Physical Appearance and Identity

I have something exciting to announce in this week’s vlog. You don’t want to miss this one.


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  1. Caro Allgeier

    Good Lord… it’s your hair. You are perfect. Do whatever you like. xo

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  2. Darice Vanasse Barnes

    My first thought is: what is happening inside of you to have you feeling that you can let the warrior rest and return to a softer, more feminine appearance. Is it just that you are tired of the fight to get BLE to where it is, and now that you have helpers, you can now take the time to rest? Short hair IS often looked upon as masculine, so people tend to put upon a woman with short hair, all of the male characteristics that go along with appearing masculine. Is this a form of surrender on your part? Are you needing to feel less in charge and more nuturing? I just find all of the psychological things that are happening along with this move towards long hair fascinating. More so, because I am a woman who has had short, spiky hair for years, and am now in the process of letting some of it grow longer. I no longer feel the need to have my spikes..although there are times that I miss the spunky, spiky woman. I think I am finally at peace with accepting things as they come in life..weight loss or gain, illnesses associated with aging, the loss of family members. Perhaps it is a rite of passage into a new phase of life – for both of us. I am needing and wanting to be softer as I age. I don’t want to be an angry, agressive old lady when I grow up!

    Anyway, Susan, these are my thoughts. I think I have shared them as a part of a process for myself. Thanks for being present for me. If you choose to respond to this, would you please send it to my email? I won’t be coming back to this vlog to check anytime soon.

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  3. Laura

    Obviously a topic that has touched a lot of people. I want to say that aging, and the way it changes our appearance, is another aspect here that is so related to our identities. When you put aging together with weight loss… Well there is a lot to deal with in terms of our feelings about our selves and who we /how we present in the world. Glad to see you addressing this.

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  4. Jenny

    So, I’ve been watching for about a year. I’ve got the book. I follow everyone’s instagram who does BLE and am totally thrilled by their progress.

    And I know I CAN do it.

    But, I haven’t. And I haven’t for the reasons you describe: that my weight is a shield. It’s a shield from abuse, and it’s protective and it helps to shield me from unwanted male interest (to a degree).

    And, I’m not worried about giving up favorite foods. Or anything like that. I’m worried about shedding a body that has given me protection and comfort, and I’m worried about what that transformation means.

    So I appreciate this video, and I think it’s acknowledge with what I struggle with. And I think that acknowledgement has helped me to see where I need to work things through, giving me the confidence to begin.

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  5. Valerie

    I’m new to BLE, your comment about some of the feelings of security rang true for the heavy me. It was eye opening. I’m very sure the protection is the reason for my daughter as well. I really needed to hear this. It may be easier now that I understand the why. Thank you

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  6. Sundari Michaelian

    Dear Susan,
    I’ve always thought you are gorgeous in every way – inside and out. That said, I am really happy that you are growing your hair out. I think you will be even more beautiful. As always, thank you for sharing. Your openness is so wonderful.

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    l love the personal way you share your knowledge which so impacts many of us. as a person who looks absolutely so ridiculous in medium or long hair l disagree with your comment about short hair. l tune into people and find that you look less powerful in the long hair than the hair length you have not. energetically this expresses more in my reaction to you who you are as a presenter now. your longer hair makes me have to put in more of my energy to really listen to you. your power seems to have being diminished. of course it is your decision but like you said at the end….are you throwing away something?

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  8. Elisabeth

    Super vlog as always and for what it’s worth I think your hair is lovely right now.

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  9. Eileen Mitchell

    Susan I was traveling last couple of weeks and not online. My one comment is don’t cover up your hair with a hat. I love seeing YOU.

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  10. Pam

    You could be bald and we all would LOVE you!!! Thanks for all you do

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  11. Rosemary

    I just watch this and totally agree with everything you said I am one of the slow losers but when I look in the mirror I still see the big me even though in actuality I am a smaller me. It definitely takes a while to adjust to the new outer shell of the inner self

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  12. Jacquelyn Shah

    As a woman in a male-DOMINAGED (that’s dominated + damaged) society––Short Hair = Iconoclast and Long Hair = Conformist.
    Too many long-haired women now. How sad.

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  13. Lynn

    Susan, I can fully relate to the short hair, long hair path you spoke of. I’ve been doing the same thing since I was 13 (I’m 43 now) and have been growing out my hair for the last 3 months. Hat’s and hairbands for a couple years! I have just begun researching food addiction and am currently reading your book. I’m finding I’m so very afraid to try the program. So afraid, I’m nearly frozen and then feel my breathing tighten up. Anxiety attack anyone? I should go eat something, a lot of somethings…. I’m afraid to fail, afraid to reach out, afraid of upsetting my husband and, I think, afraid of succeeding. However. Your testimony inspires me to my very core. Thank you for being so candid, for choosing to walk a different path. Thank you for working so hard to help so many others. I’m afraid, but I’m inspired and I’m ever hopeful. I just need to choose a date to begin and get connected. I hope to meet you and thank you in person one day! And, I’ll be Happy, Thin and Free, when I do!

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  14. Sora

    Just be you. Everyone else is take n. —Oscar Wilde
    I created you and you are. —-God
    It’s irrelevant what others think.. ——Me

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  15. Sora

    Just BE YOU. Everyone else is taken. —-Oscar Wilde
    I created you. You are perfect and you are mine. —-God
    Let go of what everyone thinks and spend time with God to find the you beneath all the layers —— me

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  16. Joanne (Jo) Dolan

    Susan, everything you said about short hair/long hair is true in my world as well. You do look very different with long hair. And, hey! You introduced you kids (very cute!) but you didn’t mention your husband.
    Anyway, I’m in between wanting long hair and short hair. Maybe watching you grows out it’ll inspire me to keep it growing! Thank you!! Joanne

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  17. Debbie

    You are a special person, hair or no hair……………You have a special place in my heart no matter what you look like! I am sure gonna miss bright lifers due to some financial stuff in my life right now, but will continue to follow your blogs each and every week.

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  18. Mercedes (fomentar Argentina )

    Susan Peirce Thompson, you are awesome. You have my permission to grow your hair. I love you.

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  19. Karen Wilt

    You look so great in short hair!!! Long hair doesn’t do you justice. Keep it short; you can wear it. Not many can. Of course, we all get tired of the same old, same old, but your facial features shine in short hair. I’m growing out my hair right now and I really don’t look good in long hair anymore, but I’m 68 and my hair is still nice and soft and it does feel good being long. My main reason for doing it is to be able to wear styles that are swept up and back, with tendrils, plus, in the summer, it’s actually cooler up than having a short, thick cap on my head. As for your comments…all good. I also see being fat as having your own built-in botox. When you lose weight, and you’re elderly, you tend to develop way more wrinkles and saggy skin. That, I’m not looking forward to. I just listened also to your adiposity vlog. Wow! Great information and something that I’ve been finding out on my own in the weight loss journey. I seem to hit plateaus and then all of a sudden I realize that the spicy, complicated food I get into (even though they’re healthier recipes and from people like Katie Mae) are too complicated for my system as it changes. I prefer simpler food. Not only is it better for my digestive system, but it’s easier to make and I don’t really want to spend so much time getting into all that food prep stuff. I hate to cook to begin with. But simpler is better and you’re right again when you say that you do get more used to eating bland and simple, the longer you do it. I love your vlogs, even tho I don’t get them in my email anymore (I must’ve done something wrong), but I can still watch them on my YouTube channel and on your site. Thanks so much for all you do and for setting me on the right track. God bless all you do!

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  20. tracey

    Yes shut up about your fucking hair. You are a OCD nut job. Look at your hippie dippy upbringing. The fact you left your babies alone in a cabin on a cruise ship so you and David could rent a ship to shore phone. You could not stop freaking out about a mint on your pillow. Had to phone friend to talk you out of it. “David was saving mints up for the drive home”…All these years you have such a terrified look on your face. JUNKIE WHORE with drugs, pills, sex, booze now addicted to food. Get real therapy for “ME TOO” face your real issues of abuse. Now telling people Do not even a baby carrot if not weighed. You are the most miserable ,sad, depressed, crazy person on the planet.

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  21. Jeannie Greutert

    You are too cute!!

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  22. Marisa Chavez

    This is very true about our heavy self I’ve lost 30 lbs and look at pictures of myself and ask myself why did I keep myself at that weight, I ask myself because now I’m having a difficult time staying on a healthy way of eating . I have 50 lbs to lose. What I’m learning about myself that staying heavy keeps me from any relationship like a protection. Forty years ago thinner, younger, attractive I was rape. Mi have an empty nest 4 grandchildren and retired. So yes in my mind the unhealthy weight has protected me but this is not a healthy way to live my life. With pray and guidance I can live a healthy life. God doesn’t want us to live our lives in fear. I need to trust in Him.

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  23. Sue T

    Susan, this was a great vlog. My life is a sharp divide of before being sick and being thin and after being sick and becoming fat. I have Prednisone to thank for the remission and the consequences. BLE is the only thing that has worked at all. I haven’t lost wt but have lost inches and 1 pants and shirt size. There are 2 distinct me portions of my life. Going back to thin me is something i have long sought but i shouldn’t run away from heavy me as she has weathered many storms and is stronger than i think. Good food for thought!

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  24. Linda Pangrle

    I really like your short hair. You look cute and lively with it. Long hair is over-rated.

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  25. Aimee Schwartz

    Yes, beauty is from within, but I think your face is more attractive with short hair.

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  26. Louise Mann

    Hi Susan. Nothing superficial about this vlog. I admire you so much, that you are willing to be open and real. I connected with this vlog , firstly about throwing my larger proportioned me to the crocodiles, and secondly about how I feel much more self conscious in a smaller frame. Thanking you for being so real about many things, and sharing your knowledge with us.

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  27. Linda Montsion

    Thank you for this. I wondered why you always wore a hat. Your hair is beautiful.

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  28. Joanna Free

    Susan – I am sooo grateful you did this, and took the time to dive deep on this. For you, it’s hair length. For me it’s accepting my aging and how I look on camera now. And what to do with that. I’m letting my gray grow in… and everything is changing with that. I used to have long, dark brown hair. Now my hair and even my skin is getting paler. Who is this woman looking back at me?

    The reality is, as women, and as professionals, too, we are scrutinized, and assessments are made of us – of our competence, approachability, our badassness, our presence in the world (and relative value, unfortunately) – based on our appearance. So, like you, I consider things like this.

    And I have an additional variable: I have an alter ego for some of my teaching, a character I’ve created to help make difficult conversations more fun, for both those I speak to/teach and for me. So I debate sometimes about how to show up in public, and in teaching and in video: do I do this one as me, and as dress casual me or more dressed up me, or do I do it as the alter ego, and the same questions for her/that, too!

