Lessons from 15 Years of Bright Lines, Part 1

This week marks the 15-year anniversary of the day I started abstaining from sugar and flour and eating three weighed and measured meals each day. This morning, I turned on the video camera and recorded the key lessons I’ve learned.


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  1. KT

    Thank you for your transparency and integrity. Hoping to make it to Bright Lifers trying to be as honest with myself as possible. Starting second week of boot camp.You are a gift!

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  2. Mayah McLure

    Fascinating! Your explanations are easy to follow and make sense.
    The Gideon Games – excellent idea!

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  3. Pia

    Wonderful Susan You do . .look Radiant!!

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  4. Pat Marsh


    I finally had an opportunity to listen to your vlog. It was excellent and very timely. I am on maintenance, having reached my weight goal during boot camp. I have been struggling with 3 – 4 pounds of gaining and losing. I want to get back to clean BLE. The Gideon Games would be perfect for me and so needed. Please let me know when the next games will begin. You are a wonderful inspiration and I believe a God send!

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  5. Annie Taber

    What a wonderful vlog! So many rich points and ideas that are easy to apply. I know this is a vlog I will listen to more than once. I am looking forward to the Gideon games starting and the opportunity to be part of a supportive team. As part of my accountability coaching with Susan yesterday this was something she suggested I listen to and that I engage with people who I can speak to on a daily basis. I agree 100% that the community is the greatest environment to be engaged with to succeed on this journey to HT&F.

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  6. Penny Dennison

    We are starting a Gideon Game, and have 200 participants lined up!

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    1. Susan Edge

      Someone texted me or messaged me today about Gideon Games.I have somehow lost the post…..where can I find out which group I am in and who is my leader? I live in Southeast Texas…Houston Beaumont region

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  7. Melissa Kerby

    Let me just say again: I love you. You are awesome, and agreed – gorgeous colors!

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  8. riadh

    i think gidion game is a needless pressure, that addicts can not handle

    the rest i just liked so much, thanks

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  9. Lara

    I just want to mention that not all 12 step food groups require 90 days of abstinence in order to speak. I belonged to OA90 Day for a little while. Fell off after 68 days! I’ve found Food Addicts Anonymous (FAA) to be the most loving and forgiving in respect to the abstinence rules; plus they have a great online presence. I love you, Susan, and will always be a Bright Liner! Wish I could afford to be a Bright Lifer! I’m a member of Highland House and I love my tribe! So supportive and loving.

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  10. Jeanne Smith

    Loved loved loved this! And beautiful YOU! Thank you for all you do ! Am interested in the Gideon Games especially since have been squeaky clean through Boot Camp and beyond! Please let me know when they post again! Thanks

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  11. Kerry

    When will the next Gideon Games be posted? I tried to get into this one, but wasn’t fast enough. I am a Bright Lifer – and I really need this!

    Thanks so much for all you have done and do for us!

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  12. Jill

    Hi Susan, you have provided valuable information for addictive eating and the first bite is the key in my experience. I have previously been a member of FA and relate to the concerns you share about having a voice and maintaining a sense of well-being. You have opened up the 12 step program concept in a way that is inclusive and enables participants self-determination within a supportive and enabling environment. Thank you

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  13. Anita

    The idea behind these games reminds me of what they do at Nerd Fitness https://www.nerdfitness.com/rising-heroes/
    Apparently the co-dependence is an important thing that helps you be more resilient and move forward.

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  14. Susan

    This talk was wonderful because it is that first bite. Because you are so right that first bite doesn’t make you think long term but it only takes that first bite is the trigger as I too am highly addictive and my addiction is food. Thank you for your always talking to us.

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  15. stephanie

    I’d love to know what happens after the 90 days. What I’ve learned about myself is that various “challenges” or games I join or organize with fellow BLEers on social media are really effective for me but once they’re over I tend to binge. It’s as if there’s so much effort given to having perfectly bright lines (I’m high on the scale, I need perfect) and that’s all spent or released when the challenge is over. The format of the Gideon games would totally work for someone like me except that aspect of it – that it’s a game with an ending. I’m assuming people can sign up again? But even with that, it seems like for many people the novelty would ware off for both those motivated by competition and by loyalty. Again, I’ve done so many of these, I’ve seen that trend in myself and assume there are many others the same.

