Lean Into the Bright Lines

The seasons of life cast different perspectives on the Bright Lines, and in this week’s VLOG, I share a key lesson I learned this past week as I traversed my own Bright Line Eating™ journey. It’s made all the difference.


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  1. Jane M Baddoo


    I am a 72 year old obese RN. I have followed you since 2014 in a very peripheral way and 12 weeks ago, I started the 14 day challenge. Now I am so very humbled that I finally quit standing on the sidelines and took the plunge because I can now see a bright future for me and my improvement in health, energy, and the biggest motivator of all weight loss.

    A brief history: Unlike so many others I was slim and very energetic for many of my early years but working in hospitals on busy floors caring for 5-6 sick patients daily pulled me into reward eating. I deserved a treat because I had survived another very stressful day at work. For many years I was conscious of need to lose weight and I see-sawed up and down. (I even have a picture of me at about 40 years when I succeeded by using strong willpower and got to my goal weight of 120 lbs. hanging on my refrigerator right now.) But now I started your challenge at 182 lbs. I would tell myself that this was at least better than the 197 lbs I weighed six years ago when I learned I was obese according to data on internet and I said this is enough, but underneath fearing I was heading right back to that weight. I had all the symptoms you discussed in your videos. Nothing helped my lethargy, back injury pressure from carrying too much weight and years of lifting heavy patients.

    Also, in those years of being aware of my need to lose weight, I looked around at others and especially those who were so morbidly obese it inwardly made me cringe, like the 750 lb man who had to have a special bed, special scales, and even a special MRI for his obesity. Then I began thinking what if that was me, how would I feel. That and noticing the great increase of diabetes over my 40 yr. nursing career gave me a strong desire to help people suffering from the hopelessness of obesity. But I felt, paralyzed due to my own weight problem and so I shelved my dreams of helping others with faint and dying hope that something would come along to help me lose my weight. Soon, I will be able to start helping others without worry that they are rightfully thinking, she wants to help me and she can’t help herself to quit eating the wrong things.

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  2. Sheila

    Susan, I love you for being you. At times life throughs you a curve aND we just need to sit back and reevaluate things. This might be one of those times. Peace be with you. Love yourself

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  3. Vicki Hart

    One thought I had for the source of your discomfort is the life changing and unexpected level of success with BLE. Even though it’s a positive change, your brain is having to cope with this change. I’m certainly not an expert but I’ve had some struggle with positive change. One thing that comes from my struggle is whether I deserve the change (you likely won’t have that aspect due to your positive self talk) and another important part is that I fear losing all the new and wonderful changes in my life. May sound silly, but the more I achieve, the more I fear losing things, people, lifestyle, that my success has brought. Worth a share I think. 😉

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  4. Kate

    Dear Susan…I haven’t had a chance to read all of the commens so pehaps this was mentioned. I know we all have a tendency to want to fix it for you and others whom we love by offering (sometimes) unwanted advice. Other than going through menopause, which I experienced almost exactly like you are
    describing with the added issue of being unable to concentrate on anything in a very high powered exec job! But managed that and felt better until a
    few years later and experienced similar feelings. It wasn’t until I had a bladder infection that wouldn’t clear in the usual few days, that my doc checked for
    a vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D acts very much like a hormone. I was severely low. Severely…like single digits. Went on the repletion therapy and one day
    it clicked in and I felt myself again. It is something I take very seriously now…sounds so simple but causes all kinds of physical and emotional symptoms.
    Just sharing for you and anyone else who has never had their vitamin D levels checked and feel lousy…I’ll be on the webinar tonight! Happy weekend. XO

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  5. Linda Steele

    Thank you for your honesty and full disclosure. I am new to Bright Line Eating, right now loving the simplicity of the plan and learning the ropes. I have really hunkered down and tried to keep clean lines, and have been pretty sucessful, but I know from experience that life, and our emotions and inner dialog can throw us some curves. Your advice to lean in is brilliant in it’s simplicity, though not necessarily easy. Even something “easy”, when we are not feeling our best can be hard to embrace, but can be a point of stability until we find our footing again. You WILL get through this and will sort it out. I thank you, WE thank you, for walking it all out right along with us.

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  6. Cat

    Hi Susan, I hope to watch the video with you and Everett, but my evenings are difficult due to previous commitments. I’m going to try and catch Sunday nights, but am going to have to juggle as we’re having guests for dinner. Is there any way you could rerun the webinar during the day?

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  7. Kathy

    Movingly genuine! In a way it´s comforting to know that bright, smart, successful people can have these down phases too. Not that I wish them on anyone – it´s just good to know you understand. Wishing you well!

