Your Love Transforms People

It’s a big vlog this week. I just spent ten days in an intentional community in Oregon, and I’ve come back profoundly changed. In addition, I’m celebrating two huge anniversaries this week. Watch the vlog to hear the details.

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  1. Lynn Campbell

    I love you too, Susan.

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  2. Jann

    I love to interpret dreams and that is not how I see that dream.
    Not knowing about your childhood I would have interpreted that as who your mother thought was her knight in shiny white amour. You had no control in who she brought into the house. Your only option was to get behind her. Maybe a step father or a boyfriend that you perceived as scary or dangerous and you were afraid. You mother dyeing says to me that you felt like you were smarter than she in perceiving the danger.

    Weird but just my perception. I like the one that the group gave you much better! Go with that

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  3. Jann

    Some of the above comments made me laugh…maybe some of those peeps above are hangry…smile

    Keep doing you!

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  4. Agustín Vicente

    Thank you Susan.
    Can watch authenticity,
    the best self flowing on the video.
    It’s a present for all of us.
    Authenticity and Conection.

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  5. John Mauriala

    Thank you for sharing! BLE is about people, is it not?! And isn’t it amazing how people have SO MANY facets! Thank you again. DRIVE ON!

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  6. Diane Parsons

    Lovely. Heartwarming. Food for thought. Thank you.

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  7. Ronda Stocks

    Susan, lots of comments to read! My two cents, here.
    1. Please, you do you. The world needs more authenticity.
    2. There’s NOTHING wrong with a bit of cleavage. I like it! You look beautiful just as you are.
    3. I love your message this week. Keep sharing and spreading the love!

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  8. Kurt Svoboda

    Happy Anniversaries.

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  9. Kurt Svoboda

    Your vlog was very good. You are comfortable in your skin. People worried about a zipper…. I’d tell them “ zip it “. Please don’t stop wearing proudful outfits.

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  10. Stacey C.

    Susan – I am a Bright Lifer and am coming up on my one year anniversary of BLE. The weekly vlog is one of my favorite components of BLE. Thank you for always being so vulnerable, honest,, Open, willing. Thank you for speaking in a language that makes me want to keep coming back. Thank you for being you and thank you for following that voice that told you to start BLE. Sending you all the love the world can hold.

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  11. Diane Wittorf

    “Don’t change your hair for me, not if you care for me.” What you are, Susan, and how you’ve presented yourself, has been the reason I’ve been able to have tremendous success with Bright Line Eating (100 lbs. from my highest) and much more than just the weight. The real you has helped me accept the real me in countless instances. I so love that you’re not perfect according to some; to me you are perfect in every way. Sharing your personal life and spirit and thoughts has motivated me beyond words. Please, never change that quality or the honest way you have shown up for us all in Bright Line Eating. I want to continue to see and hear from “all of you” because that tells me you consider me and all dear friends. We in Bright Line Eating consider you a cherished and very special friend because you’ve shared so much personal stuff and at times not perfect stuff or stuff that your heart loves or that you love or think worthy to let us know about. That gives me courage to love myself. That’s why I’ve been successful. So “don’t change your hair” or anything else! The proof is in the pudding (no pun intended); it’s working for me big time. You being you, you sharing you with us all no matter what, which allows us to share anything with you and each other the way we are at any point in time and be loved regardless. YOUR LOVE HAS TRANSFORMED THOUSANDS AND MILLIONS ARE YET TO BE BLESSED BY WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND BY WHO YOU ARE! ALWAYS BE JUST WHO YOU ARE.

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  12. Ellen

    I had a friend whose child almost drowned in her backyard pool, and it was in the newspaper and on the online part of the paper as well, I bring this up here because the comments that people wrote were so ignorant and hurtful, like “where was the mother?”, why wasn’t anyone watching him? etc etc. I know you realize this , that people can be cruel and sometimes I wish there wasn’t any opportunity for folks to write things that they obviously haven’t thought through as to how it will be hurtful. I digress…You be you and try not to let the ignorant hurtful comments affect your soul….

