Reflections and Research

As we begin the New Year, I share gratitude for the incredible success we achieved in the Charity: Water movement and reveal some astounding results from our Bright Line Eating™ Research Department. If your goal is to get to goal weight in 2018, this is a VLOG you definitely don’t want to miss.

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  1. Cheryl

    So excited to hear this! Now this is worthy of my Happy New Year! So nice to know I’m in the 55% success. While I’m not there yet lookie—the odds are finally in my favor. I will be!! I love you SPT and all our BL community. I’m so thankful I took that first step two years ago. One of the best decisions of my life. Thank you for the follow up research and the Spring info.
    Much love and appreciation !!

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  2. Linda Levy

    Is there a way to donate to spring water by check when funds are available?

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  3. Linden Morris Delrio

    Booyah!! Love can move mountains and even more apparently…it can move people into their self determined right sized bodies! Did I mention how grateful I am a few years in and maintaining?
    I am soooo very very grateful to be off of the “weight suffering” merry- go-round! ♥️🎉🌟💕💖💥♥️

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  4. Mariah Perkins

    Fantastic!!! Wow!! So glad to note that the research is beginning to be tallied. The future is very very BRIGHT for global acknowledgement and growth to the tribe.

    I went through the Boot Camp in early ’16. I am still at goal weight. I am peaceful with my food. I cannot imagine eating any other way.

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  5. Cynthia Spanier, Ph.D.

    Susan Hi, I would like to join your research team. I am a clinical researcher since my training days and can think of a bunch of projects that would be relevant and noteworthy. I have a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology having completed my internship at Brown and Ph.D. at the University of Pittsburgh. I adore your BLE program and am doing well in maintenance. Let me know. I travel well from the burgh.
    Sincerely, Dr. Cynthia Spanier, Ph.D.

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    1. Susan Peirce THOMPSON

      Hi Cynthia,

      That’s awesome! Could you please do me a favor? Could you please reach out to me through our support center, at
      And provide your email address so I can get in touch with you?


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  6. Serena

    I like this vlog👍🏻 It recaps things really well and makes up for any questions people may have had alongside the donations to the spring. It’s also interesting to hear the numbers and about the progression of the reserarch alongside BLE. Motivating numbers!

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  7. Peggy

    I feel your better is a bit flawed. You are only using people who you have one year follow up on and those are the people that were most likely to be successful. To be more accurate you need to use the total number of people who signed up for the boot camp during that period and then report what percent of those you know got to a normal weight. Or you could report both percentages.

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  8. Renee Berger

    I lost all of my excess weight while in OA in 1989. I followed a grey sheet like program. Not knowing the science or how my addictive brain works, I gained all of my weight back and more. Adding the support and the science in BLE has helped me lose a tremendous amount of weight. I am happy, getting thin and free. Thanks for all that you do. The research is AWESOME and I will do everything to help you get to 1 million people in a right sized body ASAP. With Eternal Gratitude

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  9. Wendy

    Weeeee heeeee iam part of a study lol and that lady who said sugar is not addictive must like sugar,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, lol go Susan and thank you for BLE and thank you to your great team xx

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  10. Clare

    Hey Susan,

    All the best for the new year.

    I’m sure I’m not the first to tell you: the term “Right Size Body” is not only offensive, it’s unhelpful. It sounds to me like a hang-over term from what you have previously called the “super judgemental food addiction 12-step group”’and I would ask you to reconsider its use. Calling something”right” implies a “wrong.” Bigger bodies are not wrong. Please get creative and find a less offensive term.



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    1. Jill

      Clare, I don’t find the term offensive at all, but rather liberating. To me it says that I can determine my own “right size body” and it is not determined by anyone else’s chart or thoughts. Having been up and down on the scales many, many times, I know when I am in my own right size body and I don’t need to heed anyone else’s opinions on my size or shape. You, and you alone, can determine your own “right size body”; I don’t think Susan is telling us what is right!