    I SO SO appreciated the discussion about “that bite” and how the parts of the brain that know the undesirable consequences aren’t present during that one bite. It really is damaging to my sense of integrity and self-trust to do it, so it just feels really good to know that it’s what just happens in the brain. And that other people (other addicts) are wired the same as me. I really loved this vlog.

    Also – I don’t even know if anyone who works at BLE even reads these comments – but I’d love an option to listen to just the audio of these weekly vlogs. I’ve started to listen to them on my walks and I have to keep the video streaming, leaving the video turns it off. If I could choose to listen to just audio then I could navigate away from the screen (turn off my phone) and also not use the extra data streaming video.

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    1. Bright Line Eating

      Hi, Stephanie. Thank you for sharing your thoughts! We have been discussing the possibility of creating a podcast with the audio portion of the vlog. I can’t promise when it will happen, but it’s definitely on our radar and we look forward to providing the service to you and our community!
      Have a wonderful weekend.

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      1. Christine Row

        Love that you are considering re-broadcasting the vlogs’ audio content as a podcast! I currently listen to all of the bootcamp modules (audio version) and accountability calls in my car during my commutes. This would also be a welcome addition. Thanks so much for all the ways you strive to provide Susan’s insights and take care of us.

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  16. Yolanda V

    Loved the blog. You’ve put into words what I haven’t been able to grasp but it is so right. Thank you for coming up with the concept. You are brilliant.

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  17. Patricia Mardon

    I can’t afford bootcamp, I have done very well on my own. I have no support group and am not a game type person. That is the beauty of BLE and being able to make it your own and what works for you. I love the weekly insights from you and thank you deeply for helping me and so many others.I have lost 80 lbs and 20 to go to reach my goal loss of 100 lbs. Gratefully yours, Patty

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  18. Sheila. Salama

    I definitely would like to participate. I am in Sicily right now and have held out for 10 days but an slipping gradually . I hope to rezoom as soon as possible. Both my husband and I have had trouble getting the foods we normally eat . We both gained a few pounds and are very unhappy about it.

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  19. Sheila. Salama

    I definitely would like to participate. I am in Sicily right now and have held out for 10 days but an slipping gradually . I hope to respond as soon as possible. Both my husband and I have had trouble getting the foods we normally eat . We both gained a few pounds and are very unhappy about it.

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  20. Ann

    So great to hear from you each week and thank you for telling us about the Gideon games. I missed it the first time.

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  21. Jane

    Great vlog😃. You’re an excellent everything 😘

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  22. Jane

    Great vlog😃. Your an excellent everything 😘

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  23. Sharon Gibson

    A year ago I surrendered my eating to God. I started praying that He would direct
    me to a program suited to my body. Two days later He led me to this program. It
    helps keep me obedient to His will for me. God many times uses programs and
    people on earth to help His children mature in their faith journey. I always give
    Him the glory for enabling me to stay on program as I also incorporate anything
    that helps me stay on plan better. I praise Him that He so far through this program
    has enabled me to lose 45 lbs!!!PTL!

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    1. Lara

      I love your post! I, too, believe that God directs us to whatever we need at the right time and place.

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  24. sue

    this is great, and i would love to share it with my deaf friend. do you have transcripts available, or can you add captions to the video?
    thank you for considering this

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    1. Helen

      Sue, this vlog and all Susans blogs, are captioned. I appreciate Susan’s consideration that some of us may have hearing
      problems. She is a beautiful, caring person for all of us.

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  25. Sandra

    I completed the 14 day challenge and this is my first day of boot camp. I also received a scholarship, as I am on a fixed income and am 75 years old. Tired of losing and gaining, I am going to be reaching out for support. As Rosalind above, I am not competitive, but I also realize you are trying to stimulate a different “synops” in our brains. I love the no sugar, no flour way of eating . As for God in the picture, if he is in your life, and you have faith, you can do anything you put your mind to, but he has left the choice up to us. We have to respect ourselves enough to know that we can make the right choice, over and over and over. These things you propose are just helpful to us along our path. Thanks.

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  26. Lauren Vollare

    I love the concept of ‘stress bar’ and ‘support bar.’ That’s a useful image for me. Thanks.