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  13. Sonia

    Hi Susan I was just trying to choose the words to express the joy I feel for you and your enlightened state after your time away. But then…after reading all the comments about your appearance I’m now rolling around with laughter! Either way, what blessing to this world you are. I am so grateful to you no matter what you’re wearing. Sending you and the BLE community so much love 💕🌟💕🌟💕

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  14. Rita Good

    Honesty: Buddhism says : if it’s kind and useful, you can say it. If not, then don’t say it.
    Susan I appreciate your openness and honesty. You share your joys and your challenges. Your past and your present. Your hopes and dreams. Your humanness. Thank you for modeling a Real way to connect with others.
    It is clear you want the best for all of us. And of course, for yourself, too. You are a Teacher of Life. You teach me how to live to my fullest.
    Thank you for being You with us.

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  15. Sundari Michaelian

    Dear Susan, thank you for this beautiful and very moving and inspiring vlog. I was really moved to tears – especially at the very end. You are so real and sincere and so connected to your heart and the hearts of all of us. Bless you and happy anniversaries.

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  16. Mare Masterson

    We say in AA “take what you like and leave the rest.” Something to be applied here, along with “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.”

    Thank you Susan! I truly appreciate your authenticity!

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  17. Kitty

    Interesting, but not so much. Congrats on your anniversaries and delighted that this is not a blog directing me to some money making scheme as so many of them have been. It has turned me off somewhat from BLE, and I’m sad about that. I just don’t appreciate BLE turning into a money making device.

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  18. Cilla

    Wow Susan!
    You sound so present and grounded.
    You lucky woman!

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  19. Belinda

    Thank you💖. When the student is ready the teacher appears I have been searching. My intention has been in place and Brite Line showed up. Joining today🙏🏻

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  20. Steve

    Susan, Thank you for your demonstration of sincere, unedited, openness and expression of love. Be your green self!
    Many here aspire to find their freedom and with that obviously fear and judgement of self and others can well up.

    Wishing you and all well on the never ending journey. Enjoy each day! Congratulation on all that you have put together and continue to build.


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  21. Marietta M.

    When a person returns to their life reality after having time away in a deep, meaningful and soul altering experience, it has to be expressed. A person cannot keep that kind of love within, nor should they. It is meant to be shared. From the place that Susan has expressed her own, heartfelt time, she will not be harmed by any negative or narrow comments. She will understand and empathize. The experience, the soul, looks at everything differently and appreciates in a way that is difficult, perhaps impossible to express with words.

    I’m a newbie, Day Four. I don’t yet have the depth that time affords on the Bright Line plan and community. Community is something I shy away from for reasons that have to do with other people’s expectations of me and my own perception of how I need their approval. Intellectually, I realize my freedom but in my heart I struggle. My journey continues. I appreciate the valiant attempt Susan made here. I feel just a bit more opened. I think this is important in the development and struggle that comes with eating issues. These issues are pernicious and effect us/me in so many ways.

    Thank you, Susan.

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  22. Justagirl

    I’m glad that you had such a transformative experience. I didn’t notice your chest because I listened as I drove home from work! I will say however that I have enormous respect for your journey and you can do whatever you want with your tribe, you grew it! It’s yours, but I hope that you’ll consider that you’re losing followers by publishing content that’s not entirely BLE based. I used to look forward to the blogs but now they are more of a personal diary for you and that’s just not what your viewers want to see. I hope that you’ll refocused on the science and less about your personal experience. You are referring to yourself in third person! I do still love ya, Susan! I love BLE and hope that you’ll listen to your loyal peeps when we say you’re going off the rails and forgetting why we watch VLOGs—for BLE content , insight and help!

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    1. Lisa

      I agree. This VLOG made it more difficult for me to tell people about BLE, who are still deep in food addiction without realising. They are -as I have been – deeply suspicious about any new way of eating because we all have been burned in the past. Some of my friends fear now with the deep commitment that I have given myself to stay in the bright lines that I have been ensnared by a sect, not lead by science and experience. And this VLOG feeds those fears.

