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In this week’s vlog, I offer a couple of insights for you on your Bright Line Eating™ journey and announce some SUPER exciting news I just received. Watch to hear all about it.


  1. cynthia

    Dearest Susan, I always listen to the Weekly Vlogs out of order and when I have time. I am so moved by your Vlog today. I am an actress. I am 62 years old and 14 years ago I started my own theatre company here in Tucson. I’ve always loved acting. But I was fat. Somewhere along the line, I decided to go ahead and live my dream and continue to act even though I was fat. I wasn’t always cast. But people loved me on stage and I loved being there. I’ve now lost 53 pounds thanks to you and BLE. I feel so much more confident on stage and I am so very grateful and so very happy. I guess I mostly wanted to say: My little fat girl loves your little fat girl and I am so glad your little girl is now able to fly.

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  2. Terra Rollins

    Hi Susan,

    Can your 3rd book please be on how to travel and keep lines bright? Especially Europe.


    Love love love your work!

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  3. Lena Vulaj

    I live your encouragement! I am getting back on BLE because that’s what works for me! Can’t wait for ur cookbook and the other books that r coming down the pipeline because anything U write with soo much heart is amazing!! Continue to inspire us Susan u have a big fan here!!

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  4. Marise Clark

    Thank you Susan for my mental transformation!
    I made it through the 14 day challenge and have not looked back, my bright lines are clear.
    18.5lbs so far .
    Love you

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  5. Andrea

    OH absolutely Susan – play full out! you are brilliant! Your data supports that. I love watching where you are going…..

    Besides creating a “movement”, the message along the way needs to be how truly difficult weight loss/maintenance are. Not just because the data supports that, but because it is. Because really competent people don’t get it right and “fail” time and time again. But your program supports that difficulty – creates a community of support, passes along tools that we all find useful, and helps us rewire our brains to make the entire process so much easier. Imagine where all your followers would be if you hadn’t shared this in the beginning! You are a really shining star in the world. Thank you

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  6. Becky L

    Love the lesson here “Don’t push, TRUST”. This is for EVERYBODY!

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  7. Karen

    This vlog reminded me of a quote from Marianne Williamson….
    Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, and fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people will not feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It is not just in some of us; it is in everyone and as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give others permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.

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  8. Fay Thompson

    Dear Susan, So glad to hear that three more books are coming up. It’s great because t means that if you cannot afford to do a course, you can send up for the book. I know it’s not the same but it’s a great help. Thank you.

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  9. Margaret Terris

    Fabulous x

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  10. Petra

    Dear Susan and publisher. I am living in the Netherlands and although not yet fully doing BLE I have been off sugar completely since the start of this year after attempting to stop since 2015. Understanding the BLE theory made me realize that I just cannot make exceptions as I am too high on the susceptibility scale. Experiencing a lot of freedom therefor already and feel confident I will never have to reboot on the sugar side anymore. Now stopping with flour, gluten and milk plus yoghurt, taking things step by step. Really interesting that stopping with milk and yoghurt was so easy. Thank you for writing your very insightful book and love watching the weekly vlog. One thing that does hurt though is the decision not to release the paperback version. I have given the paperback to a few people and now am forced to buy the hard cover for 5 euro extra per book that I want to give to other people. Hope the publisher can release the paperback version sooner than the 4th of June, so we have a choice again and can help more people get started on the BLE journey!! Thank you for all your inspiration and allowing me to finally understand the brain mechanisms. Confident I will be free soon from flour too ✨💫 Thank you Susan and great news you will be writing the other books too, especially the rezoom one, can’t wait to read it 🦋

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  11. Veronika

    Congrats Susan!
    You’re changing lives. I’m not surprised. Totally thrilled!

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  12. Leslie

    You are so awesome Susan!!!! I love to listen to all that you say and I love your voice too!! I’m going to be embarking on the 14 day challenge soon. I fell prey to one of the fraudulent Bright Line Eating cookbooks!!!! 🙁 I will not be making any of those recipes!! Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Go Leslie! Excited for you to get going on the 14-Day Challenge! <3

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  13. Jo Whipp

    Thank you so much for reminding me that I can do this. I was doing super fantastic for 2 years! And then, life stuff happened and I’ve gained 8 lbs. Ouch! We need you. Congratulations on the books!!! Your hair looks beautiful. Thank you very much. I tell everyone about Brightline, what has done for me and what it can do for them.

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  14. Christie Hardwick

    I like who I am becoming. I love the lessons that are being revealed. Fat is the least of all that I’m releasing. Thank you for this conscious process. For every one of us that steps more fully into our true selves-You are enriching the world.

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  15. Helga Scott

    Thank you Susan. You constantly inspire me like no one else. I am so happy and thankful to be a part of this amazing BLE journey with you and the whole tribe. Thanks for the encouragement to keep on track no matter what comes my way.
    I needed to hear your message today.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      So happy to have you here Helga! Thank you for your kind comment and so glad this message was just what you needed!

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  16. Deb

    Woah!….congrats on the book deal! The last part of you vlog REALLY hit home with me……….dime drop.

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  17. Debbie

    So inspirational Susan. Thank you for the “live full on” motivation. I’ve so enjoyed your program and I know in my soul, that because I’m learning to look beyond my food, and focus in stead on life (!), that I too will see new direction in my life.

