How Bright Lifers Feel About Counting Days

Recently, I got curious about the topic of counting days, so I posted a poll in the Bright Lifers group. Watch this week’s vlog to hear the fascinating results.


  1. Beth

    You said “y’all”…interesting! Where did you pick THAT up?

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  2. Donnee

    I remember the day I started, it’s important to me as a benchmark and a day that I am proud of. So many things came together to bring BLE into my life but what preceded it all was “willingness “ I was ready and knew that there would be no looking back with regret. I had spent so many years hiding behind my weight , in denial about how bad I felt about myself that this day, February 9th feels as important as my birthday but not as important as the day I had my children. On 2/9/19 I gave birth to possibility, a different future and calm.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      “On 2/9/19 I gave birth to possibility…” Beautiful!! <3

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  3. Mary H

    May I make a comment about last weeks vlog–control? I spent a wonderful weekend listening to
    Better Life Summits, The Real Truth about Weight Loss with Chef AJ. It was free and available until
    Sunday midnight. I always thought the problem was Me–control. I learned it was the Food. I listened
    to various doctors and people with diabetes and cancer and fought the weight and won. I learned
    that when I eat vegetables and fruit, little nuts and seed…they stressed no sos — no sugar, no oil and
    no salt –the weight comes off. From BLE, I have added flour. I have adjusted my diet and tweaked it
    and got out of the “ditch” and back on the road again. Wonderful weekend.
    Thank you Susan for inviting me to others viewpoint.

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  4. Betsy A Godsey

    I’m a brand new Bight Line Eater – started Feb 11 2019. My question is about whether we can eat sour cream and in what quantity!

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Betsy! Welcome! 2 tablespoons of sour cream = 1 fat serving for lunch or dinner

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  5. Riadh Asaad Ghanma

    again, thanks, that was informative, even if i already know it

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  6. Cat

    Hi Susan, I do try and count days, but I’m finding different ways to keep to my goals as well. One of them is my appearance. I’ve had long hair for the last 10 years, not super long. But about shoulder blade length. This year I’ve changed from long to a blunt shoulder length, to getting balayage and kept going slightly shorter, with each cut. I’ve found lately I’m very restless about my appearance, even though I’m losing weight on your program, thank goodness, I’m just restless would be the best way to put it. So I took the plunge, and cut my hair off into a very short pixie cut. I’m fortunate that at 69 I still have thick hair, that allowed me to do this. The remarks from friends and family stunned me. Even my husband who liked my longer hair, commented that it took 10 years off me, looks wise. Everyone that I loved said the same, which was nice, as I love the new cut. What surprised me were strangers commenting. Young women calling me brave, and saying the short look was sexy! Strangers in grocery stores, Men and women saying it was a sexy cut. My restlessness has abated, and I’m more committed than ever to make my identity a bright lifer. Im even going through my closet and changing up my fashion, to a more youthful, yet still sophisticated style. All because of you’re continued vlogs. Thank you Susan, for your ongoing inspiration and for making me realize I can take the plunge out of my safety zone and helping me be brave!

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  7. Monica Dean

    I’m an unbrightlifer and a crystal vase. I count my days. I like doing it. it sits at the top of my daily food journal. Although its not my soul focus, it reminds me of how far I’ve come and goals and celebrations to move to. Today I’m celebrating 900 days in the program and 805 on maintenance. I hope each of you finds what works for you. As Susan pointed out that’s one of the strengths of BLE is our unique journeys.

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  8. Kristine frøkjær

    Always so inspiring! Thank you, Susan! My day of sobriety matters to me – january 4. 2002. My Bright Line journey began in october 2017, after buying your book. I watch your Weekly vlog every week, I weigh and measure my food, and that was totally new to me. I reached my goal weight about six months later and I am so greatful for your book and your vlogs, and the word “identity”. LIVING this way, not as a diet.
    Thank you
    Love from Kristin

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  9. Mary Willcox

    May 25, 1987 I picked up a white key tag at NA. I haven’t had a drug or drink since. With 31 years, 10 months and 8 days clean, the neuropath for choosing no drugs runs in a deep river bed; ingrained by automaticity. Parenting on the other hand has many more new, unexpected encounters. The differences between children make new approaches necessary, sometimes on the spot. Yes, there is a daily “check” sheet for raising kids: did I provide food, water, shelter, physical safety, and love daily. Parents often encounter new and different situation of what needs to be presented as parenting to a particular child. The perception of the time parameter, albeit the same days and years, has different consciousness. I want to count my BLE days like I count my clean time. I write it on the blank calendar I use to put my Xs and hearts on for following lines (from 14dc).

