The Teddy Bear and the Crystal Vase

In this week’s vlog, I talk about my most cherished possession and how it relates to your Bright Line Eating™ journey. (Hint: it’s probably the last thing you’d expect!)


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  1. Grace

    Great message, thank you Susan.

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  2. Ruth Poley

    This was so fitting, especially as I’m watching it just before a group of us at Helix House are starting our #REBOOT in the morning. It makes me feel that I can get the magic back.

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  3. Katya

    I think the trick is seeing ourselves as all of it. One moment we have a crystal vase, the next moment we have a teddy bear. One moment I am on top of the world, the next moment I am an addict. Our essential nature hasn’t changed. Understanding this is the only was we’ll be able to have real love and compassion for everyone and everything, because we will see it all as part of ourselves, rather than apart.

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  4. Helga

    Susan you touch my heart every time you speak. Again today you said what I desperately needed to hear. Yes I have a “Wrauster”.
    I love it so much and even though it may be tattered and torn and needs repair from time to time, I refuse to let it go.
    I will continue to cherish and protect my BLE “bear”.
    Thank you. You’re the best!!

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  5. Vicki

    This video & vision is so precious to me & it touched me deeply that I have tears in my eyes.

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  6. Anne Wing

    Thank you, Susan!
    This VLOG is very meaningful to me.
    I had a crystal vase in 1988 from June through December. Then during a seige of gall bladder attacks followed by surgery and recovery my crystal vase got
    broken. I tried to hang onto it, even to the point of having my food brought into the hospital for me and staying abstinent. Even though I maintained my abstinence being willing to go to any lengths it got broken. I think medical events with all the drugs – anesthesia, IVs, pain medication affect the body and brain in such ways to cause
    intense cravings despite staying sugar and flour free. I’ve never successfully repaired my crystal vase.
    However I have a bear who was given to me for the exact reason as to be my companion and comfort during intensive addiction inpatient treatment. Her name is Felicity and she is about the size of your bear, she is dark brown with a red ribbon around her neck.She came from Filene’s during a promotion sale. Nowadays she looks quite limp and worn as she should having been through many intensive healing sessions and many intense sessions of pain release. She has been through everything with ne. I carried her with me everywhere for many years. I’ve semi-retired her and she now lives on a spacious shelf right where I see her every moment I am home. She protects a mujch younger stuffed animal a small white very perky poodle. As I am decluttering and downsizing I often wonder what should I do with Felicity – Good Will? family member? but find I cannot part with her.
    You and I are in the same row of the recovery benches! Thank you for your relentless example and so much more.
    HUGS, Anne Wing, Maine USA

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  7. Lori

    Love the analogy! I actually sleep with a lion I bought in 1990 that I named Roarshach. He keeps me in alignment or I’ll wake with numb hands. He is pretty beat up, but precious to me. Now I won’t be able to see him without thinking of my BLE journey. Brilliant! Thanks Susan!

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  8. Ann

    Thank you Susan. I needed to hear this today. I’ve been doing BLE “my” way and my addiction is active and strong now. I’ve never let go totally of BLE and just this morning decided to rezoom and count days again. So this is my Day 1. I’m going to think about what my precious bear could be. I’ve never held onto anything very long, except being clean and sober. That is likely part of my problem., moving onto the next thing over and over. Recovery from my true drug of choice, sugar and flour, is proving to be quite the internal struggle for me. And it was much easier, actually without comparison, before I cheated with flour and sugar. It’s infinitely harder now. But you have shown me how to take this one meal at a time if I need to. I’m still in!

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  9. Laurel

    Can I have the dinner meal with salad at lunch time and for dinner the same day have lunch?

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  10. Dianne

    You always know the right thing to say at the right time. Thank you. I resume.

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  11. Lisa Wilson

    Day 62… and crystal vase in tact! 🙂 As always, thank you so much for the very timely and relevant vlog! I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I have been feeling lately that this is so easy. ..and as I get closer to maintenance, my sneaky saboteur has been trying to tell me one bite of NMF won’t kill me. Thank you for the beautiful metaphors and for reminding me that I have to protect this crystal vase. It’s a gift! I adore you, Susan, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving my life! xoxo

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  12. Bonnie L Weiss

    Susan, I love your blogs, and I love Wrauteqer, but please give him a new face!

