You Never Know What Your Last Will Be

A couple of months ago, I was in San Francisco and I connected with an old friend. The experience led to a realization and an awareness that I want to share with you today.

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  1. Audree

    The hot shower resonated with me because right now I have no hot water. And I won’t for at least 2 weeks. My water heater had a slow leak over years which caused water damage to my mobile home and mold. So now I have to boil water and bring it to the bathroom and mix it with cold water to use it. I started out just pouring it over me with a pitcher. But now I have a Camp shower. Just a bag where you can put water in and there’s a hose with a little spray thing at the end. It’s really not ideal. But I have thought about people in other countries who can’t even enjoy THAT! Heck, people in THIS country often don’t have that luxury!!! On a day to day basis!!!! I’m REALLY appreciating that even tho I can’t spend a long time in the shower right now, I still have THIS little portable shower bag!

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  2. Polly

    Wow, I have thought of this so many times, especially about people I used to know. The fact that the last time I saw them, I didn’t know it was the last is always so strange to me. Thanks for this VLOG, very impactful.

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  3. Helen McDonnell

    Wonderful Vlog! I Pray it better not be your Last! Always Blessed Such Gratitude💖Thank You!

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  4. Elizabeth

    It’s quantum. That’s how you feel so present with your future viewers in the now. Quantum is all in the now, amongst other things. 🙂 It’s fun that you’re aware of experiencing that! Woohoo! 😀

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  5. christel

    Yes, Susan. I can feel you. I love you so much.

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  6. Maree

    Some time ago, I gathered with my girlfriends from elementary school, Our friendships had spanned over 46 years. As with most of our gatherings we each took a turn updating the others about our lives. I asked to go lady. After my update I said, “ Zlufe is previous. Tomorrow is not promised.” I paused briefly before I continued, “ There is no wurantee that this group of women will gather together again. If I hurt any one of you with my words or actions over the years, I ask for your forgiveness” Some people laughed. Some people felt uncomfortable. Over the course of the following I received correspondence from numerous friends telling me that my comments were thought provoking and they too planned to afk forgiveness of others because-well, because Life is short. Tomorrow is not promised.

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  7. Robert

    kept clicking “have issues watching videos” and nothing transpires (I am deaf) {{{{{sigh}}}}}

    can you please fix this link?? I’d much rather read the transcript


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  8. Anne L. Wing

    Susan, Good VLOG as always.
    This is something I often think about. I am decades older than you and I suspect
    the older one gets the more one is aware of the possible lasts.
    Meditate on my death is something I can get on board with. It kind of jolted me when you mentioned it
    but it is a good idea as I am newly recommitted to my meditation practice and keenly aware that time
    is passing and my last day may not be far away. Thank you.

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  9. Phyllis Johnson

    I’ve just completed my 14 day challenge and am completing the checklist for the Boot Camp. The peace I’ve been granted around food is my idea of heaven. Your messages during the Challenge and the few vlogs I’ve seen have helped me see the possibility of abstinence for the first time in my 60+ years on the planet. Your openness and genuine concern ring true. I trust you. I think we all do. Earlier this week it occurred to me how central you are to the success of so many of us souls out here in the world, and I asked myself what I would do if there were no SPT or no Bright Line Eating. I don’t have an answer to that yet, but your vlog this week certainly hits into that mental exercise for me. I don’t mean for this comment to be morose; actually I think it could be helpful to recognize that everything in my life may be fleeting, even this program that is becoming so dear to me. As an academic myself, I know that my courses aren’t the end-all for my students; rather, that I am teaching my students a set of tools with which to carry on themselves. So I think I just answered my own pondering. If there were no SPT or BLE, I would take the tools I’ve been taught and carry on to the best of my ability.

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  10. Ron

    It has been suggested to live one’s worldly life as if you will live a thousand more years and one’s spiritual life as if today is your last day. Appreciation unlocks the treasure hidden within everything. The practice of gratitude is likely the foremost way of increasing one’s happiness set point .