    So it’s great to hear you give voice to this process – thank you!!

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  29. Diane

    Alright already….you are very lucky to have hair to make decisions upon!
    Many women, and men aren’t that lucky after chemotherapy. What would you do then?
    Go the wig route?

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  30. Natalie

    Omg by far this is the best blog!! That is a huge reason why I wasn’t successful anytime I tried to lose weight, I didn’t want the attention the weight loss would bring. Now that my mindset has changed I am the only one who controls me. I absolutely loved this episode!

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  31. Renata McFadden

    I love how you share changes in your life and bring it to some message regarding BLE and our journey.

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  32. Kate Dashiell

    Hi Susan. Thank you for this. I’m between coloring my hair and accepting my now-white hair as is. I’ve had my hair colored for more than 30 years. In 2008 while I was still working full time in a midtown location, I went white and really enjoyed the look -(and the time and $$ savings) but I felt vulnerable to purse snatchers when I walked on the street to shop or lunch, so I went back to having it colored. I also noticed other drivers treated me like a motorcycle even though I was driving a Volvo – with no respect. I retired last March 2017 and have decided again to go white. My hair stylist is doing his best, but as I lost 35 pounds in BLE I also lost hair by the handful, so it’s precariously thin. I figure not coloring might make it healthier (I’m also not losing weight at the moment, though I’m about 30 pounds from goal and plan to resume soon). In the meantime I’m sort of blond with shiny white roots. I’m in a TA group and no one said anything until I mentioned it – then the therapist asked about the change. I’m in the group for permission to live beyond 77 years of age (my mother died at 77 and I turned 77 this March). I’m still getting permission to live and in the meantime this vlog alerted me that a part of me is assuming my mother’s appearance – she never colored her hair and it was silver when she died.) I am still surprised at the difference hair color makes in the world.

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  33. Shanda

    I just think it’s cool that we get to go through this transition period with you, Susan. I think your hair looks adorable here, and I like it much better than the hat. I don’t think the growing out process is as bad as you think. You look great with your hair at any length!

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  34. Jacke Schroeder

    I felt sad when at the very end you said we won’t be so superficial next time. For me, the topic is one of the deepest there is and one of the deepest I’ve heard you discuss. I was sort of hoping you might share more about your personal connection with the deeper aspects of your vlog. Appearance for many fat girls is such a conundrum. Fat to be safe yet everyone can see the mishagas. The soul of the fat girl no longer in view doesn’t mean she’s not here so I loved your emphasis on appreciating her and letting her be. Thank you.

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    1. Susan Peirce Thompson

      You’re so right—I didn’t mean that part was superficial. Just me talking about whether to grow out my hair. 😘

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  35. Kimberly

    I love the length you have now because it is still short and bad ass , but also pretty and feminine. I appreciate you bringing up the change in our external persona and what that means both in terms of the way we see ourselves and even the way we are treated and the way we interact with the world (how the world responds to our presence) it’s interesting. I’m a smaller woman with a large personality and when I put weight on I feel like people perceive my persona as a bit much but since Ive dropped the weight people seem to be more tolerant of my big personality . Whether it’s right or wrong or fair…nonetheless our interactions with the world change in meaningful ways as our bodies physically change and it can be an adjustment and one worth acknowledging I think!

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  36. Denise

    Actually, I think your hair is super-cute at this length!! But, it’s your hair—you get to decide what you want to do with it….end of discussion! 😊 Enjoy it!

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  37. Jane Rosen

    I love your hair with its curls beginning to show. I’m a curly girl too, and only recently have found products and people who know how to care for my curls . I’m growing my hair out right now as well, and my hairdresser has been brilliant in trimming it up every four or five weeks to keep a shape that suits me and allow my curls to grow to the next stage. I love DevaCurl No-Poo which cleans and babies my curls without detergent. Have fun and play with every stage of the growing-out process.

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  38. Nancy G

    Hi Susan – hair good either way – you are a beautiful and warm presence with both.

    Interesting comments about how we treat our heavy selves…very important I think. I have lost and regained my weight many times. Currently down 20 pounds or so and hoping to continue – slowly and steadily. What I have noticed is that I have very mixed feelings about a great deal of emphasis and compliments coming my way when I lose weight. It makes me think – “oh so you thought I was really ugly before” – and doesn’t make me feel very kindly towards others or my former self. In fact, I think it may have contributed to my sabotaging and regaining weight in the past. I am trying to think (currently) that I am making a choice to be healthier – and that this is about longevity and ability to be physically active – and not just about fitting into a certain type of dress and/or image. So, maybe that will work…this is complicated stuff, as you know! Thank you for the many practical tips and the scientific analysis you provide – very helpful. Regards, Nancy

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  39. JM

    This vlog made me cry. I like the science behind BLE and I see that it works. But I’m not doing it for one simple reason: I’m scared of being thin. After reading some of the comments i decided to pray on it.

    I said, God, I’m carrying a lot of people’s burdens and i don’t know how to put them down.

    A little voice inside me said, it’s ok to say no.

    Then i said, ok but I’m actually really scared of being thin. I’m scared that you won’t protect me and I’ll be abused again.

    A little voice inside me said, I know you’re scared but i can protect you.

    I said, let’s face it, God, i love food and i love being fat.

    The little voice said, I love you regardless. (That made me cry.)

    I sat there crying and the little voice said, You could lose 50 pounds and still be fat.

    That made me laugh. It’s true, too. I could lose 50 pounds and still be fat. I don’t have to give it all up at once. Fat Me is my favorite me and i don’t reject her or everything she’s been for me. Even if i do embrace this path… I don’t have to give her up just yet.

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    1. Susan Peirce Thompson

      So powerful. I’m glad you have such clear access to the voice inside. It takes courage to access it. ❤️❤️❤️

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  40. Barbara

    Wow how nice you look with this hair, dear Susan! Feel free to show it in all stages, guess you look beautiful in all of them!

    I always thought it to be important to engage in loving yourself, buying some nice clothing before weight loss. And loving the transient stages as well. I am grateful for your work and those vlogs!

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  41. Kate

    Hi! Since we seem to be voting; I like your hair the length it is NOW! Frames your face nicely,and looks like it would be easier tocare for than long hair. Looks balanced. Your face is your treasure, and you don’t need long hair competing with it.

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  42. Melanie

    What a great V-log! First thing I noticed is your hair is longer. I had no idea that was the catalyst for your topic. LOL!

    I come from a family of morbid obesity. More than 25+ years ago I lost 60 pounds. I took 1.5 years, but it took even longer for my brain to register that things were different. My BFF said it was 6 months before I accepted that I was much thinner. Even today I live in fear that what I’ve been able to maintain will be taken from me. In a lot of ways I still think like an obese person, and yet most people look at me and only see thin. Sometimes I wonder how much of that was programmed into me by my obese mother; not to place blame but to identify the origin of the fear.

    I loved you short hair. It was edgy and sexy, and very much went with your personality. I understand being ready to make a change and I look forward to seeing the end result.

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  43. Rita Griebel

    A little over7 years ago I had breast cancer. When asked if I was interested in chemo and was told it should add at least 5 years to my life, I said “yes” My family has cancer in our genes. Have 2 sisters and 3 nieces that have had breast cancer. The first niece was 38 at the time, now 64 and going strong. I decided after losing my hair would let it grow. It is now more than half way down my back. It is a reminder that at 84 I am still going strong.I do all/most of the outside work (husband with alzheimer,s) and living on a farm means more work for me outside, which I love anyhow.. So there is often more than one reason to let the hair grow.

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  44. Crystal R. Frank

    Hey Susan! Tickled with this vlog. My comment is to do it while you can. I’ve always been a fan of long hair, but now in my 60’s, I’m finding the changes like thinning hair and the gray is coarser (not that I’m gray! I’ve been coloring for years) and won’t lay as nice as before. So on New Year’s Eve, after numerous treatments and conditioning, etc. had my hair cut to a bob… know, to the chin. Not thrilled, but at least it looks a little nicer than before, not as ‘witchy”. So I say do EVERYTHING while you still can. Life ain’t for sissies.

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  45. Marcia

    Good morning! For MANY years I had long hair and LOVED every inch of it! I did it for myself, just like the makeup I enjoy wearing, it’s for me, it makes me feel like me which makes me happy. I’ve had it short and loved it, but I always seem to revert back to long. When we moved to Nevada about 10 years ago, I arrived with short hair. Time passed and finances became worse. I’m at the point that I get one hair cut a year (short) and let it grow until I can get it cut again. It may sound strange, but I actually enjoy the process! I really hate looking the same all the time…boring! So with this new routine, I can look different frequently and it makes me happy! The journey has made me appreciate all stages and for that, I am thankful. Often when life isn’t going the way you want it to go, too much time is spent on obsessing over all the negativity. I’ve discovered a way to enjoy something new and look forward the the process! About makeup: when my (incredible) husband and I started dating & he took me to meet his family, his Mother was shocked to see me walk through the door. The next time we were together, she commented that I was the first girl he had ever brought home that wore makeup & fussed with how she looked, it was a real surprise and it made her smile! We got along beautifully and I miss her so much, but she gave me the gift of the most incredible husband, ever. We will be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary next month and it just keeps getting better each day!

    PS: I’m not a fan of the hat either – different styles of hats, yes, but just one, boring! Take a chance and add something wild in the mix!!! It won’t hurt, honest!

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  46. Susan

    I’ve been BLE for 11 months now and lost 40lbs. Hubby has lost 45. I learned about you from a medical doctor friend who I know from another community I’ve been part of for almost 4 years called Dressing your truth – created by Carol Tuttle. I keep thinking how much you and she should connect. Her program is very healing and prepared us, and many others, to be ready to make the changes to finally lose weight. (My husband says he’s never had a right sized body his entire life – whereas I did, but gained over time.) Carol helps people identify their type – aka energy or movement or beauty type. Each type associates with how that person moves through life. Our type corresponds to a color group, either tint, tone, shade or hue, and amazingly enough, that’s the color group we look our best. Identifying our energy type will help with the correct hairstyle and even clothing styles that reflect our true nature/selves. It’s not personality, but movement identification that helped me remove self judgement and judgement of others. Instead, I can honor my true self & the differences in others. Together, both your programs have been life giving to my husband and I. thank you!

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  47. Chrispy

    You look much healthier in this ~ 4″ hair do.

