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Surprise! The vlog is a day early this week! And there’s a REASON for that… Watch now to find out why the vlog is being released on Tuesday…


Don’t forget to send your receipt for Atomic Habits to


  1. Philip

    The idea that we can adopt a new identity at the drop of a hat is nonsense. Our identities are formed by our life experiences from the day we were born and how we interpret those experiences. They are hardwired into our brain and if it was easy to adopt a new identity, there would be no one who was unhappy with their current situation – they would just snap their fingers to be a new person who easily adopts a new process to get what they want. The only one who actually thinks this is possible is the person selling the book or program. If we want to begin a new process that is sustainable in the long run, it must fit with who we are and then we will achieve our goal.

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  2. Liz

    To the point on identity: I’ve been “the fat one” since second grade, and before that , I was definitely solid – never thin. Suggestions for how to retrain my brain to believe my identity ISN’T the fat one? I think that’s what’s contributing to my sabby’s ability to say cheats here and there don’t matter, and that I don’t need to go so far as to say “that’s not my food.”

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  3. Nancy OBrien

    Ordered Jim Clear’s book, scanned the receipt from Amazon, and have not been able to send it.

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  4. Kaileigh Eddy

    The crazy thing is that I just listened to a podcast with Jim Clear and Lewis Howes this week prior to listening to your vlog today, a couple days late. I agree his information is completely compelling! It’s great that the 2 of you are connected! Thanks for helping me form the habits to ‘fit’ into who I really am!!

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  5. Eve

    Let me get this right. You are urging me to buy this book so that I can access an interview you recorded with the author, presumably cross-promoting your work and his. I would love to know anyone who falls for this one because I have a harbour bridge to sell them!!

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  6. Diana Manchester

    Hello Susan
    I brought the ebook have a receipt but I don’t know how to get it to you. Please help.
    I am a member of the tribe. Did the boot camp of 2-17. I could use some help.. getting .started again. Thank you.

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    1. Terez

      If you have a confirmation email from whoever you bought the ebook from, forward that email to and ask for the interview. If you don’t have a confirmation email, then create a new email to and attach the electronic receipt or a screenshot of that receipt.

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    2. Lisa

      Hi Susan, scan the receipt or make a photo of it and send it to the email named above. Do you have a buddy? We all need support on this journey!

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  7. Sheila

    I just ordered the book from and won’t get it until October 26th. To tide me over until then, I’ve been reading the excerpts from the book on Amazon (Look inside the book feature) and that will hold me over until I receive the book! I’ve been obsessing over the 6 lbs. that I gained while visiting family in Canada in June of this year mainly due to eating NMF several times. Those exceptions to BLE that I made then have led to the craziness and loss of the Freedom part of Happy, Thin and Free that I have now. I commit tonight I am now officially a person who does Bright Line Eating! That is my identity now!

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  8. Narelle Cassar

    Great VLOG Susan, looking forward to reading James’ book. Just wanted to let you know that I went through the process to order the book through the link in your VLOG to Amazon and was advised by Amazon that they do not deliver to Australia so had to order through Amazon Australia, which I have now been able to do. Also, wanted to let you know that you are looking very lovely with your change in hairstyle!!! So grateful to have my BLE identity! Thank you. Sending you so much love xoxoxo

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  9. Susan

    God, this was so great. I’ve been struggling to re-zoom ever since a recent trip. I was doing so well before the trip. Then gradually my good habits broke down as the trip went on. Of course there was lots of stress during the trip, including a fire alarm going off in the middle of the first night and a huge fire truck arriving at the bnb…sigh. Short on sleep while the other predictable stresses happened. 🙂 So thank youthankyouthankyou. I will get the book.

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  10. Andrea

    Hi Susan,

    I bought the book digitally on IBook
    So far I love it!
    How do I send a reciept? Should I screen shot it?
    I don’t think I can attach an image here…
    ( I also love YOUR book- recommend it to everyone)


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    1. Joanne

      If you bought it from Amazon they sent you a confirmation e-mail with an order number (Top right corner) It’s under the gold line that goes across the page.
      I hope this is helpful

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  11. Jackie Mason

    You are awesome and I truly love you. I got this and I am changing my identity,.

