For Everything There Is A Season

On August 3rd, 2016, I shot a vlog as I was packing up my college office called “Every Ending Is A New Beginning.” It was incredibly emotional because it was my last day as a professor, and from that day until now, I didn’t have an office. This feels like the start of a new season. Watch this week’s vlog to hear all about it and learn how this relates to your Bright Line Eating™ journey.

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  1. Din

    very powerful: watching intensely for the point of entry,
    thank you Susan

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  2. Agatina Saitta

    I’m 62 years old now but I used to be a double-dutch expert ! Oh the fun I had ! Thank-you Susan for this metaphor. I had my “double-dutch get-in moment last Sunday March 11th….squeaky clean lines until now and oh so easy and peaceful. Thank God ! I’ve been fu–ing around my BL since September 2017 after having lost 60 lbs since February 2017. Have kept the weight off but still have 60 more to go. This time I’m in and skipping double-dutch to my heart’s delight. I can do this because double-dutch is easy for me. Thank-you.

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  3. Yasmina

    Many thanks for this very inspirational vlog. All the best in your new home/office.

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  4. Kara O

    I so needed to hear this today.. I do feel the seasons. I do search for freedom. I know I was rocking it and then the truth of addiction hits you like a ton of bricks. There is no cure… just some sane way of control… I am watching for my opening.. I am knowing that I am powerless over the food and fighting my way back to you.

    Thank you!!!

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  5. Dianne

    Susan, what a great analogy of the double Dutch jump rope. It’s a visual I could really relate to—very insightful. I have lost 48 lbs and have yet another 40 to go. However; it’s been just as you said, first 6 months nearly perfect and while I’m not eating sugarr or flour, I’m struggling with a handful of nuts here and there which is causing me to stall—not to lose ground but to not progress. I just recently resumed writhing down my daily food and I’m starting to see progress. Thanks for always being so vulnerable and for sharing your journey with us. It means so much. Congrats on your new home and office. Hope this is your best season yet.
    Soon to be happy, thin, and free!

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  6. Angelique Beauregard

    Where has the time gone? I am still amazed at how much you have accomplished in such a short amount of time. Thank you for helping me and so many others. Thank you for bringing Bright Line Eating to the masses.

    With gratitude,


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  7. Dr Janelle Trees

    Watching and waiting, yes. Waiting is not a passive state. It is preparation for the next moment.

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  8. Lisa

    This is exactly what I needed to hear today. My lines have gotten a little fuzzy since the holidays, and I’ve felt like I was taking a little ‘rest’ from being hardcore BLE. I’m ready to jump back in again, I think I just needed to relax and catch my breath a bit. I’m ready for my new season

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  9. Judy McQuinn

    I really needed this message today. Bless you for sending it!

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  10. Tonya Wilson

    Yes!! Perfect-spot on! As always, Susan, you inspire brilliance. Congrats on the office space & hoping you feel the love of a new start there.
    💜Day 387👍

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  11. Cheryl

    Surrender! I finally get it. I’ve been on a bit of a binge for the past two days after months of not eating well. I did the 14 day challenge back in October and stuck with it for six weeks then fell off. I didn’t quite get it when I saw your Blog about surrender. Until this one. I love the analogy of the double dutch. I feel like I’ve been fighting with myself to get back on track. It feels like a battle every day and then I lose the battle and feel bad. But, now I get the surrender part. You have to be willing. You have to wait for the willingness(surrender) to be the gap to get back on track. It’s not fighting or trying harder it’s surrendering to it instead. Thank You.

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  12. Jean Morell

    I will continue. To watch you. I follow. Dr. Davis. Wheat Belly Blog. Since. 2013. I don’t eat wheat 🌾 or oatmeal corn. Potatoes. Rye barley rice 🍚 I live on disability but I feel I stick my behavior even when offered free foods I give them away. I learned from your courage that you had to change your life. I too am trying. To be more organized in every dollar I spend. I will not invest grains honey maple syrup. I like stevia monk fruit. Use Flaxseed coconut flour gabazo flour almond flour. I will never be a food addicted I love broccoli carrots 🥕 celery eggs but I will always. Learn something new every. Day. Today I learned organization it helps me and 4 cats to be organized.