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  8. Sharlene

    Susan, I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t been feeling yourself. Please take care and I hope you feel better soon. <3

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  9. Anna Frahm

    Thanks so much for sharing. I think that just putting this angst to words is the best medicine, so to speak. You also, might be going through something physically that isn’t presenting itself yet. Keep listening to your body. You are a positive force.

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  10. Lex Baer

    Thank you for your gift to us of your vulnerability.

    As you were signing off, I saw your sadness sorrow depression grief exhaustion, and I grieved with you for a flash.

    Perhaps you know the story of a battle the Israelites were fighting. Moses stood on a hill above the battle. Whenever he held aloft the “staff of God,” the Israelites were winning; when he let it down, the tide of the battle turned against them. All was well until his arms got too tired. But then Aaron and another held his arms up for him, and so the battle was won. Exodus 17:9-12 (and 18:13-24 is interesting, too).

    Or the day after Elijah’s greatest victory, he was so depressed, he asked God to end his life. Then he slept. An angel woke him and fed him. He slept again. Again an angel woke him and fed him. And he went in the strength of that food 40 days to the mountain of God. 1 Kings 19:4-8 (and then 11-13 is pretty strong).

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  11. Suzanne

    PS: Eat more salt, have your thyroid and female hormones checked:)

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  12. Suzanne

    Susan, I get a feeling that you are approaching the BLE organization the way you used to approach food when you didn’t have food addiction under control. Why not delegate part of the job you do to others. I’m sure you have thought of this and it is difficult. You can’t sustain yourself working so much. Doing so much is unhealthy. Figure out what you do now and cut this by half or what is reasonable. I have told people many times the if I go from eating 4,000 cal a day to 1500 cal a day, I can lose weight. Thanks to YOU and BLE, I have lost 40 lbs since April 10th. Don’t burn out…you are loved SO much!

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  13. Shanda

    I think it’s an extended version of PECS, Susan. I experienced PECS after the Family Reunion, and I didn’t have the weeks of preparation, being front and center for four days, major travel issues, or having to meet and greet 400 people! Lol.

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  14. Jessica

    Dear Susan, I have fine-tuned my eating and have removed anything that is processed including any animal proteins as they contain a lot of environmental pollutants. I have focused on eating lots of dark greens and my energy level has increased tremendously. Have a look to see if anything you are eating contains any kind of processing and stick to super clean foods. ie: oil is processed, or anything that is in a box or bag etc.

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  15. Dimitrina

    Hi Susan, I remember you’ve mentioned you have an autoimmune condition. I would recommend Dr. Ballantyne ‘reverse autoimmune disease and heal your body’. She has had a lot of success helping people put their autoimmune disease in remission.

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  16. Mercedes (from Argentina)

    Susan, it would be strange if this didn´t happen to you. What you do requires a lot of energy! Compare your life to the times when you were a university professor! Take your time, read a lot, you need this now. You are not superhuman. You are Susan. I love you.

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  17. Merry

    I can’t believe no-one has mentioned the tumultuous uncertain political and ecological times we are living in. I know my anxiety is high, I’m very disappointed and unhappy about the state of the country and the earth. I don’t know what to do about this. Music and meditation help (and bright lines).

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  18. Julie

    Same as a previous poster, the webinar times are all at 1am or 2am for me. Is it possible to do one at a different time of day?
    Thank you!

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  19. Lory

    I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome. The thyroid and the adrenals are interconnected. When your thyroid is underperforming the adrenals pick up the slack and vice versa, but when they both are exhausted, you feel it. It’s a strange feeling by I cannot describe, I just know when it is happening. You have been running full bore for a awhile I would imagine. You might want to rule out adrenal fatigue. Lots of love headed your way…

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  20. Maggie

    I think one of the reasons I stick with BLE when all else has failed is how real you are Susan. It’s not a phoney baloney sales pitch… you are a real person on this journey with us. I know you know that the universe has given so many of us the gift we have been praying for for years… a way finally to become happy thin and free. Sometimes I wonder how you can persevere with this heavy burden of shining the light to so many in darkness. It is good to know that you struggle as we all do sometimes, it is essential that you don’t hide your struggles from your tribe. You are so very brave and strong. I know it actually feels like a burden sometimes to know you are brave and strong… sometimes that weighs heavily and we don’t like to admit that to ourselves. Sometimes we would like to be weak for a while, put our slippers on and let someone else shoulder the burden. I think it’s ok to go with that and I’m glad you are. You will get your energy back. Rest and be happy, your light will shine on for a while without your effort. Much love to you! (PS I’m half way to goal weight, 60 pounds lost and rezooming after a few months of going through tough stuff… didn’t gain, but so happy to be back to my bright lines. Enjoying a redo of the 14-day challenge – on Day 4!).

