Time Takes Time

I recently celebrated 19 years of marriage, and in this week’s vlog, I reflect on the wisdom that comes with the passage of time and how this relates to your Bright Line Eating™ journey.


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  1. Pam

    I started BLE a year ago 8/26/17. I did great for 4 months ; lost 31 pounds. Then I thought let’s see if I can add in all the food again. Bad idea ; I really struggled to get back on track. I tried several unsuccessful attempts. Finally on 8/23/18 it was time for my yearly blood work for my thyroid. My cholesterol is 257 and my heart risk is 6:8. It scared me. I started BLE on 8/25/18. I know I’m new to it but I’ve done great for 6 days. I so needed to hear this vlog. I will cherish the beginning and enjoy the journey. I love Susan , thank you for your kindness.

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  2. Michele Metz

    So true.
    Thank you so much.

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  3. Christol

    Thank you Susan. I am only 7 days into BLE and got a bit discouraged when the scale went back up today a little bit. This video helped me put it in perspective. Life is not a goal, it IS a journey, and BLE is part of my journey. A big part that will help me acheive and maintain ly goal weight. Thank you.

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  4. Carole Rinas

    BLE is the VERY FIRST ‘thing’ in over 40 years that has enabled me to lose the weight and ‘learn to live without the focus on food’ . ‘Bright Line Eating is NOT a diet, it’s a lifestyle.’ Even though I haven’t reached my goal yet (almost there), I have settled in for the ride and am here for life. I cannot say THANK YOU to you Susan Peirce Thompson enough in my life! ‘It is worth sticking around for the long term in Bright Line Eating.’ This whole video was quotes for who I am now! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU xo

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  5. Gail Anderson Edwards

    Thanks so much for this reminder. The timing was perfect.

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  6. Sherill Roberts

    This makes me think of the parallel between BLE and marriage. The beginning of BLE is sort of like falling in love. Maintenance is sort of like marriage. Making it work day by day without the beginning rush of weight loss/new love – that’s what I like to hear.

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  7. Dianne Jackson

    Best wisdom message ever!

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  8. Jyoti

    Thank you so much for this blog, Susan. Out of all this one takes the cake for me. It is soooooo spiritual and deep. Very very thought provoking indeed. I thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

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  9. Jennifer Hennig

    We have so much in common! Our 19th is coming up too! On September 9! And I grew up the same, for me: not really believing in marriage. It’s a commitment for life and no one seemed to get that… until I met people that did. Everything changed, eventually. Just as everything changed after I found you and bright line eating. Still fine tuning what works for me after boot camp last fall but my lifestyle has changed in a big way. Just as it did when deciding to get married. Still surrounded by many friends who’ve been divorced and suffer from dreaming of greener pastures. I choose to make the best of what’s around and you’ve helped me do that in a most revolutionary way! Just do it! Stick to your commitments and make them work for you! Thank you! You’re a blessed creature to us all💗

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    Susan, you are truly a gift. You seem to know just what we need and when we need it. Thank you.

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  11. Jamie Vincent

    Wow…so true! Feeling the settling in and softening in my BLE journey. So nice to not have an end…to be in for the long haul! I celebrated 1 year of BLE on May 31st and you’re right…I don’t feel the need to preach to others who are in their own struggles and journey, but instead offer reassurances when they seek it. So true in marriage as well…coming up on our 24th Anniversary on July 2nd. Congratulations on your and David’s Anniversary (my daughter’s birthday, so June 19th is a special day for me as well)! Thank you for this…very reaffirming!

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  12. Deborah Garrard

    I love the phrase ‘time takes time’ as well as the concept of ‘softening’ . . . . What a gift each of these would be in so many areas of life. Susan, thank you again. Be well and well-blessed as you continue to serve so very well.