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  23. Norman

    Hi! Susan
    Re your Love experience.

    Have you read the book “Return To Love” by Marianne Williamson.

    An amazing revelation on the subject of “Love Your Neighbor as Yourself”

    Lots of Love and Thanks for all you do for us.

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  24. kenneth

    Hi Susan,

    To those confused women who somehow think being feminine is off limits any longer. You should come visit Portland Oregon, the cleavage Susan is showing wouldn’t even get noticed here. Women in PDX are comfortable with their feminine expression.

    And, Susans message, so loving and self revealing, goes along with her feminine expression.

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    1. PJ

      Since when is showing your cleavage considered “feminine”?

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  25. Heather Hudson

    Susan, thank you so much. Your message is so powerful. Thank you for being so real. Congratulations on both anniversaries. I love you girl! You rock Big time Keep shining brightly!! I wish I had your cleavage. Anyone that doesn’t like is just jealous.

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    1. Ronda Stocks

      I totally agree, Heather!

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  26. Paula

    Frankly, I would not have noticed the cleavage in a negative way if the comment had not been written. Now, of course, I’m thinking about it. My initial reaction was that she looked very attractive. I was just trying to follow the verbal message, which was a bit confusing to me. Susan offers something different each time. Over the years, I have often been inspired and motivated by her ideas. This vlog was less inspiring to me but apparently others thought it was great. I look forward to her next vlog. I always have the option of tuning out if it doesn’t suit me for some reason. I really respect Susan and have benefited from many of her ideas.

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  27. Judy Clifton

    Why can’t a person be truthful without being mean? That’s how I took the cleavage comments. Those were not mean comments, they were what that person’s truth is. The cleavage was extremely distracting to me as well. Cleavage is not professional, it’s trashy & at first glance it shows me that the person is not serious about their message. Now that I know Susan, she is serious, but the cleavage IS unprofessional & distracting for a lot of us. Just telling the truth, not trying to be mean.

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    1. Erika

      Calling someone trashy is mean, and definitely not “truthful”. Can you really not see that?

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    2. H

      It an opinion stated in a judgemental and degrading manner, and does not represent anything that resembles objective truth. My opinion of this vlog (and all the others I have seen) is that Susan is presenting herself in a genuine, honest manner that I truly appreciate. I have never ever seen anything that has been provocative for me. And that is my truth. I find the comments regarding Susans choice of clothing extremely disturbing.

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  28. Mary H

    to the lady with fibro, oops…I forgot the pain. When the barometric pressure goes down,
    my body hurts and aches. I listen to my body, she “tells” me what works and helps
    with the pain…what does not work. It is a learning curve. What works for me…
    I repeat what works for me. Swanson health products… fibromyalgia mna 008
    100 tabs $5.49. I do homeopathy…homeopathy works with my body.
    I hope this information will guide you to listen to your body and
    learn and listen,
    With lots of love and hugs,

    Reply ·
  29. Mary H

    Susan, may I address this to the lady with fibro? I have and am learning so much from you.
    My experience, strength and hope. I am living with fibro now for 45 years. I could write a book..
    but I will keep this short…I hope. Acceptance…reality is…cannot change reality. I can learn to live and
    adjust. You are not alone…seek help. the …excellent. Your fibro doctor.
    ..Your fibro solution.. free webinar…Dr. Rodger H. Murphree DC, CNS.
    Treating and Beating Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. and Thriftbooks used Sept 2008 $3.79 no shipping.
    The disease brings with it several changes…depression, sleep problems, food allergies, teeth…
    Baby steps…learn…adjust…always fight the depression ..I fight with music…Mozart.
    I hope this helps…remember you are not alone…thousands just like you walking this road.
    With lots of love and hugs to my sweet sister with fibro,

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  30. Jessica Atkinson

    Hi Susan! I am in a boot camp right now, been following you for 2 yrs. Got down to a right size body in March but now I am back up a little, but coming back down. I have now found a balance with FA and BLE. SO happy to have the love and support from both communities. My fa sponsor is fantastic and she asked about ble. I told her it is such a loving community…it is just a great place to be.. I your love, Susan. Thanks for loving, caring, sharing, and dedicating your talents to us. I choked up at your “I love you” SO powerful. I choke up during a lot of your vlogs. And your love spreads to us so we want to be that way and act better, I believe. I love you!!