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  21. Pia Weyer-Liphuijsen

    Just i have to say i love you. and i am def. not alone, so from all of us a big group
    hugg. take your time.

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  22. Corinne Hardt

    Dear Susan, could it be hormone imbalances starting to rise up? I relate to what you are describing and have found great info and resources with Dr. Karen Leggett, MD – Midlife Specialist. Check out her website and FB page. She offers a great hormone testing lab resource, too! https://drkarenleggett.com/

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  23. Claire

    Thank you Susan for being up front and honest, this vlog will help so many of us. The example that you display means so much to me, I’m also in the challenge.

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  24. Margaret Churchley

    Thanks Susan for sharing. It is unbelievably helpful to the rest of us.

    Could you please publish webinar times for UK and European time zones?

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  25. Diane Norris

    Thank you for sharing your real feelings with us. It’s the part about you that is unique and honest that I love about you. Sometimes after a big, joyous time with friends and/or family, there is a let down for me and I experience a little bit of depression for a time. Almost a greiving process due to the fact that the wonderful time I had is over. I’m not sure if that’s what your experiencing or not but I admire you for doing your vlog with us and sharing even though you probably at times wish you could just skip it for a week or two. Bless you for your continued committment to me and all of your Bright Line followers even though you don’t feel that good. We love you and care deeply for you. Feel better soon and know that we’re here for you and with you always no matter what. Big Hugs.

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  26. Vee Clarke

    I think this is no wonder at all that you are in a pause of utter depletion. As exciting as all this is for you Susan, and your big life’s purpose, you are not super-human. Yes, you are a super human, but not super-human. You are sensitive (in the positive sense of that word) and have had to extend that constantly in helping others, to exhaustion. Not to mention leading the exploding opportunity that BLE is. You are pretty damn brilliant and talented and have tackled this enlarging and complicated beast so far, but being everthing is weighing on you honey. You need a sabbatical – a hibernation of your soul, to prepare for the next levels. To cope with any potential fears that you or the organization may not be up to your visions of the myriad of things BLE can ultimately be in this world and how many people it can serve.
    Do what you need to do for yourself. NOW. Your reaction is saying more than I need to stay in my flannels and read some novels for a bit. Your spirit is crying out for respite of a whole different order.
    The BLE machine is well-oiled and can coast for a while. Your spirit matters profoundly.

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  27. Jane

    Thanks for sharing yourself so honestly. It can be hard being in such a “funk” and not always have a sense of the reason why. Wishing you well in your pjs and slippers. Would love to be on one of the webinars but in my timezone all of them will be in the middle of the night – is there any chance of a recording? xxx

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  28. Abiah

    Have read that we in an unusual time with 3 eclipses in 30 days or some such thing…
    and had heard 5 planets retrograde roughly during the summer.
    Though I claim absolutely no understanding of these things, it feels like something is a bit whacko with one friend having both of their dogs at the vet hospitaI another friend having to have medical care, herself, for a cat bite, a third with a home plumbing problem, coincidence? Maybe, but just sayin’…

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  29. Claire

    Everyone else covered the bases that sprang to my mind…. Might be a weird “universal” thing going on…My daughter works in an E.R. and said this whole weekend was full of people coming in with dog bites, and we’ve both noticed our critters being very anxious and uptight-for no apparent reason like pain, lack of exercise or attention…Life is cyclical-that is for sure! And yes-you are coming off of a lot of changes and organizational things that you’ve had to keep spinning.
    Staying in p.j’s and hanging out reading on the couch sounds like a good treatment to me!
    Take care-and thanks for always taking the opportunity to try and dig out the juice of experiences and sharing your take on it.

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  30. Zippi

    Would it be possible to make a morning webinar too? All the times offered are smack in the middle of the night for me

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  31. Margo

    Possible hormone shifts related to perimenopause? Your state of mind sounds like mine when I went below a critical hormone level. I love that you have self compassion! That is my area of greatest need, as I have been told. My success today was eating all fresh acceptable foods in appropriate quantities with a few swaps because of schedule and interruptions, etc. No cookies, no ice cream, no baked goods, no chocolate or candy. If I can do it one day, i can do it two days… And on and on.

