Lessons from 15 Years of Bright Lines, Part 2

In Part 2 of my “15 Years of Bright Lines” Celebration, I talk about keeping versus breaking the Bright Lines. I address questions like, how rigorous do we need to be in sticking with our Bright Lines? Is it a good idea to count days, or is that counterproductive? What’s the qualitative difference between stretches of time where we’ve kept our Bright Lines versus broken them occasionally? Why do we break our Bright Lines? (There are two reasons.) And finally, why do Bright Line Eating™ in the first place?


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  1. Liz palya

    Thank you Susan! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️I appreciate you.

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  2. Michele

    This is the best BLE blog, ever, in my opinion. Thank you so much.

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  3. Peg

    Thank you so much for your honesty and sincerity to help so many. You really are a Dr. who describes my experiences and struggles with food. Someday I hope to say I’ve kept the bright lines for. more than 10 days.

    You do not need to put this under comments but I’m thankful you’ve mentioned God more than once. I do want to share a website with you. There is a meaning for human life and I hope you enjoy this discovery.
    bibles foramerica.org.

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  4. Ann

    I love you too . You really pegged it today with the god thing and the parts work which speaks to me and I am reaching out to Everett. I am finding that even though when I travel, and follow my brite lines, I get a hang over which could be in the seasonings or I don’t know. The food revolution can’t be soon enough cause people don’t serve enough veggies and there is still so much hidden stuff in the seemingly simple food. I felt dizzy on the plane while returning from Omaha and threw up which has never happened in all the years I have flown. Ah well back home to my lovely routines and I will clean out the fuzziness in my brain.

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  5. Anne S Greenwood

    Thank you for this. I am one of those “lucky” 3s on the SS, and my husband is a 7. We both did the boot camp of Oct. 2015. I have had no trouble maintaining my goal weight ever since I got to it in January, 2016. My husband has never gotten to his goal weight, and has been slowly creeping up again, after losing 30+ lbs. I do the menu planning and most of the cooking and we write down the menus every night in the food journal. The trouble comes when he is in the kitchen doing the dishes, or when he comes out of his office to make himself coffee. He has gotten into habits of snacking, albeit healthy food, that he cannot seem to overcome. When you say he needs more support, I can see that, but it can’t seem to come from me because I lose my patience. I cannot know what it’s like to be a 7, and I try valiantly to support him, asking him if he is committed to his BLs before he goes into the kitchen, but it seems his rebellious little boy is going to try to get into the cookie jar if ‘Mommy’ is not looking. He is watching this VLOG and I hope we can come up with some new methods of accountability!

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  6. Lonae

    I watch your videos faithfully. It really helps me get my mind set to better myself. I am just sick sick sick of being fat.

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  7. Kerry Howarth

    Bazinga!! This from a “lookie-loo”!! Have signed up for the 14 day but life got in the way…still going to do it! You hit so many nails on their head for me today, Susan. Thank you for bringing the spiritual aspect into the mix, because I believe that for many of us, we try to fill that hole in ourselves – the one that’s longing for a deeper meaning in our lives – with food and other addictive traps. So, just thank you, and bless you!! <3

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  8. Katie Gates

    Thank you Susan, I’m mid-range (6-7) on the Susceptibility Scale and it was really wonderful and validating to hear you talk about the idea that how rigorous we need to be depends on our goals and susceptibility. I have observed myself being somewhat sloppy with my bright lines a year or so into maintenance, but I am still extraordinarily living happy, thin, and free, and I have the tools, framework, and the roadmap to get back on the road when I need that extra structure. I really do have several degrees of freedom to work with in my program, and I have thoroughly enjoyed the journey of finding out where my own individual boundaries and freedoms are. Your framework and support have been so empowering for me. I love having bright lines even though I don’t always follow them. Sometimes I struggle to feel a sense of belonging in the BLE community because I do things a little differently. Thank you for reminding us to do what makes us free, it feels good to hear you says that and to know that no matter what makes me free, I still have a home in the BLE movement and a spot under your wing. Xoxoxo
    Also, I’m so happy that you have removed some of the stressors from your life, you are seeming continuously more grounded and relaxed and it’s good to see you well and thriving. Much love to you <3

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  9. Rita

    Thank you, Susan! I am on Day 291 of BLE, and I am so grateful! Losing weight has always been at the top of my list, too. I have released 36 pounds and been on maintenance since January. I am truly free to be more available to my family, colleagues, and students! Thank you for this powerful vlog this week! I am going away for a girls weekend right before I reach day 300. I am NOT going to mess that up by eating NMF and NMD! It is about the people…:-)

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  10. Lauren Vollare

    Lots of insight. Thanks. In my experience, there comes a point after decades of bingeing when the bingeing metamorphosizes from being a coping mechanism for dealing with problems to becoming THE central problem. That’s the point I was at before entering BLE; I felt my life slipping away on many levels. Left unchallenged, I believe the addiction could swallow me whole.