    The buzz, was off-putting. This gal has issues with her looks
    The hats are off-putting, what’s this gals problem

    The long is not as flattering

    You asked

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  48. Randy

    Sometimes yes, there’s a bit too much cult of Susan going on here for my taste. I think I understand why there is so much emphasis in your weekly vlog on you, your personal life, your history, your challenges thoughts beliefs, your sharing, your marriage, your stuff … I get it, I think, but there are times it’s too much for me. This may be one of those times.

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    1. Who cares?

      CULT is THE perfect description. Have studied cults and yes yes yes!

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  49. Laura Slagle

    This was so helpful… I’m suck right now and not able to really keep my lines shiny…I wonder if some of it has to do with not wanting to give up Fat Laura, so I’m going to just focus on honoring her while I’m stuck here. Thanks so much! By the way, I kinda like the in between hair! 😍

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  50. Ann Kiburz

    Interesting discussion. After dying my hair for about 30 years, parsed between times of 80’s fashion and sprouting grays, when I turned 49 I decided that the dye-jobs were done. I am now 52 and fully gray and it’s beautiful. AND I’ve gone shorter. Not bad-ass short, but short layered bobish. And I love it. And having shortish gray hair makes me want to keep on top of my best-figure-possible game. What I’m trying to say is that I did what works for me, always. You’re doing what works for you. I like your hair short and long. You’re right: the short is very bad-ass. But fashionable, cutting edge, makes a strong statement. The long is very pretty. Both work for you. And you’re a strong outspoken woman who is dedicated to making this world better.
    Thanks for sharing ALL your inner turmoils. It makes me reflect on a lot of ME. This is good.
    Love you and your hair.

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  51. Cindy Grant

    I’ve never commented on your vlogs but wanted to say I don’t know if it’s your new background, your hair or both but before you even started talking I noticed a positive difference in your appearance. Certainly Not that it was negative before. You look very “pretty “, maybe a little more mature look? Not older, maybe wiser? Either way you look very nice. Thanks for sharing! 👍🏼

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  52. David Robbins

    You are looking younger.

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  53. Christine

    Very insightful, something I have felt before and never been able to articulate

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  54. Brenda Flanagin

    I think it looks really super cute right now! I am glad it will take a long time to grow out. We are all so used to you with short hair it will give us some time to get used to it. Right now it doesn’t seem right to see you with that long hair though! I agree that you are beautiful whatever length your is at though!

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    1. Brenda Flanagin

      P.S. I love your bad-ass self!! 🙂

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  55. Emma

    Love you Susan x

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  56. Peggy KR

    Love the short and the long! You are beautiful either way! You do what’s right for you at this time in your life! You rock!

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  57. Cindy Hauffe

    Wow! I loved your short hair..This length looks nice too. Not crazy about the long version in your pics. I love your personality and energy. I cut my own hair and use henna (much safer than hair dye. ) Grey hair makes me feel old. I had surgery in 2016 to remove a grapefruit sized brain tumor (non cancerous). They shaved 1/2 my hair I went from chin length to super short. I cut it myself.I tried to style it like your short version. It is naturally thick so I just need to wet it to get to get to spikey. I have lost 8or 9 lbs so far- another 70 or so to go. You are an inspiration. & Kari (above)- veggies are awesome- give them a chance. Love You Susan.

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  58. Shirley Griffith

    I once lost 175 pounds. When I looked at pictures of the new me, I didn’t recognize the new me! Who was that thin faced person? My son’s, grown up, said they didn’t recognize me, nor remembered ever seeing me in blue jeans. It was a mind boggling experience for me, a real identity crisis!.
    I’ve gained the weight back, and beginning B L eating. This time around I am going to take a selfie once a week, so that I can get used to the changes in my face, especially.

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  59. Mary Reilly

    Susan, This speaks to me so clearly. I have been a short hair for quite some time, and began growing it out this past winter. I always thought men had it good with the beard on and off so quickly.
    I really appreciate the mention of the integration. I see that I am fearful of losing the ‘protection’ of the weight. Made me cry.
    Thank you

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  60. Meg

    Susan – you’re awesome! Love how you are processing all of this out loud so we can hear your thoughts. I loved your “badassed” phase. I bet you can still be badassed with long hair. 🙂

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  61. Paul Beaulieu

    Susan is still Susan., when I cycle between a Santa Clause face and the now the shaved look, I can relate to the hair issues of change. Blessings either way. Love what you do.

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  62. Lisa D

    First of all, thank you for changing the background. The grey is MUCH better ;-). It’s great to see your hair. Its much more flattering on you and in your videos. Thx for all the time and effort you put into BLE so helpful to so many. I appreciate you affirming to everyone that we are all beautiful regardless of our size. Have a beautiful week 🙂 ……. P.S. it would be great to see you in other clothing too 😉

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  63. Kari

    Lots og comments. This is really somthing women thinks and cares about. It is really showing your personallity.
    I have had long hair for years, are now at my shortest for years, and as the years go by I feel younger with short hair.
    Be sure you don’t use two years to grow your hair out and find out that it is just not you. Why not try a wigg and find out if this is a good idea. If you still want to, good luck and your journey. Today you look really good.
    Could you talk about getting back on track. I really do not want to eat vegetables, but know it is the only way, but feel sick about the thought.

    Reply ·
  64. Silvia

    Hi! Somehow, I connect this with the sabotage that sometimes I do to myself (very less now I´m on BLE, but still sometimes). I mean, sometimes it seems I overeat -even if I´m not hungry, and have no particular cravings- because something inside me doesn´t want to be thin. Maybe the reason is I don´t like to be the center of the attention, and I feel very uncomfortable when people tells me I´m gorgeus, I´m losing weight…

    Reply ·
  65. Maimoona Ahmed

    Susan, because of your incredibly positive energy and the thought of actually becoming “happy, thin and free” forever I joined BLE which has been a great experience so far. As for fat and thin “self” I was always a little “chubby” as a kid through college. But I always saw myself as in an attractive body. So when I was easily 40 lbs overweight & middle age I would be shocked at the fat “self” in the mirror while shopping. I hated that reality. I’m now way beyond middle age but still “get it” about appearance. I’ve just donated 20 lbs to the wind (& maybe another 20 to go), looked at myself in the bathroom mirror and saw long, plain-looking hair. Agh! I ran for my shears and cut off at least 6″ so it’s now just below my ears; very impulsive and no turning back. I’m so glad I did. I feel this is a statement to my “self” that I’m working towards the healthier, happier and forever thinner me. Thank you Susan from the bottom of my heart for your incredible style, smile, shine, and scholarship.

    Reply ·
  66. Heather

    My first thought was oh Susan has grown her hair how pretty it looks!

    Reply ·
  67. Heather

    At the beginning of menopause I went from being very slim (as I always was) to quite fat in 3 short months. Then I went through a period of enjoying being heavier until my weight crept up to a point when it became uncomfortable for my joints and feet.I stayed that way for 17 years until it finally dawned on me that at my age obesity is a health issue! Thankfully about the same time I hit on to the boot camp. Apart from having stopped smoking cigarettes that boot camp was the best thing I have ever done for myself and I would say to you – go for it. The changes that looked scary at the beginning are actually very exciting and stimulating now that I am about to hit goal weight.. And all the stuff that I thought was yummy then has been replaced by other stuff I find equally yummy only whats yummy now is good for me and makes me feel and look great. So it is a good, even a great exchange for something better no mater how impossible that might be to imagine at present.

    Reply ·
  68. Dr. JanetLyn

    Susan, I applaud you for addressing the inner psychology that most of us will experience as we integrate our thin self with our heavy self who served us so well in many life experiences. I have often felt a compassion for my heavier self even though I was never completely happy or comfortable as a heavier person. I just finished the 14-Day Challenge and am totally a convert to BLE – which I truly believe will be the final weight loss system I will ever need! So anxious to begin the 8-week boot camp!!
    Many thanks to you for realizing your vision that is indeed helping so many people to be set free from a life of unhealthiness and overweight!
    Your hair will look classy regardless of what length you choose. And, you will always be the true and dedicated consummate professional who is not afraid to address real issues and lead BLE as it needs to be led. Forever grateful! Dr. JanetLyn

    Reply ·
  69. Pat

    I love how you put yourself out there and challenge us to think about our appearance, good, bad or in between. It inspires me to do better.

    Reply ·
  70. Janann

    You might like a medium length. Just sayin’

    Reply ·
  71. Jacque C

    Wow, I love this Vlog. People are really taking notice of my new appearance but I still feel like me. I don’t feel differently or like I am so thin. I do love trying on clothes for once in my life! Lol. Then when you said short hair is badass, well I have been cutting my hair shorter and shorter and it still isn’t short enough or blonde enough. I realized I want to be a bad days and really covet a bold hair style! Yes I am a badass! Thanks for helping me discover the correct description of myself!

    Reply ·
  72. Beverly

    Since your’e happy thin and free, you’re beautiful even if you didn’t have hair. The free part is really the awesome part of it for me. xo

    Reply ·
  73. Sunny St. Pierre

    You go girl! Short or long hair – we love you.

    Reply ·
  74. Tracy M

    I like the short hair on you but think it is fun to change it up sometimes. I do think medium length in a nice easy style is best as women age–long hair seems so
    popular with the teens and 20 somethings–it seems to me that as we age the more practical styles come into play and it looks more savvy on a woman than long hair.
    You should have a good stylist shape your hair to a really neat style while it is mid length–and keep that for awhile. In the end it is important to do what YOU like not what you think others like.

    Reply ·
  75. Rick

    Just writing because I could only find one other man who had written a comment. I like your blog. I haven’t an opinion about your hair. I also think you have a good looking family.

    Reply ·
  76. Pamela McGuire

    Im not sure long or short hair matters. However our body image does change with our weight change and length of hair. So cheers to you as you grow your hair.

    Reply ·
  77. Sherill Roberts

    Not superficial at all! Very though-provoking vlog. The Heavy Meg/ Thin Meg dialog makes me think of my own Young Sherill/Old Sherill dialog. The process of aging involves some of the same internal changes, and it’s important to embrace who I was as well as who I am now, including all the territory between.

    Reply ·
  78. Kathy Ziegenfelder

    Susan your dark curly hair is beautiful and so are you. Short or long, thin or fat, you will always be beautiful . God bless you.

    Reply ·
  79. Mary Lenora Hancock

    I love the way I feel after losing 14 lbs. But I am stuck and can’t seem to be losing anymore! What is the problem! I have been faithful to this program since Jan 1st! I mean I have not wavered once even on my birthday! Your blog was good about accepting change but sometimes I feel like giving up because changes aren’t happening like I hear from others!

