Self-Perception Theory and Food

Sometimes in our Bright Line Eating™ journeys, we experience resistance to letting go of certain foods. Whether you’re just starting or have been doing BLE for a while, there is a beauty in surrendering. Watch this week’s vlog to learn all about it.


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  1. Mercedes (from Argentina)

    You are so necessary in this world, Susan. I love you.

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  2. Julie Ann

    This is one of the best blogs ever! Thank you! I needed this!

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  3. Wiley McCarthy

    Susan, we want the Bright Line necklace!

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  4. Robyn Shapiro

    Susan, your words today really rekindled my fire. The words surrender and sacrifice really woke me up!! The sacrifice portion (which it never really was) really hit home to me. Just say no to the tempting things offered renewed my dedication to the program. I had been slipping, and have been analyzing why I made the poor choices I did. So Thank You for your timely message!!!!

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  5. Kelli

    Love this one! Thanks Susan!

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  6. Joy

    Surrender. The word that keeps popping up in my life and the word that has made the most difference. Is it the natural response to the word love? I think it must be. I love my child and surrender my sleep. I love myself and surrender hurtful foods. Your examples where spot on, Susan. Thank you for sharing!

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  7. Robin O

    Wow! How timely is this video for me! I posted just today, in The Buoyant House FB page how I know I am loved by my Heavenly Father, by my husband and other family and friends but I just feel unloved because I have given up NMF. I’m 3 weeks on BLE/week one of the BC. I’ve been resisting giving up Stevia. I switched to the liquid drops justifying that it’s “healthier”. But I like what you said about when I sacrifice the food, I’m finding out who I really am. So, I’m surrendering ALL. I’m turning to my Higher Pretty Power, and not the NMF.

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  8. Robin Opuszenski

    Wow! How timely is this video for me! I posted just today, in The Buoyant House FB page how I know I am loved by my Heavenly Father, by my husband and other family and friends but I just feel unloved because I have given up NMF. I’m 3 weeks on BLE/week one of the BC. I’ve been resisting giving up Stevia. I switched to the liquid drops justifying that it’s “healthier”. But I like what you said about when I sacrifice the food, I’m finding out who I really am. So, I’m surrendering ALL. I’m turning to my Higher Pretty Power, and not the NMF.

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  9. Cat

    Susan, I’ve never thought about the process of unconsciously watching myself, when I eat off the program, which is why my weight loss regimen gets out of whack. What a brilliant statement, unconsciously we train our brains to accept routes to failure. I’m typing this and realize I’m ” in the moment”, watching myself type. Now to build that awareness into everything, whether itspreparing food, thinking about food, or putting it into my mouth! I have noticed that my husband always leaves food uneaten on his plate, and I never do. It’s not something new, he’s done this always, but your blog today, made me realize this, and I’never never leave food, even if I have to force myself self to finish. Could this be a dictate from childhood, the old clean your plate, or no dessert adage.. Your blog post is certainly making me sit up and pay attention. Thank you

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  10. B

    You look lovely this week- that dress looks great on you. Thanks for this vlog on surrender – no pun intended but it’s “food for thought.”

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  11. Kelly

    I started Bright lines a few weeks ago with my sister. I sat here tonight eating cookies while I watched this video! It’s so hard to get over the beginning cravings. I’m still sad daily that I don’t have food to look forward to during the day. At all. Ever. How do I get past that?

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  12. Wendelyn

    Great Vlog. My Sister and I started BLE around May of 2017. We both lost a substantial amount of weight so far. I myself have lost 65 lbs. already with no excercise. Initially BLE seems so strict and rules of that way of eating seem scary but it didn’t take long after following the plan to start to lose the cravings and drop the weight easily and effortlessly!Recently my Sister has decided to do just like you stated in this vlog, add things into her eating plan that are not allowed and try to justify why it’s ok for her. She claims she is not the food addict so it’s ok. Well she has now gained back over 10 lbs and her cravings are back. Susan, I have been trying to convince her to start over and get back on the plan before she gains it all back. Nothing I say is helping her. What can I do to get her back on track. I know you have called on your Brite Lifer friends to help you in the past. Help!

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  13. Susan

    Thank you, thank you Susan for this Vlog today! I really this today!!!😀

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    What terrific insight and wisdom to take on board especially for me right now. Was religious about sticking to bright lines lost 20 lbs just like that. Looked good in my clothes but hated the loose skin. A hiatus of 4 months vacillating around 10lbs above my goal weight. Started to introduce honeyed coffee into the mix which has resulted in a slide away from BLines and an extra 2lbs. Was stuck there and feeling frantic. Meanwhile though, my skin tightened and now just needed that re clarification about surrender and value to set course again for goal weight thanks again Susan you are a super mentor.

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  15. Margaret Terris

    Susan Your looking beautiful today

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  16. Marty

    This was exactly what I needed today. Bright Kines to start a year ago, but occasional BLTs crept in, “shouldn’t matter”. But it has. And stevia, I resisted for 6 mos giving it up, now I can’t stand the taste or anything sweet. I never, never would’ve imagined! What did I come here for? Free from food addiction(s), happy and in a right-sized body. Who am I kidding otherwise, no one but me.

    Blessings and love.