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      1. Krissy

        Exactly. I have lost 50 pounds several times. and my body just gets stuck around 170. I usually give up at that point. I dont think this is my right size body, but, I’m willing to keep following this lifestyle and see if my body would like to release any more weight. I must say it was nice NOT to gain the 50 pounds back during the holidays this time. Looking for my Right Sized Body in 2018. 😉

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    2. Joseph

      Dr. Thompson’s usage of the term “right-sized body” is subjective, not objective. It refers to the body size that feels right to one’s own self, not the brainwashing of magazine ads. If one feels fine in their body, Dr. Thompson would not dissuade. BLE is only for those who seek change.

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  11. Lonae Cooper

    Just got your book. I bought two and gave one to my beloved suster.

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  12. Deborah G

    Happy new year,Susan!
    Thank you for the gift of BLE. How wonderful to start out the new year in a right sized body ready to Live Life♥️

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  13. Sreynuch bong

    Dear Dr Susan ,
    I’m so thank full for your sharing a knowledge ..I also thank for your your time, and I appreciated ..

    May God bless you ..:)

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  14. Carolyn

    There is absolutely nothing new or inspiring that I can add to ALL the wonderful comments and testimonials. Like Barb, I am entering my 70th yr in May. I never dreamed I would ever be in a right size body at my age. I was so tired from the struggles of an uphill battle most of my life. I was a chubby teen and then all through my adult life, I have gained and lost the same 60 pounds, over and over and over again! I always thought it was my lack of discipline. Stumbling across the BLE site was nothing short of a miracle. Once I understood the science and psychology of addiction, my pattern of self destructive behavior made complete sense. It was LIBERATING and I was on my way to living Happy, Thin and Free. I started with the 14 day Challenge in May 2017, and after that, immediately signed up for Boot Camp. My dream has finally breathed life and I am in a right size body. I have cried tears of joy and I have cried tears for all the ‘lost years’. I am the happiest I can ever remember being in my entire adult life! This BLE journey is so worth it. Believe in yourself … believe in miracles … believe in the BLE Movement!!

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  15. Kathryn

    Susan, another wonderful riveting vlog. I am not always able to watch ALL of them but every time I do I am totally rewarded. You were born to do this work, may God continue to bless you and your staff in your continued efforts. The world needs BLE and the wonderful support you give. I would love to see data about how many actually KEEP the weight off …is that in the works, and data on the health benefits which is one of the most important aspects of BLE. ALSO is there any way that in the spirit of a fast nickel rather than a slow dime is it possible in time you could afford to lower quite a bit the costs of your programs to enable many more to participate?

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  16. Barb Bridges

    I started my boot camp October 2016 and opted not to participate in the research group. I wish now that I had joined. I am now 70 years old and I have been dieting since I was 14 years old. Like many I have been on every diet known to man. I figured that in my 70 years I have been either in the overweight or obese category for 55 years. I could not believe that after 7 months on the Brightline program I reached my goal weight and love being in a right sized body. I am still maintaining my weight 7 months later. Thank you Susan for this program and for being such an inspiration.

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  17. Katie Gates

    Hi Susan! What incredible numbers, I’m not surprised, but that is amazing to get such validating data!! I’m not part of any research group but I’d like to be, I did the Oct 2016 boot camp and I’ve been in my right sized body for over a year. I’m not in bright lifers anymore but I’d love to contribute my success numbers and continue to do so as I carry on living happy thin and free! Can you point me to the research place?

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  18. Peggy Mowry

    Dear Dr. Susan Peirce-Thompson, I loved learning about the worldwide clean water effort. My gosh, clean water is so basic to health. The video story made me realize we are very lucky in the U.S. (generally speaking), to have the luxury of good, healthy tap water. Thank you for bringing this deserving charity to our attention. I also am full of gratitude to be participating in your extremely important research project. I’ll be at one year mid-April and I’m well on my way to my right-size body. I spent the forty+ years prior losing and gaining weight constantly and didn’t know how to fix my unhappy life. Then I found you. I believe it is difficult for those who aren’t addicted to food to understand the profound change that occurred for me when foods containing sugar and/or flour were eliminated from my diet. Through learning about your research, I understood that addiction was the problem and I surrendered to that fact. Here I am on day 261 with not a single craving for these foods since day one. Never once. The day before I began Bright Line Eating, I would have moved mountains for a good baguette. I champion your work, Susan, and I believe it is solid and true… in case anyone is asking.