    Reply ·
  80. Lyn

    Your hair looks fantastic this way. You look so open and free, keep it this way

    Reply ·
  81. Nancy

    You look really cute with the headband. I see that you have some natural curl which we missed out on with your previous
    short hair style. I love the new look!

    Reply ·
  82. Amy

    I love your hair the length it is in THIS photo!

    Reply ·
  83. Esther

    Everyone just Keep your eyes on your own head.

    Reply ·
  84. stefi

    Love the hair both ways Susan. Rock on👍

    Reply ·
  85. Patrice Engelbrecht

    I love This look. very cute. Not so crazy about the long hair on you. What ever you’re cute any which way.

    Reply ·
  86. Theresa

    Susan, Thank you for this vlog! I cut my hair short so I could grow out my silver hair. It was great short and sassy…You certainly get treated differently with silver hair, but you are so right on about how it affects how we feel about ourselves. It has been two years, so my hair isnow long and I’ve had time to adjust to how differently I look. Thanks for rem8nding me that I am still the same out going woman! Thanks again and btw…my mom always let us do whatever we wanted with our hair, when we were growing up, because she said…it is your hair… Love, T

    Reply ·
  87. Doreen

    Susan, you are really so special. Your perspective, your insights, and your humanity are so wonderful and helpful. I do love yor short hair, but as you were speaking, I realized – aren’t we all here working on ourselves? Changing how we react to things, how we look, how we behave? Hoping that I will continue on this wonderful path that you have provided for so many in need, like myself. So I am looking forward to be around to watch your hair grow out. In my path to change, my weight loss has been slow, and while that is challenging- I also see it’s advantages. I think I was ready to shed my fat Doreen as an unwanted part of myself, so I loved yor story about Meg. My fat self did have a sense of comfort and security, keeping the libido away? So the slow change will give me time to accommodate.
    Also in this time of change, I’m having cataract surgery, which will be leaving me with 20:20 vision, so for first time in 40 years- no eyeglasses to hide behind… that should be very interesting….what a gift life is, to still be anxious to work on myself., to be willing to go to places in my recovery I have never been. Susan, I cannot thank you enough, but I will try..

    Reply ·
  88. Victoria Miller

    Awesome blog Susan, as always ! I always admired your short hair, so cutting edge and totally suits you. Sounds like you want a change, good for you! You’re not one to stay in one place very long, I look forward to your transformation and am so glad you shared all this with us. You rock ❌⭕️

    Reply ·
  89. dee fay

    I want to make one more comment . . .just think of all our beautiful sisters who lose their hair due to illness. I thank my Higher Power every day for the thick, curly, unmanageable head of hair on my head.

    Reply ·
    1. Angela Pea

      Me! I’m one! I spent a year on chemo…totally bald. It was liberating, for sure, and quite chilly during the winter!

      Reply ·
  90. Nancy

    You are darling and so smart with either hairstyle!

    Reply ·
  91. Joanne Horlbogen

    Susan, just LOVE the way your hair looks today in this vlog! It so beautifully frames your face! My own personal opinion is that neither extreme – too short nor too long – is as flattering as it looks now or just a little bit longer, say chin length…Your beautiful features just pop! Gorgeous!

    Reply ·
  92. dee fay

    I LOVED THIS VLOG . . .and every other one, for that matter. Susan you are absolutely stunning (inside and out) with short and long hair. Isn’t it nice that the decision is all yours? How very like you to put yourself out there for all of us. I don’t care what people say, but hair is a big, hairy deal (excuse the pun) for women, and somewhat for men. We’re told when we get “a certain age” we must have short hair or if you have short hair, you’re not feminine. Brother, what a mixed bag of messages. I had short hair from nine years old to age 14, when I could decide for myself what kind of hair I wanted. I was obese all my life and the short hair just made me feel even less attractive, manly and like a big fat boy. I had been in my right-sized body for about five years 2011, when I saw the actress Anne Hathaway’s short pixie cut. I loved it and chopped my shoulder length hair like hers. I had it short about a year and I felt alive, spunky and so free. But being a total tightwad, short hair demands more frequent cuts and I started letting it grow. This is so timely because right now my hair is longer than it’s ever been and I’m 54! I told my hairdresser I’m going to channel my inner “Stevie Nicks” one more time before I grow old. I am loving it.

    Also, thank you for the fat/thin version of ourselves. I hated fat Denise because I believed all the things my family told me about her over the years and wanted to push her to the curb because she was weak and lazy. Recovery, counseling and now BLE is changing all that. I’m loving her and making amends to her and telling her how hard I know she tried, she really did. I now honor her each time I eat a bright line meal.

    Susan, you continue to be an inspiration to me and hold the lantern. This is life and this is important to me just as much as the heavy duty stuff. You’re just as cute as you can be. You grow girl!

    Reply ·
  93. Carol

    It’s all good

    Reply ·
  94. Cilla

    Susan, you need to do what is right for you.
    It really doesn’t matter what I think.
    I love you anyway!
    Your vlogs have been SO helpful.
    Having lost 55 lbs I really like your idea of talking to my heavy self.
    Thank you.

    Reply ·
  95. Carolyn Matthews

    I relate to this topic as I try to decide when to let my hair go gray and embrace it. I guess I’ll know when the time is right, but the color of my hair will never define who I am, that I know for sure. I hope I feel that way when I look in the mirror and I am gray. It will be interesting to see what emotional impact that change will have on me.

    Reply ·
  96. Geni

    Just as I was becoming totally used to and comfortable with being in a right sized body, I went from short hair (but super thick) to bald! Talk about identity shift — I get it! (But it somehow helps to know that you used to shave your head.) I think we are both beautiful whether we have long hair, short hair or no hair! 😘

    Reply ·
  97. Jan

    Love you. Love you. Love you. You have given so much to so many people. Short hair- long hair- in between hair, you are amazing.

    Reply ·
    1. dee fay

      I agree Jan!

      Reply ·
  98. Marty

    Oh, and for me, I love, love your short hair!

    Reply ·
  99. Marty

    Hair is everything in my opinion. I just moved 4 years after living somewhere for 38 years. Two first goals, find a hair dresser/stylist and Dr or ND. I had very long hair for years, but once I hit 50s I cut it shorter. IMHO, older women with long hair, esp gray really age themselves. I know women who won’t cut their hair because their husbands won’t “let” them. I’ve always wondered if it’s because they don’t want their wives more attractive. Do what allows you to be feel your optimal best. With BLE, in my mid 60s (OMG!), being Happy, Freer and almost Thin, I’ve never felt better in my life. I would love, love, love to shave my head, or have really short hair (my stylist wants me too), but I’m “afraid” too. One of my Hearth Housemates, did just that, and I felt, you go girl!

    Reply ·
    1. dee fay

      great comments Marty. the last time I got my hair cut super short, my husband flat out told me he didn’t like it. I told him well that’s too bad because I love it!

      Reply ·
  100. Tera

    This move seems bang on to your recent decision to slow down. The recent past had you working and moving at breakneck speed; now you are slowing, savoring, mellowing, softening, and growing out your hair seems an accurate manifestation of this new phase. It is still looking good ; ).

    Reply ·
  101. Stephanie

    It is your hair and you should wear it like you want. I have friends who have short hair and try to grow it out.
    Most give up. It gets to the in-between stage and it drives them nuts and they whacked it off.
    I have long hair even though i am past the age when women wear their hair long. My Mother use to whack my hair off every summer
    and I hated it so once I was grown I decided no more. Fortunately I have good hair.
    Obviously you do not live in the South. I see plenty of obese women with husbands or boyfriends.
    I use to watch Extreme Weight Loss Makeover. Lots of times they gained the weight to try and make theirselves unattractive.
    Being molested was often the reason.

    Reply ·
  102. Janet Wallace

    I like your hair right now. Hate the hats!!!!!!

    Reply ·
  103. Valerie Conner

    I think Its Fantastic that you are growing your hair out! My before, during and after pictures of me doing Bright Line Eating……All are with a different hair style! Change is a good thing!

    Reply ·
  104. Robin Huffman

    Susan, be you!! I’ve only known you for 28 days 😉 but I’m sure I’m going to love you as much with long hair as I already do with your short spunky coif!. I will confess however that I told my hairdresser when I lose 20 more pounds after bright line eating, I wanted him to do something short and sassy with my hair! We’ll all enjoy the process! Thx!

    Reply ·
  105. Andrea

    I love your short hair but I’m sure you’ll look great no matter what length it is! I was wondering why you were wearing a hat in your last few videos and now I now why!

    Reply ·
    1. Andrea

      Oops, know not now typo!

      Reply ·
  106. Sonia

    Loved your blog. Love your halo at this length with the headband and I’m looking forward to seeing it grow with you.

    Reply ·
  107. Julie Boyd Smith

    Long or short? Love them both! But I am curious about what is going on on the inside that motivated all this.

    Reply ·
  108. Sharon Cheek

    Susan -I’ve always felt that something didn’t feel right in your presentation – that your hair didn’t quite represent your very loving soul. It was a little too severe for me. I do hear you about realizing you had to be a bad ass in order to get BLE off the ground. I volunteered for many hours in FAA and those times were the most stressful to my very long term abstinence. So when I first found out about you I was impressed that you had the courage to break away from your anonymous group. It took so much power of your will and determination. So this move makes sense to me. You really do look very different with long hair. I’m hoping you’ll leave open the possibility of an in-between as you are not the same person you’ve been previously.

    Reply ·
  109. Eve Mcwilliams

    You’re a very pretty woman whether your hair is short or long. Having seen photos of you with long hair I always thought you should grow it back. As far as the marketing aspect goes, I think a changing ‘look’ adds a certain frisson. I kind of wish you hadn’t mentioned it and left your audience slightly intrigued at the subtle changes from one week to the next.

    Reply ·
  110. Karen

    I think the slightly longer hair and softer edge suits you. For some reason, I don’t like to watch the vlogs with the hat. I realize that is a weird reaction, but I am just letting you know that I am personally hoping for fewer of those. Nevertheless, your words and insights are always interesting, so even when you wear the hat, I still listen and always take away something of value. Thank you.

    Reply ·
  111. Josephine

    Thank you for this blog Susan. I agree that no matter what size we are, we see ourselves from the same lense. So getting thinner helps I agree but self-esteem seems to always need growth especially for me and Believe me I have worked on it my whole life. I just finished bright line healing one and it was very helpful. I am also participating in bright line healing two. I can’t say that I have lost anymore weight after Boot Camp but I’m maintaining what I did lose And I am in the lower dress size. I really do not know if I would get more noticed if I did lose the weight and at my age – 60, It may not make a difference. But my health and my view of myself is the most important. So I try to stay disciplined.