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  13. Jean Morell

    Great 👍 I know. How it feels. I moved 3 times. Where. I am. I would like. To. Get new furniture. Money. Needed. I do follow no grains. Potatoes. Rice oatmeal. I take. In your advice. And. Follow Dr. Davis. Ocean. Robbins. You tube the only thing that stops. Me. Money. But even without money I will not eat flour rice potatoes oatmeal but I nerved overeat unless. I get some. Hidden source of grains. Than product. Goes in garbage. It’s hard because I have 4 cats. Older I get assistance. But I never. Binge.

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  14. Margaret Terris

    Amen Susan for this weekly blog …. wishing you and the family much happiness in your new home ….thank you x x x

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  15. Stefi

    Hi Susan! Many congratulations on your new home & office!! 🤗🌈
    Love that we all get seasons to grow, improve, fail etc. How cool is that?!?! Hugs🌸

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  16. Lisa Wilson

    Another wonderful and timely vlog, Susan! I love the double Dutch metaphor…it’s simply perfect! I just finished module 8 yesterday and feel like you are family! 🙂 I am filled with gratitude for this moment and this season because BLE has changed my life from the inside out. The words “thank you” just don’t seem sufficient… I feel blessed beyond measure. Congratulations on your new home and your office! I wish you and your family and lifetime of happiness in your new home. Thank you again for all you do! I look forward to your next vlog!

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  17. Gina

    This was a very timely vlog. I truly needed it.

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  18. Trell

    This is the vlog I’ve been waiting for. This is my moment. My time to jump in! Thanks Susan. You are awesome!

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  19. heather

    Thanks Susan. Thanks for your perspective, once again it is so helpful. You personify ‘unstoppable’.
    My new mantra is unStoppable-Seasons-Surrender!

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  20. Louise

    I am having a great season, thanks to the 14 day challenge. That was my first introduction to BLE just last month and I am now on day 25, with 24 days X-ed out! Pretty pleased with myself.

    And, ironically, we are just about to move house because I needed an office! I have recently become a writer and could no longer stand using the dining room table. So I know how much your new office will mean to you. Enjoy it – and your new home.

    Thanks for the vlogs Susan – they are great!

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  21. Stacey

    Love the metaphor of seasons and absolutely resonate with the moment of willingness. That is all it takes for anyone to take a step forward. Sending you love and light as you settle into your new home.

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  22. Geni

    Love this! I am definitely in a different season and watching for my moment of willingness.

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  23. Marsha Youngdahl

    I am new to bright line eating. Luv your blog today!

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  24. Nancy

    I just had a change of season. I’m back on track. Watching some of your earlier videos helped me regain the right frame of line. All I can say is thank god we have you.

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  25. Helga

    I so enjoy your vlogs. They always encourage me to never give up and keep going no matter if the lines aren’t where they should be. This is a message of hope that anyone in the BLE community can have a free start. Today is a new day. Forget what happened yesterday.
    Watch for your moment and jump in!!
    Thank you so much and hope you settle quickly in your new home.

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  26. veronica blampied

    thank you so much Susan have changed my life someone that understands .. not just a hopeless person that cant stick with anything.. i have left that season for the new long and happy one look forward to each blog i have to listen to one a day keeps me motivated and happy .
    enjoy your new home

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  27. Helen Spingola

    Yes, stuff happens but when that moment hits, grab it, hold it and don’t look back!!

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  28. Bettina Clarke

    I loved this video as it describes me and I’ve felt like a failure but now know it happens to the best of us and to just get back up and start over. Thank you for this insightful vlog and best of luck in your new home.

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  29. Thomas Hice

    You are the greatest! Thank you Susan.😎

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  30. Lisa

    The Byrds quoted the bible in their song “Turn, turn, turn”. 🙂

    Also, may I happily recommend the book “the life-changing magic of tidying up: the Japanese art of decluttering and organizing” by Marie Kondo, and her much requested sequel “spark joy”. (Author uses lower case lettering in her title and name.) It is a joyful life-changer when you need to deal with your environment and the “stuff” of life, what we surround ourselves with, create our home environment with, adorn ourselves with, etc. It is about getting to the essence of how we FEEL about literal things and giving us permission to honor ourselves and our feelings and our dreams. She’s said a lot of people naturally lose weight after doing this process (although that has never been the goal), so I think it would also help us all to support ourselves in our lives in general.

