Goal Body

Note: the term “goal body” comes from the book AC: The Power of Appetite Control by Bert Herring, MD.

Here at Bright Line Eating™, we often talk about achieving “goal weight,” but in this week’s vlog, I talk about the concept of living in a “goal body.” They’re super different, and even, at times, in conflict. I believe this notion of “goal body” will be a long-term addition to our BLE vernacular.


  1. Jane

    I wished I’d heard this 10 years ago, best thing I’ve heard in ages. Well put. An aha moment. Presenting the best version of who we are to us.

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  2. Donna Saunders

    Donna Saunders
    Sequim, WA USA

    Hello Susan, I loved what you had to say about Bucket List for our goal body. I’m on Day 9 & from the start I have an image in my mind of what I’ll look like 30lbs lighter, or more if I have to contend with fat! Thank you, & I thank my sister in law Rain fir introducing me to BLE!

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  3. melni

    Hey Susan,
    The last seven years for me have been the road back to recovery and health. I was hit by a van , while I was crossing the street in 2014 on my birthday. That began the journey back to myself and my GOAL BODY.. The issues that ensued from that encounter have had my weight, my mind and my body in flux. The resulting issues have been numerous, especially since I didn’t have insurance at the time. Several years went by before I could afford to get medical attention. The first issues were gut, autoimmune system, core and weight. Gaining weight due to mobility issues (learning to walk again); medications; core issues due to back and spine damage; memory issues due to the traumatic brain injury (there was brain bleeds, with memory losses and life pattern changes – sleep, eating, etc.). I found that I couldn’t wear certain fabrics and my body literally dictated what it would and wouldn’t stand for! My most recent battle was was with lung cancer (the damage to my lungs wasn’t addressed or even discussed with me until it had become an outraged cancer! Having to have two lobes of my right lung removed, I have been on the journey to get myself back to who I was in my body before ! The woman who was able to walk 10-15 miles a week, could swim and was very active. I liked that part of myself and I am trying to regain her…

    I have been watching the scale and trying to come close to a ‘specific number’, but I concentrate on BEING who makes me feel alive! Having realized walking again, and learning to breathe with my new lung capacity has shown me the importance of BEING. Being healthy, moving and doing what my body can , yet slowly, gently; but steadily pushing myself to BE more alive — accomplishing more movement (yoga, tae kwno do, and other fluid movement disciplines) encourage me to continue and gives me hope that I will get there — to my GOAL BODY! I have been skinny, become overweight, and now I am closing in on BEING comfortable in my body again!

    I think that really is the ‘true goal’! ! ! To be comfortable in our bodies where we like ourselves and in liking ourselves we discover love for ourselves; and then and only then do we have healthy love to share with others (otherwise we are sharing the image of a cracked mirror…. which doesn’t really reflect well who we are….

    Thank you for the Vlog and the opportunity to share a little of my journey ! As always Keep Moving, Forward!

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    1. Sharon Lee

      Not sure where I just saw your post, but so touched by your journey. I hope things are going well for you.
      I too had a much milder concussion from a car accident and it’s been a slower process to heal than the doctors suggested to me. So navigating BLE seems challenging to me,. It is hard to figure out at times( most of the time) what is making everything seem overwhelming.
      If you see this reply would enjoy hearing from you.

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  4. Carole Marcille

    I am at goal weight now,. It is satisfying to me. My goal body is what it is now. That is, I am older. I had babies and my skin was not resilent then and it is even less now. And I have made peace with the fact that I would have some sagging skin and stretch marks long before I hit my maintenance plan. I call it my battle scars. What’s the alternative? Rolls of plumped up, rounded -out pads? Excess weight that sags also, but has fat behind it? No. No thank you. I will wear my saggy skin flaps, thank you. Because now I have energy. Now I can get into smaller sizes. Now I feel confident in my clothing (nearly all the saggy parts are covered by clothing anyway and no one sees them but me and my hubby and he is proud of me just the way I am. And always has been even when I was larger. ) Eventually I do need to ramp up my physical activity, as that means my body will be healthier, stronger, and more resilient. But for now, I am grateful, and content, and I feel far more free than I have in years.

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  5. Elizabeth Nelson

    Just watched this vlog from earlier and asked myself: at 64 years of age, what do I wan’t from my ideal body? I’m 5’1″ tall, about 200 lbs, and have been larger than ideal all of my life. What struck me as I watched you, Susan, talk about your body ideals, was that I’m not so interested in attracting a mate (well, I AM, but that’s not likely); but like you I want to move well and be pain free. There is one body issue that has bothered me ever since I was about ten years old: I’ve always envied / admired women who can cross their legs at the knee. Because my legs are short and because I carry a lot of my excess on the upper thigh, I have never been able to sit down and cross my legs. Even at my thinnest as an adult (137 lbs), crossing my legs was still an aerobic event — and could only be managed in certain circumstances.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Thank you for watching, sharing, and for being in this space with us, Elizabeth. <3

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  6. Camille Aversano

    You’ve given me HOPE thank you Susan for being who you are

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  7. Hazel

    Years ago I lost quite a bit of weight (I think it was Love) and I still remember one afternoon when I RAN! I mean full out like a kid, running for fun . It was the most amazing feeling, I don’t think I have really run since I was probably 6 years old. Was a fat child, a fat teen, still fat, but that one time… Well, I am going to be 78 years old next month and I will never forget that feeling. I don’t know if I can ever attain that feeling again, but it will be my body goal to attempt it.

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    1. Sharon Lee

      Wow, thanks for writing this post. I am 74 and I ran a bit , it just happened spontaneously. I get what you are saying!

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  8. Kristina Hand

    Is there a reason i cant use the BLE app?

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi Kristina! We have an app that was a limited-release and was made available to some of our Bright Lifers. We are hoping to have an app available for everyone soon!

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  9. Wanda Madrid

    I am new brand new to this Bright line Eating! I love what I am hearing!!! I am starting the 14 day challenge tomorrow….Doing the steps… although I have been studying this on my own and actually started Last Monday! Feb. 4, 2019…
    I am a 10…. fighting my food addiction since my high school days. I am now 61 next month 62. I am so excited to have hope of a goal body! and to finally have a forever plan and never binge eat again…
    I was Just about to give up on all of this and accept it as an old age thing. but still not having victory over food bothers me so much! Haha apparently not enough to over come..
    I also love this journal thing.. of my goal body…
    Thanks so much for the hope!

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Welcome Wanda! So happy to have you here. You’ll be happy to know we have MANY in our community who have lost weight when they also thought it was “too late.” We’re cheering for YOU!

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  10. KT

    I will know I’m in my goal body when I:
    Go dancing every night for a week straight and not have my stamina, flexibility or knee pain limit my performance (yes, performance- I used to do this competitively)
    Run several miles faster than most people walk
    Can do 10 push-ups
    Can do almost any yoga class without having to modify any of the poses
    Can take an advanced level ballet class and keep up (not on pointe!)
    Almost never have any pain that isn’t post-workout muscle pain
    Can do a pull-up (right there with ya!!!)
    Can’t remember the last time I had knee or coccyx pain (the coccyx pain is from losing weight! gotta get my butt muscles back!)
    Can do any activity I want without being afraid of being too fragile, too weak, too stiff, or too tired to do it, and without being too embarrassed to wear the activity-appropriate clothing
    Can wear whatever I want, whenever I want, without being too self-conscious to enjoy the moment

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Thanks for sharing your list KT! You’ve got some fun stuff listed there!

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  11. Dagmar

    I will know I am at my body goal when I will opt to take a walk rather than sit and read….get my bike out and ride a couple of miles….imagine having a good time outside rather than indoor …..refuse to let age (78)determine my physical capacity……

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  12. Marty

    I love this. I’d choose to adopt as a newby (not – after 2 boot camps, BLifers, 2nd GG and now Rezoom/Reboot to start), using a goal weight as an initial focus on my journey to my goal body. I’m close to my goal weight, but far from my goal body. Thank you!

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  13. Lisa

    I know I will be in my goal body when I have a flat stomach again. That means below 130.

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  14. Bon

    I’ll know I’m in my goal body when I can wear a Victorian style fit and flare coat and look good in it. I’ll know when I feel that lightness on the stairs, that I am not toting three bowling balls up and down with me. I’ll know when the photographs of my face look more like me. I’ll know when I can wear a size 4-6 again. I’ll know when my bunions stop hurting from all the weight. I’ll know when I’m back home in my right size body.