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  12. Kimberly Young

    Great video and I’m looking to order it now. Thanks for sharing!

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  13. B. Juliana Leo

    This was a perfect video for me to listen to. I lost a lot of weight – and recently changed my work situation change to where I am around NMF – maybe vegetables, but it has affected my eating times. It hasn’t caused any weight gain, but I’ve been fudging a few things. Hearing about the IDENTITY was perfect! I don’t need to repeat what Susan said – but THIS was the perfect thing for me to remember! Looking backwards, could certainly sabotage my successes!

    I Certainly Got IT !

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  14. Andrea

    So interwsting, Susan. I was a Bootcamper in 7/15 and lost about 15 pounds. Have managed to put back on 10 of those and suspect I am one of those people who try to get away with things without paying the price. I put away the scale, resenting it’s tyranny but am clearly not happy with where I am at this point. I continue to ‘re-zoom’ but it just seems to get more difficult. Thinking about this from the ‘identity’ aspect could be really important. I will see how it goes–and will certainly get the book. Thanks again for all you do.

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  15. Carole Loomis

    Oh shit, you were talking to me here! Been fudging it a little bit this last week… Thank you for getting me back on track.

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  16. Lisa Flick

    I purchased the book on Amazon. How can I send the receipt so I can hear the conversation between Susan and James Clear?

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    1. Steve McClellan

      Amazon should have sent you a confirmation email with a subject like ‘Your Amazon Order of “Atomic Habits…”‘. Just forward that email to the address Susan gave out ( ). I did exactly that last night, and got the link to the interview this morning.

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  17. Rachel Cullar

    I am working on responsible spending. Will this offer be available for a while? I can buy the Kindle version on the 30th, but not a day sooner, and I really want to see the video conversation. Thank you!

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    1. Susan Peirce Thompson

      Yes. ❤️

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    2. Earthshine

      Hi Rachel,

      Responsible spending is something I desperately need to work on as well. Have you had any thoughts about applying BLE principles to spending habits? Are you in a BLE bootcamp house or someplace where we could compare thoughts?

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  18. Nancy Goss

    Loved this message! I really appreciated the diagram. It makes SO much sense to me and I am sure it will help so many conceputalize how to view their journey.

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  19. Dee Fay

    I ordered the book for my son in college. I’ll read it when he’s finished. Thank you, Susan, for doing the research for us and always bringing the best of the best to us. WI don’t always resonated or choose to follow some of the ideas, but that’s the beauty of you and me. We have choices and respect each other’s choice. I love you SPT!!!

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  20. Rachel Izakowicz

    This was a great vlog. I have a question though that I am hoping Susan can address. In the vlog she discusses embracing the central circle of the identity, followed by supported yourself with good processes, and then the outcome follows. In terms of goal setting, then, should one’s goals be more along the lines of ‘I am person who keeps her workout schedule’ vs. I will run a 1/2 marathon, for example. Or should you create specific identity-driven goals that will support the outcome you desire – e.g. ‘I will be a marathon runner who never misses a workout.’ I still find goals to be very important for me to focus on my desired path, but I can see the necessity of changing identity first & foremost. Looking forward to any thoughts on this! Much love from Zurich, Rachel

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  21. Sue

    Hi Susan, I loved this vlog and have ordered the Audible version of the book. BLE is truly a life changing journey and I thank you for guidance.

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  22. Bruce Fleck

    The Outcomes-Processes-Being model is similar to the Be-Do-Have model that many of the Law of Attraction coaches talk about.( Mary Morrisey, Bob Proctor, etc.) The concept is the similar in that in order to manifest what you desire you must first BE the person you want to be, then DO what you need to do, and then you will HAVE what you want. Most people do it in reverse order like Clear says. They say, “When I HAVE xxx (lots of money), then I will DO xxx (buy a big house), and then I will BE xxx (happy)!

    I have only perused the book so far, but look forward to diving in. Habits ARE the golden key!

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  23. Celeste Robichaux

    Just bought the book and can’t wait to read it! Today was my day 30 of BLE and I look forward to day 3,000. ODAAT.

