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The Reboot Rezoom course is well underway, and to my surprise, my husband David decided to sign up for it. He’s a 3 on The Susceptibility Scale™, which is obviously a pretty different experience than the majority of people who sign up for Bright Line Eating™ courses. He recently posted in Rezoom House about what it’s like for him as a 3 on The Susceptibility Scale™ and how his experience with food and weight is different from people who are higher on the scale. He also talked about what it’s like to live with a 10++ (namely, yours truly). This week’s vlog tells the story.



  1. Dominique

    Best Weight Loss blogs for women and men with practical advice so that you can loose Fats, get rid of obesity, stay fit, healthy for the rest of your life.

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  2. Mrs G

    THANK YOU Susan! Your work is OUTSTANDING!!! Really appreciate You!

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  3. Diane

    Hey Susan,
    I really appreciated this week’s vlog highlighting
    David’s journey.I’ began BLE 9/17 as a 5-6 on SC
    & now am a 4. Often I have asked myself, do I rightfully
    belong here. What I’ve come to know is this
    program offers peace, and structure around food
    & understanding of others journeys with food. My
    MM group , daily buddy & GG support is everything
    To me, along w this support, loving tribe. If I had a
    Wish it would be for a SIG for those of us who are
    lower on SC. Much love to you 💕💕

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    Thank you Susan! I’m a low suscepability number, while my husband is real high and doesn’t choose to seek help or support. I follow you in order to understand the struggles he faces. You have helped me understand his point of view. I have more compassion and I’m less frustrated. I wish to lead by example, remembering your suggestion of eyes on your own plate. Please keep going! I hope your reach is far and wide and becomes how Americans eat. Sending you love, Karen. P.S. 25 years for us this spring!!

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Congratulations Karen! So thoughtful of you to be here so you can compassionately support and understand your husband.

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  5. Kate

    Enjoyed the vlog … my husband said he likes me more now that I’m doing BLE because I’m “nicer” and that translates to me being in control of my food instead of the food controlling me 👍🏻

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  6. Roberta (Bert )

    Hi Susan,
    Thanks for another great weekly Vlog. This one was especially good, as it underlined how important the susceptibility scale is . It’s so much easier for me to know how different I am from others , and to accept that. I’ve been doing BLE for 9 months, and have lost 50 pounds. I love the program , and am so thankful for being introduced to it.

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  7. Kathryn

    That makes a lot of sense – my husband must also be a three. His happy and free are never affected, but his waistline fluctuates with his sugar and flour intake. He’s moderating and occasionally pulls the sugar and the flour out, but his is a very different kind of dance.

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  8. Rhonda

    I have some confusion about taking the test and finding my score. I have found that if I eat refined carbs, I am ravenously hungry all the time and would be 10+ on the scale. But if I’m scrupulous about NOT eating refined carbs, I don’t have this constant hunger and I am more like a 3 or 4. I operated most of my life like a 10+ and was obese, but simply eating right for my body eliminates these issues. I think this is an important factor in taking the test. My overeating was NOT due to emotional issues or anything other than simply eating the wrong food for me.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      This brings up an interesting point, Rhonda! For some in BLE, once they eliminate flour and sugar, they may feel like, “What addiction?” 😉 It’s those specific foods that made some of us feel out of control and once those foods are eliminated it’s easier to feel like a lower score is more fitting under new circumstances. Thanks for the points to ponder! <3

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      1. Kristina

        after all these years..the food that causes me to go into overdrive (beSIDES wheat) is Dairy!! amAZing how I now feel like a 3 all the time!

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  9. Lauren

    It’s so validating to have you articulate so eloquently what my husband and I have experienced with food. He’s a 3, maybe. I’m a high 10. I’m going to ask him to watch this video to help him understand better our different realities when it comes to eating. Thanks for this.

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  10. Michelle Nowakowski

    Hi Susan, nice Vlog. I appreciated your point of view and David’s. Off topic, I was wondering if you have considered commissioning a pendant with the nice logo from BLE. It would be a nice little support for those of us who like jewelers and who might fiddle with our necklace when we’re a little stressed. Just a thought.

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  11. KT

    Thanks to both you and David. This was so relevant to me and to my husband. I am a 10++ and he is around a 2-3. I had him listen to it and it has given us a better understanding of our differences. Also a great introduction to him for a basis to have a good dialogue about it as I embark on the Rezoom program. Thanks again – this was wonderful! I appreciate you so much!

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  12. Gael

    As Always the vlog always adds something to my day. It is always such an encouragement. Love following Bright Line and being a part. And it really woks

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  13. Abbie

    I too am married to a 3, or maybe even lower. We’ve been married for almost 46 years, so I’ve seen how we differ in our dealings with food and I honestly believe some of him has filtered down to me. He never snacked between meals except for just before dinner, and that was ‘measured.’ His weight has always been low, and knows he cannot comment on my eating or my weight. Having lost 32 lbs. since starting BLE he thanks me, almost daily. He’s very appreciative and very supportive.

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  14. Fran

    I think you should see if David would be willing to record a “friends and family” video that speaks to this topic. It could be a companion video to the one you use in boot camp. Maybe he could provide some added perspective in those situations where people are trying to do BLE in a household with one or more low-susceptibility members.

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  15. Dina Grossman

    “People are really different when it comes to food”…. This VLOG is filled with wonderfully instructive examples of this observation … Breath-taking.

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  16. Lisa

    My husband is a zero on the susceptibility scale. I am also a 2 on the susceptibility scale. He dropped 80 pounds a few years ago and has kept it off. I have 30 pounds that have crept up over the years that I am using BLE to lower my weight. I feel so great eating this way I will be adopting it for the rest of my life.

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  17. Marjorie

    Very interesting points – thank you. In the research is there a difference between women and men in relation to the susceptibility scale.?

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  18. Kelly

    Thanks to Susan and David. What a great perspective. I’m not sure where my husband is on the scale. He is super little and eats like a horse. ANYTHING he wants and a lot of it. I’ve always been jealous of him. But, I would almost guess he’s on the high end of the scale because he loves to eat so much. Interesting.

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  19. Kathy

    Great to see you in casual clothes Susan:)

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  20. Monica Dean

    I always enjoy your vlogs, but this week’s gave me food for thought. I’m single and live by myself so there’s no friction with another person about the food I eat. I never really thought about the program from someone who’s a 3. Or what it would be like to live with someone on the opposite scale from me as I’m a 9. Sounds like you have a great supportive husband. I’ve read different posts with women and men who haven’t had that. I had a friend who joined and left because of the hassle she was given by her family. Thanks for to you and David for sharing your thoughts and experiences in your usual open and honest manner. Looking forward to next week.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Appreciate your comment Monica. It is interesting to consider how differently the BLE Lifestyle affects each of us differently based on our circumstances. We are sad to hear of others not getting the support they hoped for from their family.

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  21. Emily

    Love you, Susan. 💖💕
    -Emily Neblock

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  22. riad ghanma

    your husband is a good man, take care of him, but try not to be dependent on him, or any other person or thing

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