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  15. Robyn Shapiro

    Such a healthy and a positive way to think about what our goal should be. Yes, some people are numbers people, however, we constantly read about the “small” successes that the BLErs achieve, which for myself when I post those examples really fortify my resolve better than a scale can. However I am going to make that list for myself, my own personal bucket list of health and life success, what would that look like for me. When those are achieved I imagine that it would parallel our success in weight loss.

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  16. Liz

    I have to be honest – I have been overweight for so long that I can’t imagine what I would look like at “goal weight”. I’m 5’2″, and hit 130 lbs in 6th grade, so a goal weight of anything under 130 lbs is kind of inconceivable. Like Susan, I have a somewhat small frame – even at my current weight of almost 220 lbs, I can still get my thumb and middle finger to overlap around my wrist – but I have pretty muscular legs. Some of the items on my goal-body wish list:
    -thin enough to easily fit between tables and chairs while my students are still sitting in them
    -fit enough to make it from the ground floor to the 8th floor where I live (stop relying on / using the elevator, and not have to take a break part way up)
    -resting heart rate consistently below 50 bpm
    -low triglyceride levels
    -fasting blood sugar levels that don’t creep up each year, but instead go down
    -small enough to swap clothes with my thin friends – or at least easily find well-fitting clothes here in China
    -greater flexibility and strength
    -comfortable in a swimsuit with my nieces
    -consistently sleep well and have the energy to teach well and still have energy for other hobbies
    -ability to run and play soccer with my students without getting so winded – or being embarrassed about jiggling fat

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  17. Rebecca

    I’m not sure what my goal body would feel like, because I’ve never been anywhere near it. I don’t think I’ve been under 200 pounds in my entire adult life, except for one or two days after a bout of food poisoning, and now I’m closer to 300 than 200.

    I’d like to say I’d be able to run a mile, or 5 miles, but DNA testing found an enzyme deficiency that means I tire quickly when doing heavy exercise; even at my fittest, couldn’t run more than a third of a mile without stopping.

    I’d like my diabetes, and high blood pressure, and high triglycerides to disappear.

    I haven’t worn anything smaller than a misses 16 (currently wearing 20-22W), so if I got down into a healthy weight range, maybe I’d get to a 12 or so. (Unlike Susan, I am big-boned: my finger and thumb don’t touch when wrapped around my wrist.) I used to joke that my skeleton alone would be a size 8.

    I think I’m just hoping to discover what it feels like to not be obese. It will be a whole new feeling, and it’s a bit like a blind person trying to imagine color. Let’s just hope I get to find out someday.

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  18. Shawna

    I just gotta say one thing really quick…I love your sweater…so I was surprised when a few minutes after watching this I saw a YouTube video from 2016 called message to a food addict, to see you wearing the SAME sweater! I just really admire that …being real like that. I have favorite sweaters that are older than…well…never mind!

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  19. Katie

    Your yoga example made me laugh! When I first tried Hot Vinyasa Yoga last March I had been working out EVERY day for almost two years…and I found the yoga to be exceptionally challenging. So, I committed to doing it on a consistent basis(2-4 times a week)… 9 months later I am still no where near the flexibility and strength I want for my goal body. But I have improved a lot and that goal drives me!

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  20. Tim

    Why are rows and glute bridges not sexy training?!? haha (disclosure perspective: I am a training and nutrition coach). Training the posterior muscles and movements are very sexy training 😉 Thanks for the post and keep up the great work 🙂

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  21. Sheila

    I’ve been thinking about this alot lately! I’m really not sure what my right size body is. I definitely will write on this.

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  22. Jenny Ellert

    Susan thank you for this. I love your openness to explore new things that you think may have a relevance for us all at BLE. For me, as a type 2 diabetic, being in my goal body implies having consistently excellent blood sugar control, without needing any medication. This enables me to feel so clear in my head, and so full of energy to live life to the full. This is definitely my main concern for my goal body, but of course there are other elements I would love to eventually incorporate, like gaining core body strength as well as upper body strength. I enjoy walking and climbing stairs, so my legs are reasonably strong. of course exercise has a very positive effect on blood sugar, so this would be a win win situation all round. OK so my goal body also enjoys wearing size 4 jeans, which I don’t ever want to give up! My goal weight has already been reached, over a year ago, and ever since, I have felt to be in my right sized body, but now my goal body has some catching up to do with the right strength training program for the over 70s. Love you Susan, keep on keeping on!

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    Great vlog Susan. I have always believed in the concept of functional fitness. Being at your goal body allows that to happen. As a 70 year old rancher I am very active and outside every day doing physical work. BUT weight crept up on me over the past 15 years. I tried several programs in that time but truly embraced Bright Line Eating at the beginning of this year. BLE has helped me improve physically and mentally.

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  24. Carol Blanchard

    I absolutely love this concept! I have longed for my outside to reflect my inside for most of my life. The idea that my body should be a reflection of my higher self is even more astounding. I am a firefighter (retired) and now work as an ER nurse, both fields where what you look like on the outside matters, and I always felt like I fell short of what I should have looked like. My physical health made a difference to my performance and my ability to be a more effective role model. I did and do both jobs well, but I believe I could have done and could do them better with a right sized body. Where I really fall short is giving of myself 100%, and it is my food addiction that has kept me at arms length. Thank you Susan, thank you BLE.

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  25. Elizabeth

    Love the goal body concept! Also prefer “healthy sized body” instead of saying “right” sized body. I resonate in my goal body when I’m wearing clothing I feel comfortable in & don’t worry about how I look – it’s definitely a soul experience – not a physical one ! Thank you Susan!

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  26. Glenn Forman

    Ok, Susan, contact me. 808.639.9221 or by email or text. This vlog made it apparent to me that it is time to connect. I have enjoyed so much your vlogs and from them, have found more imbalances to work on with clients, as well as, myself. Our of gratitude for the wealth of information you provide, plus how fun you and your vlogs are, I’m offering you a complimentary session with me, if you’d like to accept. I work via phone, Skype, or whatever your preference is. I’m in Hawaii, if you happen to be by in person 🙂 I work with what is subconsciously in the way of living our best lives. I’m ‘The DNA Guy’, which refers to how we inherit ways of being , emotions and other energetic imbalances, as well as, being a Certified Body Code and Emotion Code Practitioner.

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  27. Janna van Leusden

    I love the goal body!!! I think that’s where I am then. Can’t seem to lose the last 4 lbs. Stay on the weight loss plan for safety. I feel good in my goal body and specially when I go shopping for cloths. Out of habit I pick the to big cloths to fit, just to get smaller sizes and amaze myself. That feels so good. Thanks Susan! I love the goal body concept.

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  28. Cindy Craft Green

    I love the goal body concept. Reaching my goal body seems less intimidating than goal weight even though it may be harder to achieve. I absolutely feel more empowered after hearing this. Thank you.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      AWESOME Cindy! So happy this concept is empowering to you! <3

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  29. Judith D Linden

    Years ago, after a summer of camp counseling in a place where I walked up hill and down several times a day, I came home to find that I had gained 25 pounds and had gone down 2 sizes! I was astounded! That new weight was all muscle and I looked great! That was then, this is now, but I know the goal body is real. It can happen!

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  30. janet Miller

    I am currently 10stone 12lbs and a size 16 – when I was 16 years old I weighed 10stone 3lbs and I was a size 16 so this does show that – as I am currently lifting weights – 9lbs of me is muscle/water. My goal weight was 10st but now that has changed.

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  31. Sharyl

    It’s called an assisted pull up machine. 🙂
    Thank you for posting this vlog. I love it! We women are way too obsessed about the scale.
    My goal body will allow me to do a sprint triathlon (next year I hope)
    Happy holidays!

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  32. Ann Holley

    Happy Holidays to you Susan. I know I am in my goal body when I have good posture all the time. I know I am in my goal body when my neck is no longer tense. I know I am in my goal body when my stomach is strong and I improve balance. I know I am in my goal body when I heal my insecurity. Sending so much love and thanksgiving your way. Ann Holley

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  33. Margaret

    Absolutely include this instead of “pick a number.” Paying more attention to height-weight charts than to how I felt or my family and friend gave me a body dysmorphia I carried for 30 years, unable to revel in my right-size body when I had it, trying to starve myself ever thinner. Only when my own daughters inherited my body shape and were beautiful could I see how mistaken my “goal weight” was. There was no happy in that.