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  31. Rebecca ALBRECHT

    Susan, Susan… literally poured that love and connection out over the vlog…..I was very moved and
    appreciative of being part of your community. I had left for sometime as I had to do some inner work
    before I could commit or stay on with any food plan…..BUT, just know you are soooo loved and appreciated
    for your ‘see thru self’…..blessings for all you do!!!

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  32. Sharon Gibson

    I’m getting discouraged. What I need in this community
    is Bright Lines and how we stick to them. Could we just
    get back to what the program was originally? You are
    about to lose me to another program that doesn’t go
    off in so many different directions. Please.

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  33. Cass

    Wow ..unusual Vlog.!

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  34. Kate Zimmer

    I am sad to read the comments that are shaming of Susan. Lift each other up! Lift Susan up! Or just like mom used to say, “if you can’t say something nice…”

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    1. Nili Marcia

      I TOTALLY agree with you, Kate!

      Susan is a very special person, giving of herself in powerful and unusual ways for years now. I know she feels the gratitude and love we have for her. Still, cutting comments can be hurtful and why on earth would someone want to hurt another, much less hurt someone who has given and continues to give so much to so many? Please, commenters, do your own personal inner work and become kind to yourself and others.

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      1. Jodi Maile

        Agreed Nili.

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  35. Edris

    I absolutely LOVE your vlog and how you share personal things like your struggles, observations, mess-ups, and curiosities about life. I’d love to hear more about this intentional community and all your discoveries. Thank you for always connecting in the most sincere way.

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  36. Wendy

    Watched this blog again and I now know I want to thank you for the information in your book but I will never watch another one of your Vlogs again! And who takes care of your children?

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    1. caro

      If you don’t love and accept Susan for who she is, then please unsubscribe. The multiple negative posts aren’t necessary or helpful. It’s ok that she’s not part of your tribe. Wishing you the best in finding your tribe!

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    2. H

      Wow, Wendy! You make me so so sad. I do hope you will find a way to sort your feelings out and find peace with yourself.

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  37. Wendy

    I agree! Cover your cleavage! Your Vlogs are becoming more like self help vlogs…. for your self! Wow! One vlog was about your desire to grow your hair? I can only speak for myself but we are here for Bright lines eating and support for Brightlines eating. This vlog is for an entire different self help group! Read your book twice and sent it to my family and friends to read but these blogs aren’t part of the eating plan. You are losing us!!

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    1. Steph


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  38. ken

    Dear Susan,
    I can see it in your eyes, that change in consciousness you so well express here. Where were you! I live in Portland and would love to connect with people who have intent as you express it here. Your cleavage. You are a beautiful woman and what little cleavage you show is an aspect of your divinity. Jealousy often appears disguised.

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  39. Anne

    Susan, thank you for so generously sharing your experience with us. I would love to know more about your “nightly connection” session with your husband, and how that works. I often feel that as we both live our outside lives and “busyness” we can ignore the intimate connectedness. And I miss it. Would love to hear more about it. Sending love and light, Anne

    Reply ·
    1. Claire

      Hi Anne-
      Susan did do a blog on the nightly ritual On August 16th of last year…You can access it on her blog list.
      Nightly Connection Ritual
      August 16, 2017 Susan Peirce Thompson, Ph.D.
      Enjoy! xoClaire

      Reply ·
      1. Anne

        Thank you!

        Reply ·
  40. Dahlia

    I love you more Susan! Thank you so much for giving me my life back!!!