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  13. Vee Clarke

    You are the best. Thank you for this – for a way for those of us who have had problems here and there on this journey. I do not have an intact, perfect crystal vase. Lately having a wobbly rezoom experience after a week-long vacation/wedding attended across the country. I’ve felt so imperfect reading about the perfect lines being kept by so many that I’ve felt a little alienated. But this is TOO IMPORTANT to me to give up. I never want to give up what automaticity I have cultivated. I have learned so much. I’m not giving up. I felt this vlog is speaking to me. Normalizing me. Even Susan doesn’t have a perfect vase. She has something valuable and precious to her. This is motivating to me and makes me feel accepted with my Bright Line imperfections. Thank you.

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  14. Brenda Flanagin

    Thank you Susan! What a great vlog and visual inspiration. I totally relate to what you are saying. No struggle though out my weight loss it was once I started maintenance that I struggled. Although now I know the real value of keeping those lines bright! Feeling my crystal vase in almost completely intact again! PHEW!

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  15. Jana Warner

    Thank-you so much for this vlog!! It was just what I needed to hear. I am just a few days away from my one year anniversary in BLE. I’ve lost 50 pounds, which is great, but it’s not where I thought I’d be at this point, so I’ve been feeling a bit low. I had 80 to lose. I just thought I’d be further along by now. Until recently, the program had been easy for me, in spite of some thyroid drag, and the fact that I don’t do well with dairy or soy, so there are daily nuts and seeds in my food plan, and that slows my loss. None of that was a problem for me. My lines were bright, and I was just chugging along until a couple of months ago. I have an elderly aunt who lives three states away, and my husband and I went to spend about 10 days with her just helping out with making her house more safe with railings and doing small repairs. Long story, but that time was way beyond stressful. So much so that after we left her house, we both slept almost around the clock for the next three days!! Whew. We then went to our favorite spot on the coast to enjoy three weeks of winter beach time (we are both retired). My lines started to blur while we were at my aunt’s, and then got progressively blurry. I didn’t stray too far, but my weight loss stopped, and over the 6 weeks plus that we were gone from home, I gained about four pounds. As soon as we were home again, and I was in my own kitchen, I completely resumed, but now, even after almost three weeks, I have cravings, nagging food thoughts, and I am finding that it is so, so hard to make myself “do” my lines. Automaticity seems to be a thing of the past. Yesterday, for the first time in a year, I had my first real “binge”. I ate probably about 2 cups of a candied nut and popcorn mix…so as binges go, it wasn’t much, but I felt wretched afterwards. The sugar dump made me sick, and I was horribly thirsty for the rest of the day. Worse, it was the first time EVER that I’ve eaten secretly. Wow! In my whole life, I’ve never eaten in secret. (I’m only a 7, but still.) I realized that I had “hurt myself with food”. And I didn’t even enjoy what I ate. The whole thing left me reeling on so many levels. I have been re-reading Susan’s book over the past few days. When I first read it a year ago, I didn’t see myself in a lot of what she wrote. I thought that I was overweight from eating too much meat and fats over almost 40 years, and that the pounds had just stacked up. Now, after the struggles of late, I see that my brain has all the weak points that she writes about, and now that my crystal vase is gone, I’ve felt unmoored, demoralized and struggling. The last weeks, and especially yesterday, have felt really dark. But this vlog was just for me. I am so comforted and calmed by the idea of my very own teddy bear. BLE is that to me. I would never give it up. This vlog made it okay to hold on tight to something that is battered and torn, but still loved beyond words. And so life saving!! I feel armed to be able to hold my head up and get back on the path, knowing that even if I stumble, and even if it’s not as effortless as it once was, it’s still my path. Thank-you Susan.

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    1. Susan J Edwards

      Blessings to you. Losing 50 pounds is GIGANTIC!!! You will RE-ZOOM, I can tell!!!

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  16. Carol

    This is one of my favorite vlogs❣️ Very “Velveteen Rabbit”. I have “loved-the-fur off “ my program, too. 😊

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  17. Deborah

    Did the 14-day challenge and kept going another week…
    After 7 days of BLE I’d lost 2.5# – Water weight.
    After 22 days of BLE I’d lost 3.5#. Not 3.5# more, 3.5# TOTAL
    This morning, which would have been day #23, I’d gained 1# back. Now I’m back at 2.5# total.
    I don’t know why – my lines were perfect! Not one transgression.
    I am so disillusioned and discouraged, I ate carbs all afternoon & evening today… 3 bowls of cereal with almond milk and honey, steamed rice, and Ryekrisp crackers with cashew butter.
    …thinking “why be hungry all the time? Why deny myself when it doesn’t make any difference anyhow?”