    Reply ·
  112. Eva

    You are beautiful from the inside out …your hair is great short and I am certain it will be equally as great long! I want to thank you for this Vlog …it is SPOT ON in truth about the outside appearnace and our feelings. I am so tired of being heavy in order to protect myself but at the same time it has been a comfort , a protection, something I felt that I had control over ( HAHA!!) and now after almost 50 years of having this “protection” I no longer want it ( the HEAVY PROTECTOR) and I know why i created it in the beginning but…Now I don’t know how to let it go! That probably sounds ridiculous but I am so serious!!! HELP!!! How do I get past the idea that it is a protection from many things and move to the idea that it’s ok to let it go and to be strong , healthy and free at last ?!! * tears streaming* Thank you for taking the time to read this and for your amazing personality and knowledge and for sharing that with us!!!

    Reply ·
  113. fran

    Do what you want… either ways looks nice on you.

    Reply ·
  114. Marcela

    Susan. I love the new studio, your new transitional look but most of all you AUTHENTICITY!

    Reply ·
  115. Naomi Black

    So true. I also struggle with identity while making such a major change to my lifestyle. Choosing to put bright lines between me and certain food has made me question my cultural identity because food is such a huge part of my culture. This extends to other aspects of my life that I’ve begun to change, as well. It doesn’t feel good to become a different person, but it has to be done to build a sustainable life. Thank you for acknowledging this feeling.

    Reply ·
  116. Kathy

    You know what? I hardly notice what anyone does with hair and make-up. I think you are beautiful, inside and out. And daring to cut hair and grow it back out. Me? I’ve had two hair lengths my entire life. I also don’t notice anyone treating me different if I am heavy or light in weight. But then I don’t notice much except I do know I don’t like my photo to be taken at any weight. I just had to have a few done, and I am not happy with any. Which brings me to my point…I’ve always just tried to concentrate on my interior because I’ve always been self-confident that it is beautiful. I’ve never thought of my exterior as beautiful in any way at any weight (except my real hair when it was thick and blonde). I remember losing 20 lbs. for a boyfriend once, and he never even noticed. lol So I though that was a lot of work for nothing. I’m past all that romantic angst at 59, but I do remember that I feel safer and better about myself when I’m around 140 instead of 120. Male attention back in the 1970s and 80s meant that you had to deal with unwanted advances if you were very thin. That seemed like all they ever cared about was thinness. And that is how I got to an unhealthy weight, I imagine. I do know people treat me differently at different weights. I only wish I could train myself to remember, “Oh yeah. They are being patronizing because I have a double chin or whatever.” Sometimes I wish I noticed how I look more because maybe that would cause me to care what I weigh. Right now, I only want to lose so I live a longer life. And I’m having a hard time losing…. So I’m going to have to start caring how I look, I guess. Susan, short hair, or long hair, when I see you, I see a vibrant, amazing person who has given the world so much! I know I’m not the average person, but I would listen to you speak if you had no hair.

    Reply ·
  117. Lois Lynn

    Love the softness your hair with a bit of bounce has as to frames uour face. This shows that your personality is softening too, a change for the better.

    Reply ·
  118. Lois

    Love the softness of hair with a bit of bounce looks on you! This shows that your personality is softening as well, changes for the better!

    Reply ·
  119. Ruth Miller

    This is so timely for me Susan because I STARTED growing my hair long at the beginning of my weight loss journey and it is now half way down my back, like it was as a young adult, like it was when I weighed my goal weight, like it is now at my goal weight. I am a 63 year old teenager with salt and pepper pretty thin hair but feeling so young! Alas though I am coming to my senses and ready to cut it to something more practical but I have no idea what to do with a new hair look for my new body so I keep putting it off and putting it off. I just keep looking for a women that has a cut that I think I would like………

    Reply ·
  120. Leslie Ann Farrar

    I’m doing the 14-Day Challenge right now. I’m doing really well with it, as expected. I’m also a recovering alcoholic/drug addict, so I’m pretty much comfortable with abstinence and maintaining it for long periods of time. That said, I remember (28+ years ago) when I first walked into the rooms, people told me, “Don’t make any big changes in your life for at least a year.” Remember that, Susan? So, now that you have a few 24-hour under your belt as a right-sized person (I say that tongue-in-cheek.” Fourteen years is QUITE a few 24-hours! HA), I think it’s okay for you to make whatever changes to your life you desire to make. I’m wondering why you are concerned about presenting a different public image to people from one video to the next. Lord, . . . people watch enough youtube and other vlog sights so that they know that people actually DO change their appearances from even one day to the next, never mind one month to the next. So my question to YOU is, why is this even an issue?

    Reply ·
  121. Sharyl

    I think you hair will look good no matter what length it is – I like the look right now – less bad ass. Even with the shorter hair I never thought of you as a bad ass?
    It’s your mind and your hair and I’m sure I will like you and your hair no matter what length it is – you are perfect in your heart and that is all that matters!!!

    Reply ·
  122. Vicki Hart

    I think I will love your look somewhere in between short and long hair. I’ve always heard that a big life change is best represented by a drastic change in hair style. I change hairstyles often. 😉

    Reply ·
  123. Horatio Nelson

    Well now …… I certainly didn’t like the long hair in the photo and I literally cannot stand the short variant in the vlog. Would it be possible to crop or shave it all right off flush with the cranium? Then I’d be able to form a more realistic comparison verdict. I’m not really sure whether it’s feasible to compare the new afro-hairdo with heavy Meg and light Meg. Why do I say that? Well, there’s a moral aspect here. You see, heavy Meg will have sported a beautiful, long, well nourished, flowing and manageable mane. Poor old light Meg, on the other hand, will probably have suffered from scrawny, straggly and stringy locks as a result of the 260-120 drop. The balding patches will have matched the undernourished, haggard, emaciated and gaunt facial condition. On a happier note though, I like Mrs. Thompson’s Hindu dance head rolls during the vlogs. One question if I may. When she directs her glance upwards during the vlogs, is this for a telepropmpter, is she seeking divine inspiration or is it a sign of frustration with people who sport long hair? Regards, Horatio Nelson.

    Reply ·
    1. Who cares?

      Hahaha! Love this comment the best of them all.

      Reply ·
  124. Nikki

    Thank You. I needed this vlog today and will keep it to return to again and again. I started BLE in October ’17, lost about 13 pounds and honestly gained it all back just because of the shear fear of the weight loss itself. My body was completely different in the way the weight came off than any time in the past. I was not working out and felt weaker and skin felt looser which made me feel not healthy and weak. I did not like the compliments offered from others and it made me nervous to actually have my husband touching me more. I have sat with this for the past few weeks trying to start bright lines back again and just can’t do it. I see now that I need to start having dialogues between my thin self and heavier self. I need to dig deeper. Thank you so much for your kind words to your heavier self that I can say to myself now. I think one problem is that I have always been a little heavier and it is hard to realize there is a thin happy and free self inside. I know she is there because I honestly see her when all others in my life see only the heavier me. I am always shocked when I see pictures of myself because I am so much thinner and healthier in my own reflection. I appreciate and love myself no matter what size, but my health is not where it should be for my age and I need to transform. My question I need to search deep within and ask: How do you say goodbye to your heavier self when you really do appreciate and love her?. This has helped me tremendously.

    Reply ·
  125. Kathryn

    You are darling and sparkling in every way…short or long hair. I will miss your cute spiky hair for I have admired so much that you had the kind of hair that
    you could wear that style , and it did set you a part. Thank you for this wonderful BLE program. Love it…love you and yours.

    Reply ·
  126. Jan Deutsch

    Really interesting, Susan – When I was really obese, from about 40 years old until 63 years I was the family’s primary breadwinner. I realized during a therapy session that I ate because I felt the weight of the world was on my shoulders. I guess my brain and body thought the only way I’d make it through with all the responsibility was to bulk up and keep eating. I have to thank that body for carrying me all those years. After I retired and my life calmed down something clicked and I knew I did not want to die obese. I did not want to miss out on the life I had left in me. It took almost 5 years to shed the 190 pounds. I credit Bright Line Eating for getting me to my right size body – still thrilled after 2.5 years of maintenance. I think the time that it took helped me to adjust to my new body and “identity”. Thanks for another thought provoking vlog. Say hi! to Meg too. Big hugs to you Susan. from Jan

    Reply ·
    1. Susan Olsen

      I am right with you Jan. As I watched the vlog I kept thinking about all those years of work and all the times I cared for others without caring for myself. But my Fat self just kept plugging away and got me safely to retirement where I did the same as you. With the help of BLE and ,SPT of course, I am now 7 months into maintenance and living the tag line….Happy Thin and Free. Thank you Susan Pierce Thompson….love you no matter what hairstyle you wear. !! 🙂 <3

      Reply ·
  127. Marianne "Mare" Masterson

    You are beautiful no matter what your hair looks like. Thanks for being real with us and showing us we can be real, too, no matter what size we currently are.

    Reply ·
  128. Yvonne Meek

    wow … i am exactly the same about my hair. and it truly does have a profound affect on me whether it is long or short.

    when i was young or in full rebellion, i would cut it short from long. it grew pretty fast and it was easy to do that. i had a lot of reasons for cutting it but mostly it was my way of telling others they couldn’t control me or tell me what to do. but with short hair, i find that i cannot hide anything about me.

    my hair is deeply tied to my confidence and as i’ve aged (55) and am 95% gray, I feel less and less confident with each passing day. i look in the mirror only because i must each day but not with any sense of feeling confident or beautiful. i, too, struggle with the growing out stage and usually cave in to a really bad haircut which brings on a spiral of depression.

    but i’m so weary of that cycle and i’ve got to find my confidence and hopefully see the beauty in me again … there are no words that another can share with me to restore self-image, i must believe it myself, see it myself …

    i am going to join you on this journey to hair growth … hard as it may seem. thank you for discussing this vital part of self-image.

    Reply ·
  129. Elaine

    Hi Susan! I adore you in your short hair! Every time I see you, just think how stunning you are. And you’re right, you do look really different in the face with the different hair. I will really miss short haired Susan when you grow it out!

    About 20 years ago, I lost 120 pounds in 7 months. And I got SO ticked off! All these men at work were hitting on me. NONE of which had ever given me the time of day when I was 268 pounds! You have NEVER seen cold shoulders like these shallow dudes got from me! I was SO hot with them! I lost more pounds later, got down to 145, but looked a lot smaller. And I always felt like I was still the fat chick I was before. That feeling never left me . Well, congratulations! I am the fat chick again, but had gotten down from 315 to 268 over the last year or so.