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  11. Sheila Ogborne

    Amazing blog… love this- will use this for my meditation- I pray to stay in the moment.. this will help.. thank you Susan!

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  12. Mary

    Ah, this was beautiful and very thought provoking
    for me. Thank you, Susan.

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  13. Jude Christian

    How very timely, having just returned yesterday from my childhood area and attending my 60th class reunion. Making it even sweeter was the fact my sister joined me for the week…as her 50th was the same weekend. She returned to CO yesterday and I drove back to the area where I used to live before AZ….to spend 10 more days with family and friends. All I can say is so far each and every day has been nothing short of magical and many days contained absolute miracles in both our lives, not only our reunions, but exploring together, places, mutual friends and remembering all our “lasts” together. You are so right about automaticity creating space in our brains, our cells, are very awareness of being. I am totally totally grateful for all the BLE has created for me and my family… up to 4 and growing….if you include spouses and new and old friends.

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  14. Roxanne Woods

    I love it – it’s another tool or way of looking at staying present and being in gratitude. Thank you for this perspective. Showers are magical places for me too! I’m glad you carried through with this inspiration and didn’t let it slip away! 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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  15. Andrea

    You have made my life better.

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  16. Patricia Finney

    Very good blog – the Stoics were pre-Christian Greek and Roman philosophers, but Christians took a lot from them. Read the writings of the Emperor Marcus Aurelius for more on them. The brilliant Tarantino movie “Pulp Fiction” is also about this idea – we don’t know when our last day is. Interestingly people in the past were much more aware of their mortality than we are, because they encountered death much more often. I think it made them happier, for the most part. We worry about the future far too much!

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  17. Margaret Terris

    Hallelujah Amen Susan x

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  18. Linda VanderVeen

    Thank you for this wonderful vlog! You are so inspiring to me every week. I try to be more present in my life, and when i do I can recall moments as if I am reliving them. Best advice !! Love you too!

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  19. Sharon Kopenski

    You have a wonderful way of sharing yourself. I can so feel your love and it makes me such a better person. Thanks for being the woman you are. You were so warm and rich and perfect

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  20. Kathy Whitaker

    This vlog really meant a lot to me. I did not know last October when I helped my friend of over 30 years to plan her outfits for a conference trip and the texts we sent while she was there would be our lasts. I didn’t know that when her plane landed and the texts about hearing all about the trip would never happen. I didn’t know that she would not make it home on her drive home from work on Halloween night. But she didn’t make it home. For all these months I have thought about all our lasts and it has increased my awareness too of how you have to be present everyday and appreciate the people, the moments and the things in your life. It is a difficult journey but a powerful learning too. Susan thank you for this vlog and the amazing things you do for everyone.

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  21. Molly Doogan

    What a great perspective shift! TY

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  22. Patrice

    So true, I lost three people this Spring/Summer. It brightens the reality of each day. The joy is not back yet. Its good to be in the Now.

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  23. Nancy Goss

    I was recently attending a funeral for a dear friend who had shared child caring with me when our sons were babies and then toddlers. In part of the memorial service, another of her very close friends shared a dream her daughter had had the night before. In the dream our dear friend was sitting in a chair on a porch and she went up to talk to her in the dream. Our dear friend said, “Every moment is a lifetime.” Seemingly from the after life she was letting us all know how dearly we need to treasure every single moment.

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    Learning new ideas and skills as far as like practice entails in all aspects of lives. Your resourceful tips of knowledge has helped me to compare and contrast for series of challenges and delights for resolutions and delights for advancement/innovation in all aspects of lives.

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    Hi! Susan.
    I’ m enthusiastically impressed and inspired by your collective historical back-ground in line with education, experience, culture change and similarities, inspiring retreats in all aspects of lives, similar and different lifestyles and how to adopt.