    I tried it a few years ago, not just read the book but tried it, and indeed it has changed my life for the better. I still naturally benefit from those times and have never looked back or gone backwards. I guess it’s an awareness thing. Anyway, if you’re setting up house and an office, you might be having a sort out too, so I thought I’d pass on my favorite thing. 🙂

    Thanks for being you and for all you do!

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  31. Drea Maletta

    Congratulations, Susan, on your new digs!

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  32. Stephanie

    Your new office bears a strong resemblance to a kitchen. Have a friend who hired a personal organizer. After the organizer left she could not find her stuff.

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    1. Helen Spingola


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    2. Stefi

      I believe those are wooden blinds & a window behind Susan. BTW , hope your friend finds her stuff.

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  33. Yashi Gamgani

    Lovely Susan! So great to see you. I haven’t seen one of your videos for some time. It’s great to see you. Thanks for showing me where I am. I’ve never been good at skip rope, so I’ll keep looking for the moment/s to jump back in!

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  34. Candy Hunt

    I find such comfort and Im super charged by the sound of your voice. For some reason, It helps me to have that extra bump of “courage” and “want” to continue or start over if I’ve falling off the plan. It may sound strange and creepy.. Im wondering if you could consider doing cds of your voice talking like you do on your blogs just being yourself. Offering these to be used at bedtime, nap time, a type of guided meditation. I for one being more of an emotional eater would find strength and a connection with the program, more. Thanks for all your hard work for me and many others.

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  35. Kathy Glennon

    The HOW we do it..( from 12 steps)

    Thanks for all you share.

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  36. Eileen Lass, your proofreader from Virginia

    Dear Susan,

    Great vlog! Welcome to your new home and your new office! May this season be full of joy for you, David, the girls, and all your Bright Line Eating team!

    I am in a new season. My sister Claire, who enabled me to do the October 2016 Boot Camp and is at her goal weight, suggested a three-way texting group with a high school friend who is new to BLE and currently in the Boot Camp. Claire and I did the 14-Day Challenge in January, then renewed it (as far as commitment) twice in February. We are seeing how many Xes we can put on our calendar page for March! So far I have five out of six. I am feeling more automaticity and doing better in my writing down my Gratitude List and my food plan, as well as committing my food to the group. I am loving this season!

    Interesting that you mentioned jump roping, because just today I was thinking of things I look forward to getting back in my life when I get in my right-sized body, and the first two were riding bikes and jumping rope!

    One of my mottoes this year is “GET TO GOAL WEIGHT IN 2-0-1-8!”

    Love from beautiful Central Virginia! I keep you and your family in my daily prayers.

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  37. Alison

    This was so incredibly helpful and arrived just at the moment I needed it!

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  38. Maggie

    Needed this today. Thank you Susan, I’m in tears thinking of how much you mean to so many people…

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  39. Mj Kress

    Ecclesiastes. One of my favorites.

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  40. Mary

    Thank you for this, Susan. I’m waiting for my moment to jump back in. Been standing on the sidelines for a long time now.

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  41. Kay

    Nice Blog with some good insight. It is a journey and there are bends in the road and sometimes you take a wrong turn or the scenic route but eventually you need to get back on the main highway if you want to get home!

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    1. Maggie

      Nice one!

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    2. Jen

      BLE is the road map to get us where we need to go!

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  42. Meghan Trueman

    OMG!! Double Dutch! Perfect… Woman, you know your shit! And once you’re in; you’re in…

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    1. Arden

      That metaphor is exactly what I needed. I have been doing very badly with food yet know that the only program that has worked for me in the past is bright line eating. I’ve been thinking along these lines and the double Dutch metaphor is perfect. Brilliant actually! Thank you so much Susan

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  43. Helaine

    Best of luck in your new home and new office!! May you only make happy memories in both!
    The quote IS from the Bible..drom the book of Ecclesiastes. To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under Heaven
    Two comments
    1. I love the purple
    2. I have never seen you from the back before.. You are so teeny tiny!
    Thank you so much!

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