    I’m 56, 5’6″, and 172.5# today . A bit chubby as a child, very thin as a teen and until I married at 28. Then from near nervous-breakdown stress, the weight piled on. I turned into a pickle. The genes were turned on. And once the weight is on, I can never get it off. Tried everything.
    I have no crystal vase, I have no teddy bear.
    Is there any hope for me?

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    1. Deborah

      (I meant last evening – didn’t post until this morning)

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      1. Susan J Edwards

        Hi Deborah, I am 76 years old. I hear your struggle. I am NO expert, but I suspect your body wants to weigh more than you want it to. Also, those of us who have 100+ pounds to lose, will do so faster because FAT uses calories. The closer to goal weight the less comes off. For me, I am also 5’6′ and my GOAL IS 177 to 188 pounds. I am healthy, not diabetic, and my goals are to: cross my legs, sit an an airplane without a seat extender and walk a mile without stopping. I personally think losing 3.5# in 22 days is great. That is an average of a pound a week. That means your body adjusted to the loss and it was healthy. I have lost 35 pounds over the last year., and hope to lose the next 35 pounds by my 77th Birthday next February. I would encourage you to just keep trying BLE as well as you can. Blessings to you, Susan

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        1. Deborah

          Thank you Susan, I was hoping someone like you would reply. Amazingly, even after my afternoon of binging, 2 mornings later that 1# was off again. I know I’m too emotionally attached to the number on the scale. Someone also suggested that sometimes the body needs a little reassurance that it’s not “starving”, and then it lets go a little more. But I know I was on very dangerous grounds, as I am high on the susceptibility scale.
          I’m thankful I didn’t eat refined sugar, or refined flour – it just wasn’t in the house, and I was out of rebellion/despair by the time I went to the store, so I didn’t buy anything there either. So some “automaticity” is in place already.

          While at first I thought I would quit, in my heart I know I’ve got to keep trying. What other choice is there? Keep gaining? Wait until I’m 200# to start again? My mother is 230# and that makes me realize it could happen to me, too. I need to keep realizing that it won’t be a magic pill, but a fight for every inch of the way! Thank you so much for your words of encouragement! I think I will only weigh once a month hereafter, and if it’s just a 1# loss a month, at least I won’t have gained a pound… and it will add up to 12# a year. And a reassurance that I’m going the right direction.

          Congratulations on the weight you’ve lost! So proud of you, and your determination to keep going. Wow. For me, I know I will lose slower than if I had a lot more to lose. And besides, the slow weight-loss stories are much more motivating and encouraging to me than the fast weight-loss stories. Because that’s what my story will be like. And now you are part of my story, Susan. : )
          Thank you again, Deborah

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  18. Jane

    Thanks Susan. Wow. Your sweet teddy bear gives the journey grace and hope. I’m a teddy bear person. My vases are put away for safe keeping. It’s the teddy bears in my life that go with me, take the hard times along with me and stick around to encourage me. I did great for boot camp and then fell apart for about a year and a half. I’ve signed up for bright lifers 2x but haven’t found the inner drive to start again. The vase is broken but my teddy bear says try again, I’ll be with you.

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  19. Tammy

    You are Amazing!!!

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  20. Katherine B

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I joined BLE just over a year ago. I’ve been part of a 12 step program for 3 years. (one that has the same food rules) And in all that time, I’ve never gotten more than 100 days of continuous abstinence. I have felt that same disconnect. I know my abstinence is important to me. I know it’s something I continually strive for and will never give up on. But I’ve also felt that it wasn’t “as good as” or
    “as valuable as” everyone else’s. What can I have that’s worth anything when faced w/ someone who has 20 years of unbroken abstinence? This image of your Wraucetur gives me a true sense of the great value I can place on my experience even though it’s not what is held up as an example in my meetings.

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  21. MARY

    please dont send these emails to me any more. thank you

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  22. Samantha

    Bravissimo Susan! I ADORE this charming and brilliant vlog! Like a laser with pin point precision, you spoke to exactly what I most needed. Perfect timing too! ( You nailed “right thing” and “right time”. Such an impressive feat! ) I’ve crossed my lines a few times and wobbled my way back to bright lines, always with sheepish embarrassment, joking to Housemates that my scratchy crystal vase, has cracks, chips, smudges, but is superglued in a few places, looking more like an old milkglass. BUT … now you now have redeemed me with this vlog! Thank you for this new lovely metaphor!! Whewww! Jeez Louise, you’ve done it again! I am grateful beyond words to you for creating this sparkling galaxy of BLE siblings! I cannot wait to see you at the reunion. ( my first time.) You are one of the most significant and influential teachers I have ever had. I owe you a huge debt of gratitude.