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  34. Elizabeth J. Wright

    This concept of a “Goal Body” was my original thought when I first learned of BLE back in July 2016. The OCD struggles and pain I witnessed around others’ goal weight numbers was depressing. After derailing that first Christmas only to spiral down to my original weight (plus some), I came back to the BLE lifestyle recently, with this exact “Body GOAL” in mind, asking my original Buddy to join me once again in my struggle with Bright Last new. My Buddy has developed a healthy attitude toward her goal, and looks/acts/feels amazing! Thank you for acting on Sanz’s Wisdom. It will allay a lot of peoples’ Fears around The Number.

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  35. Gina Heese

    Love love LOVE this concept! I have sadly become a slave to my goal “range” but when I consider my true goals, they relate to what is hanging in my closet or to what I can do physically much more to what the number on the scale says (which is actually for MY EYES ONLY).
    It makes more sense to be a walking testimony for ALL TO SEE when I can present ME at my highest self; not walk around w the secret that i still have 7 lbs to go to reach “that number”. I TOO have clothes that once on my body make me feel like a million bucks. And I too rejoice when I can hold a plank for 1 full minute!!! I LOVE shifting my thinking to these accomplishments as opposed to the privately known digits on the scale!!!!! Thanks Susan for a new way of thinking to take me into a new year and btw, the wt loss plan is ALSO “MY” maintenance plan 🤷🏻‍♀️. 💜 Thanks for more peace around the holidays:).

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  36. Kathy Cottle

    Thank you, Susan, for even more freedom. The “Scales” had become almost an obsession with me. Every time I started any physical activity to help strengthen and tone my body, my number would escalate dramatically. Then I would be bummed due to the fact my weight was off. So, I’ll know I’m in my goal body when I can complete a 3 mile hike, carrying my 50 pound backpack without feeling like I need to call 911. I want to be able to go to Epcot Center and not need to use a wheelchair or walker. Also remember Rule #5: what other people think of me is NONE of my business. The ones who truly love you, don’t care how you look as long as you’re healthy and happy.
    You, Susan, are an Amazing Wonderful woman!

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  37. Victoria Slater

    A wonderful revised concept of self. Very freeing as is BLE. Love my new body. For your injuries check out Pain Free by Pete Egoscue.

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  38. Ellen

    I so loved this video! For me this journey is foremost the feeling that my goal body will bring! It is about being fully comfortable with what rises without having to resort to food. I know when I am in my goal body when I stop thinking and start doing guided by my intuition. When I make choices that serve my higher self! When my natural default setting is to smile! The list is like 2 pages long already! Very empowering little exercise! Thank you very much and a thank you to myself too for doing it!

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  39. Terri Trousdale

    I am currently in my goal body thanks to your book, which was all I needed to shed 57 pounds. I no longer make excuses so I can stay home from social events for fear of being judged. I feel strong and healthy at 60. I look as good in my clothing as I did in my 20s, and because I look and feel good, I face the world. It’s amazing to be here, and it’s all because of Bright Line Eating. Thank you, Susan!

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  40. Ariann Thomas

    Susan, I love your vlogs. They are so empowering. A doctor told me a couple of years ago I needed to be at X lbs and I almost slugged him (mentally, of course). The only time I had been at that weight was when I was desperately ill and vomiting 6 times a day. My goal weight is 15 lbs over what her suggested. I’m not there quite yet, but getting close. Meanwhile, I’m feeling great, looking fine and have lots of energy and my health is better than it has been in years. Goal Body is a great concept. No one can tell you what your body ‘should’ be. If you listen, your body knows its own truth.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Love this Ariann: “No one can tell you what your body ‘should’ be. If you listen, your body knows its own truth.”

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  41. Bracha Nili

    I want to be able to wear oversized sweatshirts without looking like I’m trying to hide something.
    I want to be able to wear a pencil skirt without having it ride up.
    I want to be able to wear tight clothing without having to worry about if my butt looks too big.

    Love this exercise. Thank you for not making it about the number.

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  42. Laura Adams Nickerson

    My Goal Body:
    I have issues with R shoulder pain, hip pain and knee pain…. all have improved significantly with the 50 pound weight loss (I am a Bright Lifer) and swimming and exercising. I have 10 more pounds to go per the “scale” goal. So moving from goal weight to goal body I have these goals:
    No pain. Wearing 8-10 size and “medium” size clothes. Love the way I look in the clothes. Do 10 regular push ups. Do an entire “boot Camp” class at the gym without stopping or decreasing my efforts… with no pain in my knees. Prevent rounded shoulders. Maintain straight posture. Stay flexible. Swim freestyle laps for 30 min straight without stopping. Flat stomach. Muscular looking arms. Be able to come off my blood pressure meds (which I believe is possible as am now on the very lowest dose) May consider trying running again if the boot camp class can be accomplished without aggravating knee pain. Last: Work with a personal trainer that specializes in older women ( I am 58) when I feel I have the additional time and money. Important to do this to avoid injury I believe. Thank you Susan. As always, you inspire and motivate me to always keep striving for improvement. We are never “done”. Which is perfect

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  43. Susan Urwin

    Dear Susan,
    I read your book and consider sugar a drug. God has enabled me to stay clear. I have been doing Weight Watchers for years, on and off, and I still go for the accountability. I was 253.2 lbs in March 2016 and now am at 170. I am (or was) 5’10”, but the doctor says I have shrunk. I am 70.5 years old. I do pool exercises for 1.5 hours 3 times a week, and try to walk at least three times a week, 3 miles or more. I have struggled to get to 165 lb for weeks and weeks, and my body doesn’t seem to want to budge. I have gotten down to size 16 jeans, and feel like I look fairly good in size L tops. When I heard your blog, it struck me like a lightning bolt. Maybe this is my weight! I feel good. My knees used to be in such pain I would weep getting up off the toilet. Now I can hop up steps!!!! My mother had weight issues, but my father was 6’4″ and all his life was a round 170 – 175 lbs. He could eat whatever he wanted! My dream had always been to be at his weight…well, maybe that is another indication. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! Blessings, Susan Urwin

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  44. Lotte Pedersen

    I absolutly loves this! Thank you 😍

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  45. Kim

    This is SO liberating!! I’m going to start working on my goal body journaling right away.
    Thank you Sanz and Susan! 😁❤️

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  46. BK

    Thank you for your inspirational talk! I am at the start of BLE, and I know I am in my goal body (I actually thought you said goldbody, which is quite nice too), when I will feel (and hopefully) look great regardless of what I wear but most importantly my energy level (and mood) is better in the mornings😊

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  47. Trinity Ann Bissett

    This was perfect, I love it. Thank you…I’m just starting week six in my first BC. Released 13 lbs so far and I’m feeling very hopeful. I know I’ll be in my goal body when my metabolism is robust, am lean, muscular and flexible, when I am wearing the new outfits that I love, my posture is beautiful and I feel even more free than I do now around food. (insert heart), when I can chase my 8.5 year old daughter around, play all sports with her., work out at the gym like I used to because I loved it so much! Thank you, thank you, thank you. Love, TAB

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Love to imagine you running around with your daughter, Trinity! <3

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  48. Erika

    This is amazing. I have had a goal body in mind for years now, thanks to Katy Bowman. Her concepts of staying fit, strong, and aging well through movement, not exercise are perfect for me. (I am only 40, but we are all aging daily, ha) Big problem though – my goal body also needed to lose over 60 pounds to do what I want it to, and I now know movement alone can’t move the weight off. Thanks to the BLE book, I have lost half of my goal and finally have hope of losing the rest! And keeping it off!! I am going to go back to my journal and find the specific, achievable goals for my body. Thank you for the focus!