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  10. Rebecca Ranieri

    I would never be able to say how many days it’s been , but I know I started BLE on April 1st 2017. Thanks to you, Susan, and your incredible program, I have gone from 205 lbs to 116 lbs. I’ve been on maintenance for the last three months. I count the months, and now the years too. I have to do this alone, so the only one I’m answerable to is my scale. I weigh everyday and write it on the calendar. That keeps me honest, as does the weighing and measuring of my food. I feel connected to the BLE community through your weekly vlogs, which I look forward to and cherish. Thank you! And I love you, Susan P Thompson. You have given me a new life.

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  11. Susan Olsen

    Susan, great topic! Being a visual artist and a visual learner the imagery of the Bright Lines drew me into Bright Line Eating. I have embraced the imagery of the bright lines on a highway and the visual imagery of going into the ditch when we break our lines.
    I often imagine this whole Bright Line journey as a road trip. So I have counted my days since the start…Oct. 10, 2016. And though I’ve gone off the road and into the ditch a few times I just keep counting the days because it is my identity. And like a road trip, if we run off the road or encounter a detour we don’t go back home and start again, we just get back on the road and keep going. Celebrating day 904, planning for day 905 and excited for all the days that follow. Thanks as always to you, the team , my mastermind group, my sister and the whole BLE community.
    love and hugs!

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  12. Martha Sharon

    Dear Susan, I felt a red flag go up for me when you talked about how you couldn’t even say when you last smoked; when you had a number of cigarettes during a time frame, etc. You were uncharacteristically vague on this issue; you, the researcher, who can say what day you quit each substance in your life. As a retired nurse who helped people to stop using tobacco, I have to say: do you know that nicotine is the number one most addictive substance of all addictive substances? You must know that, as a scientist of addiction! So, with 3 children, why are you messing with this? Why are you kidding yourself? Please, please, do some self-searching, and address this, maybe your last issue of potential addiction; but moreover, a drug that can give you respiratory disease, and kill you! Having lost both parents to diseases caused by their smoking, I know the heartache you could bring to your family. You are so self-aware, and honest, in other areas; please watch your own video and take a look at this. PLEASE! You helped me to lose weight, and I think save my life; and many others. Ok, I will stop; I hope that you take my comment seriously.
    love and peace,
    Martha Sharon

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  13. Debbi Neher

    I’m a brand new Bright Lifer who has never counted days. However, I did note which day was the first that I made BLE meals and as I went along I would look at the calendar to see if I was at Day 100 yet or whatever. I’m now a month away from my 1-year anniversary and I will be well aware of it when it comes 🙂 I look forward to celebrating that anniversary every May 7th for the rest of my life!

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Wonderful Debbi! May 7 is just around the bend!!! Enjoy your day!

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  14. maria reilly

    I know the day I started ..July 1. 2017 but I feel like an imposter counting days because I have not been squeaky clean.. If I count days, I count clean days and if I mess up I go back to day one…

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    I started May 2017 and got to a weight I like in Dec of 2018…70 lbs released. I counted days until then. I was visiting someone and busy taking care of them and their family in that month and just stopped writing everything down and counting days. I have maintained but see no point in counting days anymore.

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  16. Zorina

    Your sobriety years are flying by BECAUSE you have kids, I believe! I also felt time slow down when I raised my children-Their development happens rather slowly over time, but the other aspects of time just escaped me because I spent the majority of my energy raising them.

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  17. Pamela Adams

    I count my days from day one. September 27th 2017 is the day I started BLE and one of the most important days of my life. My lines are not squeaky clean however I have lost 70lbs on this journey which I would never have lost if I had not started. Counting days of my ‘new life’ is important to me.

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