you have to be “suddenly willing”. Cheers to you!

      Reply ·
  256. jls

    Sending you love.

    Reply ·
  257. Lynda Hahn

    I’ve been in my right size body now since 9 Dec 2015
    Started Feb 2015 lost 113lbs

    Reply ·
  258. Yvonne Strejcek

    Bright Line Eating has changed my life. Maybe even has saved my life. I have lost about 80 lbs since mid-2017 and maintained for the past year at an acceptable weight albeit not goal weight (yet). I no longer have diagnosed sleep apnea, I am no longer pre-diabetic, I am no longer taking a statin for high blood lipids. I can walk long distances; I recovered really well and quickly from knee replacement surgeries last year. I am in normal BMI range for my height; I was obese previously. I do much of my eating journey on automatic pilot now. I confess I am not perfect with my BLE journey but I am healthier than I have been in decades.

    I am so grateful, Susan, for all you have done and for this eating movement you and your team have created.

    All that said, please please please take better care of yourself. You may think you have it in you to manage this over-the-top stress level but OMG I fear you will pay a price for it later. So glad you have taken a break at your dad’s place. Please create a more sustainable pace for yourself; model it and teach it to our crazy driven culture just like you did BLE.

    Gratitude and prayers for peace & thriving,
    Yvonne Strejcek, Walnut Creek CA
    Please pardon typos; am writing this on a teeny iPhone screen.

    Reply ·
    1. Penny Roberts

      Hi Yvonne,
      My children and grandson recently moved to Walnut Creek. I visited in April. Walnut Creek is a beautiful city.
      I, too, am BLE. It’s been working out great. Best of Luck.

      Reply ·
    2. Ann

      Hi, I’m next door in Concord!

      Reply ·
  259. Darleen Abbott

    You go girl!!

    Reply ·
  260. Rose Hawk

    I know with your background you already realize that busy can be another form of addiction. I’m glad you got your priorities in order: God first, family second, any and everything else last. Refresh your spirit and rezoom sensibly, right? Hugs to you and your family.

    Reply ·
  261. Penne

    Sending you so much LOVE and Appreciation for not contracting some life-threatening disease!!! {{{Big Hugs}}} from the Crew-n-me ❤️

    Reply ·
  262. Christine Beattie

    Wow. Well done Susan. Listening to your body, what you need, not doing what you think everyone expects of you, being true to yourself. True integrity and transparency mean so much more. Bless you and thank you.

    Reply ·
  263. Lisa Hart

    Susan, aside from the inspiration I took from your vision five years ago and how you have realized so many parts of it, I am moved, touched and inspired by your vulnerability as you continue to share who you are and what you’re learning. No lecture from me about what you should or shouldn’t do. Just admiration for describing what it was to experience the moment where you realized you have choice, to clear your calendar, to attend to what needed attention. I know what that’s like and it’s powerful. And it creates a types space allows the unimaginable to show up. Was such an honor and pleasure to meet you at the family reunion and look forward to the next five years!

    Reply ·
    1. Tammy Palmer

      Susan, I am so glad you took this self care time and reminded me that my deadlines are self made too. You continue to be such an inspiration to me and I am so thankful God led me to Bright Line Eating. I have been doing Bright Line Eating since June 2016 and keeping 180 pounds off since March 2018. The support of this community makes it possible.
      Keep putting your program first and I know the next 5 years will be even better. I am looking forward to the next 5 years with this amazing community.

      Reply ·
    2. Tina Yeadon

      💚🙏💜 Namaste Susan. My husband and I love watching your weekly blogs together. You have inspired us and we’ve gained much personal awareness from you. Thank you. Prayers and blessing to you, your family and this community on this 5 year milestone and cheers to many more!!

      Reply ·
    3. JEA

      I did not sign up for the emails in August 5, 2014. HOWEVER, I did start reading the book on August 5, 2019 and took out as a good sign when I read it was the anniversary of the email list. My husband and I are anxious to get started with Bright Line Eating, though we are waiting another two weeks. We have a visit with family scheduled that will take up all the willpower we have. After that we are all in. Five years from now I see us keeping our bright lines and living free. We are so looking forward to this positive change!

      Reply ·
  264. Lynda Hahn

    You will always have a special place in my heart dear Susan. Be well, be happy, and always be that something spectacular that you offer us all. Love you sweetie xoxoxo

    Reply ·
  265. Rita Smith

    You’re a pretty special person and I love you.

    Reply ·
    1. Tara Cheney

      THANK YOU! Best vlog yet – I want to stay at your Dad’s place!
      Do you have a Japan chapter? In the land of skinny people obesity is increasing! Have been doing BLE for 90 days ( my 50 th birthday present to myself). I feel so much better thanks to just reading your book and following the tenets. Have lost 10 kilos, no more cravings, no headaches. You have helped me beyond compare! Tara

      Reply ·
      1. Sharona T

        Hello Tara, I lived in Japan for 10 years and have been doing BLE for about 5 months. I dealt with some serious self-image issues when I lived in Tokyo, surrounded by (mostly) slender people, but BLE didn’t exist back then. I’d love to share stories and support! BTW, I live in France now, another country of mainly slender people, with tons of NMF and NMD!

        Reply ·
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