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  49. Michele Wise

    Speaking of goal weight, I am only on week two and I found a digital scale to weight on. I took it out of the box and followed the instructions to pull the little tab so the machine would gon ton “0”. When I stepped on it the scale still said 128.9. I tried it several times and only got 128.9. I asked my husband if he would take the cover off of the battery compartment ton fix the problem. I got home and saw that it was fixed. I thanked him and asked if I did not get all of the paper out. He told me to look at the mirror. I did and what I saw on the mirror was the sticker 128.9. The scale worked the whole time and the 128.9 was just a sticker. I was planning on not weighing until my actual weight was 128.9. I think I will set that as my goal weight for now. It seems to be a good number. I really like the idea about goal body. That makes sense to me. I was mostly a little overweight until I hit menopause and then just gave up and got lazy. I decided when my bknees hurt too much it was time so now I am a in BLE boot camp.

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  50. Heather

    This is great and totally there. Goal Body creates the bridge to a good outcome whereas for me getting to the number always scared me, why I don’t know but the number (goal weight) seemed threateningly too thin and thin means and my age saggy and gaunt! This way of thinking is much better and user friendly.

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  51. Sugar Evans

    this is the best vlog yet. I’ve been maintaining now for over a year, and It is still hard, and I’ve begun wondering if it is worth it. I’ve been listening to a lot of other science based weight input, and your is the first one who gets so close to not relating weight to looks! I’ve been thinking lately about how good it is to be strong, and have stamina, and balance. I know that there are people who can’t have those things (I even have recovered from a stroke) and it is so much more than looks! I work toward not having fleshy rolls on my back, and feeling the pelvis bones come back; but again that’s looks. I also want to be able to carry my 35 lb scull by myself. And ride my bike for an hour without a stop. Check back with me in 5 years!

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      We definitely want to hear when you’ve done your first one hour bike ride without stopping. All the best to you dear friend!

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  52. Stephanie

    This was one off your best VLOGS. I do have a comment. You keep saying you have been a size for 13 years but a size 4 over the last 13 years has changed
    multiple times.

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  53. Paul B

    Love the concepts here, need to sit back and reflect on this

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  54. Karen Cole

    Susan, this is one of your best vlogs. I have struggled with the goal weight concept for quite some time. Getting to my goal weight was the beginning of me struggling with my program. This concept of goal body has been a game changer for me. I plan on journaling about what a goal body is for me, just as you suggested. I am also looking forward to the new program.

    Reply ·
  55. Sally

    Susan, this rings so true and is consistent with what the wellness director in my retirement community (yes, I’m 72!) talks about without the exact words. Monday at my annual physical I discovered I’ve shrunk 2 inches from what I was in middle age. I loved being tall and the appearance of slim. At 5’7 1/2″ I’m feeling dumpy. I have 20 more pounds to let go of but am struggling to own the identity of being average height. I will journal about goal body. It will help me embrace my height and the prospect that I can still look long and lean even if I’m not 5’9 3/4″. Thank you. BLE has been a gift to me. 20# released. Addictions broken. Medical tests with better numbers. I only want to get better!

    Reply ·
  56. Tommie

    Love this vlog, Susan! I’ll know I’m in my goal body when… I don’t let fear of my body size hold me back from saying yes to an activity.

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Love that Tommie! Love the idea of being all-in and not letting weight hold you back!

      Reply ·
  57. Elaine

    I know this is mostly a rhetorical question, but how did anyone (Sanz, for instance) read the BLE book and NOT know about Boot Camp? It’s mentioned repeatedly. It’s what prompted me to join – before I even finished the book. I LOVE the Goal Body notion – and have to admit, my doctor has been trying to get me to stop focusing on a number on the scale when he thinks I’m at a perfect weight for myself right now. I’ve avoided knee surgery because I’ve lost 25 pounds. But I know I’m still going to struggle against my desire to hit my ‘goal weight’. (I often wonder if those of us who are high on the addiction scale are MORE susceptible to certain messages. Like: “X” is your goal weight. ” It’s a measurable goal. I’m going to have to give this more thought….)

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Lol! Great question Elaine! Of course Sanz would’ve read the boot camp success stories but she didn’t realize the boot camp was an on-going-join-at-any-point option until she’d already been doing BLE and one of her family members joined BC. Then she started following BLE online and was more aware of the programs after that. She has since done boot camp. 🙂

      Reply ·
  58. Steven H Brown

    This is totally brilliant as an approach! I will know I’m in my goal body when my pants waist size is less than or equal to, my inseam length. When I was young and “skinny” my inseam was greater than my waist. Throughout my fat middle aged period, I have often thought my height hid my weight, but I was only fooling myself.

    Reply ·
    1. Joseph

      Hi Steve! I’m almost 5’10”, weight 147 lbs, inseem 30″, waistband 33″. A 32″ waist would probably be better, but I can’t imagine a 29″ waist, which is what I had when I was 15. I’m 78 now.
      Joseph in Missoula

      Reply ·
  59. Deb

    Love this Vlog and the idea of goal body. Brought tears to my eyes as I thought of my current body straining to get up from a chair , how I can no longer climb stairs without pain and how I strain to get in and out of my car. This body is definitely not in alignment with my highest self. I’m going to start journaling about my goal body today…

    Reply ·
  60. Deb Maccabee

    Once again Susan you’ve changed my life forever with a seemingly simple sentence…”to feel like my body is a good representation of who I am when I’m my highest Self.” And since your vlogs are refreshingly honest, I would add, “when my body supports my passionate desires for hours of wild and fun lovemaking and intimate connection.”

    Reply ·
  61. Linda G Cannon , RDH, BSDH

    Hey, SPT!
    You mentioned your head an neck not being in alignment with the rest of your body.:
    This is called, “Forward Head Posture,” and often a sign of a tongue -tie. Many of us have POSTERIOR TONGUE-TIES, which were not recognized years ago , when we were kids.
    The “Dowager’s Hump” is another sign, as are:
    •Tension In neck and shoulders
    • Frequent headaches
    •TMJ symptoms- clenching, pain, etc
    •Anxiety/depression tendencies
    •Digestive issues
    •Speech difficulties
    •OSA or Sleep Disordered Breathing, leading to fatigue
    Many dentists are not up-to-speed on the latest research on this. As you know, it is difficult to keep up on every detail of scientific study.
    A great scientific article on this is (1052 subjects, out of Stanford, UCLA, and Harvard). “
    “Toward the functional definition of anknkyloglossia: validating current grading scales for lingual frenulum length and tongue mobility in 1052 subjects”
    (I’m a Dental Hygienist and Myofunctional Therapist)
    Sleep and Breathing:
    Sleep Breath
    DOI 10.1007//s11325-016-1452-7

    Reply ·
  62. Mary Jo Kruer

    I’ll know I’m in my “goal body” when I don’t have to think about it anymore! Just like before starting BLE and all the crazy thinking I was doing: the obsession about food, the numbers on the scale, my health, and what others think about me. I did have a goal weight in mind, but changed that before I got there when I realized I was comfortable with a few pounds more and didn’t want to look any thinner. I have a few ideas now about this goal body I wish to live in: it will be toned, firm, strong, healthy, vibrant, and magnetic. Yes, when I’m in that goal body, I won’t even have to think about it anymore. There will be confidence and peace and joy! Thank you SPT for all you give to us! It’s been a great experience and an answer to prayer! Love you!!!!

    Reply ·
  63. Diane Howard

    I knew I was in my goal body when I started wearing make-up again, got a cute haircut, started wearing jewelry again and made an appointment for a lower face & neck lift. I’m not interested in attracting the attention of anyone; I’m just expressing how I feel inside. I did the October 2017 Boot Camp, joined Bright Lifers and reached my goal weight which meant a 58 pound loss. ALL my health numbers are greatly improved, too. Thank you so much for all the encouragement and inspiration!

    Reply ·
  64. Carole

    I got rid of my scale because I was being tormented by my goal weight! I think I’m going to be doing the weight loss plan for a while longer, unless Reboot and Rezoom changes things for me but I’m okay with that because I’m almost in my goal body.

    Reply ·
  65. Hayley

    Thank you Susan a million times
    This vlog came on the day I really needed it, I had a Doctors appointment and I got weighed on their “fat” scale and it said I had only lost 10lbs instead of the 15-20lbs that I know I have lost . My inner critic started to play games on me and the feeling of dispair set in! So there you are on the day I needed you making me feel much better and holding my head up high ready to martch forward.
    Love and Blessing to you

    Reply ·
  66. Charlie

    I did a different program and found my goal body but i could not maintain it. Its was glorious. The picture of who I truly was on the inside—an athletic outdoors girl—was reflected in my body and I no longer received the doubting looks for listeners as I told them about my latest hiking, scuba, sailing, camping, canoeing, cycling or running adventure. I miss the confidence it provided to feel like my authenic self inside and in the mirror.