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  27. Rosalind

    Dear Susan
    12 step programs to which you say you owe your life and recovery, are based wholly and completely on the willingness to hand our lives and will over to the care of God, as we understand him.
    You must know how completely and utterly, out of integrity this “brain” game stuff is all about. You advocate the FA (12 step)food plan.
    This is about you playing God
    And hooking people into more people pleasing, trying, failing, striving and winning; anything except “letting go and letting God”.
    What about “surrender and there is no fight”?
    What about “it’s about progress and not perfection?”
    What about the” maintenance of your abstinence is dependant on your fit spiritual condition?”
    I am someone you gave the scholarship to do the Bootcamp, so I know you are generous and kind and that you give a hand up to.
    But this Gideon game is tantamount to blasphemy. He won those battles because he followed Gods directions.
    I am not a big God person, although yes I am, in my heart, but Suzy, this is just all wrong, in my humble opinion.
    My sponsor would say not to get involved and it’s none of my business.
    And he’s right.
    And sometimes a girl just has to say what’s on her mind.
    Just saying.
    Much love, tons of respect, and please, pray and ponder on this.

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    1. Jana Warner

      Seems like you’ve taken the FA principles and slanted them to the point of being a kind of lone ranger. What Susan is talking about is in no way in conflict with any of the things you point out…it’s about support and fellowship grounded in committed community, and having some fun along the way. Humor and love and fun are a legitimate part of the journey just as much as totally turning our lives over to our Higher Power. The only exception to that would be if a person’s perception of their HP is that of a dour and sour master who never cracks a smile and wouldn’t like it if anyone else does either. Maybe, just maybe, is you who needs to pray and ponder this.

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      1. Debbie

        Jana, I love this response. Thank you for posting it.

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  28. Stefi

    Hi Susan, FANTASTIC VLOG! my brain does the SAME & I think its got “attitude” to boot!
    All you spoke about is SOO good!! Love the blue backdrop, dress, & hairband !! 🤗

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  29. Kim

    I LOVE that this idea is not motivated (at least not directly) by guilt or shame and that it’s ‘forgiving’ in that you can redeem yourself and earn positive points again the very next day! Kudos to you for starting (and staying on) this journey and best of luck to all of the prototype Gideon Gamers!

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  30. Vicki Newby

    I like the BLUE!

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  31. Tom Penrod

    WTG! You and BLE are a tremendous inspiration. I joined BLE bootcamp May 1, 2017, and have followed my bright lines without a break since. I have deleted 86 pounds and I am about 13 pounds from my BMI goal. I less today than when I graduated high school in 1977. Thanks for sharing I will have to join Bright Lifers so I can play the game.

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  32. maria celeste ramos

    Yes Susan go go

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  33. Bernice Foster

    I missed the game, but I can’t wait for the next one. Happy Anniversary Susan.

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  34. Lisa Afsharian-Wilson

    Absolutely loved this vlog!!! Thank you, Susan! I’m in Bright Lifers and will be on the lookout for the next Gideon Games opportunity. You look stunning by the way. xo

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  35. Chris Ward

    Oh my goodness! This vlog and your explanation of the Gideon Games is absolutely an answer to prayer! In June 2017, my new doctor told me I needed to lose 99 pounds. I have thyroid disease and was pre-diabetic, so I managed to wean myself off sugar during summer 2017 and lost 11 lbs by the end of September. I discovered BLE in September and signed up for Boot Camp on my 67th birthday. I started Boot Camp on October 4 into the beginning of December. Then I joined Bright Lifers. I had lost a total of 45 pounds when my pastor (also my “boss”) suddenly died on February 8, 2018. Since that time there have been multiple stressors, and I have not been able to get back to BLE on a consistent basis. I have been getting more and more discouraged that yet again I was going to fail in my quest for a right size body. I joined the Bright Lifers Facebook group, but I am really not into Facebook. I do not have a buddy or a Mastermind Group. But there is something about the small group and accountability aspect of the Gideon Games that really appeals to me. I am not competitive, but I am intensely loyal. Plus, 90 days is somewhat short term with a beginning and an end….and then I can start over again. This also greatly appeals to me. I am totally sold on no sugar, no flour…and another bright line for me is very little oil with healthy fats coming mostly from whole foods. Just knowing that soon I can sign up to be on a team gives me hope and a purpose! I am also 10++ on the susceptibility scale, and that first bite does me in every time. But my brain does the exact same thing you were describing. It was SO good to hear you express it in words that made sense. I am excited, and I have hope again! Thank you, Susan, for caring about your BLE family so much!

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  36. Nicole

    Loving the blue backdrop!!! You look radiant!

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    1. Patricia Mardon

      That is what I was thinking too, Susan looks so beautiful! Xoxo

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    2. Eileen Lass

      Yes, Susan is a Winter by color category and this color is perfect for her!

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