The Value of Suffering

I’ve spent the past few weeks in quite a funk, and I’m happy to report that I’m finally coming out of it. In this week’s vlog, I share the one sweet, totally unexpected lesson I learned during this tumultuous time.


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  1. Carol Coy

    Thank you Susan for opening up such raw emotions and feelings As I listened to you feelings spoken in words I thought wow I know how she feels. Hey this ta me. You touched my soul and my heart today. Thank you. I do have a couple personal questions about what you said. I’m not quite sure where to ask them.

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  2. Carmen Golay

    It sounds like you need to find the closest Unitarian Universalist church and check it out 😉 We are a free thinking liberal faith of individual theologies and it’s my spiritual home.

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  3. J Stasel

    I am glad you are not feeling lost anymore. Sometimes you need to have the bad to feel the good.

    It is always good to give people choices. So that is a good move. I looked into Ari’s videos based on your recommendation. The videos were very interesting, but I then starting getting some sales type emails that were basically fear mongering and stating everything in my life would go to pot if I did not buy his system. It was disappointing. Just thought your team would like to know.

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  4. Susan Foss

    Hi Susan I’m Susan too and I’m finding success with my version of BLE thank you! Your vlog touched me and I really want you to know you can find answers to your questions and great happiness in the restored gospel of Jesus Christ – I testify to you that it’s true.

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  5. Nili Marcia

    Susan, thank you! Your perspective has enabled me to have a mental shift about all those months when I fought and clawed and struggled to find, regain, be in my bright lines. I call it being in bright line heaven/haven and I am SO GLAD to be here. But oh the suffering…. Thank you for letting me know I could stop beating myself up for not having been able to get here sooner and see the value instead!

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  6. Stacy

    I love this vlog like I can’t even say. Thank you for putting words to this. And I’m with you on the kid thing, sister. 😂

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  7. Teri Eisenhauer

    You. Are. Brilliant.

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  8. Anette Askildsen

    That was a wonderful vlog. I cried😢. You are so wice Susan. I love you to.

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  9. Anette Askildsen

    I cried, that was wonderful❤️Love you to Susan

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  10. Anne

    Wow! One of the best blogs ever. Thank you for your brilliance in lighting the path. After almost two years of struggle to keep my lines without quitting this was very much what I needed to hear. Looking forward to bright and shiny days ahead and finding the lesson. So honored to be a member of this community.

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  11. Margo Stewart

    I had not looked at this Vlog until a few minutes ago. Last year I lost my husband to long term cancer on my birthday. I huve just gone through a year of intnse suffering over that. Yea, I see a therapist. But the nuggest here is that just this morning I was thinking of new mantras for my lfe now. Example: Seeing a loved one through their end is an honor. The birthday gift I received was seeing him at peace. The gift I gave was unstoppable presence.
    Please don’t misunderstand – I was not always patient or kind or thoughtful. I made all kinds of mistakes.I was under unimaginable stress and did not seek out much support.
    The big thought I had before seeing the vlog is that I need to find the gift. Because I am still deeply greiving and even having a thought that there is a gift was forward progress for me. Susan’s vlog was uncannily timely. This road is so very long…

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  12. Meri

    Oh my gosh yes I needed to hear that Susan. I’ve started to feel the suffering isn’t worth it and started responding to all the old triggers in the old ways. It IS worth it. It IS worth it. I did it for ME and it’s WORTH IT. Love you too. Thank you.

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  13. Angele Robichaud

    I think this is the first time I’ve responded to you vlog. I listen to most of them faithfully on a weekly basis. This one made me think. Think about values. Value of self, value of relationships. And I âme to realize that even though I value my family and friends so much, I don’t value me. And because of that, I’ve compromised most of my efforts to be at a healthy weight and be physically fit. At59, I finally realized that as much as I care for others in my life, only me can do certain things for me. Only I can change how I feed my body and my soul. And to change how I care for me, I need to love myself first. This is the hardest thing for me to do. I’m working on it and as a consequence, my body is reacting in a good way. I’ve lost about 15 and I have another 15 to go. It’s ok though because I’m learning to listen to me..
    I want to thank you for these vlogs. They are helping me along my journey.