    Reply ·
  67. Bettie Banks

    Love the focus on goal body, not goal weight. I am in my goal body when at 85 I feel a certain flexibility and grace of movement . My shoulders are down from my ears, my back is straight and my head is up. I can nove through Saturday space feeling a part of it. I fit. When I do my yoga poses, I have little belly now to impede me. I lose it the minute I remind myself that I am not at goal weight. I am so grateful to have words to help me heal from that obsession.

    Reply ·
  68. Elaine

    I have been watching your weekly blogs for about two months and finding inspiration. I have signed up for the 14 day challenge but still have not spoken to my physician,and not sure I can afford boot camp but will cross that bridge when I get to it, I have the scales, downloaded everything and ready to go. I do have a thyroid condition and my 1st goal is to finally be told I no longer need Synthroid.

    Ill know Im in the right body when I can go to the beach and run (well walk anyway) braless in a T-shirt and jeans . I do have a number, its about 20lbs higher than supposedly my ideal weight, but that means I still have 60 lbs to loose. I made it though Thanksgiving loosly following BLE and come out on the other side of the holiday
    with a weight loss. I am signed up for Reboot and Rezoom to get me through to the other side of the Holidays. Thank you for your inspirational blogs, love them..

    Reply ·
  69. Dana

    Thank you for this! I love the concept of a goal body rather than a goal weight. I get into a very bad place mentally when I get focused too much on weight rather than how I am feeling. This past year I lost 38 pounds!! I have had a rough couple of months and gained back about 10 pounds. I am getting back on track and recommitting to feeling good and getting back in touch with myself. Thank you for your wonderful vlogs and helping us.

    Reply ·
  70. Inga

    I did the boot camp and have been eating everything in sight for two months. This video has re energized me to think about my best body for ME…..

    Reply ·
  71. Abbie Murray

    When I was teaching Intro to Nutrition at the community college here, my 1st assignment was to have the students write a paper about their relationship with food, from as far back as they could remember. Many of the girls had mothers who were mono-focused on numbers for them and their entire life had revolved around those numbers. I was coming from an Exercise Physiology background and always focused on health vs looks which is probably the main reason I didn’t do multiple weight loss programs, and was never more than 40 lbs above desirable weight. It became an issue. Functioning at the level I am comfortable with is paramount, beyond weight. I do realize that maintaining a healthy body requires being active, not everybody does. I also realize maintaining a healthy body weight is incredibly important, and not everyone realizes that. So, I let the weight go and maintained activity and had to have 2 hips replaced. I guess what I’m trying to say is goal body is multifaceted, and choosing any of its paths may help w/ the others to get there, and/or stay there. But. . . You already knew this. 😊

    Reply ·
  72. April Dauenhauer

    Like Sanz Sua, I read the book (in Kindle) then read the hard cover version, and started my BLE journey on my own. After two months, I had lost 20 pounds, and felt the need for support, so I signed up for the 14 day Challenge, which has helped me keep going. I have Hashimotos so appreciate Susan mentioning how that can slow down weight loss, and that knowledge has given me more hope, that even if it takes me longer, I can get to my goal body. My sister visited last week, and ordered the book for herself. My focus is on getting healthy and being able to enjoy my life, play with my grandchildren, and no longer be eating sugar and starch compulsively. I haven’t had one midnight snack since starting BLE. I broke my bright lines twice for a snack between meals but more importantly I’ve learned to prepare and take my food with me. I’ve had more vegetables in the past two months than I ate in the past two years and most surprisingly to me, I’m loving it. Thank you Susan for BLE

    Reply ·
  73. Dale Levy

    Whoppee! Right on Susan! Goal body I am! I have been in maintenance in my own way for months. I reached that key number that I had chosen and then and then and then…I never could actually write down my food the way everyone else did, so my learning was making my meals work into the limitations…I think that was another learning I was creating for this now me? I have my protein which I bring home from the market and carefully ease out into 4 oz packets and freeze. Then after that, I buy my fruits and veggies almost every day and I work them around my meal plans. It all fits. It is a learned way of eating, and an amazing automaticity. I never feel deprived and I am fine with in this way of eating.
    What has changed for me is the non -need for nmdf and NMF.
    Yes, feeling great in my rightsized body is a thrill for me!
    When did my brain switch to this beingness? I am not sure, but it is a wonderful feeling to know I don’t need all that stuff I felt I needed to not feel deprived.

    Reply ·
  74. Lindy

    Hi Susan, this has nothing to do with BLE, though I really like BLE. However, I just want to tell everyone in the world that my beautiful daughter, who was told she would never be able to have children two and a half years ago, gave birth to gorgeous twin boys on Monday. They are so lovely and I am so grateful. Just wanted to share.

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Ohhhh, Lindy! Congratulations! You must be thrilled. We are so happy you shared with us. All the best to you, your daughter, those sweet babes, and enjoy all those snuggles! xo

      Reply ·
  75. Susan Edwards

    Since I am almost 77 years old and have struggled for over 60 years, I am content to not be thin. I can be happy, free and healthy. The loose skin and other physical effects are not worth losing a lot more weight. I have lost 40 pounds on BLE. BUT my goals were: Be Able to Cross my legs. Sit on an airplane without a seat-belt extender and walk without pain. My Goal Body will probably be 50 pounds over what the charts say, but the most important things to me are HAPPY and FREE. Freedom from food obsession is my Goal and BLE is helping.

    Reply ·
  76. Michele

    Yes! Thank you Susan. Your words about having your body reflect your “best self ” is inspiring. When I don’t eat well weight-gain isn’t the biggest issue. When I eat sugar, I don’t feel good, it especially effects my mental state -it impacts my self- esteem and mood, and it makes me really anxious. I am definitely sugar-addicted, I realized this through BLE. I realize that I often used to binge on sugar when stressed at work, and it really effected my sleep patterns, and made me more anxious and irritable. Sugar and wine, especially, also regularly gave me little annoying sinus headaches, which ultimately turned into a major sinus problem requiring surgery. I didn’t pay attention to these subtle changes in my mood or even to the headaches – they just weren’t a big deal or perhaps I was was in denial.

    I am much more aware of my health and body now. I suggest reflecting on your health comprehensively when journalling about your “goal body”. How do you feel overall? –in all aspects, not just muscular,/skeletal or your outward look. Are you less prone to colds , headaches, aches and pains? Are chronic conditions under control? Is you skin clearer and your hair and nails looking good? But most importantly, are you happier in mood? Less depressed, less irritable and sleeping well? Is you outlook positive? By monitoring how you feel when you eat, you can start to make the association that: ” When you eat well, you feel good”. This can improve your self-esteem and help keep you true to your BLE lifestyle — at least, I am hoping it will for me!

    Reply ·
  77. Carol Caldwell

    This is what has changed for me with the BLE life as compared with previous weight loss attempts! The self recriminations that came with the numbers reflected back to me from the scale were painful and defeating. Not this time! The first step for me towards my Goal Body is to sleep 8 hours every night. I have 10 items on my list and I can’t wait to see them all manifest my new life!!!

    Reply ·
  78. Elaine Hetu

    Hi Susan, YES! I was in a very structured 12-step program over 20 years ago. I was 28 when I joined and when I married at 36 I was in my best goal body and shape. I am now 61 and weigh more than I did when I joined that program, but I don’t even look as heavy as I did then. So when thinking about my goal body, I cannot so much focus on the weight because it might not be the same weight as I was back then at 5’5″ and 123 on my wedding day. It could be 130 or 135 now and who knows if I add back exercise on a regular basis what it would look like. So for me, I think I will know when I get there. When the back pain subsides and I no longer have the rolls and the post-baby belly x 3 and my arms don’t jiggle anymore. I will feel happy where I’m at and not starving to maintain it. I am much more sedentary now than I was back then. Hoping that once my youngest goes off to college next year I can take back some time for me!!