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  26. Christine Murphy

    I agree so much with savour the moment and be grateful for your life but living every moment thinking it may be the last I think is a complete waste of energy! Just enjoy life and be proud of your achievements working the BLE program but just FORGET about if this is the last moment.

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  27. Maggie

    OMG when you said you feel me I burst into tears. I feel you too Susan! You don’t know me but yet you have helped me through an incredibly important time in my life. Thanks and blessing to you. I love you too! Maggie

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  28. Monica Dean

    Great vlog, and my love and sent to you and the BLE community.

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  29. Caroline Vidican

    That was a really good vlog,lots to think about.

    Love your dress!

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  30. riadh ghanma

    enjoy the moment whatever
    see you next week
    i enjoyed today’s vlog

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  31. Gill Gething

    What a wonderful flog Susan. Thankyou. I feel you too xx

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    Thank you , Susan, for this powerful message. I look forward to your vlogs. They really inspire me to think deeply.

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  33. Deborah E Hope

    Thnak you, Susan. You are so precious to me that I thank God daily for you, your journey and the countless blessings you bring into this world. You have given me the given of many more moments of peace–beyond a right-ziaed body.

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  34. Laurie Eisenhauer

    Thank you for that reminder. Life is precious. I regularly say this might be the last time I see this person so I always leave with a hug and a smile.

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  35. Judy

    Welcome to my world, Susan! I have thought this way since I was a small child …. pondering on the “lasts. I thought it was a negative aspect of my psyche. Thank you for giving me another way of looking at it!

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  36. Tonya Wilson

    We’re feeling it, Susan! Yes, very connected & as always you compel us to meditate on the important things. Shed a few tears over a couple LAST events that weren’t really marked or celebrated as I probably would have I f I’d known. So trying hard to enjoy every little thing. Thank you, Sweet Susan.

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  37. Deb

    Wow. Such a powerful message. Brought tears to my eyes. I really look forward to receiving these Vlogs. I just found bright line eating last week through an ad on Facebook and have watched many of your recorded Vlogs on YouTube. I started eating no sugar and no flour on Sunday . It’s funny I was driving into work today and noticed that everything seemed brighter and more clear and I thought maybe I’m coming out of the fog from numbing myself with sugar.

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  38. Emily Toch, MD, MS

    SPT at your finest 😉 Reminds me of another brilliant vlog called “The Food Indulger” earlier this summer. In both you are imparting wisdom from your own experience, strength and hope, while weaving in science and BLE recommendations in a sober, intelligent way that shines through. Well done.

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  39. Barbara Kramen-Kahn

    Wow! This brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing. I love how real you are. BLE and Susan Pierce Thompson are both gifts in my life.

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  40. Dana

    Thank you….that was beautifully powerful. Although we have never met, I really do feel you, your presence, and your genuine impact on my life. Thank you.

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  41. MP

    I like being present, it takes me out of my comfort zone. To often we get caught up in our lives with blinders on. Life is a spiritual journey that is meant to be experienced at that moment. Presentness challenges us to be still and mindful of our surroundings. which has a loving impact. Thanks Susan.

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  42. Liz

    Thank you so much. Here is hoping the BLE movement and your inspirational vlogs will go on a very long time!

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  43. Judy Riley

    Thank You! You are brilliant!

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  44. Jean Hudson

    I have wanted to write you a love letter for months. This blog really brought me to do it now! I am 84 years old and connected with Bright Line Eating several years ago. I only need to loose a few pounds and your test showed that I did not have food addiction. But I have continued to follow you because you have so many wonderful insights in your blogs. I have changed my food pattern and eat only twice a day with nothing in between. No sugar, gluten and little dairy. Lots of fruit and vegetables. A little chicken and fish. It really works for me. My weight does not go down, but I feel very good. I’m up to walking 1 1/2 miles 3 times a week. After it cools down, I will keep adding to that.

    I just need to tell you that are such a wonderful example of knowledge, insight and the ability to articulate it. I will continue to follow you, but if this is the last time, it is perfect! Much Love!