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  32. Sharon Van Doran

    Susan; Thank you for another Lovingly Honest V-log. I Love your compassion. Sending you Love and support as you go through this time and discover more about yourself. Than you for this Wonderful insight.. Keep giving yourself the self-care you neef with those awesome Bunny Slippers.
    Prayers and (((((((Hugs))))))) going your way.
    Much Love…..Sharon. ❤

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  33. Mary

    SPT it’s amazing how every morning on the accountability calls they have been incredible. I’ve thought to myself each day “wow SPT has been rocking these calls.”. It’s a clear example of you leaning into your Brightline’s and the program. It comes out in the compassion your speaking of in the vlog. You truly are the gift that keeps on giving even when you yourself don’t feel it happenignnfor you. This is also a great example of how service and support is a double win. Thank you so much!!!

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  34. Lynn Relaford

    I’ve seen the requests for applications for several positions in your company, plus the request for applications for a nanny. That alone is a huge change. Now there will be another person in the house, in your spaces. The children will have another go-to person. I would be wondering whether some connection with them will be lost. Seems like some of your most meaningful purposes in living are being outsourced, to some degree. Lots of changes to handle at one time and many routines being rewritten. Thanks for your honesty!

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  35. Leigh Haikin

    Thank you, Susan for your honesty. Hope you find a more comfortable path in the days to come.

    Love the LEAN IN to the BRIGHT LINES motto…..halfway thru my 14-day challenge and this comes at the perfect time.

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  36. Nicola

    Go with it – nothing on this earth is perfect. Consider doing the Jeffrey Allen course, Duality, at Mind Valley, online.

    Best wishes Nicola

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  37. Merrie Roberts

    Thank you, Susan, your words were very normalizing for me tonight and came in the knick of time. Praying we both travel into the new revelation soon.

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  38. Amulet17

    Re: Leaning IN
    Hi—one thing about YOU that is inspiring and uplifting, among many, is that you are strong and courageous enough to share the raw struggles. I find that if I talk about my success I set myself up to show a chink or two in my “perfection”. A failure or two is sure to present itself, or I creat it to be candid. Is being perfect all about not being perfect,? and just how perfect that is? You give a helping hand
    so, big thanks!

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  39. Bobbi Ewing

    Susan, thank you for sharing so openly. I have been having a similar struggle of late and I found it helpful to hear from you on this. Lean in to the bright lines…I totally get it now. Lean in, its the one thing that I actually can determine and control. Much love to you ❤️

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  40. Nancy Goss

    Thank you for your honest discussion of what you are experiencing. It seems like there is imbalance. . .maybe in the gut. . .or in the hormones. I hope you can achieve some clarity through testing or perhaps through doing something like bone broth for a couple of days. I wish you the BEST health!

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  41. Janna Voorhis

    Susan thank you for yet another tool to put in my arsenal of weapons against my addictive eating. My mantra ‘s have saved me, well nearly every day since beginning this journey.. Stopping to meditate and pray has also saved me. But this new idea to lean into my Bright Lines especially during stressful times is genius. I can see that this tool will be my lifeline and preserver when Life (because it always does) gets crazy and I’m most susceptible to my addictive brain. Thank you for your journey so I can be on mine.

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  42. Ronna Berezin

    One day many years ago when I in my husband’s office very upset at the breakup of our marriage and zi asked his secretary,”What do you do when your life is falling apart?” She sais , “My motber told me that in these times the wise course is to go back to step one.” I never forgot those words, ” Go back to step one.”

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  43. Valerie

    My thought is that possibly your success is making you feel empty, as in “I’ve done this incredible thing. Now what?” But others had great observations that may be more accurate.

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  44. Pam

    Loved this blog. Thank you so much for sharing the real you. It’s refreshing and inspiring

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  45. Margaret Terris

    Hiya Susan it sounds like an emptyness….busy busy busy…..no time to think …..🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶things can only get better🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶always look on the bright side of life🎶🎶🎶🎶take good care of yourself 😘

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  46. Jacqueline Huhem

    Thank you so much Susan for your honesty. Many of us out in BLE land fill like this here and there. Like you say it’s ok to be human and the lesson you just gave us in holding on to our bright lines no matter what was fantastic. Nothing is worth putting those poisons of flour and sugar back into our bodies. And weighing and measuring keeps us honest and sane. I love you for all you have done for us throughout this fantastic journey of life. Love you forever. Jacqueline

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  47. Bev

    dearest Susan, Check your thyroid values, Please I have Hashimotos as well. Sometimes if I get a flare it makes everything bleak and undoable. Blessings on your rest time as you recover.