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  11. Katie

    I am doing BLE and I related to the person who may go overboard at times trying to stick to the lines. The lines really help protect me from myself (I am a 10on the S-Scale) and so when stuff happens like the dinner you packed gets rained on and the food is ruined and the only thing you can find at the theme park that is BLE compliant is an egg and a plain, dry side salad for like 20 dollars, I stress that I am not eating what I had written down the night before and that I can’t eat two hours later to get the rest of my food because I would be out of my meal time. But the next morning I find that I did not parrish, and I am happy about the positive chatter in my head that has replaced all of the awful chatter that existed pre BLE. Thanks for always having a VLOG I can relate to.

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  12. Cilla

    Wow! This was PERFECT. I do need to do inner work.
    I have lost 55 lbs. and am maintaining.
    I am 70 this year and feeling the best ever.
    I love Bright Lines ~ my salvation.
    Susan, you are THE BEST!
    THANK YOU!!!

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  13. Barbara

    My favorite vlog ever. You touched on everything I’ve been working on to keep myself healthy and happy. I will rewatch this vlog often because it just speaks to me. Thank you for always sharing yourself along with your incredible wisdom. I love you too Susan!

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  14. Cathy Schubert

    Best blog yet! Indeed, God is near to the broken-hearted. There is NO condemnation to those who are in Christ Jesus. BLE’s journaling tool has been positively powerful in my life by encouraging me to settle down and pour out my heart to God. Details of food issues I once thought too insignificant to pray about are actually extremely important to me and to God. He reveals words of knowledge and wisdom to me in answer to my written thoughts and prayers. My journaling time has become a conversation of enlightenment! Draw near to God and He will draw near to you.

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  15. Tammy B

    Good video. I fall into the category of “looky loo”….. the BLE method wasn’t for me, however it DID get me to stop eating sugar and flour….for many months now. I don’t miss those two at all. I may come back to the program, but my “parts” are at war, and there is one part that refuses to write out a meal plan. Ugg… (I know that sounds like an excuse….)… just being honest. 🙁

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  16. Pamela Emard

    I love you too Susan.
    June 28, 2016 alcohol sober.
    Happening house boot camp participant.
    Goal weight 142lbs. Current weight 153.8.
    I love you too Susan.

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  17. Claire

    Susan-I am one of those who is hiding in the wings-and have listened to your astute and authentic self, read your book-and am still “fencing” partially because of the whole “support thing”….That sounds SO time consuming, vulnerable and “addictive” to me in another way..I’m so glad it works for you and many others…I just can’t envision myself commiting to another, calling for help (I don’t even have a celly telly), weighing, measuring…I’m just not there-at this time at least.

    BUT-your insight, honesty, integrity and vision for yourself and others is so inspiring, and helpful in its own way…. and I appreciate getting reminded over and over again that if you have the food thing down-you can show up for life-which is a wonderful thing…I look at these vlogs as a sort of” master class” in addictive behaviors of all sort.
    I look forward to your vlogs every week, and thank-you for your generosity in posting them for free.

    Life is a journey. I waffle on the weight thing because it is SO hard at age 60, being 4’11, and having low thyroid function. The “SO hard” makes it more consuming in a negative feedback loop, if I make the weight loss the focus…

    So in short-keep doing what you are doing!!! Even those who aren’t “in the fold” gain patience, insight, serendipity and always always-a sense of “Thank goodness I’m not the only one with this crazy brain!” That alone-is a huge relief!!! I can absolutely be in gales of laughter if I listen to what goes on in my head…”well-if I slice off an ounce of this serving and add it to tonights…or walk a half mile more or or or…”…We are a funny funny species. Humor-which you have in spades-is the ticket-always!

    So appreciate you as a human being…totally and completely! Do what you’re doing till the spirit moves you to do otherwise. It is of great value and service.