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  17. Ann Southcombe

    I do like the concept of this message, however I have found that doing certain things that are important to me but not quite BLE has kept me sane and on the program for 5 months and loving it. For me (and I stress “For Me” ) I have given up soooo much by not eating sugar and flour, religiously weighing my food, NO snacking
    which of course eliminates so many “fun” foods I used to have in my life. The two things I haven’t given up and only two, are, my one latte a day made with 6 oz. of sweetened hemp milk and putting a bit of stevia in my vinegars for salad dressings. I have lost more than my goal weight which made a new goal weight! I don’t even want the things I craved before BLE eating. So I think I have tested these variations enough to know that the BLE program still works exceptionally well! I like how in the boot camp there were times Susan would say how this is the way she has to do things but you may experience something different (but still staying pretty strict with BLE. ) We are not the same. I like to be able to fit this wonderful program specifically for me.

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  18. Debra Keirce

    How timely! As I sit here with my bowl of popcorn, feeling guilty, but telling myself I didn’t eat that half pound of chocolate a friend just sent me in the mail, so popcorn is much better! LOL. It’s like you know about this journey I’m on or something. Ya think?

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  19. Eileen Lass, your proofreader from Virginia

    Dear Susan,

    Even though I have been through the Boot Camp and even served as the proofreader of your amazing book, I have been rereading it and noticed something I didn’t remember. You said that nuts are only allowed if they weren’t a binge food for you. Well, they HAVE been for me! You say to only have nuts once or twice a week, and I’ve been having an ounce daily in my breakfast (as half my protein serving, stirred into my oatmeal, the other half being an egg ) and often as my fat (total 1/2 ounce nuts and seeds for lunch or dinner). Now I believe that is why my weight loss is slower than I had hoped. Today’s message from you to me is to surrender the daily nuts. I will do it!

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  20. Suzanne

    I just started Bright Line Eating about a week ago. I’m almost finished with your book, and it has been so very helpful to me. Every chapter has made perfect sense to me. This video reiterated what I’d learned in the book, which is very helpful. The video is just one more way to learn about this program and myself!

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  21. Sarah

    This is so helpful and timely! I’ve been doing BLE since March 2017 and I have been losing at a slow pace, but one which I was happy with overall. However, in an effort to add a bit of a boost to my efforts, this week, I committed to actually sitting at my kitchen table and writing down the next day’s meal during dinner each night. WOW! I’m down 2 pounds so far this week. I don’t understand why it works, but it does! Thank you!

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  22. Diane Overcash

    Brilliant. I’mm seeing how I can apply this to other things, not just eating.

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  23. Melissa Post

    Love the beautiful necklace!

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  24. Helen Spingola

    Some time ago Susan had a vlog re: re-introducing a ‘favorite’ food and I did exactly that, after having been (and still am) doing BLE for a big while. I re-introduced a
    very favorite of mine: Thomas’ English Muffins! Just could not avoid any longer, and so re-introduced it and as Susan noted “watch” and I carefully watched and
    it didn’t hurt my weight progress one bit!! Happy day! Am still at weight goal (112 from my original goal of 114) and still have my English Muffin, daily, but NOT
    spread with tons of butter (as in the past!) but spread with spinach or some other ‘allowable’ – and of course I continue to watch my weight. Have given myself,
    as Susan has recommended to all of us, a weight range (of 5 pounds) and am maintaining. Re-introducing can certainly be handled by ‘watching’ as our beloved
    Susan has advised us….

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    1. Liza Schaeffer

      I am very curious – do you mind me asking what you are on the susceptibility
      scale? Thanks!

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  25. Sharon Gibson

    I’ve surrendered my life to Christ. I’ve recently also surrendered
    my eating to B.L.E.and Christ is empowering me to lose the weight and
    stay surrendered to the program. I really enjoyed what Susan said
    today. When I’m tempted by an old habit in my spiritual life, I say
    “That’s not who I am now!” When I’m tempted to eat something
    not on the B.L.E. program, I say ” That’s not my food!” I like what
    Susan said about us getting our self-perception by watching our own
    actions. This gives me a double bonus . I’m losing the weight and I’m
    learning by watching myself that I’m not the same person anymore! What
    freedom! PTL! Trina: wow! Congratulations!

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    1. cheryl coan

      Wonderful Sharon, not turnin back, I find BLE a process that I have been going through for a year, with me it’s a growth that is taking time, maybe a life time who knows. I am so happy about your new life in Christ.

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  26. Shawna

    Thank you Susan for your insight and wisdom (again!) I totally agree with you, and would also think that anything that is such a huge sacrifice to give up is something we are clearly in love with—- even addicted to!

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    1. Mariah

      Here is a spiritual definition of sacrifice that I like: Giving up something lower for something higher… So, How can it be a sacrifice to give up something lower?? Because the lower thing is something we are–what you said–addicted to. Giving it up makes our egos kick and squirm. Our pleasure centers, or Insistent Selves, are what wants it.

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  27. Mary Getten

    Hey Susan,
    The sound in your basement actually is BETTER than this sound studio. Have a listen and see what you think.

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  28. Trina

    I just watched this twice in a row with frequent pauses to make notes the second time through. This really hit home and, like so much of what we learn in BLE, can be applied to other areas of my life. I have been a Bright Line Eater for 16 months and recently hit 100 lbs of weight loss, but despite this great success I still want to make occasional “exceptions” and not surrender completely. I still don’t *always* want to put my program and my own sanity and well-being first. I greatly appreciate this call out and the perspective that I need to be on my best behavior because someone very impressionable is watching — ME.

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    1. Mariah

      Well said!

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