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  23. Christine

    You my dear are an amazing person. Thank you for your comments every week. You are inspiring. I’m not a part of the bright line eating but I have been watching you for over a year. I’m not sure what holds me back but I enjoy watching and hearing from you tremendously with love and affection. Christine

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  24. Wendelyn

    Please give Wraucetur eyes, nose and a smile!

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  25. heather

    Never a truer word said. Must admit I did think get to the point about Wraucetur! It was well worth waiting for. I no longer have a crystal vase though I did for awhile until I forgot just how precious it was, but now I am going to treat my ‘Wrauceter’ as if its a crystal vase. Thanks, this vlog it did bring a reconciling tear to my eye.

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  26. Dorene

    Thank you Susan! Just what I needed to hear.

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  27. Janine

    I like the teddy bear metaphor so much better! (Especially because I still sleep with my baby blanket at age 48!) The vase felt too fragile to me —and too unforgiving. I love my bright lines like an old friend already! 🙂

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  28. Jeanne M. Smith

    I am in 4th week of Boot Camp and on day 68 of Bright Line Eating. I LOVE this vlog. It reminds me of the Velveteen Rabbit. . You were 7 when I got married. Now you are 43 and I am71. You have saved my life and I will always be grateful! Thank you!

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  29. Michelle New

    Fantabulous Susan. Had my crystal vase for a long time then it cracked ; managed to repair it ; close to good again but like you said, never quite the same. I pulled out my beloved bear , 63 years old , has lived all over the world with me. A beautiful imperfect but lovable bear that now has a very special place in my BLE life. Hugs to you my dear! Thank you .

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  30. Barbara

    Today I am 217 days in with just shy 70#’s gone, and 27#’s from my BMI goal, my BLE is so on point, that it is my new normal. I don’t ever want to return to that time when I ate totally unaware of what I was shoving in my mouth. Thanks for everything, I don’t know how I would have continued down the road I was on, probably would be even heavier than when I started my recovery. This is my present, and my future, and finally looking forward it sure looks bright.

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  31. Iris

    Love, love, LOVE this vlog, Susan. Thanks, as always, for keeping it real with us. Much love.

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  32. Tommie

    I am on day 145 and have lost 46 lbs. I feel like BLE has been a turning point in my life. Despite that, I have really been struggling to stay bright on a 14 day challenge. I can’t put my finger on it. I feel physically uncomfortable even right now. Thank you for you the vlog this week. It really helps me get through the day and keeps thing in perspective.

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  33. jodi

    such a hope inspiring talk. Thank you!

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  34. Joseph

    Delightful Susan!
    Joseph in Missoula

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  35. Patricia Visser

    Wraucetur – that sounds like a character in a Harry Potter plot. Hmmm! Maybe the title of your next book?

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  36. Janice

    I needed this today. I felt best doing BLE to the letter. I needed to hear this to remind me how important this is to me and my health.

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  37. Cindy Hauffe

    Hi, as a 63 yr young at heart; tho I appreciate your vlogs- please give your teddy bear a new face! That is like you’re leaving your “treasured vase” on the edge of the table 🙁 I collect teddy bears, dolls, & feral cats. It pains me to see him like that. He looks more broken than well loved. I have a bear from my childhood who was missing fur, his eyes, & nose- we gave him a makeover & he looks SO much better. I think he feels better too. I love him just as much maybe more & he doesn’t look depressing now. In fact he makes me smile cuz if there’s hope for my previously pathetic bear, I can believe that there might just be hope for me. Just sayin 🐻 Love ya! You are an inspiration.