    Reply ·
  79. Twyla Robinson

    This taps into something I read some time ago in a book called “Make Shift Happen” by Dean Dwyer. He speaks at length at the reasons for wanting to lose weight, and he suggests we focus on SERVICE.

    In the body you have, could you save a life? Would you have the strength and stamina to drag someone who was drowning out of a lake? Would you be able to help a companion carry an injured friend to safety? Could you drag an unconscious person out of a burning building?

    For those without the current self esteem to feel they deserve something for themselves, the concept of service to others helps continue both intention and motivation, and helps us get to a place of healthy self esteem for ourselves.

    It ties in beautifully with what you are speaking of here. Thank you!.

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Beautiful Twyla! Thank you for sharing that meaningful viewpoint with us. Definitely makes you think.

      Reply ·
    2. Leigh

      That is a brilliant way to think of it!! What a great idea!!

      Reply ·
  80. Sahaja Douglass

    I love this way of reframing BLE to incorporate our goal body. While I am conditioned to enjoy seeing lower numbers on the scale, in order to move towards my goal body I will gain muscle which may cause my body scale numbers to increase. So part of my work is to recondition my thinking. I recently had a body scan which showed my BMI at 25%. Another metric for me is lowering that to 20%. When I began my BLE journey 6 months ago I weighed 159. I am am 5’10”. I had chronic lower back pain which interferes with my yoga practice. I lost 27 lbs and have been doing the dance of maintenance and redefining my relationship to body weight and muscle mass.

    Reply ·
  81. Maitreyi Wilsman

    I will know I am in my goal body when my sabby no longer is hacking my mind. I really am seeking a goal mind. The body will follow I have no doubt and trust.

    Reply ·
  82. Debbi Neher

    This is so timely for me! After nearly 7 months following BLE in a “freelance” manner, I’ve released about 35 lbs. and just last week my BMI finally fell below 25 – i.e., into the “normal” range. (The day before my 62nd birthday! Yay!) I work out once a week for fitness with a personal trainer, and last week I said that my body was starting to feel like a “comfortable house for me to live in.” This idea of “goal body” versus “goal weight” will help me immensely as i am clearly making my approach to landing the plane at maintenance! Thank you Susan for unfailingly modelling the holistic nature of living happy, thin and free. It’s not about a number!

    Reply ·
  83. Maimoona M Ahmed

    Brilliant! Brilliant! Brilliant! Yes, a goal body. What an amazing concept. I’ll know I’m in a goal body when I walk past the mirror at the department store and can’t believe I’m looking at myself and I’m looking terrific! I know I’m in my goal body when I can stand tall, clothes fit perfectly, and I feel joy from within which reflects outward to the world. I’m almost 75 (in March) and I started Bootcamp in February 2018, lost most of my weight (30 lbs). I threw out/donated the oversized clothes. Once I more or less reached “goal weight” I started dropping one BLE practice after another: writing down my food, food diary, FB posts etc thinking I could eat without all these “things”. Wrong! I’ve regained almost 10 lbs and I know I’m no longer in my goal body. I was also worried about the hanging skin as an excuse to eat off BLE plan. Thanks for the inspiring weekly vlogs. That has helped me so much. I’m ALMOST READY to get back onto BLE. I’m so glad you have the ReZoom vlogs coming up. Boy do I need that! I still need some inner push to get me back on my feet, commit to BLE way of life (fighting that idea in my head that it’s forever), start writing down my food and stop binging at night (on nuts & dried fruit) after sort of following the food plan in the day – I do weigh my protein and fat portions. My sanity around food is insane! The funniest thing of all is that I have a B.S. and M.S. in nutrition from Cornell. I know it’s not what knowledge I have about food scientifically but what I choose to do at the end of my fork. Endless love to you for your life’s work and committment to saving countless lives of people through your example of being HT& F and especially FREE.

    Reply ·
  84. Mela Bredouw

    Love this so much. The resonance of having my outsides reflect my (best) insides effortlessly brings my best self into alignment the vast majority of the time. When something big happens to trigger fear, my eating doesn’t change, and I have a new stability and set of tools to use to remember “this too shall pass”. It’s just fear, not a catastrophe. The gifts your program brings are far beyond even a goal body; that’s just the beginning. As the Dalai Lama says (paraphrasing): the purpose of life is to be happy so that you can serve others. Deep bow.

    Reply ·
  85. Karen W

    Sheesh Susan, we could be Sisters! I want to be a size 4, right now I’m a 6, which is actually okay, but I have quite a bit of tummy fat left to get off. I started at a size 14 and I’m 5’3″ as well. I want a flat stomach, more than anything. I want to be yogi flexible and be able to run/jog. I want to be fit and firm. I want a strong core and pelvic floor. I also want to be able to do a pull up haha at the gym I need 60 lbs of offset!
    Above all of this, I desire mental and emotional health. I’ve always had a lot of struggles in these areas, but cutting out sugar has been the key for me hands down. I turn into a demon when I eat sugar.
    I do believe that in order for me to achieve mental, emotional and physical health – I actively need to pursue all 3 of them as all components suffer when any are neglected. No Sugar, No Flour, portioned meals 3 x’s a day – activity/exercise 5 x’s per week, and purposely pursuing my faith daily.
    I want to be a person that I love, inside and out. I’m getting there, one day at a time.
    Thank you for everything you have shared with me, it’s changed my life.

    Reply ·
  86. Barbara Ridgely

    This vlog of Susna’s really resonated with me–as have her last few–even though I’m about halfway to my goal body. My body goal is function and health-related rather than than a number. I have been at a plateau for over a year, and I appreciate having a worthy goal reframed. Thank you, Susan!

    Reply ·
  87. Brenda

    I know I’m in my goal body when…

    Thank you for tis vlog and all the other ones… Interestingly I had the same idea as (Sanza?)
    I did the February 2016 Boot Camp, and told myself that whatever I weighed after a year… February 14th, 2017, Valentines’ Day would be my goal… weight… I went down from 167 pounds to 127 and size 14/16 to 0//2/4… way down yonder on the left end of the rack…
    My belt was size small and buckled on the 5th notch. I looked hot, hot, hot.

    But then it changed.

    I decided that of 127 was good, then 117 wold be even better… I liked the idea of the ‘French’ system. Using that my goal weight was 108 pounds. Clearly 127 was way love that.

    And then I lost sight of BLE system and turned it into a ‘diet.’ Oh, Fxxk!!! And I’ve been struggling in and out ever since. I’ve done: BLE Healing 1 and 2, BLE Mind, BLE Freedom, Buddy, Master Mind, Accountability Calls. Family Reunion… all to get that freedom I felt in my first year.

    I’ve journaled and decided that the 127 range is where my body likes to live… I’m 67 years old and in my eyes, women my age look a little sexier with a few more pounds than a 13 year old.

    Thank you Susan. You’ve confirmed what I’ve been thinking.

    Can’t wait for REBOOT/REZOOM!!

    love, Brenda Citron

    Reply ·
  88. Steve McClellan

    This is a fantastic concept, and one that could possibly help you reach out to more men, if that’s one of your goals.

    When I took off 150 pounds on Bright Line Eating, I realized I’d lost a huge amount of muscle, as well. So I’m now on a path toward putting on as much muscle as my body will allow from four half-hour strength training sessions a week.

    When the monthly surveys come out, I never even know how to answer the questions of whether I’m within my goal weight range (I still have no idea what that even is) or which food plan I’m on (I’m really trying to gain weight now, which isn’t one of the options).

    I do know that my goal body shows significant muscle definition, and can do a muscle-up and a handstand push-up, so those are the goals I’m actively shooting for at the moment.

    The number on the scale is only interesting to make sure I’m not gaining faster than one can realistically gain lean mass.

    Reply ·
  89. Bev Doney


    Reply ·
  90. Cindy Rinaman Marsch

    This vlog gives me just a glimmer of a sense that I might be able to detach just one more filament from the numbers. I am looking forward to working on the goal body concept. You know from our accountability call in October, Susan, that my weight loss plateaued and hunger set in, and in the end I “settled” for a goal weight higher than most would expect. My body is improving with working out, waist and other measures decreasing, even though I’ve been in the same weight range for half a year now. You declaring me a “badass” for what I’ve done in losing well over 100 pounds by my late 50’s helps a lot when I begin to doubt myself! 🙂 Ever so grateful for you and your vision for Bright Line Eating. You’ve given me my life back!