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  14. Claudia Shelton

    Dear Susan,
    I recently became aware of you and live-streamed your reunion and joined the Brightline Freedom Class. I have been in FA for 12plus years and have lost and maintained a 100 lb weight loss. I have been very unhappy with the harsh ways people are sponsoring in th FA community and have been a strong voice in Sacramento to bring balance and compassion into the program. I have been enlivened from reading your book and listening to your blogs. You bring something very special to the world of abstinent eaters. I have felt some dissonance with processing what you offer and the family I have created in FA. I can understand your suffering and I feel that you may have been grieving the loss of that community. When I’ve thought of leaving FA and hooking up with your community I felt tremendous grief. There are so many people I see and support and talk to daily and weekly, it threw my into a tailspin to think of leaving. It must have been very difficult and painful for you to leave and possibly feel the sting from members who did not approve of what you set out to do. I applaud you and am very greatful to you. You have bought an effective, brilliant, and compassionate program that can touch many more people than FA could. When I started 12+ years ago the count was 4,000 people strong. Today FA claims 6000 members worldwide. This is a drop in the bucket and a crying shame that what happens in the program does not attract people but most often chases them away. Since I’ve known you I share you with my sponsees and in the AWOL I lead. I am more strongly committed to deliver the message of love and compassion within the program. I know that abstinence is the key to sustained weight loss and good health. I extend my love and support to you and am here for you in anyway I can be of service. Know that there are many people in your FA community that love and support you. You go girl!!!

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  15. Mary

    I also am a Christian and a follower of Jesus Christ. Your “angst” is the answer to my prayers.
    I agree with Ella and others. My anchor is God and His Son. My prayer each night is that you
    will find the Lord. The journey continues.
    In His Mighty Name, I pray for you.

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  16. Denise

    I have had mixed feelings about the affiliate emails. I will NOT be opting out of them. I have learned much from them, and I am appreciative of that. However, ironically, it is those emails to which I attribute the beginnings of my struggles with my bright lines. The overload of information seemed to overwhelm and derail me as I tried to incorporate all of the new advice I was receiving. (I guess ignorance is bliss.) I have a “broken vase” now, and I can’t seem to put it back together again.

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  17. Kerry Bowles

    You have helped me to understand and connect me with my suffering, and sometimes it sucks!
    But the beauty beneath that process is like a shiny diamond that we never realised we had. Thankyou for sharing your humanity.
    It is hard and painful, but you have shared that it is worth coming through it.

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  18. Sharon Gibson

    Susan: Enjoyed the lesson today. By the way, I would like to own a BLE
    necklace that I could attach charms to that say things like Blessed, One year on BLE,
    or Unstoppable. Hope you offer that to us someday!

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  19. Paula ThompSon

    Only on Day 75, but this one was so inspiring!!!! The scale has been stuck and inspiration was needed. Thank you!!!

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  20. Irene

    I love you Susan!

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  21. Patricia Visser

    Closer to you than your life vain.

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  22. Claudia Viviana orgambidez

    Susan, many times I feel you speak the words I cannot, the pain, the suffering, the loneliness, the void and the grief. I never speak of them because I believe noone wants to listen to those words. But you do, I listenen and there is a relief, a catharsis. It is such a healing of the soul! I love you

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  23. Dawn Dowd

    Total chaos as one world move back and the new world moves forward. Chaos is a gift as long as you don’t wallow in it. Thanks for all the times you’ve represented “us”.

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  24. Corinne

    This…. This one single vlog is probably the most powerful message that resonates so directly to me, that I have heard. Thank you for so publicly sharing your struggle and insights of that struggle.

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  25. Tiwo

    It is good for me that I was afflicted, That I may learn Your statutes.

    Psalm 119:71

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  26. Lilli

    Dear Susan,

    you are glowing with love and I have NEVER seen you so beautiful and your eyes sparkling like this before! It’s AMAZING ! YES …. this is what going through the pain and coming out at the other end, like you say, will do for us! What an inspiration you are ! Thank you for showing your vulnerability and sharing this life-changing experience with us! And thank you also for being so sensitive to the needs of some people here and creating the opt-out possibility for emails for affiliates….. HOWEVER, I wouldn’t be where I am today if people hadn’t understood that MARKETING can be an ACT OF LOVE AND CARE …SO I will continue to be excited about interesting stuff you send. THANK YOU IN ADVANCE FOR THAT! Lots of Love from the Mediterranean Sea in Spain!

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  27. Sandy

    Not to be snarky but have you ever considered changing the tag line of BLE. Happy, thin, and free seems more marketing than accurate. It is banal compared to the depth of this blog and what you and others experience. I write this as a fan and adherent of both your work and BLE.