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  38. Leslie Thornton

    Made me cry. Thank you 🙏❤️

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  39. Beverly

    As a retired teacher, I have another way of looking at this. I taught many kiddies with behavioural issues. After a difficult day, I would always tell the student that today was over and that tomorrow was a new day and a “Fresh Start”. I’d remind them of the Fresh Start as I greeted them in the morning and always added how happy I was to see them.
    Now, if I had a vase, it might still be cherished as a family heirloom but with a few chips out of it. However, if my Bright Lines get blurred from time to time, I don’t beat myself up about it. The next day is a Fresh Start and I have had no problem get my Bright Lines back. 😊

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  40. Beverly

    Thank you so much!! Love your analogies. Just what I needed to patch the slight cracks to make my vase completely whole again!
    I thought I was strong enough to have a planned treat once in awhile – it is much to difficult for me to focus and not stray more often once I kick that door open.
    Better off to just protect that crystal vase so that I do not damage it.
    Thanks for helping me to get back on track. Truly inspirational.
    Love your bear – adorable!

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  41. Linda Wilkins

    Thank you, Susan,
    Just what I needed!

    Reply ·
  42. Jean Morell

    Follow ritual is not abuse but joy and happiness when you do things in order it’s not punishment. It’s great 👍 diet shopping vegetables meats flaxseed avoidance of white flour potatoes rice oatmeal going to bed early following you tube great. I too had stuff toys cats 🐈 but loss them through abusive men moving I admire how you kept Rosetr in shape I do that with my real cats and my cooking. And my candles 🎂 I give my candles names your story was encouraging and just what I tell others like Hail Mary and my tattered St. Anthony card some things should always be treasured

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  43. Naomi

    thank you – this is perfect for me. Felt bad about my broken crystal vase and Im struggeling. But I do have my elephant which comes with me every travel and sleeps in my bed every night 🙂 So thank you for a new vase.

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  44. Meg

    Love it. I’ve got a gnarly war torn bumpy bear too. Figuratively. I am prepping the start of my BLE – so I guess I’ll be starting with a crystal vase. I’d kind of prefer a bear.

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  45. Penny

    Another great Vlog, Susan. So right. So true. So inspiring. Thank you! Looking forward to next weeks too.

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  46. Louise Mann

    Love it! That’s so encouraging!

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  47. Michele Moore

    Wow. Thank you, Susan! I am 129 days in, 42 pounds down, and it has been easy. And it shouldn’t be. I’m the woman society says won’t be able to lose weight. I’ll be 59 this coming July. I went through ovarian cancer diagnosis, surgeries, and treatment in 2015 (and thankfully am whole and healthy now). I am 5′ 3.5″ and my highest weight was tickling 260 pounds! When I started BLE, after reading your book, my weight was 245 pounds. At last weigh-in, I was dancing 3 pounds over “one-der-land!” You may just hear the squeals of joy all the way from where I live in Florida to where you live in Rochester when I break into that land!!!

    Your vlog resonated with me because of what you said about what to keep in mind if I’m one of those for whom this feels easy. And I sense that it was a necessary warning, which I will hold onto. One time in my life, I lost weight and got into as close to a right-sized body as I’ve ever been, only to self-sabotage, and begin the long climb back up fat mountain, where I have stayed, climbing ever higher, for the past 36 years. I believe I have been given a second chance at life in the past few years, and I don’t want to take that for granted. I don’t want to find myself exactly where I have longed all my life to be, with the prize in hand, so to speak, and then drop it. It would b e devastating to go backward now. My husband has commented that he has never seen me have the grace to do this like he’s seen in me over the past 4-plus months. He has commented that it is obvious to him that this has become the way I live now. And it has.

    I get up to Rochester two to three times a year because I grew up in Spencerport, and still have family there. As a matter of fact, we will be back “home” next week (3/21-25/2018) to visit my recently widowed, 90-year old father-in-law. I would LOVE the opportunity to thank you in person for how you have changed my life if I’m ever up there when you have a public appearance, book signing, etc. I’m sure you guard your time as a precious commodity, and I don’t blame you. If I’m never able to tell you face-to-face, please accept my heartfelt thanks for your transparency, and your willingness to share your gifts with me in exactly the way I needed them, at exactly the right time, for me to finally live my dream. I cannot begin to adequately express my gratitude. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

    Reply ·
    1. Eileen Lass

      Michelle, I love your comments and could relate so well! I am 59, 5’3″, have survived cancer, and my highest nonpregnant weight was also in the 260s. I got down to 138 for my wedding day in 1983 but bounced way back up and weighed 160 six months into our marriage! I have had a somewhat bumpy Bright Line journey, though it started well. I was in the October 2016 Boot Camp and made it through Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s, my birthday, Valentine’s Day and Easter with virtually no four and sugar, and it wasn’t that hard! But then when my daughter graduated from high school in June 2017 I volunteered to prepare our family’s traditional celebratory foods (NMFs) and I ate them. I dropped my crystal vase! That started a period of struggle and cravings. Then we buried my brother and mother in December and by the end of that month my willpower was chronically depleted. But I’m back on track and have had 11 of 13 clean Bright Line Eating days in March! I am weighing in once a week and last week I weighed 174.0, the lowest my weight has been in 28 years!