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  13. Karin Allan

    Dear Susan, I have been on hundreds of diets only to find myself at the biggest weight ever once again ! I like doing the Keto diet because I have often lost about 20-25 lbs in about a couple of months, but it usually stops at this point. I get so discouraged because I still haven’t overcome the irrational desire to eat everything I see! I used to go to Overeaters Annymous (a long time ago), working the program…I did this for a few years and probably lost about 35 lbs at that time, until I lost my abstinence.
    If I see this Brightline Eating Program correctly, it sounds a bit like OA. Frankly, reading your emails has been helpful because being abstinent with problem foods has been assisting me as I try to keep away from the foods that trigger my overeating. I am not sure I can honestly do an “OA type program” again, but I am enjoying the tips and knowledge you have given me so far. As far as my eating habits go, Girl, you have me pegged correctly! Overeating has been what I call “the Beast” all my life, but Brightline might finally be the answer to retrain my brain to think like a “naturally thin” person does. I thank you for all you have done in this field. I may be joining your boot camp soon.❤️

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  14. Amy

    Where you say UM 10 times in very first minute lost listeners. Get professional speaking help please….

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  15. Janna van Leusden

    Thanks Susan. You always encourage me, time and time again!!! I must have soften a lot after 51 years of marriage..(lol) . Congratulations on your 19 years. God bless

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  16. Lauren Vollare

    Very nice. Thnx!

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  17. Tamara Kenner

    I love you Susan!
    Thank you for sharing!

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  18. scotty stumoen

    Dear Susan
    Day #1000 for me with BLE
    Have managed to reduce cholesterol medisin to null (so far) and am so grateful to you and BLE for this
    Am working on reducing blood pressure medicine
    Thank you so much for this program
    Congratulations after 19 years of marriage
    And a very happy birthday to you
    All the best from scotty

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  19. Lisa Winter

    Thisis one of your best blogs ever. This concept really resonates with me a married wife of 32 years. I will apply th ebb and flow of confidence over a long time to this food/weight/peace journey.

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  20. Kristin S.

    Thanks so much for your words of wisdom, your kindness, humanity, and beautiful heart! You’re an inspiration to many and have truly been a blessing to me in my journey to get into a right size body. It’s wonderful to have found a solution to a lifelong battle with my weight. Peace & love to you ~ always! And Happy Anniversary! 🙂

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  21. riadh ghanma


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  22. Arden Detweiler

    Thank you so much for your wisdom! I know from things you’ve said that this whole thing is quite a balancing act for you and your sweet family. Thank you for getting this approach into the hands of the “desperate”. Please thank your husband, kids and your parents for lending you to us. There is not another philosophy out there like this one. Today’s and last week’s vlog were monumental for me. So much wisdom. You are a great wife, mom and leader ! And so young for all your wisdom😊

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  23. Rhonda

    Susan…you are an amazing inspiration to me and my journey. You have a gift…thank you💙

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  24. Lynda Hahn

    Oh boy do I ever agree, it’s so worth every day!
    I simply loved the beginning, and it’s been a very long time for me too.
    I actually miss those early days seeing myself change into what I am today.
    Thanks my dear Susan, thanks xoxox

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  25. Ginny

    This is such a timely topic for me.. So much has changed in my first two months that I began to think what will it be like in this lifestyle change in a couple of years. I have the tools I need for a lifetime …..”The Whole Plan” to help me be the whole personfor a lifetime. I have lost 31 pounds in 2.5 months, my energy is so much better and my mind is remarkably clearer. I still have over 60 pounds to lose and so grateful for your insights and LITERALLY an answer to my prayer!💓

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  26. Claire

    Hi Susan’ I so enjoyed your words of wisdom, such confirmation as I’ve been thinking about my BrightLine journey since it has been just over a year and my initial stepping over – I savour that life changing moment in thought and it is such a big reminder, I’m so thankful to you, BLE and God.

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  27. Liz P.

    Susan, have a question about last weeks Vlog that has been on my mind all week…. regarding parts therapy and your food parts . Is your sabatour the same part as your Indulgent Part that you discussed so much about ? I’m very familiar with IFS and parts therapy . Your amazing and an inspiration to me . Thanks for being you

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  28. Regina

    As I travel this new journey I have felt so different and lots of I can not believe this. I look in the mirror not believing what changes has happened. I can not tell you how many different food programs I have tried with no success. This is the first time I have had something that works. I have gone from a size 22 to a 14. I am in a smaller body size from almost 40 plus years. I feel good and it is so easy, just a simply plan. I am not at goal yet, but just riding the journey. I am sure I will get there in due time. It has been an adventure to enjoy shopping for new clothes, I feel like I can buy younger looking clothes. I feel young again. Thank you and the people that stand by my and support my decisions. BLE has changed who I am.