    Reply ·
  91. Rosmarie Starck

    Hi Susan, today‘s vlog resonated very much with me. I have reached goal weight quite easily last year, within 6/7 months. I seemed to have plucked the number of the goal weight out of nowhere and I stuck with it. However, I felt too thin, round the face and skin sagging. After 6 months of maintenance I started to gain some weight and I must say that I felt much happier with my body weighing about 6 pounds more than my goal weight and I agreed with my self that this represents more of my self image. I should add that I have normal BMI and I still fit in all my clothes. A body goal for me was to feel my hip bones easily and have a flat tummy when I lie down.
    Thanks Susan!

    Reply ·
  92. Jane

    I will know I am at goal body when:
    I can get up and down off the floor easily and sit cross legged
    I can practice yoga easily and train as a yoga teacher
    I can go into any clothing store and find something great
    I can play sports without fear of injury
    I can easily tend to my feet and toenails
    And, to quote Susan, I know that my body reflects my most authentic, peaceful, confident self.
    Thanks for a great vlog!

    Reply ·
  93. Charla Beaird

    I am just starting so right now I am more concerned with my goal brain. I want to be able to walk through bakery in grocery store without looking like crazy woman, racing through, looking at ceiling and repeating “not my food”!

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Welcome Charla! Goal brain is another thought-provoking concept and is definitely where the Free part of Happy, Thin, and Free comes in. All the best to you!

      Reply ·
  94. Pat O'Dell

    Hi! I’m on day 420, down 122.6 and almost to my goal body. I have know about the concept of goal body for a very long time. I know where I feel right. 18 years ago,when I was 44, I went through a medically supervised program. I was told by the doctors that I should weigh 150 -160. I’m 5’9”. I told them NO, I felt that was not good for me, I thought 175-185. They said as you get closer to goal we will do a body scan and that will help you understand our decision. Ok I waited and then went through the scan. The doc said he would have my results in a week or so…THAT evening, he called me and was sputtering…he told me that he had NEVER seen a woman’s skeleton as massive as mine in someone my height. He said I would never have osteoporosis. He said your goal is correct. I said yes, I know. Now, at age 62 and just a bit shorter, I feel my goal body will probably be around the 180 number but it really doesn’t matter. I’m close now and feel fabulous!! If I get the last 15 to 20 off and feel good at 180-185, then I will be one happy girl !! Thank you for sharing the wisdom !!

    Reply ·
    1. Cindy Rinaman Marsch

      Pat, I’ve got a similar situation. If you’re a Bright Lifer, listen to the Accountability Call for October 13, 2018, beginning at about the one-hour mark. You can hear me in conversation with Susan trying to puzzle out my own plateau at 180-ish pounds at 5’6″ (used to be taller) and formerly nearly 300 pounds. I’ve been maintaining in that area now for half a year. See my comment below. Congratulations for your progress!

      Reply ·
  95. Olga Andrizhievskaya

    Thank you for being rigorously open sharing your thoughts Susan. I know I’m in my goal body when I feel energetic and healthy, when my skin is toned and my muscles are strong enough to support my body and I don’t have any joint pains, when I like myself in most of the outfits in the store feeling proud of myself while wearing body-cone dress.

    Reply ·

    What a wonderful concept!. Goal body. Hmmmm. Will have to think about what that means——-I’ve always focused on the number. Being tall, I’ve always weighed more than my short/average height friends even when I was slim. This was and still is a mental problem for me—so much about self-esteem. I was always the “big” girl and I didn’t like that. Ahh, maybe proper self-esteem should be first on my goal body list. I also take a yoga class, but not as difficult as Susan’s. Anyway, after losing 15 lbs I can move sooo much easier and actually feel like can accomplish poses again. There’s the second thing on my goal body list!. Will keep working on this concept.

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Many tall individuals can relate to your sentiments here Sharon. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! <3

      Reply ·
  97. Ann Walker

    I’ll know I am in my goal body when I feel like I am living in my own skin.

    Reply ·
  98. Shawna Murph

    I knew I was in my goal body when I found I didn’t avoid social situations and seeing friends and family anymore. I didn’t realize it, but I wanted to be a hermit because I yo-yo’d up and down from one season to another my whole life. So thankful for a right sized body that allows me to serve others, be with others, focus on others, and be less in my own head all the time.

    Reply ·
  99. PJ

    Coming around to a year of BLE end of February. Lost over 30 lbs. I know I’m in my goal body. Have been for several months, although concern about continued weight loss. 2 months ago cut wine. And all alcohol. Expected a small drop and did a couple of pounds. Now down 5 lbs more. How do you know when your weight is low enough and not too low? Trying to add more grains to maintain. Only started weighing food in last couple of months to figure out maintenance. Actually surprised how much I like weighing food. 57 year old, went from a size 12 down to a low size 6. 5’6″ tall.

    Reply ·
  100. Kim

    Honestly this has been my thoughts for past few weeks!
    Goal body, what does it look like.
    Pain FREE for sure!
    Thank you Susan for this Amazing program

    Reply ·
  101. Dee Fay

    One of the best Vlogs for me. Thank you Susan. Been doing maintenance for quite awhile but still can be very number obsessed. This gave me permission to stop chasing that almighty magic number. I love this concept. I have pretty close to my goal body and am so grateful for the different perspective.

    Reply ·
  102. Dina Grossman

    This is very exciting and inspiring. Journaling about “I’ll know I’m in my goal body when…” is a wonderful idea … and, as you mention, the goals and indicators will be different for different people – and change over time.

    I have done BLE since the start of July 2017 and am a pretty active Bright Lifer – among other things I review materials, listening to all accountability calls and listen to all VLOGs. I have been using multiple metrics all the way through, even before they started being talked about a lot in the BLE world.

    Susan, I am scared by the detailed comparisons you seem to be making with others … like how long to hold a hot yoga pose or how many pull-ups, etc. And I don’t see the value in only resting in an exercise class when the teacher explicitly permits it.

    In contrast I am very inspired by Margo Stewart’s visions. Not only because my goals are very similar to hers, but because the indicators make sense to me – they are palpable, well-reasoned, set into good contexts.

    However, I don’t think it is necessary to “stay away” from numbers like weight and body fat percentage. Those numbers can also give useful information along with everything else!

    Susan, you so often say … “Sister, you’re done losing weight … go on and live” …. but how fit is fit enough? how little pain is little enough? how slinky a dress is slinky enough? how brisk a tempo for walking is brisk enough? But I don’t think the answer is necessarily found by setting minutes or speeds and (heaven forbid) resisting revision of them,

    In my not so humble opinion, we need to make a holistic evaluation using whatever combination of metrics makes sense to us at any time in our life … and to keep remembering to get on with the rest of our lives.

    I also want to remind myself (and anyone else who is reading/listening) not to throw out the baby with the bath water.

    In BLE we still need to focus first on our eating – (using BLE as the filter for helping us to select and use other ideas) … and (regardless of the metrics we use) on body fat (with a very wide range of what works for different people). And then, when we really work the program well, we can work on things like exercise generally (which I believe still is the general advice … wait to get automaticity before adding/increasing exercise), metabolism, posture, no pain, strength, flexibility, or whatever else we need.

    I would love it if the next revision of bootcamp materials replaced the material on “goal weight” (and the damned “French Formula”) with material on goal body where things like weight, fat percentage, pictures, etc are all taken systematically (and not overwhelmingly) into consideration to help us set realistic, meaningful goals and follow our progress. Over time, the various metrics will take on or lose meaning in the whole picture for each of us.

    Thank you so much for all that you do, Susan. Transformative in so many ways.