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  24. Stefi

    I had passed the email at first as its Tuesday but glad I investigated. Your enthusiasm for the book & the snipet w/ the circle diagram info has me ready to buy the book.😊BTW V necks look very nice on you Susan👍😃 🌸

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  25. Karen M. McNeil

    Ordered the book and sent in my receipt. So now waiting for the link to arrive , soon I hope, as the book will arrive on Friday. Looking forward to watching and reading. Thanks

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  26. Mercedes (from Argentina)

    God bless you. I love you!

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  27. Debbi Neher

    Just ordered the book and sent my order confirmation to the BLE techies…. eagerly awaiting the Secret Link to your convo with James Clear 🙂

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  28. Tracey in Melbourne

    Hi Susan, love your work as usual. Have just preordered the book on audible- very excited to have a listen. PS Susan just want to say, first time I’ve seen you hair minus the headband- its is looking FABULOUS!! :0) xxxxx

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  29. Marsha Weiner

    I’ve ordered the book and can’t wait for it to arrive! I’m so excited to see how this is going to change my life.

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  30. Jim

    I’m halfway through the book already. You should make it mandatory reading for boot camp. If you do that Susan, you won’t have any BLEers needing to sign up for boot camp 2. Then you can begin to offer another ‘level’ of boot camp! Thank you for the book recommendation; it is now my favorite too.

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  31. glenn

    This vlog troubled me.

    It was also the BEST one I have seen in a long while!

    The reason it troubled me was everything resonated with me – especially the part about identity, processes and outcomes – but I still can’t make that final leap into doing what I know is best for me.
    I’m 59, outwardly healthy, youthful, even, but I’ve been overweight for the past 30 years and type 2 diabetic for the past 12. I KNOW who I need to be, and even most of what I need to do, to both lose weight and minimize (or even reverse?!) the diabetes. Yet my brain refuses to commit to that lifestyle. Yes, I’ve been “successful” in losing some weight (maybe 25-30 pounds) but, like most “dieters” it’s very much up and down.
    I KNOW I am half way to my target (there we go again…outcome based!), but when “eating out” is such a big part of our lives (even if it’s just coffee and a snack), and friends and family stress because they don’t think I need to change who/where I am, it makes it so hard. Especially because I ENJOY my lifestyle, even though I know it will be detrimental to my long term health.
    Currently I’m attempting LCHF with a some fasting thrown in. Monday to Friday. Then the weekend comes…and the opportunities arise. By nature, I want to make other people happy. I want to keep my wife happy and that is all the excuse I need to revert to the person I DON’T want to be. The guilt sets in. The excuses roll out. So many excuses… because I still enjoy doing what I shouldn’t and I don’t have the willpower to be who I need to be.
    I need to be the person who recognizes that a healthy me (inside and out) means that I will be around longer, and that when it comes down to it, I can do what I enjoy most, which isn’t eating, it’s being around the people I love 🙂

    I’m not sure if I’m troubled because of the resonance…or because of the realization.

    Thank you so much, Susan, for at least opening my eyes, even if I’m not sure yet how to get to the next stage 🙂

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  32. Lex Baer

    For Susan’s “Books to read Stack:
    Change Happens: How to know when to try harder and when to stop trying so hard.
    Written by my colleague Avrum Weiss
    He does a really nice job of the exact same concept in today’s diagram using Inside Out vs Outside In (which is the answer to the title question). Inside Out should be about 80% of the time, but we choose Outside In about 90%, e.g., Weight Watchers.
    And he has a great way to explain when to get a coach: “when the river’s flow is really powerful.”

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  33. Mike

    Your the second email person that sent me this referral, the first was a Tom Venuto , a physical body builder/author.
    There must be something to it. Will order book

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  34. Patty

    I preordered it Sunday. Got it today and having just got home from work, going to dive right into it!

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  35. Beverly Jones

    Hi, Susan. I ordered the book and sent the receipt to the address you gave us. Can’t wait to receive my book.
    Bev Jones from Maine

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  36. Steve McClellan

    I can confirm that the book is riveting from the first paragraph – I had just gotten to page 15 when the vlog notification so rudely interrupted me. 🙂

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