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  45. Sharon Van Doran

    Wow! Wonderful V-Log Susan. It meant so much to me. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful insights. You inspire me every time I listen to you. It is such a privilege to be with you each week, and I definitely feel your love. You are a beautiful person.

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  46. Kay

    I feel you too. Thank you for sharing

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  47. Cindy

    I love you too. I am about to embark on my 14 day challenge while saving to do boot camp. This Vlog made me cry but mostly happy tears. I realized my world does not have to revolve around eating although I have known that for a while but now I understand it. I remembered a last which often comes to mind. The last time I saw my Mom. It haunted me for a really long time (years) that I couldn’t remember when I left that day if I said the words to her “I love you”. It was my last and for so long I beat myself up over that and took away all the joy of just being with my Mom the last time. The joy has returned and I remember walking with her a couple of days before I left and holding her hand and remembering what petite, soft hands she had and how our hands just fit together so perfectly. So did our hearts and during that epiphany I knew I didn’t have to say the words for Mom to know that I loved her. Thank you for sweet soul and your outpouring of love and compassion as we take this walk on a new path.

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  48. Denise

    Now, I need to know…what’s that Bright Line breakfast that you mentioned that you’re enjoying so much currently? So curious! Please share. 😋

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    1. Susan Peirce Thompson

      Hey Denise,
      My current breakfast is:
      1 oz oats (I add water and salt and cook in the microwave)
      Topped with:
      6 oz yogurt (non-dairy is great, like almond yogurt or homemade soy yogurt. Otherwise sheeps or goats yogurt. I never do cows yogurt.)
      6 oz organic blueberries
      1/2 oz organic ground flaxseeds
      Saigon cinnamon to taste

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      1. Denise

        Oh, yum! Thanks for sharing! ❤️

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  49. Jana Baker

    Thank you for putting into words something I’ve been trying to say for years! Recently I was in the Wisconsin Dells riding the roller coasters with my daughter when it hit me: we’ll never do this again together. It’s mixed blessing to always be thinking like that!

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  50. Marian

    Three or four minutes into watching the Vlog, the electrical power blinked off and on again. Sitting here staring at this black computer screen waiting for the reboot, I totally got it. WOW! Thank you!

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  51. Lynne G

    Thank you. I needed this, today. I really felt you. I just unexpectedly lost a dear friend to cancer. He was diagnosed a month ago and it took him quickly. I’m a singer and he was my accompanies. I hadn’t seen him in a few years but had just written another one-woman show I was going to contact him about this Fall. His name was on the script and I had written a lot of banter for him that only he could deliver. As you can tell, I never expected the last time I saw him would be the last. I will be more aware because of your inciteful words. Thank you.

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  52. Sharon

    So just want to say that this vlog was so thoughtful and provocative. Thank you

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  53. MG

    Thank you so much for sharing your beautiful insights. Yes, it is important to be present and grateful for each moment; what a lovely and thoughtful delivery of advice for how we can each achieve better presence and appreciation in our daily lives.

    You always inspire me. Thank you.

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  54. Lynn

    Hi Susan, you are such a lovely lady. I am currently changing my way of eating to whole food plant based and can relate to the things you said in your vlog. . I too feel blessed and lately have come to realise the importance of living in the present and being more aware of my surroundings. When I take my furry 13 year old-lady Labrador out late at night I really appreciate her company looking at the moon and amazing stars. I’m really loving sitting on my new red stools to eat breakfast in the super kitchen space we’ve just added and it’s so nice watering the pots in the little flower garden I’ve created this summer. You’re right, life IS great and all our everyday moments must be savoured – in case they’re the last!

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  55. Patty

    How beautifully timely. One of my dearest friends is dying of cancer and it looks as if her passing will happen very soon. I am driving to see her on Sunday and I have been very conscious that this will be the last time I will see her. Im so heartbroken but so thankful for her in my life and getting the opportunity for one last time.