    Reply ·
  103. Claire

    Amen…and-just an fyi…you might already know this…but I have noticed this before…you actually have a very slight drop to your right side…which can stem from leg, pelvis, back/neck. Your “knee pain” may actually be stemming from a totally different spot. (hip/pelvis is a common source). I pick up on it-as I tend to watch animals and people move and it is amazing how many are compensating. If your hips are also unlevel-then you have an idea where to start looking.
    There are people who are “gait specialists”…might be just a matter of intentional walking-which is ears above shoulders above pelvis with a soft forward rock on our feet..(you feel it in your abdomen)…. and the PT you are already pursuing. “Jogging” is actually a more “Forward” activity which might be a negative variable that benefits from opposing exercise patterns..Yoga also often goes “forward”, so does bicycling etc etc.
    Each exercise has its matrix that can add to imbalance with either in-awareness or over utilization. Really interesting correlations with competition horses who often have to circle and are doing so incorrectly…see “Science in motion” with Jon Luc (Sp?) on internet. He himself was a gymnast turned Olympic rider.
    Thanks for mentioning that the muscle weighs more! The piece we often forget as we feel better, move more and OMG…I’m GAINING! 🙂

    Reply ·
  104. Ellen

    This is one of the top five must listen to vlogs. LOVE this! So true and such an important mind shift! The functional medical community always says how important it is to listen to our body and notice how we actually feel. This mirrors that wise thinking.

    Here’s an idea: a hugely important part of BLE is improved health. I’d love to see a FB theme of every ones health issues that have disappeared or improved. This could be just as motivating as all of the stories and pictures are .

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Thanks for the suggestion Ellen! You’re so right that Bright Line Eating improves health issues for so many. We do try to highlight those improvements in some of the stories we share and appreciate your recommendation to try to highlight that more.

      Reply ·
  105. Lissa H

    Thank you Susan! Perfect timing for me on day 45 and half my weight gone. I have been wondering every day about what my goal weight needs to be and you just answered it! It’s my goal body! Loved this vlog.

    Reply ·
  106. Beverly

    WOW, this is such a refreshing concept. Holding on to the idea of reaching my “goal body” instead of a number on the scale is inviting. It relieves much of the pressure around “loosing weight” to reach a certain number. Instead, I believe this is an adventure to discover or rediscover my goal body and be very in tune with what my body can do and how I feel at that point. Throughout my day I can think about myself having behaviors to be in my goal body and focus on the calmness, gratitude, strong self-image that I associate with my goal body. Thank you.

    Reply ·
  107. Catherine A Lukon

    I will know I am in my goal body when I no longer need medication to control my blood pressure.

    Reply ·
  108. Janice Smith

    I am so happy to hear Susan talk about goal body. Never in my life have I focused on my weight and even in BLifers I only weigh myself monthly to complete the BLE research. Focusing on the number can be another obsession which is not healthy. Tuning in to how I feel in my body make so much sense. I will ponder how I would like to feel in my Goal Body.

    Reply ·
  109. Annie Entwistle

    Awesome vlog today! I love the idea. My BLE journey began end of August. Just completed Boot Camp and joining Bright Lifers. This is a whole new way of thinking for me but I love it and it makes so much sense. I love the idea of letting go of the scale. Sounds like freedom to me. Thank you dear Susan! Much love!

    Reply ·
  110. Andrea

    I love this idea…. it’s a little scary for someone who is obese…. I do wonder if you have a vlog or video on metabolism ? I’m new to the boot camp and already an older lady with a slower metabolism. I do incorporate exercise in my day which helps me stay focused and sane.,but lowering my food intact has me worrying about whether I’m make my metabolism worse????

    Reply ·
  111. Janice B

    I’m 57 years old and just starting my BLE journey. Took me this long to admit that I’m addicted, and very high on the susceptibility scale. I have a weight scale that not only measures my weight but my body fat percentage, too. I don’t care what the pound number is on my scale during this journey, except that no matter what happens, as long as the number is going down, it’s all good. My goal is to be between 25-30% for the body fat percentage number. When I hit that, I know I will be in my goal body, I will be at my healthiest, most productive body. Got a ways to go, but I’m going to get there. Right now, I don’t care what size clothing that will be, I don’t care what weight that will be, I don’t care what anybody else says I should be at. Because whatever those numbers end up being, it will be so much more fantastic that it is right now. Look out 30%, I’m coming at ya!

    Reply ·
  112. Annica Brinks

    I’ve got a great program for you to strengthen your core and your back muscles. Check out T-Tapp. Teresa Tapp has set up a program that builds lean muscle mass with compound comprehensive muscle movements which increase mobility and strengthens posture! I love it. Basic Plus Workout is plenty but you can explore the other videos/trainings that are offered too.
    I completely connect with this vlog. I’ve been doing BLE for 140 days. I’ve lost about 40 lbs. But the biggest thing is I have just recently crossed from obese to “overweight”. I can’t tell you how good I feel right now. I’ve got people asking me (with a little appreciation/snarky tones in their voices), “well, how much more are you going to lose?” If I think about it, I’ve got at least 30 more to get to a normal BMI. But I’m feeling sooooo good!

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      So happy for you Annica! What an amazing thing it is to feel great in your body!

      Reply ·
  113. Margo Stewart

    Great concept! My list is long for my “Goal Body”. The challenge is to stay away from explicit numbers, e.g. the scale, body fat percentage. Here are a few ideas that come to mind immediately:
    – Strong. I will know I am strong when I can lift my own carryon luggage into the overhead bin. I will know I am strong when I can hold @ 2 minute plank.
    – Balance. I will know I have balance when I can hold Tree or Dancer pose in yoga without falling out of it. The amount of time doesn’t matter. Time can be improved. The balance must happen in order to do that.
    – Fit. I know I will be fit when I can walk for an hour at about 3.5-4.0 mph without stopping or experiencing bursitis or arthritis pain That requires rest, and that I can report useful, complete classes or workouts 3 times per week.
    – Flat abs. I know I will have extra skin. I will know I have flat abs when I can see in the mirror And feel that my jeans button without stress, that the “forward” muffin top is gone, and that I can see and feel the valley between my hip bones when I lay flat on my back.
    – Posture. I will know that I have good posture when my shoulder blades are consistently down my back, my skull is straight on top of my neck and my sternum is up and out, with my heart chakra open.

    My goal body is fit, strong, lean, well muscled and toned with flat abs and excellent posture. What a different way to think about this!! Yeah!!

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      What a great list, Margo! Thanks for sharing what your goal body is. <3

      Reply ·
  114. Donovan

    I can’t begin to tell you, Susan, how motivating your vlogs are. You are certainly as beautiful and vital as any woman I have ever seen, in your right-size body, at least the upper half of it we get to see. I have tried to rank all the various influences that have inspired me to stick with the program thus far and I have to say your personal appearance in your videos is for me probably the most motivating (that and the mantra “This is who I am and this is how I eat.”). I look at you and try to imagine how good you must feel. I want to feel the way you look (masculine version, however). I’m getting there. Thanks so much. XOXO DCW

    Reply ·
    1. Shanda

      Susan is much thinner than she look in her vlogs! The camera adds 15 pounds. When I met her I was shocked!

      Reply ·
  115. Kathy Starks

    Susan, this is brilliant! I have tears welling up right now. I think it is a huge mindset change for me and I am so happy to not be a slave to a number.

    Reply ·
  116. Janet Riben, Sweden

    This was a great concept to keep in mind! Thanks so much! I loved hearing you talk about yoga and the difficulty it can present! To focus on goal body gives a whole new and positive way of looking at things. Thanks!!!Thanks

    Reply ·
  117. Jackie G

    I just discussed this exact thing with my Master Mind group on Monday – that I have been strength training consistently now for several months, that my body looks & feels great, that all my clothes fit perfectly, and that I have NO IDEA what my weight is. I started at my goal weight, but stopped weighing as I started the strength training because I didn’t want to be mentally thrown off by any weight changes. I have done a recent waist measurement, and it’s actually smaller by 1/2.” For me the concept of Goal Body instead of Goal Weight makes so much more sense and enables me to get much closer to the Free in “Healthy, Thin & Free!”

    Reply ·
    1. Bright Line Eating

      Thank you for sharing this, Jackie! It sounds like you have achieved the FREE and what great timing since this was already on your mind! <3

      Reply ·
  118. Chris Elwart

    Thank you Susan! This is indeed a brilliant concept. It is something that I live by. I know I am in my goal body when the light and energy of my soul shines forth to other people without impediment from either my negative ego or a less than optimal functioning rental vehicle. I know I am in my goal body when the one in front of me can feel, see and then benefit from the love that is who I truly am.

    Reply ·
    1. Corinne

      What a sweet funny response. Thank you

      Reply ·
    2. Sam


      Reply ·
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