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  18. Sheri Morris

    This is my week five of BLE, and I have lost eight pounds. I have few cravings, but still have to be aware of when I am full. The weighing was a surprise because I wasn’t eating enough, except for oatmeal. The routines are comforting and most what I already do, especially the prayer and meditation. I am tired in the mornings and haven’t resolved that issue yet. My retired husband took over all the shopping and cooking duties, and my biggest challenge is working with food choices, although he doesn’t eat sugar or flour products very often and they aren’t in the house. The biggest change is NEVER eating between the three meals. Just having the absolute boundaries is empowering.

    I have been a member of TOPS for fifteen years and am only a few pounds from my original goal weight, but will check in my doctor to have this goal dropped fifteen pounds. Your Vlogs and information gives me the firm believe that this will work and I will keep the weight down to goal. Thank you for all the research and clinical explanations, all of that makes for powerful visual images and understanding.

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  19. Debbie

    I loved the vlog and needed to hear the last part. I’m one of those who get close enough to things to develop working knowledge -but not a deep understanding. I don’t want to do the same with BLE. Thank you Susan!

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  20. Suzan

    Thank you so much for this vlog! I’ve been experiencing a wobbly time, going through the dark night of the soul, routing out long held longings to belong, not be a spiritual freak because my multiple addictions have forced me (Thank God) to have to adopt a life based on spiritual values. So I have found myself selling out in a heartbeat to fit in by ordering a dessert or signing up for something I have no interest in and then wondering WTF did I do that for? Ive been thinking I should reboot my 14 day challenge and then go forward into the next step and become a bright lifer but not trusting myself to embrace it fully. This vlog spoke to ALL my considerations. And PS— I decided after 23 years of sobriety that I was so much more mature, I’d been in my mid 20’s when I came to AA and hey, I didn’t want to get drunk and party I just thought I’d like to share a civilized glass of wine. Don’t do it!! I started with that and it was so successful that I thought I can do this again tomorrow. But I quickly realized that normal drinkers aren’t thinking about that glass of wine they are going to have for the next 23 hours! It took me two years to get my sobriey back and I have many friends who never made it. Thank you for your authentic sharing.

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  21. Patricia Yake

    I am feeling confused about some of the last comments in this vlog about not following the program as written. We can not say we a bright lifers unless.we.follow the program as written. However, we are also encouraged to take the tolls that work for us and leave the rest. My interpretation is we are all frauds if we are not doin the program as written but marketing to enroll people is more flexible. I am open to feedback if I miss understood Susan

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  22. Theresa

    Susan… I have been watching you for 3 years and Ido not do BLE. I was not offended by the last part of your message….at all. I watch you for your insight, your truth and your science and I always look forward to Wednesday’s with you.
    Thank you for being you and for being here for all of us… Theresa

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  23. Juliana Leo

    I hear you on what has always been ONE of those things that I could improve in – was my Weight.
    Somehow it was also tied in with other things that I shrugged off – in Self Care.

    Whether it was in relationship, or job choices, or… fill in the blanks. I would PUT UP WITH things in all those areas; that was so against my personal integrity – for instance… entertaining a relationship that I KNOW is not good for me? I would PUT UP WITH scenarios. And in some cases, I would make excuses that I’m being to Hard or Stringent?…on myself, or the other person.

    This recently became Very Clear, when I met someone after 6 years of being single. He is Nothing like what I want. But I’m ‘tickled’ by HIS attention. About a week into our meeting, I am realizing just How FAR OFF my list he is for me…and decided to cut the time with him OFF entirely. During this time, I noticed my focus on eating, and personal endeavors got majorly sidetracked, and I became depressed, and unfocused.

    Whether it’s Bright Line eating (which I haven’t yet started due to having a recent injury that almost left me immobile)…yeah, I couldn’t even get to the store! LOL or whether it’s straying away from Personal Integrity –

    There is a Moral Code that I think many of us try to follow.
    It’s almost ingrain in us and yet along the way, we pick up this baggage? Baggage that can either damage us as a person, or enhance us. WE actually have the choice to decide Which do we want to Carry?

    I love what you said about closeness to God. I’m a student of the Bible, and have been for many years. And the more I know about HIM, the more I understand. Knowing God is not just a FEELING. It’s Information which firms up our Faith in Him. How else can we know anyone??? I certainly couldn’t know YOU, Susan….if it wasn’t for YOUR Videos, would I???
    So…IF you decide to bring God into the equation… consider what do you actually know about Him. Reading His Word really helps. 🙂
    Psalms 83:18

    And the best news is yet to come – His Promise to change the world for the better – Revelation 21: 4,5

    Juliana in New Jersey

    And yes, now that I have recovered from a serious fall off a ladder…I’m starting Bright Line this week!!!