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  41. Margo Stewart

    An intentional retreat sounds heavenly.

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  42. Elizabeth Fairchild

    Hi Susan, Thank you for today’s vlog. What a delightful message and the love came through. I’m a newbie in the middle of the 14 day challenge and doing well. I live in Oregon, so it’s nice to think that your energy was in my state while I started. I’m so glad you felt renewed, seen, affirmed and whatever else.

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  43. Sarah Squier

    Thank you for sharing all of that, Susan. What a profound experience, and what incredible connections. I appreciated the white horse dream so much – my dark and stormy brain was doing all kinds of things with that imagery – deciding who or what was the white horse in your sub-conscious, or on our world stage. But the way you were shown to “repurpose” the dream – and to see your own strength, and commitment to changing your world with courage and relentless focus — was so powerful. I know you shared it with us for this reason, but what a wonderful practice – to take the feelings and images that have frightened us, and to try to understand our own power through them. We are so good at creating stories about “out there” that really tell us about ourselves….what a gift you received! Thank you so much for sharing that with us.

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  44. Connie

    That was really really wonderful. I enjoyed listening to this today!!

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  45. Nancy

    I am so happy you had this transformational experience. Thank you for sharing how you feel about what you experienced.

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  46. Nancy

    PLEASE cover your cleavage! It is very distracting to everything you have to say.

    Reply ·
    1. Bonnie


      Reply ·
    2. Peg

      I kinda thought so, too, honestly.

      Reply ·
    3. Eva

      How sad. Most people listen with their ears. Am sorry she has to see your comment and now mine because BLE has nothing to do with her zipper placement.

      Reply ·
    4. Jo H.

      It truly is a distraction from your message.

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    5. Bren

      Love your vlog! You look great! I have to say my eyes kept being drawn down too! But I have to say I love your outfits too!

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    6. Nili Marcia

      I thought the outfit was very nicely open and comfortable and I was comfortable seeing Susan in it. Nope, not too open for me, nor distracting.

      Reply ·
    7. Angie

      Mean and spiteful comment, you could have kept that too yourself. Kindness is king.

      Reply ·
    8. Stephanie

      I have been watching her Vlogs for about a year. She has worn dresses that show as much or more cleavage then this so what is the issue.
      Is she suppose to zip it to her chin. If her cleavage bugs you just minimize the screen and listen. I read the comments while listening.

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    9. H

      Wow, what an ugly comment! I did not give the clothes a single thought. Maybe it is something in you that you need to reflect about that causes discomfort?

      Reply ·
    10. isprey

      I did not even notice until you pointed it out… I was too focused on the message for “judgement” about someone’s appearance to kick in. No, I didn’t find it distracting. I am curious, though, why you felt the need to point it out?

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  47. Ann Carlson

    Dear Susan; I was happy to listen to your vlog today, as I usually am on Wednesdays. I always look forward to listening to what you have to say. I’ve been a Bright Lifer, kinda on my own for close to 2 years now. It has transformed my life; I feel more of myself on one hand, (although I am a much smaller version of myself !!) and also feel I am discovering a new self . . . even at 63 years old. Thank you SO much for the work and studying and sharing and life you’ve lived that has brought Bright Line Eating to me and so many others. I struggled with food obsession and eating all my life (well since about 14) and “happened” on an email that introduced me to you and Bright Line Eating. I took the course on my own (I never signed up for the BLE community, but wonder if I might now) and it all just clicked. And you’re right, it’s not the food plan, although I appreciate the routine and the clarity, vitality and focus that the BLE strategy affords me. Congratulations on the anniversary of BLE and your personal clean and sober anniversary. Thank you for the work and love you have contributed to my life and to the world. love, Ann

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  48. Ronna

    joining ( correction)

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  49. Ronna

    The scenario of you, the white horse, and the killing of your mother alludes me . Maybe something was left out , but I missed the debth and the point as well as the need and reason for your jpiining this group work in the first place. My concern and response is sincere and not argumentative.

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