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    1. Roberta

      I was excited to hear of Susan’s email campaign to raise money for Charity Water. I had watched a video about the program in December ’17 and made a contribution as well. It was almost as if I had contributed to her campaign without even knowing it.

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  19. June M. Freeman

    This article depresses me a little. I love the BLE program and I’ve read through the book twice and have lost 10+ pounds so far. I can’t, however, afford the Boot Camp and am sorry that my statistics will never be considered in any of your studies. I wish there was a way to be counted! Keep up the great work – I watch everything you put online!!

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    1. Adrienne

      Dear June, I just want to encourage you and let you know that you can get to goal weight just reading and applying the information in Susan’s book. Just using the book (and the helpful vlogs thank you Susan) I have lost 40 pounds and am now maintaining my goal weight. In terms of the odds discussed by Susan in this vlog, yes, they come from people who have completed the boot camp. However, I’m sure Susan would agree that the key ingredient to weight loss success is following her program. I do believe those study results still apply to anyone who is using the bright line eating plan. It works!

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      1. Glenda Dunham

        Thank you Adrienne, as I was going to say the same thing! IJune, I am in the Bootcamp and Bright Lifers now but I started with the book and lost/released to the universe 40 lbs and 9 lbs in Bootcamp! So please, do not be discouraged! YOU are so worth keeping on and achieving your right-sized body. That is THE most important thing. When you have some extra money (like happened to me) then consider signing up because the support and love is beyond amazing. Hugs of strength for you June, stay the course for you are worth it!

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      2. Jan S

        June & Adrienne, Me too-I have just used the book, emails, and vlog and I am at my goal weight and starting maintenance now! After a lifetime of gaining and losing 10-20 lbs over and over, I finally found someone who understands how my brain works and why I could NEVER stop eating sweets (and everything else…). WW, South Beach, and lots of other plans have failed me long term and I am looking forward to seeing myself stick to this!

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  20. Esme Boone

    An interesting thing happened to me. I gradually drifted away for a few months and gained some weight back but faithfully continued to fill in the Research questions because I felt they needed this information just as much as the success stuff. I am a Bright Lifer, so still had access to all the plusses of that program, but had not been doing it. On reading the research questions in October 2017 I realized I’d hit bottom again and needed to reboot, and started back in full force. Because of this, instead of gaining another ten pounds over Christmas on top of the ten I’d gained in the summer,, I am down about 12 pounds from when I resumed in Oct 17 and didn’t gain anything over Christmas! The Research project itself is therapeutic!

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  21. Erin Connelly

    Good luck with the publication!! Can’t wait to see the news you’ll make!!

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  22. Craig Addy

    Just amazing. Thank you so much for sharing this. Going to read the research paper too.

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  23. Daniela Popescu

    Dear Susan,

    happy new year to you too! You look so shiny and happy, I guess you had a great ending of last year. Thanks also for sharing the charity water concept to us. It would have probably been ages until I would have heard about it otherwise….and now I’m donating my ‘german citizenship’ party to it 😛
    Anyway, keep up the good work! You are inspiring for so many people.


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  24. Kathy Starks

    Excellent! Congratulations to us and all who are still working on it. I am teetering on the edge of healthy BMI and goal weight success. This year I will make it as I am continuing to report in the research program. Thank you for all your encouragement and positive confidence Susan.

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  25. Ari (Marguerita) Averett

    Susan, the year follow up for a right size body. Is great. Would you consider a five year study once people have achieved their right sized body? Getting there is one journey, but staying there, free and happy, is another journey.

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    1. Esme Boone

      Great point Ari. BLE has only been going for about three years or so.

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    Just read the research paper Susan , thanks for the link….happy new year to you and your team xxx

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    Susan did you realise you said UK stats did you mean USA stats

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