    I love watching you. You are such a straight shooter. And loved the vacation video with your daughters, they are the bomb!

    Reply ·
  130. Kimberly Evert

    Thank you for sharing! In a second when I clicked on, I realized that Susan’s hair was different. I liked the warrior, but i’ll take you any way you choose to present yourself. Do not take this vlog as being superficial. This goes to the heart of the matter. Why can’t I get happy, thin and free?

    Fat Kim feels safe, accepted and not bothered by the superficiality of existing with others. That is why she remains at 270. If there is a loss of 10 – 20 pounds, she eats more to get back up there, much like cutting hair to maintain the warrior stance.

    Thin Kim says thank you for sharing. She sees a way, a path to travel down in pounds to get to goal. It is a fearful, yet exciting journey and this is day #1 of this final trip to happy, thin and free.

    Thin Kim will see that fat Kim will allow and nurturethis dialog on a daily basis as part of the program. As we go down the scale, we will watch your hair grow. Maybe we will meet you at goal with your long, curvaceous hair. How exciting!

    Your move and you hair growth mean a lot to those of us who know you only online. What you choose to share with us can fill another chapter in your book (or create a new book). Need to plan lunch and dinner for real.

    Reply ·
  131. Susan Parrish

    No matter what, love you! Love you, no matter what!

    Reply ·
  132. Terri

    Susan, yes -shut up about your hair I really don’t care. Just kidding, but that made me laugh.
    I have to say that last week’s vlog, plus the webinar, are scaring me….maybe scaring me away. You spending a whole day before a short vacation to buy, measure, weigh, and package food -nothing sounds worse to folks like me who hate the kitchen and rarely ever cook. Folks like me whose lifestyle involves eating out ALOT! And we love it. Folks like me who are retired, and for whom happy hours are the daily norm with friends. Specially after finding that you have been through such addictions and do not drink at all. I’m wondering if brightline eating is at all adaptable to my lifestyle, because I’m having a tough time deciding to stop eating everything that I grew up eating and that I love forever, AND to lose my entire lifestyle and social scene, too. So I had planned to do the boot camp, but now I’m thinking of only trying the 14 day challenge to see if I can adapt. Help? Feedback? Thank you!

    Reply ·
    1. Claire

      Boy do I ever get this! Generally I eat well sourced, healthy food-often we grow it, or trade it around from others who are better gardeners (I do eggs, milk and meat)…I don’t drink, don’t have trouble with soda, candy or baking etc…although I do have my binges and definitely stress eat.
      I don’t like cooking either-and can’t think of anything more satisfying sometimes than going to our favorite haunts and having a nice meal with hubby and/or friends…even though I am involved in a lot of other pursuits that have nothing to do with food…
      The thought of weighing, measuring, fixing and limiting my servings terrify me-and seem like an “addictive process” that will make me even more focused on food than I can be at the moment
      I have kind of gotten over the whole thing on weight loss for looks and I have a body that does pretty much what I need it to do or want it to do…Yet-I know a lot of it would be easier and more satisfying if I even got rid of 20 pounds-which would not put me anywhere near a goal weight…I am a very slow looser, and a very fast gainer…and I don’t tend to feel much better one way or the other-which can also be an enthusiasm damper….Thanks for bringing this up too.

      Reply ·
  133. Jaclyn Allen

    I look one look at you and thought, that’s the kind of haircut I want. My hair is long now and the longest it’s ever been, I believe around 11-12 ” long. It grew out from Sept 2017 – present while I was concentrating on the BLE program. Now, I’m at goal weight and want to cut it. I wear a headband to keep it out of my face and eyes, and have trouble sleeping with this thick mop on my pillow. I wear a eye-mask partly to keep it out of my face and help lower my malatonin. I’m one of the SLOW loosing weight types, so have no problem settling into a “new identity”. Actually, most of my life, I’ve strived for new identities and had a fun time at it….Just got back from “Chico’s clothing store with a new wardrobe. Hubby bought it for me and I’m very, very thankfull and grateful for this program in making me the new me. Looking forward to a BLE reunion…hopefully on the West coast…..maybe when you’re out here on one of your conventions, we can all get together. Unstoppable, Jaclyn

    Reply ·

    Dear Susan…… This is my first time writting. You have a very special way to comunicate with us, so clear, so sincere, so traslucent …as you are talking from your heart to our heart…… I like that.
    It has been difficult to enroll 100 % in the bootcamp…… I have adopted food issues like eliminating sugars and flour from my diet almost completely……and I like it. ….. some are more difficult…..
    You look beautiful either way, long or short hair. Particularly I do not like when you use hat, but I respect is your desition ! The important is that you are Happy…….
    Thanks for support,

    Reply ·

    What you said about outward appearances and how it makes you feel is so true. I am so glad that you talked about the inner dialog of being a heavy person, vs the thin person. I feel sort of resentful if someone compliments me about getting thinner . My inner self feels like they are only looking at my outward appearance, and not seeing “me” as a person inside. So when I compliment someones success here on BLE, I have wondered if they might also feel that way too. So many people have made such amazing progress getting healthy, thin and free. Their weight loss show not only a thinner body, that speaks loudly of their inner strength and fortitude . Everyone looks amazingly healthy and happy.

    Susan, I am happy that you feel relaxed enough to get out of your “warrior mode” and have your long hair back, if that is what you want. I’m sure that I speak for everyone in saying that we love you no matter what length your hair is, or whether you wear a hat or not. You are a beautiful person inside and out, and very special to us, for teaching us the science of eating.

    Reply ·
  136. Suze Dee

    Love the message here.

    Yes we need to be kind to ourselves!!

    I think you will love ok lovely no matter what. Having beautiful long hair is a wonderful thing so enjoy!!

    I do honestly believe you have the very lucky type of face that can look even better with short hair than long. That’s why you looked great practically bald- it drive the focus to your eyes, like short hair does.

    You can have short hair later if you want and it will look amazing!

    Reply ·
    1. Suze Dee

      Oops! I meant to say look lovely… darned autocorrect!

      Reply ·
  137. Kathy Preston

    Interesting … this is my first day at boot camp. Your words brought up a memory of a time when I was heavy and walking behind a thin girl admiring her thinness…I thought about how nice it would be having her body and then thought: “But, I like my own body – it has been good to me, my klunky legs have carried me a long, long way”. I made me feel good after all of the self loathing I felt over my heavy self. But, you are right about our appearance, even though we don’t see it for most of the day, and only when we look in a mirror or window, makes us feel a certain way.
    Thank you!

    Reply ·
  138. Tracy

    Hi Susan. It’s so sweet and thoughtful of you to comment on your hair length, but truly I think whatever you feel comfortable in , is how you should wear it. It doesn’t matter how the rest of us think. I do however think the issue between the fat and thin version of myself, is an important one. And although I released 25 pounds of weight last year on my boot camp , I’ve picked up about 18 of that. I definitely think my head struggled to keep up with my new body. I loved feeling so much slimmer, but I didn’t feel like me… thanks for your thoughts on this, and I’m going to do some soul searching and maybe journaling , and I hope to join my lovely Highland House mates in the quest to be comfortable in my right sized body. Cheers

    Reply ·
  139. Ofira

    Your hair is beautiful whichever way you choose to present it. I am not a bright lifer, but I did do your 14 day challenge. I love watching your vlogs because you’re such a positive and optimistic person. You encourage me to keep being mindful of what I put in my mouth. Enjoy the in-between phase growing it out!!!

    Reply ·
  140. Debbie

    Hi Susan. The point of this struck me significantly as a survivor of childhood sexual abuse. Thank you for giving me the inspiration to sit with my pre-healed self and THANK her for protecting us. Wow. I am grateful for this insight!

    Reply ·
  141. Jean

    Susan, this vlog was so timely for me as well! I came to BLE in September of last year, and as of today have lost 41 pounds, for a total of 57 down from my heaviest weight of 237 earlier last year. I am thrilled to be back down to a weight I haven’t seen in over 20 years, and I have about 55 more to go to get to my goal of around 125. I’ve only been over 200 pounds for the last 10 years or so, so it’s not too tied into my identity, so I don’t know that I have any issues with heavy Jean versus thin(ner) Jean. My hair is another matter, however! It’s always been my pride and joy, and something that folks have commented on often when they first meet me. Except for a few years in my early 30s when it was short, it’s always been VERY long, thick, dark and wavy. I let it go grey about 7 years ago, and it came in a really nice silver grey color, and it’s down to almost the bottom of my tushy. Well, for about the past two months, I’ve been dealing with a really severe episode of hair loss that’s linked to a flare-up of my chronic Lyme disease, and I’ve lost well over half of it. Because my hair is naturally pretty coarse, it’s not immediately obvious to most people, but my once-glorious ponytail that didn’t fit into most elastic bands is now getting down to a pretty pathetic little bunch, and I’ve been debating whether I should just cut it off very short, which it hasn’t been for decades. I’ve been very nervous as to how it would look, whether I would look much older (I’m 58) with an “age-appropriate” haircut, instead of hippy-length long hair…. I got married two years ago, and my husband loves long hair in general, and mine in particular, but he’s supportive of my cutting it because he knows how sad it’s making me to every day comb out handfuls of long hair and throw it in the garbage. So these musings could not have been more timely for me. As I mentioned above, I have been thinking of short hair as sort of old-ladyish, not badass. So maybe I need to change my perception, go for something spiky, and possibly indulge in a purple or turquoise stripe! I am a realtor in a pretty conservative office, so my boss might just have an aneurysm, but hey, if I get fired, I can just become a biker mama and ride off into the sunset!

    And about your hair: I like it the length it is now and also longer; you’re right, it’s STARTLING how different you look! I would not have recognized you in those photos with your family, and I’ve seen dozens of your videos. I think they both work for you, but I am kind of partial to how cute and elfin you look with the short hair. But it will be interesting to see the transition!

    Reply ·
  142. Jean Morell

    I like the way you look with short hair it encompasses. Your personality.

    Reply ·
  143. Tony Straka

    I wasn’t sure how I would react to your vlog on physical appearance, in this case a discussion of hair length. But I did watch the whole thing and have to admit that you’ve covered a topic that many folks wouldn’t think twice about. As always, you’ve given me some insight that’s completely pertinent to the human condition. Keep up the good work.

    Reply ·
  144. Carrie Shuman

    Great vlog Susan❤️

    Reply ·
  145. Camille

    I LOVE your hair as it is right now! And also as it was before! Either way, gorgeous mama. Thanks for sharing the photos of your family, SOOO sweet!