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  48. Deborah t. Paine

    Thank you for being positive even when you might be exhausted and a little let down since the family reunion that you wored so hard on, is over.

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  49. christel vogel

    Hello dearest Susan, My heart dropped a bit at your angst and although I know these things tend to be temporary, it is still so very, very difficult. As a thought and movement leader and a dear person to so many of us, it must be so overwhelming to have these times, and yet here you are being transparent, again, with all of us. I still marvel at your openness and how much that helps the rest of us. You could so easily hide these things, and we would not know any different, or you could be very vague, but instead you have (again) chosen the courageous route: to tell the truth, to be real, to be yourself no matter what, to reach out to the group, and by your very vulnerability you show how genuine both you and your program are, which helps each of us who sees this to be more like this ourselves, and to show greater compassion to ourselves and others. I am so thankful for you, Susan, and am sending a huge virtual hug to you as you move through this time in your life rather than avoiding it. Many thanks to you for your bravery.

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    1. Norma Mendenhall

      Thank you. Christel, this is exactly what I would have said to Susan. I actually had some tears after listening to her because of how honest she is to all of us. Susan’s VLOG’s are what keep me going withBLE,

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  50. Uma

    you’ve worked really hard and gave out a lot; now you have to give to yourself. You are exhausted and tired. You want to snuggle in your pink pajamas. It’s natural. Yin, yang, in and out. Giveyourself a break. But don’t pig out; keep that one going. But get lots of massages and kindness towards yourself.

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  51. Rosalind

    Honeybun … you’ve left your church, you’re shifted house, you’re not part of the fellowship where it’s given away freely – back to basics hon, back to basics.

    How’s your relationship with your HP? Let go. Let God. Keep it simple. H.A.L.T You know this. You got this.


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  52. Greg

    My first guess would be that what you are consciously experiencing as psychological issues are really just symptoms of some sort of underlying physiological imbalance, and will spontaneously disappear once you correct (as in “functional medicine”) the underlying cause of that imbalance, which is probably nutritional and/or hormonal in nature. My own experience suggests that you’ll serve yourself well by finding a Naturopathic or other “alternative medicine” doctor to perform the right tests, interpret them correctly and recommend effective treatments. It is vitally important to make sure that our bright lines are not drawn in such a way as to unintentionally exclude certain important nutrients (such as vitamin B12 if we are mostly vegan) from our diets, keeping in mind that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all diet.

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  53. Stephanie Smith

    I blame everything on the heat and humidity. Don’t fill bad about hanging out in your PJs somedays mine stay on till noon.

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  54. John

    There is no audio!

    Reply ·
    1. R

      Turn on the speakers.

      Reply ·
  55. Stefi

    Hi Susan, feel better! Love ya back 😉😍

    Reply ·
  56. Missy

    Susan, have you considered the possibility that some of your ‘uncontrolled discomfort” could be related to peri-menopause?

    Reply ·
    1. Stefi

      I thought hormone

      Reply ·
    2. JJ

      I was wondering the same thing, having been through it. A trip to the doctor’s office for some blood work can rule out a lot of possibilities.

      Come what may Susan, I hope you refind your mojo.

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    3. Stephanie Smith

      It could be something else. She is not too old to be pregnant and that would explain some of her symptoms. I agree a visit to her doctor would be an excellent idea.

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    4. Chana G

      Exactly what I was gonna say… Either way stay safe as u navigate the waves of discomfort work your life vest…

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    5. Kitty

      Yes, this was my very first thought.! It may be the beginning of a few challenging years, but it’s totally “normal” – whatever that is????

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    6. Ruby

      Check into a failed root canal, I spent months feeling that way and once the dental issue was taken care of I felt like a whole new person.

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  57. Emily Neblock

    Dearest Susan –
    It’s been my perception that life is about these weird-is waves of contrast, and sometimes these things happen because forces of destiny are just making their way through you, and rocking your boat on the waters. Also I think a lot about the planetary cycles and cycles of time and change in our lives and biographies, and having mentioned that, one tiny (big) thing on that note is that you are about at the half way point in your second “Saturn year” on this beautiful earth place. Not saying it’s only that, of course, but it’s a little fun tidbit. These things are just so mystical and have a life of their own. I wish you lots of beautiful breathing and trusting and moving onward with peace and centeredness.
    Just some quick thoughts I wanted to type out,
    Love so much,
    and missed you this year at the Reunion,

    Reply ·
    1. Emily Neblock

      weird-ish* :-p

      Reply ·
  58. Leslee

    It sounds like one of your parts or more are giving you some challenges. You should give Everette a call and discuss this with him if you haven’t already.

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