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  56. Mina Ariel

    What a beautiful , extremely important message Susan !

    Only surprising , you ate at a steak house ? ( I thought you were Vegan ) or your 22 minutes shower ? awareness is most essential as you so beautiful y stated here, how about saving water , as every drop counts . No need to say more . You are amazing , helping so many , but i couldn’t help reminding of the importance of climate change and awareness of how precious water is .

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  57. Lisa

    Wow Susan. That so landed. You hit it out of the park. That goodness for you. Deep gratitude.

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  58. Christine Borkes

    Yup life is short and make it meaningful. Cut ties with toxic people and remember who was there for you in good times, and who ditched you! Carpe diem!

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  59. Jeannie Onstott

    This is so true! I have fallen twice and not been able to take a shower for weeks. The first time I fell I couldn’t get upstairs to my bed with my husband. We really take things for granted. Also the shower thing. I am a missionary in south central Mexico and my first apartment did not always get water coming in and hot water was only in the shower at times, no other faucets had hot water. And the shower it self had such poor pressure that often I would just boil water and use a water pitcher to shower and wash my hair.
    We also don’t have heat, our home gets down to the 40’s in the winter. When I am in the states I appreciate so many things Americans take for granted on a daily basis even safe drinking water from most taps.
    Now I will be even more alert to the things that could be my last.

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  60. Bonnie

    LOVE your dress!

    Reply ·
  61. Gerardo Christian Halbinger von Kuegelgen

    It is such a privilege to be with you, to listen to your thoughts, enjoying your so beautiful smile, feeling your love, believing that it will be a tomorrow with you, thankin for all the past vlogs, being aware that you are a treasure of person and a blessing for all us who have the privilege of being with you each time for many glorious minutes

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  62. Michele

    WOW you took me into my own memories of SF and Berkeley – I lived behind Twin Peaks, skated in Golden Gate Park and ran the fire trail at U.C. Berkeley! beautiful message today 🙂

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  63. Gael C

    Thanks again. I look forward to these vlogs every week. Finding Brightline Program has changed my life in not just the food/eating but things are changing physically, emotionally and spiritually. I love being part of this community

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  64. Stephanie

    That dress looks fantastic on you. The color is very becoming.

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  65. Sarah Hancock

    OMG I went to the Katherine Delmar Burke school too!!

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  66. Margaret (Rita) Smith

    Thank you Susan, and yes, I feel ya!

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  67. Kim


    Reply ·
  68. Jackie Anderson

    Susan. You are really quite amazing. Hope it’s not the last vlog. 🤘😘

    Reply ·
    1. Susan Mills

      Me Too!!

      Reply ·
  69. Sonia

    The most beautiful message, Susan. Just beautiful.

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  70. Roberta Walters

    Amen, I have been doing fasting and only eating at noon to 530 pm and I can tell you when that next meal rolls around I am very grateful to have made my time goal and for the food that feels amazing in my body….what a new eye opening experience. Worth it all!! Thank you and forever grateful for your life shared with us!!!

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  71. Anne

    Lasts are a part of life. If we remain focused, there are parallels in life, in nature, in what you do, what you don’t do anymore, the people we meet, on and on. To be gracious, we need to do this every day. We forget to do this with all our distractions. A great way to keep all of us on track, whatever we do. “What if this were my last (fill in the blank). 🙂

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  72. Kristi P

    I am a planner and analyst by nature, so staying in the moment or thinking that this might be the last time I… is something I really have to work at. I’m super grateful for this vlog topic because I’m going to a retreat this weekend where I will see a lot of people who I do not regularly see…there may very well be people there who I will for the very last time! I’m going to focus on being present:)

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  73. Cynthia

    This is so true. I love when my lines are bright and the peace and mindfulness it brings and it makes my day feel so special. The most mundane is really beautiful.

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  74. Vicki

    Thanks again for soul food for our hearts and souls Susan! So appreciate you!

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