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  18. Cat

    I loved, loved, loved the last part of your vlog. Putting myself out there, has been a real challenge for me, you’ve inspired me, as you do so often❣️

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  19. Rose Seymour

    I’m delighted with your continued success and I love BLE. However, I was jolted by your comment that “those other BLE recipe books are all full of sugar”. I have followed Katie’s Bright Line Cooking since she was a Boot Camper with me. I know she had long conversations with your team about coming alongside with her recipes but you decided against the idea. She has given them free for years and I’ve found them really helpful. I understand you have to protect your brand but here was a talented loyal person who could’ve done a good job and I’m surprised at your lack of generosity and your sweeping damnation.

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    1. Susan Peirce Thompson, PhD

      Hi Rose,
      At first my team and I weren’t sure whether you were talking about Plat-Based Katie Mae or Katie’s Bright Kitchen, but I think I’ve figured out that you’re referring to the latter.
      Either way, both Katies do a great job of making delicious BLE recipes with no sugar or flour. I apologize that in my frustration with the many, many people selling fake BLE stuff on Amazon I failed to mention that there are several BLE-friendly chefs and cooks putting out helpful BLE recipes on their own websites and doing a careful job not to pretend that they’re offering official BLE materials. It’s true. Thank you for pointing that out.
      The recipes for the BLE cookbook have been sourced from Bright Lifers in order to represent the range of ways of preparing food that people in our tribe practice. Alas, the Katie that you’re referencing, according to her very own website, isn’t representative of the majority of our population. She writes, “How much food flexibility our brains can tolerate depends entirely on our Susceptibility Score. I’m a big believer in this metric. I’m a 7 on the scale, and as a mid-ranger I can be successful with slightly looser guidelines, such as the one-plate-rule rather than weighing and measuring, and I do fine with certain “grey area” foods and beverages because I have learned where my own tolerance is and figured out where my own personal boundaries need to be.” Her recipes are far sexier, on average, than will work for people who are higher on the scale. We discussed working together and it just wasn’t a fit. And, in the last analysis, from a conceptual standpoint, sourcing the recipes from the thousands of Bright Lifers working the program, rather than any one individual, made the most sense.
      Thank you for your concerns and triggering me to write this comment, as I do very much want to say THANK YOU to both Plant-Based Katie Mae and Katie’s Bright Kitchen for their long-standing endorsement and all they’ve done to put BLE-friendly recipes into the world.
      With love,

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  20. kristine

    Thank you so much Susan 😊 I watch your vlog every week.
    I bought your book in autumn 2017 and it worked for me!

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  21. Julia

    I can’t wait to read those 3 new books! And I love even more your message today – that living happy, thin and free brings us into the life we never dreamed of xx

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  22. Jamie Keith

    Oh, Susan, you really touched my heart. Thank you so much for sharing your truth with us. .🌹

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  23. Erica

    Susan, you are such a rock star!! This was a beautiful vlog, thank you for sharing!! Hugs!

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  24. Theresa

    Susan… I have been following you for four years., do not do BLE and have commented on many of your vlogs! I was born health conscious, so not over weight, but a 6 on your susceptibility scale.
    I paid for and down loaded the 14 day challenge… but never did it!
    The time has come…and I am going to finally do it… because of your vlog today. It is time to become that person I truly am capable of being…

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  25. Mary Lou Eckmeier

    Today is day 14 of my fourteen day chaĺlenge. I could not have done this without doing the challenge and the daily video support and your weekly vlogs. Will confirm tomorrow, but down nearly 8 lbs.

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  26. Virginia

    Dear Susan, Congratulations on having 3 more books to publish! You are amazing! I can’t wait to see the cookbook.
    Thank you so much for the message towards the end of the video. Those words really spoke to me. I have just completed the RBRZ course and have been going pretty strong with my lines. Much of what I have been doing in the past 10 years or a little more has been I think to numb my feelings, to be invisible, to just go with the flow of what is around me and not do what maybe I can do or what I was meant to do. Your words really hit my core today! Thank you. With being freer from the numbing affects of the food, and a little more courage from RBRZ, I feel more ready for the challenge of what I might be able to do. I know the journey will still be winding, but I believe it is time to shake off and do more! Thank you again!

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  27. Carole

    Tomorrow is my day 1…breakfast and lunch are packed . I can’t wait to feel better!

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    1. Carole

      Do it! You’ll be so glad you did.

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  28. Melissa Gordon

    Such a great vlog, perfect arc start to finish. Thank you.

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  29. Emily in MT

    Great news! Looking forward to attending your cookbook launch – keep us posted!

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  30. Lynn

    Thank you so much for your vlogs Susan. I get inspiration from you every week. I had a bad day today and your message was just what I needed to hear. Congrats on the book deal, and I can hardly wait for the cookbook to come out.
    Sending love your way,

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  31. Kathy


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  32. Louise Pela

    I celebrate your amazing achievements and look forward to when all your books will be available.
    You are a renaissance woman!
    Lots of love.

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  33. Michelle, Perth, Western Australia

    Thank you Susan – I’ve only been back on the BLE wagon for a couple of months, but already I am seeing and experiencing all the beautiful benefits that come from being more present in the world. I needed this today as tomorrow I fly off on my first overseas trip for work since I started weighing and measuring my food again. I really desire to remain clean with my food whilst I’m away because I know I am ultimately much happier and able to be of service in the world at my fullest capacity. I look forward to the books you have coming out in future!

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Wonderful Michelle! Wishing you a wonderful and safe trip! <3

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  34. joseph

    What great news Dr. Susan P Thompson! Your stardom never stops! Inspiring vlog, once again.

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  35. Lauren Alten

    Susan, I love you SO much! You are already loved and adored by so many and in a way that transcends anything Hollywood could have thrown your way! Academy award? Meh. Healing hearts and lives? That is a much more worthy endeavor!

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