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    1. Karen Johnson

      Sandy, Susan has discussed this byline in a few places and there is a lot of depth and extensive soul searching, thought, discussion, research and reaching out to others for advice on every word in that byline. This is my understanding of the byline: Being ‘Happy’ is our true goal on Earth according to the Dalai Lama and scientifically based practice of Positive Psychology. ‘Thin’ means is being in our ‘right-sized-body’ and this will impact every aspect of your life because your body will be healthier and your mind will be more serene. ‘Free’ means so very much to anyone who is high on the suseptability scale – it covers a world of suffering. Every second of every day for the first 50 years of my life I have been achingly, unbearably hungry and obsessing over food, the guilt, the broken promises to myself, the negotiating over what I’m going to eat, the recriminations for what I have eaten – that was before I started BLE. Since I started BLE I have discovered freedom from my food addiction. Not every day, but often. And I have felt self respect for the first time in my life, which is freedom from self hatred. You can’t have a byline that long and complex as my description, but every word in the ‘Happy, Thin and Free’ mean everything. Not banal. Not superficial.

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  28. Mercedes (from Argentina)

    Oh Susan… I am suffering so much right now. I can´t get back to BLE… and I can´t … and I can´t… Thank you for this vlog.

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  29. pat

    Thank you .This was great to see and hear. The suffering value understanding is so helpful. I am struggling with work,food ,family and way of bring
    This spoke right to me.Thank you Susan.

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  30. Khosi Ferris

    Susan I love you so much♥️♥️♥️Thank you for changing my life for better….

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  31. Beverly Fox

    Susan, I am very grateful for Bright Line Eating and I’m feeling positive and happy and (almost) thin. I do have to take issue with something you said in this vlog. I’ll paraphrase. You say most of us in this world are at choice. Do you believe this? It seems to me it can’t be true. Maybe if you had said North America but in the world?

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  32. Liza Lightfoot

    Excellent view of hardship! Thank you.

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  33. Jesse B. Mitchell II

    Susan, this is the finest VLOG that you have done since I have observed them. What got to me was your honesty and sincerity in describing the state of FUNK that you were experiencing and the degree of doubt and semi confusion. Like you felt just driving down the street wondering how and if the beings that you saw, we’re gronded. I have been feeling that same way from months. I also really understand the feeling of suffering while working at child rearing or relationship work. It was like you were sharing my experience, and I was sharing yours. Also the clarity that you spoke of concerning your ultimate belief, in GOD. Just really impressive, your introspection, is your strength. I usually enjoy your self searching nature. However, this is your best and I feel, most important talk yet. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Please continue on with your mission. You are on the right right track.

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  34. Rebecca Sampson

    This is very important for people to hear. We need to know these aspects of our path to wholeness. You do a world of good to help people know that most of us have perplexities and dichotomies pulling us into funk. There are ways through it. Different for different people, but universal for those who want to go forward finding inner strength, that ultimately can help others – yes, as you say:, love, ,kindness, compassion and mercy..

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  35. Sandra

    Leaving the religion I was raised in and it was such a part of my life (every area of my life). We can take the good with us on our journey and leave the bad fit part behind inorder to create what we know to be true. Sending positive uplifting vibes your way.

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    1. Susan Peirce Thompson

      Good luck with that, Sandra.
      Your wise words give me a confident feeling that you’ll be just fine.
      So much love,

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    2. Sheila

      I also left the religion I was raised in and which had been such a big part of my life. It was a good move and it caused a lot of guilt in me, mainly because my parents were upset that both of their daughters left the religion they were raised in. Took me years to let go of the guilt. Now I’m in a very good space around it. Things that are difficult help us grow. At the end of this month, my husband and I will celebrate 59 years of marriage. Now that has not always been easy!! We are in a great place (not perfect!) now and he is my best friend – he is always there for me!

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  36. Mary Gates

    Wow! I appreciate hearing this. I JUST started back listening to the vlogs because I was so disgusted after having bought one of those “Susan cosigned this so it must be great” re that waste of money Metabolism changing program which was a bunch of packaging and repetitive mambo jumbo! I even quit doing the monthly research study entries.