    I appreciate the “thin meg heavy meg” thing because I have though the exact thing myself! I catch myself looking at my fat pictures and thinking “eww you’re gross!” but the other part of my mind says, “She kept trying and never gave up! She had that amazing potential inside her!”

    Reply ·
  146. Nettie

    I was…a.m a…Meg. Your remarks on that subject and in general was just what I needed today. Thank you! I will note I was disappointed in the f’n remark. You are way to intelligent and beautiful and a role model to resort to gutter language. Today.s Volg was right on. Even the hair comments fit. Keep up the good work!

    Reply ·
  147. Lonae Cooper

    I loved the short hair.

    Reply ·
  148. Deb from Canada

    Great vlog today. You make me laugh! Thank you!

    Reply ·
  149. Diana Miller

    I had just made an appointment to have purple streaks in my gray hair and was wondering how I”d feel about it – I’ve done this before and have loved it and sometimes not loved it!! You vlog hit right at the right time. You are the best – always our leader! love you, Diana

    Reply ·
  150. Claire

    Thanks Susan, I too have gone from long hair to short, to long, to short and each time it was a “shock” to see myself outwardly change so dramatically and so fast. To reverse the concept a bit… In my twenties I started to pack on the weight, but took control and drop 30 pounds in 3 months, yay me! And I kept it off for ten years, but (and I’m sure you heard the “but” coming) I started to gain it back. My reverse concept is based on the fact that the weight gain happened so slow, that I still saw myself as thin, the 30 pounds less person in the mirror when I wasn’t. I deluded myself into thinking I had it under control, that I didn’t look that bad. But inside I was so unhappy. Constantly thinking about how much I didn’t like the way I looked, didn’t like the number on the scale. Admitting to myself that losing weight and what I was eating, was consuming my life, my time, and depleting my self-confidence. It’s taken me until now (signed up for bootcamp yesterday!) to accept the fact that the thin person I was ten(ish) years ago no longer exists, and I have to once again take control. To be happy, thin, and free. My food scale and journals arrives tomorrow, and my journey begins this Sunday. Thanks so much for creating this program and for posting this vlog. It confirms what I already knew (but didn’t want to admit till now), that we must truly “see” ourselves for who we are, accept it as fact, and decide to change the things we don’t like!

    Reply ·
  151. Teresa

    Hi Susan, I agree with Constance. You look cute no matter what! I went through the fall boot camp 2017 and from the end of September until mid-February released about 23 pounds, which brought me into my goal weight range…or at least 8 pounds above what I originally thought my goal weight should be. Several of my health practitioners advised me to stop where I was and then I had emergency surgery for a bowel stricture. This dipped me down another 5 to 6 pounds but, thankfully, two months later with a beefed up maintenance program I’m back to my February weight. What is difficult for me is not so much letting go of heavy Teresa…or letting her rest…but in becoming accustomed to what Teresa looks like now. I guess I had expected to look similar to 20 year-old Teresa and at 59 it hasn’t happened yet. There are bulges I hadn’t expected at my present weight and wrinkly loose skin in other places. The incision runs down the middle of my tummy and is giving it an odd appearance at the bottom. I’m glad I let go of the excess weight that I was carrying, but it’s taking me a while to come to full acceptance of where I am. I’ve recently decided to live within a 5 pound range for a while to aid my recovery, and then in the future will make a final decision as to where I need to be. Hopefully, this will give my brain and my body time to become reacquainted.

    Reply ·
  152. super bored and annoyed

    Yes – shut up about your hair – I don’t really care. OMG short, long it doesn’t matter. just STOP already. what a waste of my time. will unsubscribe and not listen to any more.

    Reply ·
    1. super bored and annoyed

      and where was the exciting announcement? missed that in the midst of all the hair talk.

      Reply ·
      1. C

        I agree. It is way too much talking about herself sometimes. I want advice, guidance, wisdom for following the program. I love the program but really stop already!

        Reply ·
        1. Jean

          Wow, folks, if you’d take a look at all the comments above and below yours, you’d see you’re in the minority. Many of us can relate to a change in our appearance as a change in our identity/how we relate to the world. And why so nasty about it? Maybe take a few minutes to read some of the other comments, and examine why something as simple as a short video about someone else’s experience would make you “super bored and annoyed”! SPT puts herself out there for the folks in BLE week after week; there’s no need to make an ad hominem attack over something that is on a personal note.

          Reply ·
          1. Marty

            I don’t understand “super annoyed and bored “ and “C” either. What didn’t you hear? What relationship do you have with your inner and outer selves, especially as you’re traveling through your weight loss journey?

            Susan relates her journey from the very beginning, and many, many of us I’m sure can relate to that journey though our own life experiences with whatever addictions we have or have had. Or perhaps not realized we even had an addiction to anything until we found BLE.

            Thank you Susan for sharing your journey, your daily or weekly dialogue with yourself and your family, coworkers, staff support and friends. I look forward to the day when a friend or family asks, what are you doing, because you look fantastic and I see you’re glowing from the inside and out.

            Susan does that for me.

          2. stefi

            You’re RIGHT Jean!!

          3. Who cares?

            I’m just not drinking the same kool-aid as you all are., I guess!

    2. Sue


      Reply ·
    3. dee

      not kind or necessary

      Reply ·
  153. Eileen Lass, your proofreader from Virginia

    Thanks for this vlog, Susan! You do have a tribe who loves seeing you week to week! I for one look forward to seeing you in long hair!

    My highest weight (pregnant with twins) was 294 in 2004. I got down to 192 by 2013 through Joel Fuhrman’s Eat to Live, but then got back up to 220 before I found you! I stopped eating flour and sugar in July 2016 and have released 51 pounds in 21 months. I guess that’s slower than some and faster than others. My weight is lower than it has been for 30 years!

    I’ve heard some interesting comments this past week. One woman saw me for the first time in maybe ten years, and when she hugged me she said, “I hate you!” Then she said, “I’m just kidding, but you look fantastic and I’ve GAINED fifty pounds while you’ve lost a hundred!” At least she was honest. Then someone saw me and said I looked “froufrou!” (I looked it up and it comes from the sound of rustling silk skirts but also means “lacy, girly, frilly or fancy.”) I have been looking great, but she kept emphasizing that I looked fancier or classier or more dressed up. I confessed that I told my best friend that I heard myself thinking, “When I get down to my goal weight, I’ll deserve fashionable clothes!” Sounds like stinkin’ thinkin’ to me! What I deserve doesn’t change a bit whether I am fat or thin! But reality is that as a morbidly obese person, I didn’t think it was worth it to try to be fashionable.

    I think I have about fifty pounds still to lose. It will be a big adjustment to my mind as well as my body!

    My sister passed on a suggestion from a fellow Bright Lifer to take more pictures of myself so I could get used to my new appearance. I do stand in front of the mirror more than I ever did before, trying to help my mind believe that my body is different.

    The mental chatter in my head is that the thin me feels more intelligent than the obese me. I KNEW I was intelligent in my obese body, but I projected on others that they didn’t THINK I was. UGH. This is a good reminder of the inner work that needs to go along with getting into a right-sized body!

    Thanks again. You are such a gifted communicator!

    Reply ·
  154. Denise Peasnall

    SMG could be channeling my inner self also. I totally relate to her experience. My hair is A Thing with me too. With BLE I started loosing weight and still saw (see) Obese Denise in the mirror of my mind. Hair had to go! Wow short I was noticed! She’s losing weight, she cut off that hair, she’s looking good; that all scares me as now who am I?
    So inching along, hair is, like yours, growing back and who am I?

    Reply ·
  155. Leila

    Oh my god! I am thinking about cutting my hair short in order to get rid of the dye and let the grays (there is a lot of it… almost all of it) grow back. I am so freaking tired of dying my hair because it grows so fast that I have to dye it every week. I am only 40 and a lot of people think it is not a good idea to show off so much gray at this young age! But I really wanna try it. My problem is, I do have an online presence. Not as much as you Susan obviously, but for example… I am in the middle of creating a 9-week course during which I will be on video a lot. And I don’t wanna make the transition in the middle of this course that I am planning to reuse for years. And although I am not as famous, I know that me cutting my hair so short and growing the grays will be a topic of discussion for a while! I so think it’s not fair to women with online presence. Men do (or don’t do) whatever they want to their appearance and hardly anyone cares! Best of luck growing your hair. I have to agree, I did not recognize you at all in those pictures. You looked VERY different. But no worries, people will get used the new look quicker than you get there. <3

    Reply ·
    1. Jean

      Leila, I made this decision to go gray about 10 years ago or so. I had started dyeing my hair when I was in my early 40s, and kept it up for about 6 years. I had the same problem you did: it grew super-fast it’s so expensive to keep up with it! Once I decided to grow it out, I was stunned to see that what had been a few gray streaks had basically turned into more than 50 percent gray! I do really like how it looks, and I think grey actually looks really striking on younger women! I’ll tell you: The worst part is what I called the “skunk lady” phase, when I had a white stripe down the middle of my head! 🙂 Keeping it pulled back instead of with a part helped that, but it’s just something to get through. I am a realtor, and I did end up re-shooting my business card and website pictures because the difference was pretty stark once I went all silver. I wrote a post below about what I’m going through now, trying to decide whether to go very short because I’m experiencing some severe hair loss. It is a conundrum about your on-line course… that will be interesting. Is your course material at all age-sensitive? If you appear older, will it impact your messaging?

      Reply ·
      1. maria reilly

        I have also begun to embrace my cinnamon sugar hair LoL!! I am currently reading silver hair: a handbook by Lorraine Massey and michele bender .it talks a lot about how it makes us feel authentic and free despite all the naysayers. Best of luck Ladies!!

        Reply ·
  156. Gillian Thornton

    I think as women we need to keep changing our hair and style especially when we have transformed our bodies. Great hair gives one confidence. I love yours and think it will be pretty no matter how you have it.

    Reply ·
  157. Cindy

    Thanks for this blog! You’re right. It doesn’t matter to me what you do with your hair. I’m interested in your authenticity & your infomation. I’m a successful BLE boot- camper from October, 2016. I hit my goal weight after a year & a half & even lost 9 more pounds for a total of 57 pounds. I’d pretty much given up on diets & had resigned myself to being forever overweight. I’m definitely happy, thin, & free now. Not only that,, but I feel like , for the first time in my journey as a human, I understand to my core what food & eating is all about. Plus – get this – my dose of thyroid medication has been lowered TWICE since I started the boot camp! Thanks for that! Loved this vlog for the “fat vs. thin dialogue” information. Thanks for pointing that out! I hadn’t considered that. I’ll work on that. Thanks. Take cate. Love you for your inner self – regardless of your hair!