      I was born in Syracuse but no longer have family there.

      Keep up the good work and consider my cheering with you when you step into ONEderland!

      Reply ·
  48. Gogo Emmons

    Love it! I just found my own stuffed animal to protect my abstinence. It’s a dog and my inner child is so happy! And the grown up in me appreciates the tangible reminder. I need to find a name now!

    Reply ·
  49. Prof . Mahdi M. Latewesh Tripoli- Libya

    Dear Dr Susan …. Many thanks for your continues distinguished constrictive activity I really I enjoy it.

    Reply ·
  50. Melissa

    My koala is Rochester he arrived on my honeymoon 38 years ago. He goes everywhere with me. Other lads have joined him over the years but Rochester is special. Good metaphor for BLE. Thanks Susan

    Reply ·
  51. Kathy

    …my absolute favorite of your vlogs so far. Thank you!

    Reply ·
  52. Lynne

    So loving and beautiful and so appropriate for me today. Thank you

    Reply ·
  53. Melanie Reeder

    Yes. That’s what I have (a Wrauceter)! Hope I spelled it at least close! Thanks, this allows me to cherish my journey no matter how bumpy. I’ve made it down 3 decades of numbers with my Wraucter, slowly (6 mos) but I’m holding on and being rewarded! Feeling fabulous. Love this program.

    Reply ·
  54. Renee Berger

    Love this metaphor. The Velvetine Rabbit!

    Reply ·
  55. lynn

    What do you think of denial. I have been in so much denial about sugar, flour and wine. If I tracked eating, before BLE, I would only record my 3 meals not the glasses of wine and the chocolate and ice cream I was stuffing in my gob. Can you do a Blog about that?

    Reply ·
  56. Linda W

    Love it, reassuring, empowering symbolism for our humann
    ess – who knew all that from a teddy bear! ;-D

    Reply ·
  57. Elaine

    Thank you, Susan. I have Jesus

    Reply ·
  58. Georgia

    Loved this Volg!! Makes me think of the story of the Velveteen Rabbit and how he became real because he was so well loved…

    Reply ·
  59. Shawna Murph

    Susan, I’m celebrating day 422 of Brilliant Bright Lines that I cherish like the air I breathe! Being in a right sized body for the first time truly feels like the most valuable crystal vase ever created! Preparing my meals the night before, eating only and exactly what I’ve planned for the day, and surrendering to no bites, licks or tastes, as well as the other tools you’ve given us, has given me the freedom from obsessive food thoughts is such a gift. Because I haven’t ever needed to rezoom, I often struggle to know how to encourage my BLE circle of friends that struggle to keep their bright lines without rezooming , breaking, rezooming, etc.. I want to support them and cheer them on to never give up! Sharing your analogy of Wraucetur is perfect. Hold onto BLE like you do your teddy bear. Don’t give up! Just because it’s war torn and messy, doesn’t mean it isn’t precious , dear and helpful. Hold on and press on! Never give up on getting your Bright Lines back like you would a cherished friend like Wraucetur. I love you Susan!!

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  60. Yvonne LH

    Love this vlog:) I had a WRAUCETUR for 35 years, only his name was REXI. He was a dog wiht a re-attached tail, one eyeball (re-glued several times, a missing nose and several pieces of patchwork. He was a great companion, but unfortunately he retired to Disney world when my daughter forgot him on the bus and was never to be found. We choose to believe he is now a part time Disney world bus driver because he loves the interaction with the kids so much.
    My BLE journey is definitely more of a Wraucetur or Rexi, but I keep patching it up and that is ok:)

    Reply ·
  61. Cathy A-Z

    Once again, you know exactly what I needed to hear. You amaze me. 😘

    Reply ·
  62. Laura

    I was thinking of trying something new while struggling with my lines but instead I rezoomed AGAIN this morning with my yogurt, blueberries and oatmeal. Tweaking the menu is one thing but when you’ve found the answer to losing weight, there’s no reason to search any longer.

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  63. Jane


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