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  37. Jennifer

    As with the marketing emails you will never please all of us at the same time with whatever you do in any vlog, recommendation, comment, etc. This one was for me, and I thank you. Great message for me, great timing for me. In deep gratitude for you being you, Jennifer

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  38. Lori

    This is my first vlog. I understand your feelings and appreciate your deep thinking on the subject. There are lessons or gifts for the pain we suffer. And if we appreciate it, the lesson and roots we grow become so sweet and meaningful. Thank you Susan.

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  39. Cynthia

    This is one of your best vlogs. To value myself, I believe, I must come face to face with my struggles and know at the other side is clarity. Clarity is evident in your eyes in this blog. Thank you for always being genuine with yourself and with us. Many Blessings 👍🏻👍🏻

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  40. Deb

    Hi Susan. I think there are millions of people out there who have a similar belief system that doesn’t fit conventional religion. You are not alone. Thank you for voicing this tribelessness that occurs for many of us.

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  41. Stephanie

    I have found some interesting information your affiliates e-mails. If someone in not interested most e-mail has an opt out provision.
    Look at the bottom of the e-mail. It will say something like manage my subscription/e-mail.
    At least they are not bombarding my mailbox with useless free gifts, which is what happen when I gave to a few charities who told several
    dozen other charities.
    I really like your sweater.

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  42. Linda Kincheloe

    I was going to write something about your spiritual journey, but Ella Lutsi’s comment expressed my thoughts far better than I ever could have.
    Thank you, Ellen, for sharing the Truth. And thank you Susan for Bright Line Eating.

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  43. Carolyn

    I don’t post often, but You spoke words from my heart today. So grateful for BLE. Just renewed my Brightlifers membership.
    Yes, it was a sacrifice … but BLE has been a lifeline for me .. and I love everything about ALL of you.

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  44. Craig Addy

    Thank you. I just came out of my first major breakdown around eating in 2 years.I THOUGHT I had this handled. I went off the rails for the month of June. I was, after 2 years, almost bewildering and yet so painfully familiar. Yet it was quite different from my old self. In a strange way, I had an almost out of body experience in that an observer within me was present to watch the old self cave in to cravings and compulsively reach for the NMF almost day after day. That “observer” was never present in the old days. The learning for me, thanks to that observer, was that eating that food was not fulfilling and it did not provide happiness. While the cravings were winning, they didn’t have the same kind of power. I can now see that it was a chemical response to foods that have an addictive pull for me. It was simply neurons being triggered and returning to an age old pattern. I get your message about suffering for something. I have fought hard for where I am now over the past 2 years and there is no way I’m giving that up. I’m back in the saddle for the next round.

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  45. Stephanie

    Wow. Wow. The idea of being grounded in one’s own perspective…I have some thinking to do around that one. Also, the reminder that relationships that we hold onto require some suffering was timely (15 years with my partner, who is now my “new” husband, and funny–all the same joys, all the same issues–just with Mrs. attached to them). Coming into the calendar week that led up to my father’s death 8 years ago–bar none the hardest thing I’ve ever experienced–and thinking back on those events caught me crying in my car today. Just really timely and helpful. Thank you for sharing.

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  46. Ella Lutsi

    Susan, I admire you very much. You are bright, articulate, and very personable. I am not a Bright Line participant because I am not over weight but I do follow you because I enjoy your topics on food and your cheerful attitude. However, I found today’s vlog somewhat troubling, it seems you are looking for peace and belonging in very temporary places. Because I care about you and believe in what you do, I would like to share the following.

    As a Christian and a follower of Jesus Christ, today when you were speaking about your belief in “some type of unknowable essence” I thought about the Apostle Paul’s encounter with the Greek philosophers and educated men of his day in Athens. They also believed in some type of unknowable essence, so much so, they had dedicated one of their many alters to the “unknown God”. Paul had the opportunity to speak to them and explained that this unknown God is in fact, “The God who made the world and everything in it. . . . He himself gives life and breath to everything, and he satisfies every need” (Acts,17: 24-25). Paul went on to say that this God is near; in fact, “ in Him we live and move and have our being.”

    Susan I would like to point out, the “unknown God” that Paul spoke about desires to be known. That is why He has spoken to us through His Word; and that is why he sent His Son into the world to die in our place. So, when you say you believe in love, kindness, compassion, mercy, forgiveness, etc. these are all attributes of our loving, forgiving God.