    Reply ·
  158. Ann

    hi Susan–

    I am going to weight in, for what it’s worth. I have seen the “before you” photos on your website(s), and I have to say: I have always thought you look prettier, softer, and more feminine in longer hair. It is totally none of my business, but I am happy to hear you are growing your hair! Your hair looks adorable in a headband and, as previous poster said, a little softer and more feminine. I will look forward to seeing your hair uncovered as you continue to grow it!

    By the way, as of today, I am down 77.2 lb from my highest weight, but it’s taken me 5+ years to get here, not just with BLE–it’s been a long journey. However, BLE got me beyond a longstanding plateau, and I have lost nearly every week since I started BLE on 10/17/17. I have 2.8 lb to go to goal weight–WOOHOO!!! I will stop at 5 lb less than I weighed when I got married, which I truly thought was impossible to ever attain. Honestly, I forget that I am thin now, as I don’t feel too different. I do still wear big clothes, mostly because I haven’t wanted to buy new clothes until I reach goal weight. I did the opposite of what you did: I had been wearing long hair, naturally curly, except for my bangs, which I used a curling iron on. I transitioned to side part, and finally to cutting my hair shorter than I have worn since I can’t remember when, but still not too short: a little below the chin. I do style it now, so have gone from messy curls to an attractive, smooth style, and back to long bangs, rather than a side part. My reason was that my thinner face was looking too long with the side part and long hair. I have gotten a lot of comments because I had worn my hair au natural for years and years, but now I forget that I have a new, updated look as I am still me no matter how I look on the outside.

    BLE has been amazing!!! I did the 14-day challenge, and have continued with the program since 10/17.

    Reply ·
  159. Deborah

    You are beautiful with long and short hair. What you said about honoring our heavy bodies was life changing! I’ve never heard such kind, loving words spoken about a body that carries extra weight. Thank you for this gift.

    Reply ·
  160. Sue


    Reply ·
  161. Michelle Nowakowski

    I can sort of relate Susan. I have a cute little emoji that is on my envelopes, business cards and letterhead. I have a distinct haircut and color and even if I wanted to change it, I’d be reluctant for marketing reasons.
    My old weight body did feel safe in many ways as I traveled to professional conferences alone. Now, in my right size body I will attract more attention, but I’m prepared to defend myself as necessary. I am beautiful for me alone. Sure my hubby likes it too, but only because of the way it makes me show up in the world.
    Have a great week!

    Reply ·
  162. bob gibson

    I want to bring you to a study of your face and hair. Both are very striking. With the short hair we get to see an openness and beautiful features on your well balanced face. Your eyes are exceptional . Your brows and nose shape and overall structure are truly beautiful. And finely shaped. I did see in the photos you posted of you with long hair, less of your beauty. The long hair seems to take away the focus of your great features on your open face with the short hair. I like both, but really see more of the “You” and honest person I have come to know…. with the short hair. Your wink is absolutely adorable. You could win over anyone with that cute expression. You have many followers and all with varying degrees of Love for you and what you are doing for humanity.. whatever you wish to experience with your hair changes… go for it. Keep in mind the time involved in keeping long hair neat and in order. Finally Susan; you sure have a Beautiful Family… I presume that blond fellow (very handsome man) is your husband. You actually never introduced him in this recent video. All the best to you
    Love and Hugs B.G.

    Reply ·
    1. Dyna

      Great comments about the focus being on the face and facial expressions with short hair. Women always get comments on hairstyles and attire. The inevitable discussion is about professionalism – with short hair usually trumping long hair. Perhaps you can find the middle ground? (this is the Canadian compromise).

      Reply ·
  163. Allyn Babitch

    I actually like it where it is now! A someone else said, kind of a soft framing halo.

    Reply ·
  164. JLS

    I love the middle ground for your hair! Love the new lighting.

    Reply ·
  165. Anita Web Weaver

    Loved the comments about our ‘heavier selves.’ When I lost a good amount of weight some years ago, I found I couldn’t ‘place’ myself in my physical world very well. I didn’t know where ‘I’ was. Interesting! I also liked the idea of ‘bringing along’ those former heftier selves and acknowledging what they each did for me. Keep being real. It helps!

    Reply ·
  166. Anita Burkett

    I think it’s great you are growing your
    Hair out.

    Reply ·
  167. Heather

    I agree with Eve- I think it looks great in the vlog! But I’m biased because after I lost most of my excess weight, I felt bold enough to have a super short cut and I really like it and get lots of compliments from both men and women..

    Reply ·
  168. Cathy

    Oh Susan! Your talk just ripped me to the bone! First, I know Met and she is how I found my way to you! I had lost 72 pounds in less than a year. I got myself derailed and have gained all but 13 pounds. I realize that it was my depression that was taking over and I was using food to feel better. I was kind of in shock with my weight loss. You see I have always been heavy, so I didn’t know who I was and how to dress and what to do about all this excess skin!
    I’d be interested in more information around this issue, since I started back on BLE today! Excellent vlog!

    Reply ·
  169. Constance

    I had always had long hair too. And then when my brother died of AIDS in 1991, I whacked it all off short. I kept it short until about 2000 and then started to grow it out. Additionally all this time I dyed it to cover the grey. Then in 2015, after the sudden death of my partner, David, I whacked it all off again, and stopped dying it. Now I am salt and pepper and my hair is less cropped very close. 1/4 to 1/5 inch. And I just turned 60 last month!

    I can totally relate to the warrior mode when you cut all your hair off. For me, it feels like shedding or coming out and exposing myself, but also becoming fierce and monk like. Hard to explain. Will I keep it this way forever? I dunno. For now it feels right. Good luck with the grow-out Susan. You look cute all ways.

    Reply ·
  170. Carol B.

    Susan, I love that you share your processes so openly! Thank you for your authenticity and vulnerability! I sooooo wish you would explore Dressing Your Truth by Carol Tuttle. It is such a great way to understand one’s personal energetic pattern and how to support that energy. You are you own version of feminine and you are so right that our external appearance impacts our inner life and if we let someone else decide what is right for us we will never feel great at any weight. You are awesome-keep sharing your journey with us.

    Reply ·
    1. Dana Rodgers

      Thanks for writing this Carol B. I sincerely hope that Susan reads it….I was about to suggest the exact same thing. After 50 years of yo-yo dieting and binge eating, BLE is creating a lasting “happy, thin, and free”, but DYT (Dressing Your Truth) and Carol’s insight into energy have allowed me to explore “fat Dana” and “thinner Dana” with an entirely new perspective. It’s an incredible journey. My gratitude for SPT comes from the depth of my soul.

      Reply ·
  171. Eve

    you’re hair right now looks like a feminie halo of softness yo me. ; )

    Reply ·
    1. maria reilly

      I love your hair right now .. it will take some getting used to

      Reply ·
    2. Ann


      Reply ·
  172. Linda Ragazzo

    You’re beauty is from within! It doesn’t matter whether your hair is short, medium or of long length! Thanks for always being real – you radiate!

    Reply ·
  173. Jill Marsh

    I loved this vlog. I can really identify with Meg. I have lost 80lbs with BLE and am probably around halfway, maybe a little more to my goal. I am not even sure what that is, because I don’t think I have ever been my right size. I feel like this is a crucial time for me, because this is lower than I have been in years and I have usually given up on weight loss before this point. In fact, I have regained at record speeds! I have not been comfortable at lower weights, and am going to do some serious journaling about this. I always feel bad for the fat Jill when people start complimenting me on weight loss, thinking that apparently I wasn’t good enough as fat Jill. So many conflicting ideas. I, myself have been my own worst critic. This is definitely something I have to figure out and get peace about. Thanks so much for opening this door for me!

    Reply ·
    1. Silvia

      Very honest and interesting thougts, Jill, thank you.

      Reply ·
    2. Sunny

      Six years ago I lost 42 lbs. over a 10-month time period. The comments about the weight loss really started bothering me. — Your comment, Jill, about being your own worst critic, is a bitter pill to swallow, but one that’s so necessary for me.

      When people would say, “You look amazing,” or “You look great,” my internal reply was, “Wow, (sarcastic) thaaaaanks . . . Did I really look that bad before?” . . . Which . . . I mean, yeah, I kinda did. I was at 221 on a 5′ 3″ frame. But that’s not what they were saying. . . . I know how faithfully these people love me. They are NOT trying to be critical of Heavy Sunny. More than anything they’re simply saying, “I notice the difference in you.” I want to learn to accept that for the observant comment it is.

      This time, six years later, just today at church the first comment came in from someone who didn’t know beforehand that I am doing BLE. I’ve decided to acknowledge Heavy Sunny whenever I can. After all, it’s Heavy Sunny who made the changes that caused this result. I’M STINKIN’ PROUD OF HER!!!! 😀 [And ssssssssso thankful for BLE!!!!!]

      Reply ·
  174. SMG

    Susan, thank you for this. First, let me say that your beauty, strength and vitality radiates from within, so no matter what the package looks like, you are wonderful. I was struck by your short hair when I first learned about BLE & started watching your vlogs & read the book & incorporated bright lines into my life (thank you, by the way – for your research on the brain and all you present, because it is so RIGHT ON!)

    I’ve been grappling with the fat me vs. the less fat me (my journey is still in process) and fat brain vs. less fat brain for a bit. I still think, move and generally operate in the world like I’m still at 280 pounds (157 right now), expect not to fit into seat belts on airplanes, consider if I’m going to break a chair or am I going to be able to get back up out of it – for that matter, I choose capacious seats, and leave a big bubble around me thinking I take up more space than I actually do know. I can’t seem to wrap my mind about what size my body is right now – can’t figure out what size I am, am surprised when something that looks WAY too small actually fits! And I live in fear that this new version of me that I’m becoming is a mirage, one day I’ll wake up & all of a sudden realize that who I really am is the fat me – morbidly obese – the less fat me was just a dream.

    If I break my bright lines I worry that the back to fat transformation will happen overnight. Ach… I know this is all a journey of the heart & soul as well as the body.

    So your vlog was well-timed. Thank you! It’s given me more fodder to ponder. And I am grateful.

    Reply ·
    1. Alma Christova

      What a wonderful comment!

      Reply ·
    2. dee

      really great comment, smg, I can relate to much of it. hang in there, I’ve been right-sized for a while and it takes time

      Reply ·
    3. Mary Beth

      thank you for this share. This vlog was a good one and made me a bit teary

      Reply ·
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