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  29. Catherine Knight

    Thank you for these words of experienced wisdom. I am about 8 weeks into BLE, and I estimate there are another 10 months ahead before I will be in a right sized body. And I am impatient. But you are reminding me that the journey is the fun part: seeing changes on a regular basis, celebrating successes, reaching goals I never thought possible — etc. (I know this will happen based on all the wonderful clones of me who tell their stories!) And really, a year, compared to the say, 40 years I have been struggling with my weight – is just a spec of time. So, I will settle in and enjoy the journey. I will look forward to the “firsts” ahead with Bright Lines: first 4th of July, my first birthday first vacation in Greece, first Christmas, New Years – and I’ll have it all documented in my 5 year diary!

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  30. Narelle Cassar

    I sat here with a big smile on my face as you started as I could relate to so much you were saying in relation to marriage. Married 9 years ago on 20 June (my third marriage and my husband’s fourth!!!!). My parents divorced when I was 5 which was totally unheard of back in those days (I am 66). Third time lucky (ha, ha). Not just lucky but I have changed my life since BLE as I am a 10+++++ so great not to be bingeing and having the horrible, nasty reactions from sugar and flour. I am on day 626 and am maintaining my weight with the fantastic help from Marianne Marsh. It took me one year to get to my goal weight without breaking my lines once during which time I released 38 lbs (extremely slow loser, am vegan and I am vertically challenged at 4′ 11 1/2″ and 96 lbs). Thank you so much for your wisdom and openness. You are very special! Sending love and hugs xoxoxo

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    1. Stephanie

      Though she be but little, she is fierce.

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  31. Kathy Kester

    This is a great reminder! I’m just two months into this life changing journey and know it could take not months, but years to get to my right sized body. But I hadn’t thought about savoring this leg, or how the next leg of maintaining will have its own different kind of magic. I have been adding to a list of things I will be able to do when I am smaller, and those activities seem magical right now but in due time, God willing, I will be able to enjoy and explore them and for that part -I admit I can’t wait! Maybe it is better to say I look forward to that phase with great anticipation! Thank you, Susan, for your mission to share this lifestyle with us!

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  32. Lonae Cooper

    You are so great Susan. I love you.

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  33. Kerry Bowles

    Yes, I certainly needed to hear this today. I started to do BLE a year ago, and have limped from certainty to uncertainty, and it has been hard. No doubt. But my personal growth has been significant. Today, I feel more peace and commitment to my food plan than ever before. I was only thinking about hardness and rigid ness when I woke up today. So timing is correct, and my journey continues.
    Thankyou. Take care.

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  34. Marie

    I so needed to hear this today. You have taken away my guilt when I have squiggly lines. thank you. You are truly a special human being.

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  35. Jai Bee

    At the beginning of the journey we think there are things we will acquire at the end. Only when I am at goal weight will I have peace of mind, love for my body, better sex, promotabity at work, true love, a great wardrobe etc. This is why we want it to go fast. It turns out that they show up when we show up. We can acquire them at any point along the journey. So slow going is just as wonderful and rewarding as fast going in the world of BLE. The key is settling in to the journey and the Now.

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    1. Carla

      So true! I always think when I get to a certain weight my life will begin. Still on the journey!

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  36. Sara

    Needed to hear this today! Thank you, Susan!!! <3

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  37. Patty

    Just celebrated my 2-year ble anniversary! Have maintained a 90 lb weight loss for 8 months. I love bright-line eating!

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    1. Heather

      Wow Patty! That is fabulous. I read the book over the weekend and started the eating today. I am looking forward to being where you are. Thanks for the inspiration.

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  38. Cilla

    Thanks Susan for putting BLE into perspective so beautifully.

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  39. Kathy

    Oh, thank you Susan, just what I needed to hear. I was 14 lbs from goal weight and then have taken a 6 month semi-break I will call it because I have been doing bright line eating but half-heartedly and straying in a few ways thinking I could cheat the system a little. I gained back 10 lbs but have continued to try new things within the plan and feel back in control again. I am so committed to living in my right size body for life. I was feeling somewhat guilty that I could not just keep soldiering on to goal weight and maintenance. I have been learning a lot about myself as you say and working through emotional issues. This Vlog has given me so much peace and confidence that 6 months is not a lifetime or a failure but just part of the journey. I love you and hope this year’s reunion is amazing. I won’t be attending but am still connected and committed.

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