    Unfortunately, Paul’s speech to the well-educated Greeks in Athens received a mixed reaction. Some laughed, some wanted more information, and a few believed. Still today, we are all free to make choices. Susan, the answer to life’s questions, experiencing internal peace, and having a sense of belonging, is not found in religious endeavors, but in a personal relationship with the living God. My prayer for you is that you would search the Scriptures for yourself, and come to believe in the Messiah, who is the Savior of the world, Jesus Christ. Who truly knows the value of suffering.

    With love and gratitude.

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    1. JoAnn

      Thank you, thank you, thank you, Ella! Exactly what I was thinking, but you said it perfectly!

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    2. Peggy

      This is beautifully written. Thanks

      Reply ·
    3. Jo H.

      Thank you, Ella, for a beautiful response. So well written that I read it to my boys!

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  47. Michelle

    I watch your vlogs to get more insights on my issues with food. They are usually so helpful to me — thank you! Aside from that , I wish you wouldn’t use your forum here to go into your personal religious beliefs. For me, it’s an unnecessary distraction. Just my 2 cents.

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    1. Peggy

      I love that you shared your religious personal beliefs. We are the majority not the minority that chooses to know there is more out there than what man alone can do. Please keep this up. It is what makes you who you are.

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  48. Laura

    I agree wholeheartedly with your message today. lE has been a gift that I never thought I would find! I feel a step closer to freedom from food addiction, as step closer to being thin and my happiness has definitely brightened!! Susan thank you for sharing this gift and it’s blessings with me. In return please accept my invitation to you —

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  49. Beth S

    Susan you are amazing! You share your vulnerabilities and come out stronger for it. It is so good you take the time to reflect and learn because even as the leader of this pack you are human. You need down time and can’t always be the in control CEO or you will crash and burn.
    Thank you for hanging in there to lead us on. I am 85 days into BLE so a newbie. Thnx!

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  50. Jane Anderson Gitter

    Susan, I’m so glad for you and for this realization that you’ve shared with us, your True BLE Family.
    Marianne Williamson, NYT bestselling author and Spiritual teacher has written a book that dovetails beautifully with your conclusion. It’s called : From Tears to Triumph.
    In it she asserts that we have become a society that that no longer allows people to go through the dark night of the soul experiences, without drugs or proscribed drugs and it’s creating a culture of people that in a sense , have no sense of worth or backbone. Yes, there are cases where antidepressants are helpful, but by and large they are way over proscribed .
    So good for you! I’m glad you always share the entirety of You.
    It is both Healing you and those that love you !!
    BLE SINCE June 2016
    Still Happy, Thin and Free for over a year now!

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  51. Deborah Garrard

    Best vlog yet, Susan!! Thank you so much.

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  52. Bev

    Greatful for new insights for you. As an encouragement, I finished my 14 day challenge and am continuing on with brightline eating. One day at a time.. I see my right sized body coming into being and that it can happen for me now.

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  53. Berni

    Oh Susan,
    This is deep and amazing. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

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  54. Mary Beth Zingone

    By law you must offer an opt out option for unsolicited emails. Also, mailing lists are valuable and many companies sell them. It is always good practice to ask if a person wants to have their email shared. At minimum you should check the federal law for email solicitations and be in compliance. If you need any more info send me a note.

    Reply ·
    1. Stephanie

      Hi! There’s always been an opt-out, but it was for all of Susan’s emails, not just the marketing ones.

      Reply ·
      1. Stephanie

        That is what I thought when she said it. E-mails come with an opt-out.

        Reply ·
    2. Joseph

      You misunderstand Mary Beth. First, there’s always been an opt out, but only for opting out of Susan’s vlogs. What’s new is that now one can opt out of getting Susan’s emails about someone else’s work.

      The other is that BLE doesn’t share anyone emails. It has never happened and never will. Susan was referring to her occasional posts to those on her email list about other businesses that she thinks are interesting. Again, and I can’t stress this too much, no one’s email address is ever given to said businesses or to anyone by BLE. That’s a huge no-no.

      I hope you’re clear on that Mary Beth. Frankly, I don’t see how you came to think otherwise.

      Reply ·
  55. Cand

    Not coping today.. only been 3 days:(

    Not thinking its sustainable for me:(

    Was so hoping….

    Reply ·
    1. Beth S

      Cand did you read the post above 20 months in? I am 3 months in and I will get to that 20 month place because it is a hell of a lot easier to do BLE than to be out of control with your health, weight, and food. Watch Susan’s prior vlogs and you too will get there!