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  24. Helen Spingola

    Whack job?? She’s the farthest thing from a whack job than some of those writing comments!!

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  25. Sarah Sobocinski

    She did it again every time I think that Susan is a whack job she has a vlog like this one bringss me right back into the fold !

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    1. Suzanne

      Hi I agree totally, this is most powerful one yet

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  26. Heather Hudson

    Susan, you certainly inspire me. Thank you for your generosity of nature, your honesty and integrity. You are a glowing example of how wonderful and committed a woman can be on her journey to be the best she can be and help others in their paths. God bless you today and always. Thank you once again. You glow!

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  27. Linda

    Good Vlog Susan, so much of what you said resonated with me. So much of your truth feels also like mine. Thank you again for your warm, honest and sincere sharing.

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  28. Linda Simons

    Thank you so much, I am on day 10. The fear that I can never eat flour or sugar, absolutely never has been my inner child rebelling. For you to say don’t let it have that power over me will set me free. I will take it one day at a time. Sugar has not been a big issue anymore for me in the three year weight loss journey I have been on. I have lost 45 pounds, still have ten more to go. This 10 days on the fourteen day challenge has gotten me off a year of the scales hardly moving. I have lost 8 people in 10 days. That is marvelous to me. Thank you so much. I wish I could afford the boot camp, but I am on a fixed income that says it is impossible. I never miss watching your blogs, or anything you participate in. You have finally given me the reason and the motivation I needed Again thank you so much

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  29. Roberta Walters

    I look forward every week to hearing from you. ….I love how real you are and how funny you the realness of your talk…..I would love you as a friend up close and I really really enjoy your wisdom and truth and honesty. ……most of all I can see the truth of what you say in my day to day patterns of trying to be on top of the journey of life…….. bless you. ……it’s the hardest to be the top dog cause satan knows if he takes you out we all fall to some degree…..you are a big target at the level you are…..I pray you much success and pure happiness and grand sense of love for you and your family. ……your walk matters to us all……thank you. …one day we will meet …here or heaven. …thankful for you

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  30. Ronna Berezin

    Thx for your recording. I still feel that the largerissue you deal with of which eating disorderisa subsidiary is OCD andthat when you find the roots and details of this more basic disease you will , if nothing else add a new dimension to your struggle !

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  31. Di

    Whoa… I feel like you recorded this for me (I am sure thousands of people feel that way…lol)! Thank you thank you thank you! If this is the case, I have been following BLE for 1 year even thought I am on week 2 in the AMAZING BLE BC!

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  32. Barb Grey

    Another great message, Susan!!!! I appreciated, especially, what you said about growth! I have grown so much along my journey with this food addiction challenge. (Haven’t we all, those who say “yes” to BLE?!?!?) How else would we have come to recognize the wisdom and truth in what you teach us?! We arrivied at the point of readiness and then we found you — or you found us (as was the case with me)!!! Now down 93 pounds since January 2017, I’ve been Happy and Free pretty much from the very beginning!!! I still have around 30 more to lose but I already feel Thin too! I feel simply AMAZING. At 75, I feel 20 years younger than my chronological age! Its’s rediculous how great I feel. Thank you. I love and appreciate you so much!!!!

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  33. Loidee

    Your truth is always so compelling, Susan. I really respect the way you broke down two types of compulsive eating: one in which people are dealing with the inner issues — ie using food as comfort/solace — and one which is driven by external cues or behaviours. I wonder whether there are food addicts (10+ on the SS) who have gone through the inner work so thoroughly, and have so much support to negate external cues, that they no longer need to be so fixated on bright bright lines? It seems as though once one has truly reached the heights of both self-authorship and self-actualisation (while always knowing that there’s room for growth and development and further insights) that food can become just a necessary, neutrally enjoyable and health giving life source. I have certainly had moments of epiphany during which I can see myself living in this heightened plane – a kind of Food Nirvana — but then stress or senses get in the way… still, despite my slips and falls, I do believe that becoming a ‘redeemed’ food addict is possible, and I thank you for helping me on this path.

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    1. Suzanne

      Hi Loidee,
      I have fallen many times and now regard my breaks to be my inner voice telling me what needs attention inside of me. Mary O’Malley’s book the “gift of our compulsions” has truly given me a tool to discover what my cravings are trying to tell me.

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  34. Jacqie Shartier

    Love you too Susan, your authenticity is so powerful! I believe I need the parts work and hope I can find out who it is that you’ve done that with. Much thanx and love for you dear LEADER!

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    1. Deborah E Hope


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