A Visualization to Dissolve Fear

In this week’s vlog, I share an incredible new tool I just discovered that is completely changing my recovery journey. I think it could change yours, too. Watch to hear all about it.


  1. Barbara Kleeb

    Thanks a lot for that!

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  2. Ramona

    As I am not a native English, I didn’t understand all the visualization, because you were talking too much .
    Would you write it as un article , PLEASE!!!!!
    Thank you and God bless you for sharing it with us.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Ramona! So sorry about that! We would love to offer transcriptions at some point, however it is not currently available. Thank you for your feedback. It helps us improve and better meet the needs of our community! <3

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  3. Isabelle

    This relates totally relates to the book « The Untethered Soul » by Michael A Singer. STP you must read it 🙂

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  4. Sandra K Kennedy

    I just attended a 3 day conference in Cleveland, Ohio, and after I looked at your vlog, I wanted to share with you the theme, “Unfailing Love”. As one of Jehovah’s Witnesses, we are always working on having that love for “all” other people regardless of who they are or where they come from.. For some, it is more difficult than for others, because we are all individuals. But as individuals, if we are all working on displaying love to a greater degree in our life, then it is possible to come together, not matter what our culture or race and love each other as we are encouraged to do in God’s word, the Bible. As we have a “manual” for our BLE, there is also a manual that helps us as humans to guide our lives in the right direction. I encourage anyone to attend our conventions as they are being held all over the world. Go to JW.ORG to find out more. And thank you Susan for your honesty in this regard. The world does need more LOVE.

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  5. Helen

    Still trying to digest this whole visualization concept…..and not having too much luck! gonna check. out the fabulous Lougannis

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  6. Jessa

    How do I do Bright Line Eating while breastfeeding? Is it enough calories to ensure my breast milk supply doesn’t suffer?!?

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  7. Monique

    Awesome advice. It put into perspective and words that visualization and meditation are more than just “everything” being perfect” – it’s a way to prepare yourself for when things don’t go exactly as you wanted them to. In my world, that’s just having a Plan B, or a Plan C – and it helps me prepare myself for how I will react to the other people involved – what I will say, how I will say it, the tone I will say it in. I have often did this role playing in my head and have had vey productive and positive results, when in the past, I just did the whole emotional blow-up thing with not so good results! While listening to you explain about fear and exploring the reasons and possible results, I had a total break thru of my own fear of abandonment. Thank you again!!!

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  8. Rhona Temple

    Susan. Thank you I will take the tool. Bless you ☂️

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  9. Adrienne Rayna

    Could this work for someone for whom everyday stressors seems to snow ball into sleeplessness, oversensitivity to heat, cold, light, touch … to the point they cannot get comfortable at all ? I want to pass this info along to him, but walking into the door that holds his fears, I’m afraid he will get stuck there, rather than meet himself and resolve it. He seems to usually handle stressors by avoiding them, as much as possible, so that he won’t spiral into the state where he can’t function or rest or find any relief. (He’s currently taking prescription meds to try to get some relief, but of course they work only with several side affects.)

    Thanks, for the Info! I’m gonna try it myself first. What you are doing, I have heard called ‘journeying’. I have done it for other things, but not for ‘fear’. “I’m afraid that my life time is passing without ever fulfilling it., It feels more like grief, the loss of opportunity to fulfill my dreams, but it is a fear, that is somewhat unfounded, as the resources to work on my dreams are available to me as never before right now.”
    – Anyway, I’ll see what else my ‘higher self’ tells me about this feeling. Thanks a lot!

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  10. Jan

    Great advise, great visualization, thank you 🙏

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  11. Jen

    I enjoyed this. Thank you for sharing.

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  12. Susana

    Great vlog ! Thank you, Susan ! You are amazing !

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  13. Ann

    Thank You Susan… this Fear visualization is worth experimenting with. just A perspective….this “visualization” is a “contemplation” rather than a
    “meditation. ” In my experience and understanding, the point of meditation is a non-doing receptivity. Contemplation is a deliberate inquiry into a topic ideally happening in an open and receptive (meditative,) state of mind. Love You, Ann

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  14. Mondy

    Thank you, Susan. What an excellent message.

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  15. Fiona

    Re: Memento Mori~I believe the fact that our time on earth is finite is what collectively gives meaning to life itself. What we do with our individual lives is what gives our lives personal meaning and purpose.
    Re: Fear ~Anais Nin said that “Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.” Fear holds too many of us back from doing too many things…since it has been said that most of us die with our music still inside of us, anything that helps people overcome their fear and become or accomplish what they want to do or be is a wonderful thing.

    Thank you, Susan, for your ongoing inspiration! /) [*] (shark fin and door with knob…sort of)

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  16. Steven

    Thank you Susan!

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  17. Lorena E Thompson

    Excellent information! Very clear and words of encouragement! Thank you!

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  18. Claire

    THANK-YOU for dis-abling the misnomer and resultant GUILT of thinking on worst case scenarios. A person can get de-railed with them-but it is also the way we prepare for potential eventualities! That mention alone was worth so much today! A friend of mine had a toxic family relationship for years and years-and she would have these awful nightmares of being in a Tsunami wave-waking up just as she was about to be enveloped.
    She finally dealt with the relationship by thoughtfully divesting herself from contact-and the next time she had the nightmare-she jumped on a surfboard and rode the wave out! Now-that is a powerful brain message huh? 🙂
    Breaking down overwhelming tasks is such a helpful thing to do!

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  19. Gwen

    I love this visualization with future selves helping out. Really interested in ble parts work. How do i get more info. On this. I’m just starting boot camp and really appreciate all this support

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Welcome Gwen! We are so happy to support you in your journey! You can reach out to our support team by going to support.brightlineeating.com to learn more about Bright Line Freedom! <3

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  20. Carolyn

    Great tool for handling paralyzing fear or anxiety.

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