      Reply ·
    2. Karen Johnson

      Cand you can do it <3 trust and relax. Do the bootcamp. Connect with people who are also going through the sruggle – because we are! We can do it together. Just relax, show yourself compassion and trust – it will work. You can do it.

      Reply ·
  56. Barbara Cohen

    Thank you, Susan. You are such a bright light in our world. <3

    Reply ·
  57. Terry Nunez

    I am currently in a state of happiness and I know that I earned it from the suffering I survived through 20 months of ble. The clouds lifted and the sun came through for me and boy is it sweet! Thank you Susan for this vlog that framed my experience so perfectly, I am worth it!

    Reply ·
    1. Beth S

      Thanks for sharing, you are an inspiration!

      Reply ·
  58. Ann

    Flashback: Second Grade, Sister Mildred “Suffering is a good thing. Don’t take it for granted. Offer it up.”
    Was I an unusual child for understanding this at the age of seven – perhaps. Unusual, weird – I embrace them both.
    You say potato, I say potahto.
    It’s all good. Thanks for spinning this very old message in another forum.
    Happy for you in your resolution of dark times.

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  59. Kim

    Susan, I don’t know you, but it feels like I do know you because you really speak to my soul on so many things! I LOVE getting your VLOG and look forward to it every week. I can relate to you on so many issues and it’s reassuring to know that people as wonderful as you also go through difficult things and come out the other side a better and stronger person. This week’s VLOG was so great and right where I am (and have been many times before), that I listened to it twice back-to-back. I wrote down “SEEK THE LESSON” where I will see it every day. Thank you for being so open and honest and sharing your wisdom and insight! I love the encouragement you give for the journey to a healthier weight and life and am so grateful that I found you. Love and appreciate you so much!

    Reply ·
  60. Isabel Fredricks

    Thank you!!

    Big HUG!!!

    Reply ·
  61. Lavina Blank

    Thank you again for sharing your heart! So good!!
    You are getting more and more beautiful as your hair grows out!

    Reply ·
  62. Maria Witty

    Awesome vlog! I always have believed that there is a lesson to be learned through every hardship, sometimes it’s obvious and sometimes you have to search for it. Thanks Susan!

    Reply ·
  63. Nancy

    I love the root symbol! Anything worth doing requires effort, work, reflection, and often suffering. Thanks for this vlog!

    Reply ·
  64. Ann Best

    You’re so awesome and inspiring! I loved your webinar this week and was inspired to start using Internal Family Systems in my psychotherapy practice. I’m glad you’re feeling better. In case it is a helpful resource for you and/or your family, the Unitarian Universalist Church ( ) does not have a doctrine and encourages its members to develop their own belief system, so it is a way to belong to a religious community while also being grounded in your own personal, evolving, belief system.

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  65. linda Yuncker

    Wow, Wow, Wow! Thank you Susan for putting into words those wordless moments in our lives that we have not yet created a new narrative around.
    Thank you for sharing so openly about this dark night of the soul!
    Thank you for cheering us on as we stick through the suffering and come out the other end…the knowing with every cell in our bodies that it was worth it.
    You are a compassionate companion along this wild toad ride of life!
    You are greatly appreciated!
    With much love and big hugs!

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  66. Margaret

    Thanks for this Vlog. Your face is radiant with the Joy of Peace. If you have been with someone or something for enough time you grieve. That is what I believe. I have been affected by grief and I have sat in it . I have come out on the other side knowing what I believe in. To hear you say this knowing your Educational Background gives me comfort.

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  67. Monica Dean

    Thank you for this vlog. I have suffered during this journey. I think we all tend to hide our suffering and the hurt that comes with it. But I know I’m a better person now than I was when I started. All that pain and the valleys have made the highs and aha moments so worth it. Love you too Susan. You’re the Best.

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  68. Ann Crawford

    Thank you so much for this vlog . It has given my perspective on my suffering. I was mad at myself for always breaking my bright lines that I stopped my master mind group, stopped committing. I had to come to a point where I had to commit to myself that I wasn’t going back to my old ways. That bright line eating was it for me. I’m still working on it but I still stay close to my group of one line support. I’m not committing my food but I have kept my lines bright so far. I have to do this because I want it for me. I’m learning to make this my way of life so far it’s working. I’m not isolating myself totally but I know where my support is when I need it.

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  69. Stefi

    Beautiful vlog 😘

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